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By | July 18, 2020

I’ve been putting up “Short Clips” to my Youtube Channel and sometimes forget to upload them here. Of course, they are freely available there so I am sometimes a bit lax in bringing them here. Even so, some of you may not be aware that I am doing these, so I am posting this here to make it easier for anyone interested. This is a great clip from a couple of years ago with guest Peter Levenda. 

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  1. whatif

    I always fall back to the Fravor incident when I want to cite an ironclad case. It’s got everything:
    – Multiple, high integrity, living witnesses
    – Closeup, daylight sighting with consistent accounts
    – Detected by multiple systems (visual, radar, video, IR, etc.)
    – Craft demonstrates unexplained physical behavior (instantaneous acceleration/deceleration)
    – Craft demonstrates intelligent control (mirrors movements of Fravor’s Hornet)

    – Fravor interviews
    – Government acknowledged UAP
    – Seriously reported in NYT and other MSM

    Fravor himself is probably the best part of this entire case. His integrity as Commander of the Black Aces enforce his detailed account like no other.

    In my view anyone willing to examine the case objectively must conclude this craft is not of this world. There simply is no other reasonable explanation.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Everyone with an interest in UFOs wants to know ‘how the engines work’, from Tom Valone to Nicola Romanski. Like the song (“99 Red Balloons”) by Nena, “99 Knights of the Air; Ride super high-tech jet fighters…Everyone’s Superhero; Everyone’s a Captain Kirk”. I’m no different. In 1987, I did a Leveraged Buy Out and acquired the Aerospace Systems Division of Planning Research Corporation at Cape Canaveral, an engineering and research group that, among other things, had built the ‘Out-of-Roundness’ instrument required to monitor the Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters for their Return-to-Flight following the Challenger Disaster. I bought it to house a researcher, then employed by Lockheed, who had worked out the “Unified Field Equation”, and had discretely proved it experimentally in the late 1970s while caretaking the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab at Florida Tech when the professor responsible for the lab was out of town on a sabbatical. [Various ‘real world’ disruptions, including the historic 1987 stock market crash, rather than the physics of it, prevented us from executing on that research at the time.] But, Human ‘Research Inventors’ like him, and T. Townsend Brown, and Evgeny Podkletnov and Claude Pohrer, Alcubierre, White and others have sorted out both Electrogravitation (“Anti-Gravity”) and “Warp Drive”, time and again, long since. So there is nothing by way of Disclosure that Ufology could obtain, were its greatest dreams satiated, that will move Mankind closer to FTL interstellar travel across the cosmos, than we would get if the “Men-in-Black” just stopped killing (or otherwise sabotaging) our Inventors. This also applies to Free Energy/Overunity. We don’t need “Alien Technology” to do these things; we just need them to stop interfering to prevent us from doing so – at least for the past 50 years.

    The [ET enforced] scientific and technological suppression, however, extends beyond Power & Propulsion. The technologies we most NEED to liberate from such control are *Communications* related. It will be possible to overcome the remaining suppression to Scalar Wave Transmission, High Frequency Gravity Waves, Quantum Entanglement Signalling, and other non-RF data relay modalities, in part because there is an enormous economic and financial incentive to do so. The soon-to-be-saturated RF spectrum leads to what has been termed “the Trillion-Dollar Bandwidth Crunch”. But the fact that Media and Industry desperately crave us to unleash these renegade, heretofore ‘verboten’ telecom technologies merely makes it possible to keep the MiB out of the way. The real reason for doing so isn’t financial gain, its that we absolutely *MUST* become able to precisely locate the centers of ETUFO operation on Earth (Mt. Shasta? Archuleta Mesa? Sycamore Knoll?) and on the Moon (Aristarchus? Sinus Medii?), and to intercept and decode *their* internal communications, for our own surveillance purposes, “ELINT” & “SIGINT”. I’m not advocating for the Government to do so, they undoubtedly were at that point decades ago; equally, the Government efforts at doing so have almost certainly been infiltrated, compromised, and co-opted by the Aliens for quite some time now. No; *WE* need that ELINT/SIGINT on the ETUFO presence, and Sooner Rather Than Later.

    We know from the Podkletnov, Pohrer and other experiments that Electrogravitic fields ARE *inevitably* subject to disruptive interference from high power Microwave Beams. So the smattering of accounts claiming that Roswell and other ETUFO crashes were “shoot-downs”, at first accidental and later deliberate, are True. The question we need to be finding an answer for (the recent Brazilian incident – TBD – notwithstanding), is Why have there been NO Crash Retrievals in the last 25 years or so? High power Microwave technology has actually advanced considerably in that time; far higher power levels – with greater frequency and waveform versatility – can be reached with practical – and portable – devices today than were possible in the 1940s, ’50s & ’60s. The implication is that, at some point, Majestic simply ‘stopped trying’. It is crucial we determine the nature of that ‘suspension’; Cooperation? Collaboration? Capitulation? Human Survival may depend on us finding out.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for this comment. This statement in particular:

      “We know from the Podkletnov, Pohrer and other experiments that Electrogravitic fields ARE *inevitably* subject to disruptive interference from high power Microwave Beams.”

      A good reminder of how this likely happens.


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