The Man Who Owns SKINWALKER | Richard Dolan Show w/Brandon Fugal

By | April 18, 2023

Hi Everyone,

About a week ago I recorded a very engaging interview with Brandon Fugal, owner of the notorious Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. This will air on my YouTube Channel at 8 pm Eastern Time this evening.

I have to say that Brandon was very interesting, candid, and a very good person to interview. I cannot say that I carefully followed the television show, “Secrets of the Skinwalker,” although I am sure a number of folks here do. But I will say that he did a great job at elucidating many of the truly bizarre occurrences on that property.

Brandon had a lot to say and I do think you will find him to be quite interesting!


p.s. I was initially approached to do this interview as a way to help the History Channel promote their new Season 4 of the series, which airs later tonight. That is not why I did this, but I did want an opportunity to talk directly with Brandon and this turned out to be a good opportunity.

With that said, you can watch a teaser for Season 4 of Skinwalker:

And the main link for the series is here:

33 thoughts on “The Man Who Owns SKINWALKER | Richard Dolan Show w/Brandon Fugal

  1. Alammers

    I loved that interview! The Skin walker ranch is fascinating. I’ve enjoyed the series on the history channel and I really like Brandon Fugal. I’ve heard other interviews with him on Coast to Coast and he strikes me as very sincere. And such an adorable geek 🙂 I’m glad you were able to do an interview with him and your questions were great.

  2. Peggy Robberts

    OMG. This series is just another boring, money-making ‘Curse of Oak Island’ copy of endless years of drivel to draw sleepy viewers forever with nothing of substance. I also believe Travis Taylor is an operative. Sorry. I rarely speak so loudly here, but this show is ridiculous.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I honestly hardly ever watch the show. Btw I interviewed Travis Taylor a couple of years ago – on my YT channel. The man is brilliant, no question. Operative? Well, I don’t know what you mean in this context. You mean liar? Disinformation? I DO believe the Skinwalker ranch has genuine mysteries and I thought Travis and Brandon both answered the questions I had for them. I can’t ask for anything more. I’m also not a fan of most network TV shows these days.

      1. Philip Rampi

        Interwebs “synchronicity” happened, and immediately after finishing this interview, I see the New York Post’s – The Basement Office final episode on Skinwalker Ranch pop up in my Youtube feed. Weird, but good. Been waiting for this for months after watching the first four episodes. The series is clearly very skeptical, and I enjoyed it for challenging my all to frequent eagerness to accept certain things being presented to me that I find compelling, and thus want to be for real.

        Richard, I would love to get your response to this series, in that even if you think it’s an unfair hit piece, there still seems to be plenty of good critical questioning going on, which I think needs to be addressed as clearly as possible. The main point of contention that’s presented throughout, is that if there’s all of this smoking gun level data that’s been collected, then why is it not freely shared and given to people outside of their team so that it can actually be reviewed and commented upon. There’s clearly a lot of claims and conjecture, yet with all the hype around this being a sincere scientific endeavor, it’s seemingly not living up to the hype.

        Final Episode (previous four links are in the video description) :

        Skinwalker Ranch: Judgment Day, camping on ranch alone & new revelations | The Basement Office

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Thank you Phil, i had wondered about the most recent episode. I know that S.G. lived through the all too scary and can’t do it alone night, since he isn’t dead or anything. 🙂 I will watch this. I brought up this series on this page too a couple months ago.

          It is interesting because the Ranch is on a tour of the u.s. and maybe beyond. That means it is the cast of the show including my favorite weapons contractor and tv star appearing in every ufo and/or phenomenon show over the past three years and counting – Travis Taylor. LOL.

          I began to watch the final episode. Gotta love the Mormon settlers! My apologies in advance to any supporters of genocide against Native American populations. I know S.G. is a former Mormon himself.

          I think those who are invested in this being real are not likely to watch these videos. Although i want to see one ‘believer’ or supporter of the tv show find fault with any of them. And i know the fan base is pretty big. At least in ufoland.

          1. Philip Rampi

            Thank YOU Rita!

            Glad you checked it out, and grateful for your feedback, which I strongly agree with. There’s so much dancing around the topic of “real science”. As S.G. clearly puts forth, present the data. Period.

            “Although i want to see one ‘believer’ or supporter of the tv show find fault with any of them.”

            I’m sure there are people who will find fault in S.G.’s analysis, yet it will be interesting to see what they come up with as evidence of such.

            Richard, I think it’s important that you consider what S.G. is putting forth. Please weigh in on this!

            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              I will try to do so later this week. I am hearing that there is a definite “hit piece” element to this, but I haven’t seen it myself.

        2. BAS703

          I watched it too. Excellent!
          Steven Greenstreet was very good in challenging the narrative, and exposing some uncomfortable truths.
          To be honest, the various people in the SWR History channel series appeared to be acting (badly). They seem to be over-startled with the simplest happenings! Clearly contrived reactions done for the camera.
          Grade ‘B’ level movie in my opinion.
          I agree with you and would like to hear Richard’s take on this final episode of the NY Post investigation.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I couldn’t agree more Peggy. It is show biz though! Steven Greenstreet did a great two part video on the so called ranch. It is a pathetic op. But may be more of a money making scheme. Although someone like Travis works as a weapons contractor. What a genius he must be! 😉 That puts him at the top of the MIC heap!

    3. Curtis Lightle

      The History channel is very cheesy. Everything they touch is tarnished. However, that does not mean the whole thing is a conspiracy complete with operatives!

      Do you think it is some kind of hoax kept going by Bigelow and now Fugal. You would also have to believe that all the scientist from Bigelow’s team and now Fugal’s are collaborating on some grand scheme. For what?

      Please clarify your position, do you really think there is nothing happening at Skin Walker Ranch and it is all an elaborate hoax? To me that is a silly notion.

      On the other hand if you just can’t stand the History Channel cheese, I do get that. But you do go on to say you think Taylor is an operative. Operative of what? Misinformation to make you think there is a phenomena there, but there really isn’t because of some evil plot?

      I am willing to look past the History Channel shortcomings to see what some of the evidence is. The topic is fascinating. I wish the data were more accessible and I wish the show would just present facts without the unnecessary drama.

      RIchard – I thought you did a great job with this interview. Just as I was hoping you would ask about the hitchhikers, right on cue you did so. I actually had a fairly low opinion of Fugal before seeing this interview. It clarified a few assumptions on my part, and I found Fugal to be sincere.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I wonder if I will be able to release the “after interview” portion I had with Brandon. Probably he won’t want me to and I respect that. I will say that he was exceptionally open and candid with me after the formal interview ended. I CAN say that he was utterly sincere and straightforward with me, and very engaged in what was/is going on at that property. He means what he says.

        1. itsmeRitaC

          I honestly feel that anyone who is going to promote the ranch publicly should at least watch the Greenstreet videos. I am very , very sincere here. I feel strongly about this. I have had more than enough of the nonsense that is the bread and circuses of the past five years. That includes Dino Beavers and shapeshifting walruses who smoke menthol cigarettes and drink diet coke.

          I don’t care a hoot about what spook or counter spook tells me a story that is without any proof. And the stories are not even interesting in the first place. Well, disclosure isn’t happening and i am glad. It will be one on one as it is meant to be. By the way, people can be big time millionaires and make shrewd real estate deals and be religious even, and still be fools.

          Sorry to all who are fans of the fabulously wealthy here. Or are so themselves. My apologies in advance. Yes, that is sarcasm folks. I think April 19 was the final curtain call , hopefully, on the grifters and others too numerous to mention. But it won’t matter.

          Ross Coulthart gave the word last week on his show with Bryce Zabel, who promoted the big intel that was coming on Wednesday last week from the committee. Ross says June 13 is the day to watch now! I sure will wait with bated breath, although that is all he would say about this coming day of shocking information coming our way. I don’t know from whom however. He didn’t say.

          Thank you! Sorry for the caustic writing, Richard. 🙂

          1. Curtis Lightle

            I checked out the Greenstreet videos. They do a good job of showing and exposing a lot of nonsense around the Ranch and some of the players involved. However, that does not mean you throw all of the evidence and eye witness accounts out associated with the ranch.

            A couple of points:

            There has been activity in this region that has been well documented for many decades. The people living around this area of Utah have plenty to say about that.

            I find it very difficult to believe that all of the phenomena that has been documented by the Fugal team is faked or part of some conspiracy to make up a phenomena that does not exist.

            I have researched and studied paranormal phenomena of all kinds for about 40 years. What I have learned is that you will NEVER get smoking gun evidence. In fact, IMHO, the very nature of the paranormal is to always leave doubt.

            An author named Collin Wilson wrote two books back in the 70’s and 80’s. They are about 2 inches thick and full of every paranormal topic you can imagine. They are called, “the Occult” and “the Mysteries of the Occult”. At the end of the second volume he declares (I paraphrase), “either a paranormal event will be so incredible no one will believe it, or there will be just enough doubt from an alternative logical explanation that it will be dismissed”.

            I have found this to be the case. And, it will always be the case. We are all part of some kind of game (aka life) and the truth will never be revealed to you in an overt way. Disclosure will never happen, and unless something happens to you directly, you will always be able to dismiss anyones claims or evidence.

            I have had personal experiences, so I know for certain the world is not as it seems. I have also resigned myself to the fact, that we are never, and I mean never, going to get some kind of smoking gun mass disclosure on any of it. Period. Of this I have no doubt.

        2. Clifford Ribaudo

          Well I CAN pass along (from my notes, which I took) what he said at the TEG conference to our small audience of about 100 ish people and which was “Off the Record” and nothing recorded there is publicly available.

          Apart from him being very approachable (right there in the audience with his wife along with the rest of us when not speaking) and also quite sincere and genuine. Most of you here don’t know me personally, but my BS detectors are good and I think I am a good judge of character, and I really like Mr. Fugal. He just comes across as a real person, trying to really get to the bottom of this and that is about all I could ask of anyone.

          He said a few of the following key points:

          1) He purchased the ranch as a skeptic fully intending to disprove “debunk” all of it (as did Travis Taylor) but quickly had his attitude and understanding of reality adjusted. He had earlier funded various probes into other areas and had come away from all of those thinking not much to any of it… until he got to skinwalker.

          Prior to the effort he just regarded what was said about the place rather similarly to how he regards a lot of religious views. Lots of people are wearing their respective beer or religious or whatever philosophical goggles they have on. He seems to be an enlightened version of a Mormon and had a few funny comments regarding that community which could easily burn him at the stake.

          He says “he is NOT a believer, he is an experiencer” because he can’t unsee what he has seen with his own eyes on that ranch. Between all the sightings and medical phenomena, etc.

          2) In the early days he hid his involvement via shell corporations because he didn’t want the stigma of the “woo” to damage or impinge on his professional endeavors or his reputation. But no longer.

          Now as a result of him “coming out of the closet” in this area lots of CEOs and “Captains of Industry” have reached out to him to say, they too have had their own experiences!

          SO!!! Whatever you want to say about him (mostly from your armchair in front of the TV) …. his courage in coming out and getting out there in the public eye on this is going to have the good effect of helping OTHER people to have the courage to do the same. The net effect of all this will be to make the subject more “discussable”.

          And, as someone myself, who has simultaneously navigated the world of “woo” while also having a career in the conventional world of business and entrepreneurship where reputation and “conventionality” are often considered the rock bed of stability and something that makes you a “safe investment”, I understand his difficulties and applaud him because what he is doing is paving the way for other people to follow and helping to rip the fkn blinders off and tear rents in the veil. And if there is ANYTHING I AM ABOUT… it is mainly that. I want peoples “Reality distortion goggles” ripped off, so that there is room for a better more inclusive and expansive world view. And ya know what!!! This is Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus!!!

          3) The History Channel people have not interfered with their direction or pushed any agenda.

          4) The Film crew has had quite a few experiences of their own but which they don’t show so as to keep the world behind the camera separate from the world out front. But these included sightings, hitchhiker effects stuff and quite a lot of battery and equipment failures.

          5) He can’t wait for the skeptics to see season 4 cause its really going to really “fk them up” and he worries a lot of people might need counseling because this show will adjust quite a few peoples reality knobs 🤣 Sadly, I wish I could be as sure … experience has shown me that most people keep those reality distortion goggles glued firmly in place…. but hey! We can hope.

          Ok… that’s it!

          Give the guy a break. He’s putting his own dime down … more already than most of us will ever have to give this life …. to help give humanity an expanded view of reality.

          1. Richard Dolan Post author

            Yes, at this point I more or less agree with Clifford here. Once again, I have to say I found Brandon Fugal to be extremely open and candid with me. That has been my take.

            1. Philip Rampi

              Really appreciate the positive opinions / reviews of Brandon and the SWR project being expressed in this thread, yet I’m still left wanting to hear any and all legitimate criticism of the S.G. episodes. It’s great that Brandon’s “extremely open and candid” with you, yet how does that really address what S.G. is pointing out and asking for… being the data?

          2. itsmeRitaC

            Well Clifford, you can let me know what profound actual evidence happens ‘this season’ on the reality tv show and i will happily say “i was wrong and the dino beavers and shape shifters exist and aren’t wearing a costume of some sort. So far, no evidence at all.

            Richard, i honestly hope you will take an hour at least to find out some facts on the ground , skinwalker ranch wise. I would begin with the first one or that would be my recommendation. There was a lot of documentation regarding b.s. going on regarding the cast of characters not to mention i have yet to see anything strange from there. And i figure the ‘spooky Halloween’ stuff would be at least shown on the series.

            I know i saw an episode last year where a poor cow or other animal was locked into a pen and lo and behold, a likely monster shapeshifter actually got inside the wire and killed it while the guys were sleeping. I won’t comment on my feelings about that.

            Maybe i have had too many experiences of my own to be impressed by “dude, woah” kind of stuff. Or dots through night vision optics. And the acting is quite poor. I agree with one of the posters here on that. And.

            Given the Native American massacre that was perpetrated by the Mormons on that land. Does anyone think maybe it is actually haunted? I don’t find that to be at all unusual, but i have had more than my share of experience, as i have said.

            Sorry, but i don’t know Mr. Fugal. I am sure he is a nice and friendly guy. But i watched all of the Greenstreet series now. And. I have seen more than enough of the cast of Skinwalker and heard them talk. I made an easy assessment. My b.s. radar is my bread and butter quite frankly and i would likely not still be alive today without it.
            Cheers, rita

            1. Philip Rampi

              Thanks AGAIN, Rita!

              Much appreciate your “B.S. radar”, and how you use it to appropriately call out the B.S. factors you encounter along this path.

              It seems Richard (and others) has deemed the S.G. SWR episodes as a hit piece without actually watching them. Let me know if I have this wrong, Richard.

            2. Richard Dolan Post author

              Yes, I have NOT watched it. Look … I have my own perspective on all the players involved. Yes, I have a strong feeling this is a hit piece. That’s right. However, I will have to watch it soon I suppose, if only to catch up on all the nasty gossip that it has engendered. Frankly, I didn’t feel it was worth while to engage but okay. I will do my best to watch it soon. 🙂

  3. OC

    Freaking WOW Richard, fantastic interview!
    Brandon didn’t avoid any question, seemed totally open and sincere.
    Comes across as very intelligent, honest and a deep thinker.

  4. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    Thanks for the great interview, Richard. Mr Brandon Fugal is a great guy and the best person to have at the helm of the Skinwalker research team. He is always forthcoming and willing to answer any question without hesitation. As an insider (I am a paid Subscriber), you get monthly Q&A with the team on the ranch, salsa, and chips. You can log onto the farm and its many cameras chat with the staff working (Mostly Eric Bard), ask questions and watch for anomalies together. We are considered a part of the team and log events to be scrutinised and scientifically assessed. Happy to say we have logged some significant events already. There is something above the ranch that has been mapped and presented at an open forum. It’s all very mysterious and creepy, and everyone says it’s malevolent. Although I like to think that ignorance gives way to fear, im not so sure in this case. Travis Taylor speculates something is under the ranch that may be ancient and still operating. If you get a chance to go and need someone to carry your Kambucha, let me know. Again great show!

  5. Christian Sedlatschek

    Brandon made a very candid and convincing impression on me. I did like the discussion and I am looking forward to more of such highly interesting talks in the future. Thank you so much for that!

  6. Scott Santa

    Killer show!! By any chance, were you invited out to the ranch for a visit? If not, and you DID get invited, would you go? 🤪 Take yer chances with a hitch-hiker?

  7. Clifford Ribaudo

    Great interview. Really glad you had him on! Saw him last week at the TEG Conference in NYC. He is very sincere, approachable, believable and a good speaker. I have been watching his TV show for the last 3 years and hands down it is one of the 2 best shows of its type and which I think is really showing the truly bizarre nature of aspects of this phenomena. I think they are doing important ground breaking work that will burst a few “reality bubbles”.

    And his LAST point regarding people needing counseling relative to the bursting of conventional views of reality is right on. This is actually why I am so interested in this area and why I think there is a lot of manipulation of the data. Certain groups and interests DO NOT WANT peoples view of reality altered to accept non-conventional, esoteric points of view. They do not want any “veils rent” or “hoodwinks” removed. I DO! 🙂

    1. T. J.

      Remove them veils as fast as is humanly possible but yes it is also very earth shattering when happens. Every time I’ve half hazardly asked for them to be removed completely I’ve been scared s******* now I ask that I see as much as I can handle

  8. T. J.

    Enjoyed the interview. Brandon seems like a noble guy from all that I’ve seen in heard of him.

  9. OgronWaitress

    I’ve said it before ‘n’ I’ll say it again – let’s just blow up the Mesa cos that’s evidently where the physical evidence lies. Mr Bigelow did some ‘rearranging’ of the rocks high up on the side of the Mesa, this we know from the series, but it didn’t amount to much and his people may well have ‘restored’ afterwards the areas they explored; leaving us still poking rods and drills into holes and tantalisingly finding ‘blockages’ or odd residues coming back from the interior of the mound. All tantalising but sadly hidden within the depths of a flippin’ mountain. So I would say to Mr Fugal, show up you predecessor by cracking open the oyster shell completely in one sublime act of creative vandalism to see if the pearl dwells within. And show it live streamed / PPV / whatever will make you the most money. Imagine the anticipation around the WWW as the dust settles to reveal…

    1. Clifford Ribaudo

      Indeed, and here are a few other sayings and which are related:

      1) Make sure the wind is coming out of the small lips on your face and not the ones you sit on 🤣
      2) Money talks, BS walks. Translation, Brandon has been doing A LOT of talk’n

      Sorry … just couldn’t resist … that little devil guy on my shoulder has been winning a few battles lately.

  10. wildbill65401

    Greetings and salutations!! 😎

    Am I the only one who noticed that Brandon Fugal is selling us out to our future terminator overlords?!? 😲😲😲😲😲


    Wild Bill 🤠

  11. Christian Morales

    Hey Richard did you see season 4? Watch episode 3,9,12 and the last one. I mean we’re talking wormholes. It’s fascinating because for years they’ve been trying to pinpoint the exact location of the wormhole and they found it finally. Then it gets weirder man. I don’t know how black hawks got there so fast but I know Brandon and he’s an honest guy and he had no idea who was surveilling him because the helicopters were unmarked. Time anomalies also happen continued covert military surveillance with chinook helicopters I mean it’s insane. Im worried they are going to shut the whole thing down if they keep making progress but season 4 especially those episodes I suggested worth it Hulu.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Christian. No, I ought to watch it. I agree with you about Brandon. I have spoken to him at great length. I have zero doubts about his sincerity. Also, he’s refreshing in many ways — one is that he is absolutely a “NO BS” kind of guy.

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