Newsletter Reboot Issue #2

By | May 15, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

Just letting you know we just sent out our second rebooted newsletter edition. This one covers everything we did in April (yes, we wanted this out two weeks ago!). Whenever I think I’m slacking off, I look over what we did each month. I think, “ok, I guess I have been keeping busy after all!”

This is simply a recap of our activity here in the last month, but some of you might find the format engaging. 

All members automatically get the newsletter, but if yours didn’t make it past the spam filter, you can read it here.


2 thoughts on “Newsletter Reboot Issue #2

  1. Mcampbell

    Hope you both feel better soon. The world needs you. If you haven’t notice the SCU came up with some great question for the hearings tomorrow please check them out. The Crypto viewers group remote viewed Skinwalker ranch and posted their findings last week. It requires membership but it well worth it. Their world reports are fascinating. You would find the episode from October 2021 most valuable. The money shot! Laura

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