Hal Puthoff’s Paper on Ultraterrestrials

By | August 7, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Last week, Dr. Hal Puthoff published a paper titled “ULTRATERRESTRIAL MODELS,” which is featured in the Journal of Cosmology, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 20001-20016. I have wanted to do a breakdown of it and am finally getting to it here. I am sure some of you could do a better job than me, but here is my effort. Below I have a significant amount of quotations from the paper, just to give you a good idea of what’s in it, but I also have the entire paper attached as a pdf file for you to read. It’s not a long paper and I encourage anyone interested to read it. Just click the following link:


I must say this is a very interesting paper by a man who has spent more than half of a century deeply engaged in classified USG work and is at the forefront of a great deal of behind-the-scenes science related to the UFO phenomenon. So in my view it’s quite important that he comes out to say certain things that are very provocative (in the context of our tightly controlled society). Below are the statements in his paper that I provide commentary on in the video (and a few of my comments as well, many more in the video). 

“There is an unidentified phenomenon interacting with the current human population on Earth.”

“It is currently unknown whether the phenomenon is exclusively extraterrestrial, extradimensional, crypto-terrestrial, demonic/djinn, proto/ancient human, time-travelers, etc., or some combination or mutation of any or all of these….”

“However, it appears highly likely that the phenomenon per se is not constituted exclusively of members of the current human population.” 

“In this paper we address the above under the overarching theme Ultraterrestrials in order to develop a template to be matched against data at hand and that may be procured in the future.”

“… it is easy to become frustrated by what one sees as a lack of robust progress in establishing sure and certain ironclad data points about even the most fundamental of issues.” 

“Is the phenomenon predominantly nuts ‘n bolts, psychological, or metaphysical, assuming such distinctions can be made?”

“Is the source of the phenomenon predominantly terrestrial, ultraterrestrial (e.g., ancient occult group, isolated pre- Diluvial high-tech society, stranded ETs/“gods”), or extraterrestrial, assuming that distinctions between these alternatives are meaningful?” 

“Has the phenomenon “ramped up” in our era, or has it been essentially constant over millennia?” 

“Are ofttimes-related topics such as claimed abductions, crop circles, and animal mutilations trulyrelated, or are they separate categories of phenomena?” 

“Are institutions such as governments truly that much more knowledgeable than we are (even if only in certain protected domains), or are they essentially in the same position as we are, give or take some hard data in hand?” 

He then discusses the inadequacy of our current data gathering techniques as essentially passive. Either collecting UFO reports, or collecting UFO documents even, essentially hoping for the government to help us out with information on all this. He suggests more proactive measures, ranging from setting up optical and IR monitoring stations, or stations to measure magnetic disturbances and RF GHz detectors (he mentioned the importance of this back in 2018 when talking about the metamaterial.). Then he mentioned “arcane” methods such as searching for evidence of “anomalous manipulation of human genetic structure) and “esoteric” methods such as RV and telepathy. 

Then he goes to another hypothesis: The stranded ET as god idea, as well as a few others: pre-flood civilization, an ancient occult group that stumbled on to powerful knowledge, and the breakaway civilization idea as well. Thanks for the shoutout Hal. 

He recommends looking at data while testing it against the various hypotheses. 

“The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: In this scenario crash/retrievals of nuts ‘n bolts alien hardware have occurred, the detritus of which has been distributed (in the U.S.) to corporate America (the Col. Corso scenario [6]). Setting aside the specific claims of Col. Corso, if such is the case, certain telltale signatures should emerge under scrutiny. Moreover, some evidence indicates this could be the case. These would include:”

A certain level of relatively low-profile, possibly statesman- influenced, integrated investment/control of a select set of global multinational corporations with convergent interlocking technology developments (e.g., aerospace and electronics corporations);”

If biological specimens have been retrieved, the development of unusual lines of biological/genetic inquiry by highly- qualified professionals whose career path would seem to diverge suddenly from what might have been extrapolated from their earlier work (e.g., accelerated research into retroviruses); Sudden initiation in the late ‘40s or early ‘50s, without clear precedents, and in known UFO-related research institutes (e.g., Battelle) of concentrated development of new high- strength, high-temperature, low density intermetallic alloys funded by nearby government facilities such as WPAFB (e.g., Nitinol);” 

“The accelerated development of geopolitical alliances, space weaponry, etc., for reasons not wholly interpretable in terms of national-interest agendas (e.g., SDI, U.S. Space Force);”

“Evidence for covert manipulation of the UFO/ET theme in the public sector by governmental entities (e.g., CIA’s 1953 Robertson Panel);”

“Evidence for generally sub rosa highly-classified programs addressing the UAP issue (e.g., as in the recently-revealed AAWSAP/AATIP programs..” 

“Privatized access to space (e.g., by enterprises such as SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin), or threats to national/international security (e.g., nation-state terrorism) might serve to stimulate the surfacing of certain technological developments/materials at an accelerated rate; and so on.”

Let’s examine this statement carefully. He is saying that certain developments in our society might accelerate the “surfacing” of some of the clandestine developments. Like the notion of privatizing space. Many of us have wondered the same thing. In the early years of the space program, there were just two governments that monopolized access to space. Over time that club slowly expanded. But with the advent of private corporations, people started naturally wondering how the secret would continue to be kept. You can keep it for a while by forcing the private companies one way or another into secrecy. But it’s not hard to see that eventually this may become a greater and greater challenge, eventually forcing some amount of information to come out. Now, his other example used for accelerating the release of information (threats and terrorism, etc.) strike me as not compelling in reality but something that WOULD be useful as a pretext to cause the rollout of new technology for purposes of social and population control. 

He then explores another hypothesis:

“(2) The Isolated Humans Hypothesis: An isolated, high-tech, closed community of humans with somewhat advanced scientific knowledge exists apart from the known culture. Telltale signatures might include continuing observation of technology only somewhat in advance of public knowledge (e.g., 1897 airships); unaccounted for, missing financial assets and industrial-grade resources, possibly including individuals; apparent covert misdirection of society, in the absence of real evidence, to accept the likelihood of ET presence; the relative lack of evidence of extremely advanced sophistication of hardware (i.e., hardware clearly beyond present-day design and manufacture, even conceptually).” 

And another:

“(3) The Stranded or Colonizing ETs/”gods” Hypothesis: Telltale signatures might include evidence in myth for high-tech interpretation of claimed devices beyond human capability of the era to manufacture (e.g., nuclear-powered, algae production “manna machine” in Biblical times); hard evidence for isolated mountain bases, detectable by satellite signatures of fastwalker or UCT (uncorrelated target) flight paths, or anomalous undersea activity or bases detectable by distributed underwater monitoring systems; covert, elite group exercising occult/religious influence in society; evidence for buried, high-tech artifacts or locales with unusual signal/radiation characteristics here or off planet; etc.” 

Then he goes interdimensional:

“(4) The Interdimensional or Time Travelers Hypothesis: Gaining access to our space-time continuum, telltale signs might take the form of Fortean phenomena of instant appearance/disappearance of beings; in a reverse process, humans experience “portal access” to alternate realities; appearance of beings “out of synch” in dress, mannerism or language, or technology similarly undecipherable; financial transaction timeline or other futures-oriented activity indicative of advanced foreknowledge; evidence for teleportation of individuals or materiel over geophysical distances; appearance of humanoids in conformance with predicted genetic evolution of present-day homo sapiens; etc.” 

This is a very interesting line of inquiry. When you go through some of his indicators, there are some reasons to support this possibility, at least in my view. The instant appearance or disappearance of beings or craft could be such an indicator (although it could also point simply to extremely advanced cloaking technology). But without a doubt some of these indicators are interesting. 

He states:

“Where I consider we need to go with it is this: to shift away from a strategy that relies solely on further “content analysis,” toward what the intelligence world calls “traffic analysis” that is to first order independent of content.”

That is, let us look at the evidence with a mind to comparing it against the various theories of who they are and what they might be. 

He then seems to make a case for the Ultraterrestrial argument. It’s helpful to understand how he defines this “e.g., ancient occult group, isolated pre-Diluvial high-tech society, stranded ETs/“gods”… existing alongside us in distinct stealth.” 

This is a good way to lump these all together, I think. Ultraterrestrial, sure that works for these possibilities. Essentially some category that separates these possibilities from the “ET from another planet” category. Longterm residents, essentially. 

He points to:

“Density of sightings over decades, if not centuries, potentially indicative of a present-time local as opposed to extraterrestrial source – in other words, that the UAP phenomenon is so ubiquitous as to argue against the simple model of an occasionally-visiting extraterrestrial explorer;” 

He goes on:

“Recent (since WWII) claimed focused messaging regarding elimination of nuclear technologies, and concern regarding environmental degradation are would-be reasonable themes for a co-located, but isolated, terrestrially-located society;

Yes, I would say this is reasonable. There could be other explanations but this one would be a good one. 

“Via subterfuge and disinformation, stealthily-injected proliferating emphasis on the ET theme as misdirection to prevent exposure of local terrestrial habitation, as in theater à la Vallee’s Messengers of Deception;”

Well, this cuts other ways, also. Subterfuge can go different ways. After all, an ET presence could be VERY real but consistently downplayed by the structure of power simply because it’s so disruptive. Of course, maybe it’s would be even worse if we learned these beings are interdimensional and there’s no way we can stop them. Deception can occur for many reasons. Also, exactly who are the people promoting an extraterrestrial hypothesis? I would say by and large it’s been private independent researchers, not government insiders or shills. These people came to the ETH because in fact many data points SUPPORT it. 

“Interactions with humanoid genotype ranging from modern humans to ‘creatures’ (including sightings of “little people” over the centuries – encounters with nonhumans that haunt our folklore, let alone genetically-engineered biological robots or drones), all variants within the lexicon of alternative forms of the human genome;” 

“Seeming emphasis on reproduction (e.g., harvesting of sperm and ova from certain genetic lines), let alone hybridization, could bespeak outreach toward genetic diversity for a relatively inbred, local, isolated society on the wane and suffering from a potentially debilitating genetic syndrome;” 

“Observation of vehicles ‘not that advanced’ (i.e., ‘comprehensible,’ as opposed to ‘magical’), even if nonetheless well in advance of our own;”

Here, I’m not as impressed by this line of thinking as Puthoff seems to be. As I said earlier, I am not a believer in the 1897 airships, which are often used as support for this idea. I’ve come to see the airships as a red herring, so to speak. And when you go through the ancient sightings – quite a few of which are quite compelling – you see basically the same level of technology and capabilities that craft today exhibit. This makes me suspect that they have reached a certain plateau, a certain level, and that it’s not necessarily easy to get beyond that particular level – one that we ourselves may have already reached in the classified world, and which we are likely to reach publicly at some point in the near future. 

“Use of telepathic information transfer, only marginally ahead of present-day technical neurobiological advances in the public domain;”

Again, I don’t take this as evidence for a longstanding ultraterrestrial civilization. Instead, the telepathic information transfer could also be something that, once you achieve it, may be difficult to surpass for a long time, if ever. After all, technology and science and learning cannot possibly continue to rise exponentially, which is the impression I am getting from Puthoff here. 

“Reports of cave-like or undersea destinations during claimed abductions;”

Also interesting but again I don’t see this as contradictory to a recently established ET presence, either. Although it could speak to a longstanding presence as well. 

“Given the need for secrecy concerning the reality of all of the above on the part of ultraterrestrials as co-located denizens of our planet, while nonetheless being subject to a certain level of co-dependence, the inscrutable nature of the interactions would not be an unexpected outcome.” 

This is an interesting scenario: they are highly advanced but not omnipotent and to some extent dependent on our civilization. This could also apply however to a more recently arrived ET race that has figured out the process of integrating themselves into our world. 

“under the assumption of compelling evidence for the above, it would be critical to discern the motivations of the ultraterrestrials to maintain such a secret existence. Of possible utmost concern to them could be an overarching fear of exploitation, even annihilation, due to vulnerabilities, despite possessing certain levels of technological superiority; or fear of assimilation and consequent loss of culture, religion, customs, uncontrolled genetic mingling…”

As for disclosure matters, he speculates that an ultraterrestrial presence might be more frightening than an ET one. He cites one of Nick Redfern’s books (The NASA Conspiracies) to support the idea of ultraterrestrials. 

I must say that this could very well be part of the answer as to what is happening. 

Puthoff recognizes that the ET/UT dichotomy is not necessarily mutually exclusive. They could both be true, he writes.