Newsletter Reboot Issue #3

By | June 8, 2022

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who didn’t get the latest Newsletter in your email, you can click here (or the image above) and check it out. This has everything we did on this website during the month of May. Of course, you can do the same from this website, but this is a nice interface that is pleasant to review. It usually surprises me to see how much we put up in the space of a month. 

Tracey did a lot of work on putting this together, and I just love the result. 

Oh yes, I should add that the newsletter always has some fun things in there that are above and beyond what we’ve posted here. For instance, this month we have a piece of artwork by one of our members, Carissa Weber. We met Carissa a few years ago at an event and just thought she was awesome. Her work is wonderful. Last month, you might remember, we featured artwork by another member of our site, Perry Bamonte (of the Cure). 

By the way, both of those artists are in our (slowly but surely) expanding Gallery section. You can access it by the menu at the top, or just click here. 



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