Portuguese Military: Shocking Candor about UFOs. Richard Dolan Show with Francisco Correa.

By | January 28, 2019

Francisco Morrao Correa is one of Portugal’s leading UFO researchers, and also one of the nicest people in the country. He is the leader of Expolitics Portugal and has his hand in pretty much everything to do with UFOs, especially in Europe. His connections include some of the most prominant people in Portuguese society, including within government and military. From my perspective, he seems to know everyone worth knowing in the field, though his modesty would tell me I’m wrong.

Here we discuss some incredible Portuguese military and miscellaneous UFO cases, and he describes incredible honesty and openness coming from the highest levels of the Portuguese military on the matter.

The audio on my end is a bit problematic but it’s listenable. I am honestly trying to resolve all problems here. But I do this it’s an enjoyable interview. Certainly very informative.

9 thoughts on “Portuguese Military: Shocking Candor about UFOs. Richard Dolan Show with Francisco Correa.

  1. Stephen Early

    I have enjoyed listening to UFOs researchers around the world.Francisco Mourao Correa has really struck a nerve with me.Because I’m also a Catholic and Fatima means a lot to me.How three children receive important information in 1917 about the future.The Virgin Mary told them how history will turn out in 20th century. I wonder if this was aliens trying to tell us something. If the world would have listened to this story maybe World War 2 wouldn’t have happened. Thank you for Richard Dolan for this important information about UFOs in Portugal.

  2. MarkH

    Great interview again thank you for this MR Dolan (and everyone else behind the works),
    Firstly, the openness and unhindered ability to investigate cases goes without saying…an enormous benefit to find and present the truth and promote truth.
    I cited a report from José Lemos Ferreira saying “after this, do not come to us with that Venus, weather balloons, aircraft, and similar stuff which have been being used as general explanations for almost every case of UFOs”. I hope that’s true? That spurred me to look for UFO quotes by high ranking officials etc on the net. Still searching.
    Angel Hair! I think I have new anxiety to add to my already extensive list of neurosis, 3 more and I will have caught up to Woody Allen.
    You know the “NASA UFOs: STS-75 The Tether Incident” looks like a view through a microscope to me or jellyfish. As soon as I saw the Tether incident t I thought of “Encounter at Farpoint”.
    Can’t wait to listen to the second part.
    Thanks again, Mr Dolan.

  3. Pedro Baioes

    Great work as always Mr. Dolan!

    I just became a member!

    Beeing portuguese it’s a special episode for me!

    I’ve always felt drawn to this kinds of subjects, and had some experiences through the years that could just not be explained the easier way…

    Once in the summer of 2004 in Algarve i saw i triangular formation of triangular UFOs, flying super low, no sound at all, one light at each end(bottom)…
    And still today i can’t just explain those crafts with anything we got, or at least know…

    Anyway, you’re the best and most reliable investigator nowadays!

    Me and my wife still regret not taking a picture with you back in 2015 when you were here…

    All the best to you and Tracy!

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      Thanks so much and thanks too for reminding me it was 2015 … I kept thinking 2014. Francisco is so gracious; he seemed to think it was 2015 but kept hearing me say 2014 and must have decided to leave it alone. Anyway, thank you for writing. best regards to you both!

  4. Kirsten Blackburn

    Thank you Richard Dolan and Francisco Morrao Correa (and Tracey!)

    Yet another mind blowing interview for me, especially because you discussed the Angel Hair phenomenon. Here is why:

    I attended elementary school in Palo Alto, California in the 1970s. One morning during recess, while we were all out romping around in the play field (I was probably between age 8 and 11) thousands of lacy white things started drifting down from the sky and landing on the grass. I seem to remember that there were no clouds that day. When the long cottony strands settled on the ground, I got curious and picked one up. I remember that it had a lightweight, gelatinous quality but melted away very quickly in my fingers. Within minutes the concerned teachers gathered us all up and made us go indoors for safety.

    Hours later, it was explained that these strands were “kite spiders” who were migrating from South America by using their webs like parachutes in the wind. Apparently, the teachers told us, it was a pretty rare thing to see, but perfectly normal.

    I remember thinking, even at that young age, that there was something wrong with that explanation. I didn’t think spider webs melted when touched. I have since seen videos on YouTube of actual “ballooning” or “kiting” spiders. It does look similar to what I saw – but less heavy and gelatinous looking.

    When we were released outside later that day, there were no webs left on the ground, and there were no webs the next day. My brother, who was older and in a different classroom, wasn’t outside when this happened, but he does remember the excitement around the event and that there were no webs left in the field later in the day.

    I all but forgot about this incident – and over time accepted the spider web story, until I attended a lecture by Grant Cameron at CITD last year. He too mentioned that the Angel Hair phenomenon was reported quite a bit between the 1950s and the 1970s – I had had no idea it was a “thing” in UFO research. He said that the substance never made it to any labs because it dissolved too quickly. The “kiting spiders” story was a common explanation because there ARE spiders from South America who migrate this way.

    It dawned on me, while talking to Mr. Cameron, that this event may have somehow sparked my life-long obsession with UFOs, mythic creatures, cryptids, ESP and anything to do with high-strangeness. I never mentally connected the experience to my obsession.

    Today I started reaching out to all my former schoolmates to see what they remember (thank you Facebook). I am looking forward to hearing back from them. Who knows, my memory could have evolved over the years. I could be totally wrong about the way it melted and perhaps it really was just millions of tiny spiders.

    How exciting that Mr. Correa may actually have access to a frozen sample. I, for one, would be very interested to find out what it looks like under a microscope – especially since I may have held some in my little hand all those years ago!

    Thank you all again,

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