RDS Part 1. “Perfectly Smooth Shell of a Craft.” Gary McKinnon’s 1st Interview in Years.

By | March 13, 2019

UK citizen Gary McKinnon is the most famous UFO “hacker” of all time. Arrested in 2002, he was in danger of extradition to the US for ten years. What he found was apparent evidence of a secret space program, including references to “non-terrestrial officers” and ship to ship transfers of vessels not in the U.S. military inventory. Moreover, a high-resolution photograph, taken from space, of a smooth, cigar-shaped craft. Gary also talks about the repercussions of being sought by the U.S. government, his depression, suicidal thoughts, and more.

I just want to add on a personal note that Gary was extremely kind to be willing to do this. And I found interviewing him to be a special kind of experience for me. He was insightful, honest, and humble. It’s easy to feel that you want him as your friend. I am sure everyone will appreciate this.

7 thoughts on “RDS Part 1. “Perfectly Smooth Shell of a Craft.” Gary McKinnon’s 1st Interview in Years.

  1. AvatarFranc

    Absolute respect for Gary: for everything he had to go through and for the service he provided to the study of UFOology. Frankly, I am very surprised that he was not extradited by the UK – a member of Five Eyes after all. I am glad he came though his experience and is free. Best of luck to him.

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan

      No big reason, Franc, except I like to put both parts of my interviews with people on our site. Just to keep them together, and also to provide some free and accessible content for people passing by who aren’t members. I know the first part is readily available on Youtube, but … no harm done! 🙂

  2. MarkHMarkH

    Great to hear you talk and know you’re a member Mr. MCKinnon.
    Do you still own the original copy of The Hacker’s Handbook by Hugo Cornwall or did they confiscate that too?
    As we have seen others who have come forward with knowledge on energy inventions or solutions they have either been eliminated, paid off or die under strange circumstances, how were you going to let the world know of your discoveries and maintain your safety?
    The Guardian newspaper reported you tried to barter with the government threatening to release everything you found if they didn’t give you a better deal on your sentence. Have you bartered anything?
    Does that mean that you had hidden away information?
    Are you under any gag orders?
    Or were you only talking about what you had seen and memorized and already given up?
    It must have been so frustrating not to save that java picture do you think about that a lot?
    In my eyes your another unsung hero. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  3. AvatarJames, Hitt

    So many people love to denigrate the Daily Mail for “trashy” journalism, but the naysayers can just shut up. At least the Daily Mail had the guts to stand up for Gary against the heartless evil American empire. That’s more than any of the other more credible (sarcasm) publications can say, to their eternal shame.

  4. AvatarFrank

    Richard and Gary,

    Thank you for the interview and quite interesting information! Was Gary able to provide a sketch or drawing of the craft he had seen (is that what we see in the above YouTube link page)?
    Thanks again


    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      hi Frank, going from memory but yes that is an accurate representation of what Gary saw. I can’t remember if that is his artwork or someone else’s, but I know he approves of it.

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