Newsletter #48 March 8th – April 1st

By | April 1, 2020

Greetings everyone,

If you are having trouble finding the newsletter we publish, here is the one we released today. It covers content from March 8th through April 1st. There was one off-the-cuff we did this afternoon that did not make the cut.

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Our very best wishes to all of you.

Tracey & Richard



One thought on “Newsletter #48 March 8th – April 1st

  1. PressToDigitate

    New questions for Dr. Taylor…

    Before the reports by U.S. diplomatic personnel in Havana and Guangzhou, which closely track the symptoms of the [self-described] “Targeted Individuals”, I had pretty much always dismissed the TIs as delusional paranoid schizophrenics. But, the more I have learned about Alien Abductees (who were once similarly regarded), the more open and sympathetic to their stories I have become. I bring this up now because of some things that Travis Taylor said on your show about his (and others) experiences at Skinwalker Ranch. The sensations he described, and, most importantly, the empirical detection of anomalous microwave radiation with no identifiable point source, is starkly reminiscent of the standard TI narrative.

    For a long time I have suspected that, if there was anything to the TIs reports, their “tormentors” could not be the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. as they claim, for several reasons. These people are generally not important or unique enough in any outward way to warrant such official government attention; the resources that would have been expended on each were enormous, and the electronic/psychotronic assaults on them were seemingly without purpose. I have known some TIs over the years, a few as close friends; some are more ‘unhinged’ than others. For the last few years, since Havana, and since becoming comfortable with the Abductees being “real”, it has seemed apparent to me that if the TIs weren’t “crazy”, it had to be an Alien covert operation of some kind, executed by Hybrid Agents, for some purpose related to their larger needs and plans. Experiments on Human reactions to control stimuli, not unlike MK-ULTRA (universally cited by the TIs as proof of government complicity), would, on a scale impossible for Human secrecy, probably be required in order to plan a worldwide subjugation of Humans by an ET Colony.

    So, what I’m wondering is, could you inquire of Travis (and any others with Skinwalker Ranch experience that you know), of the *specifics* of the effects on their person, both Mental and Physical, in some spreadsheet matrix designed for comparison of their details with those of the Targeted Individuals? This exercise would set aside most of the paranormal mythology of the place; the Apports, the Chupacabras, etc. and be specific to the psychic and physiological effects on personnel. Perhaps former NSA Analyst Karen Stewart (the respectable face of the TI community) could suggest particular symptoms to inquire about of the Skinwalker “Alumni”/”Refugees”.

    PS. Karen is a believer in the ETUFO presence and Hybrids among us, and suspects their involvement in the TI issue – somewhere – though not as the prime actors effecting it.

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