UAP Discussed on Capitol Hill

By | June 27, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Preparing for an interview with Steve Bassett, this time for Youtube tonight. I am glad we are doing a fresh chat, as there are indeed a few relevant things for discussion. Here are two articles that came up recently — totally mainstream pieces — that do seem to be showing a surprising high degree of interest behind the scenes on Capitol Hill in UAP crash retrievals and the like.

Where will this go? 

Here’s one article (Newsweek!)

And another (MSN!)

What say you?


5 thoughts on “UAP Discussed on Capitol Hill

  1. Perry Mittelstaedt

    I am still VERY skeptical of how they will roll back or downplay what his been kept from the general public for the last nearly 90 years. If they choose to blame the mafia-style secret group behind all this…MJ-12, Aquarius, Zodiac…call them what you will…a very complex highly compartmented operation with endless iterations over the last 9 decades…perhaps they will roll with Greer’s RICCO lawsuit and hang them out to dry, as much as they can…depending on who these people are, haha! We shall see. Hopefully they just don’t repackage the coverup and put it back to sleep, away from the eyes and minds of the US people…and the rest of the world!

  2. Ted2

    I think you are going to have to revisit your after-disclosure book. It seems that there are a raft of witnesses, vetted by Congress, that are ready to testify to the reality of UFO crash retrieval and back-engineering sponsored by the DOD.
    If all of that comes true and Congress decides to pursue the matter, disclosure is inevitable – maybe sooner than we all think.
    If that happens, there will be a scramble to investigate issues associated with a disclosure including (and certainly not limited to):
    1) information on the number of alien civilizations visiting the earth,
    2) the true history of alien-human relations going back thousands of years,
    3) the organization of the aliens (federations or individual groups),
    4) the recent (last 100 years or so) history of alien sightings and interaction on the governmental level for the US and other countries,
    5) the possible intent(s) of the aliens,
    6) the hidden real DOD estimate of the situation, 7) locations of possible alien bases on the planet, 8) quantities of UFO detections based on true DOD estimates and supported by public sightings and sensor data (including historical data),
    9) range and quantity (over time) of adverse alien-human interactions (killed or missing persons, abductions, animal mutilations, creation of hybrid beings, destroyed aircraft and killed/missing pilots, interference in world events),
    10) historical contacts between U.S. and other countries with aliens,
    11) potential treaties with aliens,
    12) details of UFO craft and their technologies (especially those that can be exploited moving forward),
    13) alien physiology,
    14) plans for U.S. and other countries to jointly address the alien-human interaction moving forward, 15) sources of aliens (below the earth or oceans, other galaxies, dimensions, times),
    16) presence aliens on earth that pass for humans,
    17) high-strangeness events possibly related to UFOs (tricksters, cryptids, ghosts, portals, etc.).
    I surely missed a bunch of topics that people will want to pursue. You have the advantage of already laying out the potential landscape for disclosure. The next item for me would be to figure out all the important issues, some of which I just touched on, prioritize them and try to chase down relevant sources of the information as best as one can. If disclosure is imminent and some revelations about the hidden retrieval/investigations occur, what is the next most important item that the DOD and the rest of the government are going to want to withhold from us?


      >>>”what is the next most important item that the DOD and the rest of the government are going to want to withhold from us?”<<<

      Names. The names of the people who did this to us.

  3. elevator

    They better make can sure they can offer these witnesses and their families complete security and protection for as long as it takes. Some kind of an elite security structure needs to be formed for just this purpose. The people, in and out of government, who have committed serious crimes participating in these secret programs and the coverup have a lot to lose. They are facing criminal charges with significant prison terms, if the testimony being reported is correct. They will go to any lengths to protect their asses and assets and they have a lot of power. This is going to take a significant commitment by the congress, executive and finally judicial branches of our government if we are to find the truth root out this poisonous history that has harmed all of us for too long.


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