Great Interview with Tracey

By | September 30, 2020

Tracey was recently interviewed for this magazine by Dave Partridge, and had lots to say about the process of remote viewing and what it’s like for her to do it. I really like how the whole thing came out — the author essentially pasted a transcript of her main talking points, so you are really getting to hear her directly. 

I am going to try to get a clean copy of the text and paste it here, because currently it’s only available in PDF format, which (although the format is attractive) makes it a bit harder to read on your screen. But it’s not that tough, honestly. 

Her interview begins on PAGE 14, which is nice to know in order to avoid flipping through the whole issue! CLICK BELOW.

Enjoy, and a big congrats to my wife!


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  1. JurassicRanch47

    -Rod Serling
    The next step in human “evolution” very possibly lies in this direction, rather than only, or primarily, in increasing “intelligence” narrowly defined. Homosapien, Sapien, Intuitiven? It seems like a real survival of the fittest deal. Kurt Vonnegut’s alter-ego from SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, Billy Pilgrim, had these issues after encountering a UFO in upstate NY. The bigger challenge is, can we do this jointly with others and step into “intersubjectivity” and the “transpersonal experience?” It seems like the ticket out of the increasing alienation of rampant intellectualism. But, there are plenty of “objective” intellectuals who deny the validity or the reality of the subjective experience. Castenada wrote about quieting the internal dialog as the first step in finding the “dreaming body” and joining a “dreamers party.” But, the intersubjective experience is also the big draw behind the jam band crowd, not just competitively priced hallucinagenics in the parking lot. We do so much of this subconsciously as part of being human already. There seems to be much fear directed at the threat of a “hive mind.” Others from the scientific community have given us two important observations about this:
    1. The total number of minds in the universe is one.
    2. Every point in the universe connects to every other point
    The human subconscious connects with the larger collective consciousness, and we can help each other move into a conscious group awareness of it. None of this is a threat to our individual identity, but seems to enhance it. Some of the people who are best at it seem to have given up some of their “reason” to get there, but I never met anyone unhappy with the trade. These folks are not conformist. It’s a “separate way of knowledge” bringing back awareness from a separate, but pervasive, reality. It’s like a “meet up” & “hangout” inside the larger collective conscious framework. Being able to think without language seems key. Bringing back objective, verifiable and reproducible results seems to the scientific interest here. The experience eventually becomes the end in itself for those who pursue it.


    Oh, before I forget.
    If you have not seen “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix – it is a must see. It explains a lot.👍

  3. SunPower

    Interesting article. What were the four ET types someone said? Very telepathic and want to help us, very telepathic and are indifferent, not very telepathic and want trade/commerce, and not very telepathic and are hostile. I think that it was a remote viewer that said that. Abductees always seem to say the ET (who abduct) are telepathic. Modern humans perhaps were and now have forgotten how.

  4. Christina

    Thank you for sharing this 😊 It really is a great interview! I hope a lot of people read it, and realize there’s a lot of important stuff about consciousness we’re moving further and further away from…


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