Philip K. Dick & Alternate Realities | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey | CLIP

By | June 7, 2022

Oops! I forgot to post this yesterday when we uploaded it. This is a 35 minute clip from a much-longer Off the Cuff Podcast (#9) Tracey and I did a few months ago. It’s also slightly cleaned up and edited for easier listening. Here we talk about Philip K. Dick and the idea of living in alternate realities, and Tracey again recounted her “man on the beach” story. We do these occasionally for public release to YouTube. 

Hope you enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Philip K. Dick & Alternate Realities | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey | CLIP

  1. Craig Champion

    Regarding the “man on the beach” episode – interesting that Tracey was so aggressively targeted; it didn’t sound like a casual, serendipitous bumping-into-somebody, OR – had the man possibly been subjected to some type of mind-altering process and was duly confused?
    Regarding getting lost in Tampa – as an idea, I wonder whether Tracey was subjected to the same type of (possibly) artificially-induced confusion as the man-on-the-beach? Lost, somewhat anxious, lighty confused – interesting.
    Regarding the Starbucks’ incident – the “knowing nod” from the beach-man may be telling; psychotronics could’ve been at play, as in psychological manipulation. Could be that fat, black-budget programs need to continue to justify their expenditures as in in some type of “operation;” shades of the type of mind-manipulation that occurred at Skinwalker Ranch – basically mind-control through the use of technology, also as chronicled in the book, Chameleo. This is not to rule-out other (maybe paranormal) possibilities such as a “time-slip” but only to call attention to technology that currently exists.

    1. Virginia W King

      I’d like to recommend to Tracey the Book ‘Chameleo’ By Robert Duffey. It tells of the bizarre targeting and high-tech harassment of one of his friends in the San Diego area. One of my favorite Mind-Blowing books about strangeness and synchronicity . I think you’ll like it. Your Man on the Beach story made Me think of it. You may notice some commonalities.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I started reading that one myself — amazing read. I’ve been talking to Tracey about it and definitely intend to finish it. I agree that she would enjoy it also. She finds the story just as fascinating as you and I do.

  2. Pyroxide_Martini

    Is it an alternate reality or a simulation? When abductees suddenly wake up, back in their beds, with no knowledge how they go back there, did they actually wake up or did a simulation just commence and they are actually lying on a table elsewhere?

    Consider updates to open-world games – the existing world remains but places, details have been tweaked. Would an NPC (non-player character) realise the difference? Would a “user” start to realise they are in a simulation as opposed to an alternate reality?

    What is a perfect jail for an individual but a prison of the mind, one that is constructed in a humane way that mimics their reality to a high-degree and actually enhances it. It’s not too “perfect” otherwise a “user” might reject it but it could be a believable reality they could happily exist in, build a life in etc

    If you became aware you were in a simulation. What could you do? Where would you go? Because whatever you do or wherever you go, you’re actually still lying on a bed somewhere, unable to change your circumstances. The question is, can code be changed from the inside? If you know the “rules”, can you find a way around them that works to your advantage?

    Manifestation through intention might be the manipulation of data grouping protocols.

    Still a multiverse is also an interesting argument and I’ve no doubt it exists but the question should be, why do some people seem to “shift” realities?

    Are they necessary characters in timelines for certain realities to play out?

    And I know many people kybosh the “Mandela Effect” but it might be the result of 2 or more realities colliding and like soap bubbles they merge into a new singular entity that has to assimilate data from both worlds (some people just seem to remember their original universe which we could argue are possible “suture” lines in reality.

    I believe there was a peer-reviewed paper released that discussed this and that it had been mathematically demonstrated that this had occurred in our Universe at least 4 times.

    These are interesting topics with deep rabbit holes.

  3. Jon Nordlien

    I follow, to the best of my ability, even though my language skills could have been better. Very exciting and interesting material.

  4. Bernard Pelletier

    Most physicists have no idea what they’re talking about, n it’s only a minority who can see that, but it’s growing. There are no extra spatial dimensions, no black holes, no gravitational waves, no point-particles, no parallel universes, there is no dark matter, no dark energy, no cosmic inflation, no cosmic expansion, there was never a Big Bang, never a Big Splat, asteroids can’t be planets n not planets at the same time, etc., etc. A You Tube video asked ‘what are we missing?’ refering to all the evidence contradicting the standard models like the planetisimal hypothesis. So I answered ‘rationality n competence.’

    I’m a big fan of most of Van Flandern’s ideas bcz they are so fact-based instead of emotion-based, the latter being orthodoxy. He says that physics has its principles n if any of those are violated we must question our reality, n makes reference to the holodeck. 2 of those principles are violated: time slips n solids going thru solids in UFO abductions. What aoppears to be alternate realities may be glitches in the holodeck. There are error-correcting codes that were discovered by Jim Gates, which also indicate we are in a computer simulation. I’m not saying we are, but there are indications of it. I think that glitches appear like alternate realities.

    And is pronouncing sounds but being in denial of them not a glitch in the matrix or holodeck? This is what’s occuring with 4 French vowels. It is so bizarre it’s surreal. It would be like saying there is no short a, no short i, n no short u in English n everyone going along with it. Much the same was happening with Portuguese for a while, and then suddenly it went back to normal! There was no explanation for it, nor why it suddenly it went back to normal. So for both languages mindless proclamations are made without any evidence whatsoever, contradicting the most basic reality even a child could see. George Mason U’s website is an exception; it does have the ash symbol, which designates the short a, for French, n I imagine it’s still there. If ur not a glitch you can identify the sounds when you hear French spoken or sung or in audio examples. Usually the ‘a’ is short like in the English ‘pan’, at the beginning or middle of a word. It’s even shorter than English as u can see by comparing ‘pan’ n ‘panne”.

    I have the feeling the Man on the Beach was an alien in human form who singled out Mrs. Dolan bcz he knew she was going to be a remote viewer, was going to be a public persona, n was going to have an encounter with high strangeness. Parallel universes are not possible, of course, and alternative universes, that r co-extensive with our own space-time, violate the principles of physics, but might exist in a holodeck program, or it may simply be that some glitches in the holodeck appear as alternate realities as I mentioned earlier. But I really have no idea what the punishment angle could be about, n it’s especially bizarre, n in fact, like Mrs. Dolan, I really don’t know what the Man on the Beach is all about. And there aer similar cases that r even stranger, where there seem to be different versions of the same person.

  5. TomTort

    I don’t think I could have handled the encounter on the beach as calmly when considering the information given by the “Stranger.” It certainly would have changed my way of thinking of reality. It brings to mind the novel by Albert Camus, “The Stranger.”

  6. Sean Jepson

    This sounds very AATIP slide 9 and my instinct leads me towards Richard’s ‘Breakaway Civilization’ theory. The fact that two people were affected, one being publicly known for having psi capabilities (maybe the man too) is just too serendipitous. Going further is a touch above my pay grade but great story – I think both parties should take it as a big compliment 🙂

    1. Ann Roys

      Yes to the possibility that both of these people were being “chosen” to meet. PSI abilities are not just a single kind of experience, but a whole range of layers and different forms of seeing. Glad this is being noticed somewhere!!!

  7. Scott Santa

    PKD! How to put this in words….this man, probably lived everyone of his stories, stopping here on Earth only to get them on paper, to catch up, so to speak. Want to discuss a uniqueness in perspectives? He’s our man.

  8. Rob Jeffs

    Assuming Tracey’s encounter to have been real – the guy may have been drawn to the same ‘place’ unexpectedly too; it may not have been initiated by him, but perhaps the result of some unseen ‘entanglement’ &/or event that linked them together.
    His nod of acknowledgement may have been one of recognition and the presumption of shared knowledge of an unusual encounter. Perhaps it wasn’t as uncommon for him, or perhaps it was.

  9. Kelley Meehan

    Thank you for this material. After thinking about Tracey’s encounter I thought I would propose a possibility that makes sense to me. On its face the man told Tracey about an alternative world very similar but distinct from our own. Similar enough that the beach existed although with distinct features. More importantly similar enough that the man could inhabit either one.

    Tracey described behavior towards her that suggests a hidden connection between the man and her of which she was unaware. Evidently though the man she encountered could perceive it. The circumstances of her encounters suggest that the man could perceive that connection from afar, such that he could find her and seek her out twice.

    Initially this was my starting point for conjecture. Today it occurred to me that one hypothesis that readily fits is that parallel worlds could easily contain parallel people. If the man had another version of himself living here it would help explain how people who wished to punish him could identify an alternate world to which he could be sent. More importantly Tracey might have a parallel persona in his home world that he knew. That could be the basis of the postulated connection between the two and why Tracey might not recognize him at all in this world. Within this hypothetical framework the encounters make more sense, particularly if psi abilities are more characteristic of people inhabiting this alternate world and the man brought those abilities with him to our world. This could play a part in the “chance” meetings.

    I hope this helps. In any event the concept of other versions of ourselves in alternative worlds existing simultaneously seems very appropriate for a interchange that starts with a discussion of Philip K Dick.

  10. Ann Roys

    Whitley Strieber writes about finding himself on a city street in the 1800’s and being mocked for the way he was dressed “in public view”, as if he were some sort of madman who didn’t know about proper clothing!! He also speaks of the secret school and meeting odd power beings and an old woman who taught him wonderful things in an old house. He seems to accept these alternate realities with ease.
    I myself had an experience of being in some sort of flying craft and being shown a scene through a window. ( I believe it was my own small town in Michigan.) I saw a dirt road where main street should have been and hitching posts for the horses in front of buildings. I remember thinking “Please don’t leave me here!”. I have practiced out of body travel for years, and am grateful for these kinds of experiences. ….Seen aliens in my bedroom and had many interactions with “Reptilians.” They tested me and interacted by drawing pictures on my bedroom walls!! Wish I had somewhere to talk about my experiences and have thought about searching out UFO (UAP?”)) groups. Just one comment I wanted to give out to everyone somewhere……DRINK VALERIAN TEA (NOT PILLS BUT FRESH LEAVES) if you want to go out of body. It helps make a connection with that “other” part of yourself!!! Ann, listener.

  11. Gerald Anderson

    I used to read lots of Phil K. Dick, and I know some things about him. He used LSD, and some of his writing was done under the influence. LSD effects people by inhibiting the ability to repress emotion. Imagine
    being unable to stop laughing, or crying, or repress anger. The brain in response turns feeling it cannot repress, into either hallucinations, or into disassociation. Disassociation is very prevalent in Mr. Dicks writing. The feeling of having no frame of reference where every things seems odd. Rather than being aware of the underlying feelings. Being in a strange unfamiliar place can also elicit feelings of disassociation. It also may be a way of recreating an experience.

    Or to work it through emotionally, or recall something thats been hidden in the sub conscious.

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