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By | July 11, 2023


Hi Everyone, 

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to do a two-part interview with Russell Targ, the co-founder (along with Hal Puthoff) of the U.S. government-funded remote viewing program run out of Stanford Research Institute starting in 1972. This first part is fully available to the public on YouTube, while the second part which will be posted separately will only be for members of this site. 

Both segments are about an hour long and both are extremely worthwhile. In this segment, Russell shares some information he has not previously discussed, such as the strange sequence of events that led to the creation of the remote viewing program to begin with. This included the figure of rocket scientist Werner von Braun, who had a strong interest and genuine ability in psi phenomena — and a crazy conversation Russell had with von Braun that you must hear. 🙂

There is much more we discuss, including some of the exploits of the early greats of the remote viewing program — Ingo Swann’s RV of Jupiter, Ingo’s and Pat Price’s remote view of the NSA Sugar Grove facility which scared the hell out of the NSA, Hella Hammid’s exceptional remote viewing ability, NSA Director Bobby Ray Inman telling the remote viewing team “don’t ever come back!”, and much more. Toward the end, Russel and I each shared a story about entanglement with deceased loved ones. 

Throughout, we discussed Russell’s latest book, Third Eye Spies, which I think is a great book. Check out Russ’s website also:

And do not miss our second part. Look for that in the next post. 

Many thanks to Russell Targ for this interview. (Russ is a member of this website). 


15 thoughts on “REMOTE VIEWING SECRETS with Russell Targ | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. SunPower

    Hi Richard, Thank you for posting this interesting interview. I look forward to viewing the second part tomorrow. I was wondering if the NSA or Soviets had much success shielding their secret information from enemy remote viewers. That is, employing psychics to broadcast disinformation. -A

  2. Craig Champion

    Wonderful interview. A bit surprised that you AND Tracey didn’t interview Russell. Maybe next time.

    If it’s indeed the case that everything in the Cosmos is connected (across “empty” space) then it renders the notion of chronological time obsolete, i.e., Ingo instantaneously noted some features on Jupiter even though the planet is 40 light-minutes from earth. In a sense, we’re hampered by the notion of the speed of light and distance in that entanglement has been proven to be a reality much as, in the same way we’re hampered by the common-sense notion of time being static whereas it’s actually relative. In other words, we can be hampered by our psychological paradigms. In science, revolutions jump paradigms.

    Regarding analytical thinking and RV; Interesting that thought is actually considered to interfere with the process; rather, clearing the mind of thought appears to facilitate the process vs. cognitive processes such as thinking, guessing and imagination.

    Looking forward to part-two.

    Thanks, Richard!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Interesting thoughts, Craig about chronological time being obsolete! I do wonder. Btw, Tracey and I did discuss having her on for the second part of the interview but she didn’t want to interrupt Russ’s flow. I think she would have been a positive addition and I will try to bring her on similar interviews in the future.

  3. Ted2

    Great interview!! Makes one want to hear more about the subject. Learning the process would be interesting though personally I would be afraid to try doing it.


      I have had Monroe Institute material around for months. Part of the delay in beginning to use it has been just that I’m already so busy with the Department of Psychic Shocks and Surprises, that I haven’t had time to devote to it, and the other thing is, yes, I’m a bit scared to venture some of those places, because I think I’ve been there before.

  4. Pyroxide_Martini

    Interesting thought on entangled mind(s).

    I’ve often wondered whether our brains can connect with each other via a field, perhaps similar to Bluetooth – low level psychic connections – people have similar thoughts at the same time – was it a shared thought? The question than is, whose thought was it originally?

    Anyway, I think it is likely and the next question is, can you pass on mental health conditions this way? Ie like a computer virus spreading – can depression spread for instance? Hang around enough depressed people and you will likely start to feel depressed but I wonder if it’s actually more to do with being “infected” by corrupt software

    Just a thought

  5. Dubh Sith

    THANK YOU!!! I appreciate this so much. I’ve fallen in love Russell Targ and gained much clarity about how intuitives may misinterpret me.

    The information of past and future events exists in the now. He underscores how one must focus on the experience. That’s being present and in the now because that’s “where” (to be metaphorical) intuition about the future exists.

    When you say “proof,” you’re using a layman’s meaning of “a convincing preponderance of evidence.” When I say “proof,” I mean the scientific, mathematical meaning ( like “geometric proof”) – the exact opposite type of thinking you use to do remote viewing.

    The meaning of my proof is NOT that it invalidates any observation but that some interpretations of the observation are meaningless nonsense (in a mathematical/scientific sense.) He didn’t address my proof, but I’m inclined to award you my $100 gift card anyway. A serious challenge to my claim is what I want. Ego-driven people don’t understand this. I appreciate that you have surfaced material I can at least bite into.

    Action at a distance is not a mystery to me. I’m vividly aware of the non-local nature of existence. I can’t imagine what could possibly convince you that I KNOW the answer to many of your questions.

    I’ll tell you that my daughter (who spent five years becoming a “Master” at a place known to be run by people who can read your mind) will give you a long lecture on why you don’t have to research anything because you can sit on your hands, close your eyes, and KNOW whatever you need.

    However, when she’s fed up with this sick culture and wants to exit existence as she was yesterday, where does she go? She walks right past all the people calling me crazy and trying to have me committed, to get guidance from me. We always end up in conversations about the nature of reality that blows MY mind. I always wished we recorded it to put it online, but I know most couldn’t interpret it correctly because they’re confused about issues like time.

    Time is interesting because it’s highly attached to our psychology, so colloquial uses that are metaphorical in nature, like, “moving through time” or “time passing,” are used. Time in the literal sense, is an intellectual abstraction (like a number line) used to intellectualize about motion. Motion is being at point A NOW, and then at point B NOW. A 3D object extending from a past to a future in different shapes and locations is still a motionless object. To move requires “now.” To be conscious requires a now.

  6. Dubh Sith

    Targ is SO open and honest because he BELIEVES that there are no secrets. Some people talk about “consistent body language,” some of us view things through “consistent spiritual meaning.” He scores an A+, in my view.

  7. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, i am only about twenty five minutes into this and i am once again needing to go but want to remember to say something now or i will forget about it. 🙂 You guys might get into this later in the interview but as far as the future goes, as far as i have been informed about, nothing is written in stone. It is all about probabilities which is what makes infinity , well, infinity. Although, i can find patterns within individuals’ lives and i can know what patterns will continue if they don’t deal with deeper emotional issues, etc, and the same for the world which is a mass consciousness. In general, not the exact particulars of course. Every moment is a choice point that creates potential new probable realities. The idea of ‘future’ is really not ‘real’ imo. It is all happening in a ‘spacious present’. 🙂

    Thank you. I would love it if some time an expert didn’t come from the intelligence arena. I guess because that is where money goes. It is too bad that people don’t use their knowledge for constructive pursuits in this our western ‘civilization’. And this is not as disrespect for Russell at all. It is just so obvious that i think many people , especially in the u.s., don’t even question the paradigm.

  8. Andromeda107

    Great interview Richard and Russell. Remote viewing sounds fascinating, it almost seems like astral projection. Ingo Swan being able to remote view Jupiter in an instant and see the rings around it before scientists knew ,that’s freaking amazing!!! That’s consciousness tied to some higher ,almost magical power or universal force that us a mere mortal like myself will never understand . And what is also amazing is that someone like Helen Hammind ,who had never remote viewed, or done anything before related to psychic phenomenon end up being one of the best remote viewers. That is just wild and hard me to wrap by brain around. Mr Russell Targ definitely deserves more recognition that he has gotten.Starting a remote viewer program and working with the CIA and NSA on programs and locating people that deserves a Nobel Prize. I am just wowed!! by Ingo Swan remote viewing Jupiter.Mr. Targ thank you for sharing with us some amazing insights on remote viewing and the amazing program you started.

  9. Dubh Sith

    Russell mentioned that the NSA viewed their program as a threat. How must I feel?

    Luckily I can get my employer, who apparently understands me (so does his daughter), to understand the metaphysical stress that I am experiencing, or I wouldn’t currently have a job. He both acknowledges my time proof as a legitimate proof AND the probable death that accompanies anyone who popularizes that idea.

    Maybe I misinterpreted you as more intuitive. I was angry at my daughter when she spent 15 seconds looking at one of your videos and said, “Don’t trust him!” Some say she’s brilliant. Today I have a more objective interpretation.

    P.S. I did reach out to Russell. I intend to let the entire universe know how he responds; if he does.

      1. Dubh Sith

        It just occurred to me that one thing that could have tripped her up is that you are so polished in your presentation. Sometimes that feels deceptive. She’s receptive to communication from “others,” but she’s extremely afraid of the “alien” folklore of modern myth.

        I did totally dismiss her. I was drawn to what I perceived as clarity of mind instead of a sign of deception.

        I’ve been panicky and feel threatened by different ‘others.’ I have felt threatened ‘by proxy’ in ways that would make me look insane to share. I’m skittish. I’ve been hurt. Maybe having you dismiss me as a wannabe creative writer helps me avoid being locked in a mental hospital.

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