Live interview with Bob McGwier on Next Gen UFO Data

By | July 10, 2020

Greetings everyone!

I will be doing a live video interview with one of our own, Dr. Bob McGwier, who is the lead moderator of our site, and is also a scientist and all-around brilliant guy. We will be talking about something of great importance, and something he has spent much time and energy building: Skyhub, a next generation network/system for collecting and analyzing UFO data. 

We are doing this at an unorthodox time for a typical Richard Dolan Show, but these are unusual times. 🙂 We start on my Youtube Channel at 6 pm Eastern TODAY. I will have a link here in a short while. 

I am going to try to convince Bob to stick around after the main interview for some members-only chat. 


8 thoughts on “Live interview with Bob McGwier on Next Gen UFO Data

  1. PressToDigitate

    Richard: That was one of the best and most useful videos you have ever done.
    Bob could use your “Star Power” to raise substantial amounts of money to advance the work that SkyHub is doing, and its a worthwhile charity for you to endorse and support. Moreover, there should be a for-profit counterpart to it, which could make and sell the devices, or kits to make the devices, which, as Bob alluded to, has other, more commercial applications.

    Either SkyHub – *or your own Institute* (which could then underwrite SkyHub) should have you (and perhaps another ‘solid’ leader or two in the field, such as Nick Pope – and Davenport) appear at a set of private events around the country, in NYC, DC, LA & SF (at a minimum), each consisting of a Briefing Seminar and a Cocktail Reception, designed to raise *real* money to advance the state of “Instrumental Ufology”. As to what dollars go from which Investors/Donors into the for-profit vs the non-profit entities, that’s noise level and hardly matters. A properly orchestrated in-person nationwide fundraising effort like this should be able to raise *Millions* for this purpose.

    Apart from those who may be Hybrids themselves, the so-called “rich” are no less likely to be interested in the ETUFO issue than any the rest of us. It is plausible that more of them, proportionately, may be experiencers – even if they are (or have been) much less likely to come forward due to higher social/economic risks in being associated with the subject. An invitation strategy could be developed that would relieve any such anxieties, and promote the participation and financial contributions of such unheralded “rich weirdos”. In addition, you (and perhaps Nick and Peter) could host private receptions once UFO conferences & conventions resume, to further support SkyHub and ‘Instrumental Ufology’. NOTHING about the Sightings of the Past is as important as gathering this NEW data on those which occur *From Now On*. Since the wildly proliferating use of Drones and LEO Satcom will increasingly substantially degrade traditional Sighting by the typical public observer, this evolution toward citizen-science with suitable equipment is not just “cool” – it is *essential* to the continuation of Ufology.

    As I’ve argued in the past, there are other directions that such Instrumental Ufology can take, as well, in terms of alien signal detection and localization (whether on the Moon, inside Mt. Shasta or Archuleta Mesa, under Sycamore Knoll, etc.), using private aircraft, drones, microsatellites, and bathystats. But that’s another layer that need not delay the good work that Bob and his team are now undertaking.

  2. Christina

    Ohhh this is so good! I’m behind after a busy week, and as I’m finishing the great panel talk about Wilson/Davis I was so excited to hear you Bob, and what you can provide! And I was about to write a comment saying I really would like hearing more from you – so thank you, also to Richard and Tracey of course, even before I hear this, I know you make my weekend 🙂


  3. WickyBu

    I have a couple of apps on my phone that tracks every flight in the sky. Is this not the same thing Bob was talking about? Or is his system more trustworthy, etc?

  4. Craig Champion

    So informative on so many levels. The proposed bill will, in all likelihood be “shot-down” by those powers-that-be, playing the National Security card. The irony is that by NOT integrating the assets and duly interpreting the data that this TRULY constitutes an issue of National security, i.e., the greed of the few prevents the important knowledge of these UAP’s from being further understood (by the many)…

  5. J-Rod

    If, as Dr. Bob said, all planes have a beacon that identifies and locates them, then what happened with Malaysia Flight 370? It’s still missing. Why did it go off the radar?

  6. Apulia

    Excellent interview. I don’t spend enough time on the member’s site. I checked on this because I’ve heard Dr. McGwier speak on the Zoom meetups and wanted to hear more from him.

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