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By | May 19, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Jay from Project Unity posted an interview recently done by Garry Nolan. It’s quite interesting, and I recommend you check it out while it’s up — I have no idea if the video will get pulled down or not. 

This was an interesting discussion. Garry Nolan dropped a few additional truth bombs, as it were. Right away, he stated that it was “one hundred percent” likely that ET is here visiting planet Earth, and most likely have been here for an extended period. He also made some strong statements about his knowledge of reverse engineering programs to study ET technology, essentially downed craft. 

He followed up with several other themes, including the limitations of our understanding and the need for collaboration among various disciplines to advance our knowledge in this area.

Evidence Supporting Extraterrestrial Intelligence

When asked what evidence he would cite to support his belief that ET is already here, Nolan surprised me a bit and cited the establishment of the AARO Office within the Department of Defense. This, he said, is evidence that the government is taking the issue of extraterrestrial intelligence seriously. Goodness, I thought, that is weak, bro. You could have done much better, but then I realized that he is speaking to a certain audience: highly educationalized individuals in the university system. You’ve got to start somewhere, I suppose. 

A bit more interesting to me was that he shared his experiences with individuals (unnamed but probably including Eric Davis) working on reverse engineering programs for downed craft, which he essentially stated are derived from advanced forms of ET intelligence. The fact that these programs exist, Nolan basically stated, suggests that there is probably truth to claims of extraterrestrial visitation.

The discussion also brought up the topic of materials recovered from downed craft. Nolan was very upfront here, albeit within the boundaries that he clearly set for himself. He seemed  confident that physical material will be available for analysis in the future, presumably to support the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Limitations of Our Understanding

Throughout the conversation, Nolan emphasized the importance of analyzing data and keeping an open mind when it comes to the possibility of extraterrestrial life. You can see he was being very, very careful not to get trapped by a skeptical society and especially derided by other scientists. It’s not about the conclusions, he said, it’s about studying the data. No one can attack you if you are only studying the data!

Clearly much of his perspective was purely political in this sense. However, I think it is fair to say that, from his point of view, it highlighted the limitations of our current understanding of the universe and the potential biases that may hinder our ability to recognize evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Okay, fair enough. 

For instance, Nolan pointed out that our current scientific instruments are designed to detect life as we know it, which may not encompass all possible forms of life in the universe. Therefore, he said, we need to continue researching and developing new technologies that can help us understand the nature of extraterrestrial intelligence and its potential implications for human society. All this is basically the expression of platitudes, but that seemed to be demanded by the environment he was in for this interview. 

Essentially, before we come to any firm conclusions, we need to keep studying the data!! 

Collaboration Among Various Disciplines

Which led to one of the key messages in the discussion: the need for collaboration among experts from various fields to advance our understanding of extraterrestrial intelligence. He talked about the “professionalization” of the UFO/UAP field. We’ve been hearing this elsewhere (Lue Elizondo, for instance). 

Nolan emphasized the importance of engaging scientists of different disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, physics, and so on. Bring in different perspectives and you are better positioned to achieve a groundbreaking discovery. 

There was also some discussion about the need to destigmatize the conversation around extraterrestrial intelligence. That of course would be a helpful development. You can see the baby steps he needs to take in these conversations. 

Speculation on the Nature of Extraterrestrial Visitors

I thought it was interesting that Nolan discussed a few different hypotheses about the nature of any aliens that might be here. I have to say he went into some interesting areas:  future AI or future humans, self-replicating machines (Von Neumann probes), or advanced beings using intermediaries to interact with humans. Of course, I don’t recall him actually saying “beings from another planet.” I think I must have missed that part. Perhaps that’s too simple? 

Well in fact I suppose he really did. After all, he did state the possibility that extraterrestrial intelligence might use intermediaries or advanced technology to observe and interact with us. I got the feeling that this is what he currently believes. And in fact while he did that he raised questions about the potential influence of these visitors on human culture and history. He actually said they have influenced human society already, something I concluded a long time ago also. He didn’t really go into any level of depth here, but it was interesting that he raised a few different possibilities. 

It was interesting to hear Nolan with his interviewer. You can see that there are segments of the population that are just beginning the journey of considering that UFOs may in fact be real. This is something new for many educated folks. 

For those of us having studied the subject for some time, we are well ahead of them in thinking about such things. But you can begin to see the wheels turning in other parts of our society. I really do think some of these people are wondering, perhaps for the first time, that if extraterrestrial intelligence exists and has visited Earth, they might need to rethink certain aspects about humanity’s place in the universe and our understanding of the cosmos. At least for starters. No discussion of conspiracies just yet. That remains well into the future, I suspect, if it ever even comes into focus. 

Nolan entertains some utopianism that I just don’t buy any longer. He talked about the potential for revolutionary advancements in technology, something we’ve heard for decades now (“make the deserts bloom”). Yeah, no. I am really becoming doubtful of humanity’s ability to use advanced tech in ways that actually preserve ourselves, preserve the beauty of this world, and ensure our long term ability to thrive. I hope Nolan is right and I am wrong. 

I think the conversation was good, and Nolan made some interesting and powerful statements. For sure his “one hundred percent” statement struck me as very helpful and well said. Ditto his comment about knowing for sure about reverse engineering efforts currently underway regarding alien craft. That’s some pretty powerful stuff there.

While I have some issues with how Nolan presented some of his opinions, we each have our own way to talk about this phenomenon, and I’m not going to tell him how to talk to a group of academic newbies. Therefore, well done. 


11 thoughts on “Garry Nolan Interview – Breakdown

  1. Craig Champion

    Thanks for the post! Refreshing talk, hearing him speak frankly about various aspects of the Phenomenon. What a contrast to the congressional hearings. It’s honest conversations like this, without the specter of incredulity present throughout that can help others toward a greater understanding of what’s occurring around us.

    Thanks, Richard!

  2. J-Rod

    Garry Nolan’s become a real heavy weight in this field. He is articulate, speaking with integrity and persuasion. I think a lot of people are going to sit up and take notice. I never had any hope of this Whistleblower/Congress endeavour bringing anything to fruition but after listening to this I’m prepared to change my mind. If this is indeed true, that these reverse engineering projects do exist, then there is going to be a lot of explaining to do. Question is, who will explain what to whom…and how? And it won’t rest there.


    >>>”No one can attack you if you are only studying the data!”<<<

    The last three years of COVID-scam have shown that this doesn’t matter if that data appears to contradict the dominant political paradigm. Science doesn’t matter.

    Dr. Nolan represents this paradigm and therefore has little to fear. He is employed by the CIA and somehow I have my doubts that YewTewb is going to take down anything by one of their guys. YewTewb’s parent company also works for CIA and in fact was started with CIA money.

    Let us not ignore the last three years of history, and let us not forget that connections and employers matter.

    >>>”All this is basically the expression of platitudes, but that seemed to be demanded by the environment he was in for this interview. “<<<

    Not sure I understand what you're saying here. Jay and Project Unity need platitudes? They can't handle the truth? Huh? I must be misinterpreting this somehow. Fix me up, here.

    Keep punching up!

    1. Harry Harris

      Yes, let’s not forget the deaths of 103,436,829 persons who died from Covid in the US alone.


    >>>”I’m not concerned about them raiding and taking our women and children. That’s not my concern”<<<

    That's right doctor Gary Nolan. What you're concerned about is, "How can this data be weaponized?" As long as we can get better weapons, we shouldn't worry about all the abductions, so let's just ignore them NOW, no, let’s ridicule them! ….because THOSE concerns will just get in the way.

    Thank you, doctor Nolan-Mengele. When you said that, I lost my very last shred of respect for you. You're just another one of those glib morality-free schmientists who have gotten us where we are today.

    Regarding my earlier comment, I see now that this isn’t a Project Unity produced video but was some “academic” event. Oh, goody. I’m glad to see our tax dollars for the Op are not being spent entirely on the proles.

  5. Perry Mittelstaedt

    I agree, Richard. He has to be very careful not only with what he says, but how he says it…all very dependent on what he actually “knows” and/or has been briefed on. He is still a mainstream scientist and his mind still must open a great deal more to get a better understanding of this very complex field. After 52 years of research, I still strive to open my mind more every day. All information has value, no matter if you agree with it or its presenter. More information = greater context = greater and quicker understanding on all levels. Cheers. :)))

  6. itsmeRitaC

    Well Richard, your summary is actually all i would need to hear. 🙂 I have some problems with G.N. but i won’t get into that although you did touch upon some things here that reminded me. One thing is that he is a guy who of course has a monetary reason for wanting more technologies and if that can be from reverse engineering, that is what most of them are after. And usually for weapons. He seems deep into the biotech area and worked on ‘covid’ with the government, so i am guessing that Mrna tech would fit right in with his thinking. That is a flag for me anyway. I know, i am looking for purists, although, why the heck not?! 🙂

    One thing i will wager my life on, and i mean it too without any fear- anyone who is out there and is ‘allowed’ to be talking about the topic, has been cleared or it wouldn’t be happening. IMO, of course, but i know this the same way i know that the Russia/Ukraine ‘war’ is a proxy war on Russia among many other things. I also knew there were no weapons of mass destruction immediately, etc, etc. Going back to Reagan and the Contras. I just can’t put UAP into a separate category as far as spin and counterintelligence is concerned. Same elite folks with not good motivations. But that is me!

    Someone should ask him why only two senators bothered to show up for that fabulous homeland security and axis of evil threats committee. I mean, UAP or whatever they call themselves lately.

    Nothing like this happens without approval from the powers that be. Again, it is just me and i don’t mind being an outlier in the ‘community’.

    LOL. The mantra in all of this since the first senate hearing last year is “we need data”. We need more military tech to gather more data.

    By the way, he is talking about his money making projects here and of course he wants this information! My heavens. He sounds like a government guy to my ears. I am listening as i write. And i already believe and know. why do i need authorities to declare it for me? People i don’t even listen to about global events and were involved in dark and disturbing actions are going to be who i look to for Truth?

    George Van Tassel – what happened to that man who was a brilliant engineer, etc, and was building something meaningful? I believe him. But he was authentic and not playing games with the public. And had real integrity. So did Keyhoe. They are no longer around as far as anyone i have seen or heard in the past five years.

    And Bob Lazar isn’t being given any kind of big time access either. To name just three people i do trust.

    I could go on, but i shan’t! 🙂 Ha, i heard the whole thing now. And i learned more from your written summary!

    Thank you, rita

  7. Andromeda107

    Dr. Nolan presented very well.He really laid it all out there, except for alien abductions. His response to the questions being asked were spot on .The only part of Dr. Nolan’s talk that I had somewhat of an issue with is when stated he is not concerned about the intelligence taking our women and children. I wonder does he truly believes that abductions aren’t happening, or that he didn’t want to admit that abductions are happening because that would have been to much to put out there. I was very glad to see he didn’t hold back; he brought up downed alien crafts and reversed engineering programs, and what really surprised me was that he shared that he almost was granted access to one the objects as he called it. Thanks Jay and Richard for sharing this. I hope more people see this. Richard I hope you share your thoughts with us on Dr. Nolan’s interview.


    Richard, it was a good call to cover what Nolan has to present because for there to be any kind of sea change on the subject (with the mass of completely uninformed people being at the mercy of our vapid media) it will have to start with respected scientists and researchers like Gary Nolan.

    I think scientists are seeing the light about being excluded from the ET study that black ops groups have been thriving on for decades and its time to bring this field of study into the light. There have been respected scientists involved in the past and we need them to continue to be involved to make progress into the future. The scientific community needs to provide their input and consideration.

    There seems to be a great mistrust of science these days but it is a universal language that can unite and begin to bring us together on the reality of UAP. I would give anyone a chance to contribute here including main stream science. Jay also realizes the great potential of scientific progress and I praise him for his open mind and willingness to move forward.

  9. Alexander Nagel

    Hello everyone. I logged in this afternoon May 27 and I’m not able to see the interview. It says the uploader took it down. Just wanted to let everyone know

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