Random Thoughts on Earth and its Visitors

By | May 4, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I have something a little different for you this time. I’ve been going into a bit of a rabbit hole lately concerning the origins of our solar system and dear old Planet Earth. As a kid, I had an interest in this sort of thing but didn’t really pursue this kind of study all that much beyond coffee-table book treatments. But I’ve lately been enjoying a few Youtube channels on this which of course utilize current scientific ideas about such things, and they are quite interesting, at least to me. (I mention the sites in the video but they are simply called History of the Universe and History of the Earth). 

I saw a video the other day on the formation of the Earth which discussed how we got our Moon, and quite a bit of interesting tidbits on Earth’s very, very early history. (Spoiler alert: you wouldn’t want to live there!) 

The upshot of all this for me was first to appreciate just how wonderful our planet is, and secondly the realization that quite possibly although our galaxy probably has an abundance of life, and even advanced life, planets like Earth are certainly relatively rare. I think of this especially in connection with our Moon, which strikes me as having had very unlikely odds but really was like hitting the jackpot in terms of how it has helped to support a stable environment on Earth that can support life. 

In other words, other worlds have undoubtedly developed advanced civilizations that can leave their planet. But are their worlds as perfect as our own? What do you think the odds are that Earth — even for planets with life — may be considered a rare jewel? I’m thinking that it very well may be and probably is. 

All of which gives a special flavor to the seemingly widespread presence, right now on our world, of … others

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this impromptu chat.