How the Dogon Learned About Sirius | RD Short Clips

By | July 18, 2020

And something I just uploaded. A great clip from my interview two years ago with the brilliant Gordon White. Many thanks to Kirsten for finding this one. 

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  1. ThankYou

    This same topic was on Ancient Aliens yesterday where the root word ‘dog’ describing dragon like beings, exist in separate remote cultures across our planet. Prior to this History Channel show yesterday, I saw this video explanation of what might be the same off planet beings called Alpha Draconians here.

  2. Ed Coffman

    Here’s more on the “Dog Star” Sirius:

    By the way, I highly recommend the author of that article, Pierre Sabak, for the RD Show. If you want to learn more about his research, he has many Youtube videos on the website I posted above…not to mention his many books.

  3. PressToDigitate

    Dogonnit!, Ufology has literally Tens of Thousands of pages of valuable renegade scholarship on the Ancient Aliens question, from Zechariah Sitchen, Erich Von Daniken, Georgio Tsoukalos, David Childress, Graham Hancock, William Henry, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Jan Irwin/Andrew Rutajit and dozens of other researchers, covering cultures the world over, and all of Human history. But, just as the sum total of all of our Sightings has not told us any more (so far) than “They’re Here!”, the accumulated body of work on the ancients, from Alternative Archaeology & Anthropology has yet to tell us any more than “They Were Here, Then!”. What’s worse, we haven’t got a *smidgen* of real evidence that the ‘Ancient Aliens’ are ‘Today’s Aliens’ – and a lot of reason to believe otherwise.

    No offense, Richard (and Dr. Jacobs), but for ‘History’ to become *Useful* at this critical point – when we’re ‘Hip Deep In It’ – the entire Ancient Aliens repertoire, from the pop-culture documentary series, to the hundreds of books and [potentially thousands of] academic papers too dry to ever have made it onto Georgio’s air, must be subjected to a syntopical meta-analysis, with the data much better correlated, reduced, interpreted and analyzed than has yet been the case. Rather than as resources for visual ‘story-telling’, it needs to be systematically picked through from the perspective of ‘Intelligence & Reconnaissance Analysis’.

    If funding were developed, it would make sense to engage an aggressive and experienced non-mainstream Anthropologist, who is amenable to – but not a creature of – the legacy ‘Ancient Aliens’ arena, to “bring a fresh pair of eyes to the subject”, to conduct such a crosscutting data reduction, interpretation and analysis/meta-analysis exercise; perhaps supervising a committee of volunteer experienced Intelligence Analysts. The maverick (and prolific) Robert Sepehr (“Atlantean Gardens” on YouTube – both of them) would seem well suited to perform such a study.

    To date, the most practical data we seem to have on the subject of ETUFO interactions in ancient history is David Icke’s work with hereditary Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, and Jordan Maxwell’s efforts at correlating Ufology with Conspiracy lore, as ‘informed by’ ancient history. I’m afraid we’re going to need a much more “actionable” deep dive into these correlations than is ever likely to be delivered over the History Channel, so let’s find a way to go get one done.

  4. MLZ

    This legend has major flaws. Actually Sirius B was predicted by the guy who discovered Bessel Function in mid 1800s, then was directly observed 20 years later with one of the largest telescopes.

      1. MLZ

        Yes Richard, Sirius B’s existence was predicted by Bessel in 1844 due to its wobble, and was directly observed by American astronomer Alvan Clark in January 1862. This is even on Wiki.
        Another major flaw of Dogon legend is that recent study of Sirius B showed that it became a white dwarf ~120M years ago and prior to that had been an unstable red giant for almost another 120M years. That means it’s been at least 250M years since it existed as a stable main sequence star, with planets in the habitable zone.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I appreciate the info. Thank you. But perhaps the thing is to ask ourselves isn’t “is some of the Dogon material wrong,” but “why was any of it correct?” Just wondering.

        1. Simmo1

          and it still leaves open the question of how an obscure scientific data point made it into the legends of an African tribe. the causal link isn’t made out

  5. StuartEvanDavis

    Richard, always love it when you and Gordon talk. There is a wonderful complementarity between you two.

    I’d love to do a short-ish interview with you if possible. I recently launched a new podcast called Aliens & Artists, which is all about how contact with non-human entities impacts human creativity. I’d love to talk with you about how the D Allele may or may not connect to the Paleolithic cave paintings in France / Spain of 10-30K years ago, and specifically the UFO morphologies in many of these Cro-Magnon artworks, which is detailed here by the late Aime’ Michelle :,Palaeolithic%20UFO-Shapes,FSR69V15N6.pdf

    Would it be possible to record a short segment (15 minutes or so?) on this topic? Thanks, – S

      1. StuartEvanDavis

        Sounds great, I’ll circle back in a couple weeks and see if there’s a little window we can connect in August.

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