OTC CLIP | A Secret Plan to Create Psychic Transhumans? | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey

By | May 14, 2022

Tracey and I decided we want to offer clips of our various OTC Podcasts to the public via Youtube. This is the first one we are offering, from OTC #10, titled “Brain, Mind, & Woo.” 

This is an 18 minute clip that we both love and gets into some fascinating questions dealing with human psi ability, alien psi ability, the chances that a black budget group is seeking to enhance human psi ability, the likely outcomes of gene therapy in the next decade or more, and even more. 

We like this idea of releasing selected clips to the public, so we plan to do more of these. Hope you enjoy! 

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8 thoughts on “OTC CLIP | A Secret Plan to Create Psychic Transhumans? | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey

  1. Domi Vallée

    Hi Richard and Tracey,
    Long time no speak!

    This kind of genetic work has indeed already started. In fact I was shaken to hear a recent interview with dr Dean Radin (that surely you’ve heard of) on the Skeptiko podcast.

    (about 1h12m11s if the link doesn’t take you there automatically)

    Not the whole interview is on this subject, but he does address the fact that he has started a company called Cognigenics that is focused on… altering the genetics of the brain to put people in a state similar to “samadhi” and become, wait for it, part of a hive mind (his exact words). His logic is that if people themselves feel the harm they’re doing to others, like soldiers shooting at each other for example, it would basically bring peace on earth.

    I’ve always had great respect for this man and for sure his reasoning goes deeper than that. But when he steps in the territory of “I’m not concerned with the morals of this kind of effort” and “if nature needs a boost so we don’t destroy ourselves, so be it”, I’m troubled by the shortsightedness of such a stance.

    Didn’t know if you had heard of this part of his work. Thought I’d share!
    Hope to become a member again soon.


  2. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, have you heard Steve Greenstreet latest podcast? I have no idea about any of this stuff or even of him, but it is on the forum here and i would be interested in your take on his research into whatever the deal has been with DOD, etc. Oh, i can post a link here. 🙂


    I am pleased that you saw the Ariel documentary. I am supposed to get some kind of free pass to view it on the 20th. I certainly waited long enough! 😉 I also made a time block for viewing the congressional hearings on tuesday at 10:00 a.m. I figure CSPAN will be showing it. I predict big time military contracts to come out of the hearings to be honest. The billionaires just keep getting richer. That will be the primary outcome.

    Hope you guys are feeling better!

  3. Andromeda107

    Hearing you guys talk about these et’s taking an interest in people who can remote view, and cognitive manipulation on humans,made me think of the movie Dark City,not sure if you guys have seen it;if y’all haven’t seen it , Richard and Tracey you both definitely need to watch it, its a really good movie in my opinion,and that is all I am going to say.

  4. SunPower

    If there are aliens involved, the top 8000 humans are just an expendable means to their ends, IMO. I liked this clip version of OTC. It seemed concise and effective. I tend get a lot out of the longer free form OTC versions though. Hearing things in pauses, inflections, drifting and in the silences. It is very thought provoking in either form. -A

  5. Pyroxide_Martini

    Re: Psychic abilities

    I am concerned that what they are actually doing is “pruning” the crop. That potentially what the experimentation is, is not enhancing humans but identifying humans that represent the next stage of human development and removing that component from them or attempting to inhibit it.

    Re: Military and ESP

    Did you ever watch Rodenbury’s Babylon 5? PsiCore – Earth Core’s psychic military component – essentially intelligence officers but it was discovered in later seasons that various races were tinkered with by elder races to create psychic abilities within a species.

    Love the Orwell quote btw. Isn’t it funny how accurate he was in many respects. It’s far more subtle and insidious than perhaps he imagined but well on it’s way – Just gotta make sure you’re the boot and not the face 😉

    1. Peter Sigurdson

      In the Babylon 5 Story Line, there were two ancient races: The first intelligent races to emerge, who were battling each other over whose approach was the better one in terms of helping the younger races to evolve: The Vorlons were the Light: Advocated being good little children, staying tidy, clean, sterile, antisectic. The Shadows advocated messing it up: violence, conflict, as the way to simulate growth. https://youtu.be/SOK0v90Rj7M?t=18

      The Vorlons wanted to stimulate human psychic development to use human telepaths as weapons to destroy the organic technology ships of the Vorlons. The Vorlons were out to destroy human telepaths.

      Both First Races had their own sub rosa connections with the leaders of various planets in the Galaxy, and encouraged those leaders to marshall their planet’s resources in the coming fight between the Shadows and the Light.

      In the end, both philosophies were exposed to be equally exploitative of and toxic to the younger races. Humans kicked them out of the Galaxy so we would be free to find our out Way.

      Of course, Michael Straczynski just made all this up. None of this could actually be happening…

  6. Paul Rohe

    HI all.
    Now, I’m familiar with the Occult world, Hermeticism or shall we just say Esotericism, I’m 61 this year and spent my life studying/practising such things and one thing EVERYONE will tell you, if you develop any form of psychic ability including remote viewing that looks into the “Other” they will peep back and take an interest. This is not unusual or unexpected and we have known this for thousands of years…WELCOME TO THE CLUB! LOL.

    Also its best to not develop such abilities in ones home or you’re giving out your address as it were to whatever beings you’re peeping at and as any good Exorcist will tell you, make sure you don’t bring home any parasites and that’s where protective measures come in. People may of course ignore such advice at their own peril.

    Thanks for reading.

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