Recording: Cities Cannot Stop 5G Implementation

By | February 11, 2019

The following is a voicemail recording sent to me from early February 2019 from a City Manager’s office in response to a citizen query about 5G installations being constructed in various locations of the city.

The name of the city employee individual has been removed, as has the name of the resident and the city itself simply to preserve anonymity. The voice of the individual has been altered as well.

This statement reflects a nationwide development within the U.S., and indeed throughout most of the world. I am posting this with the express permission of the person who sent it to me.

I will probably publish this openly on Youtube in the next few days.

Begin voicemail.

Good morning ________. My name is ________. I am the administrative assistant for the city manager’s office in __________. And I am returning your call with your question about 5G.

Unfortunately, state regulations have been passed in such a manner that the city of ________ has no leverage or no control over what happens with 5G.

Cellular companies are allowed to post the small 5G units on existing towers around the city, and all they need to do is apply for a permit. there’s no type of hearing.

And the cell companies are not responsible for telling the city anything about when those sites are activated. So the city really has no involvement and no information about what’s happening with 5G, other than the fact that from time to time the cell company will apply for a permit.

So there’s really no other information that we can give you. I’ve talked to city planning and several other people, but the legislation that was passed in the state and on the federal level have kind of taken all of that out of the city’s hands.

So, if you have any further questions, you can call back but at this point there’s really no other information to share with you. Thank you. Bye bye.”

10 thoughts on “Recording: Cities Cannot Stop 5G Implementation

  1. Satyagraha

    So empowering, eh?

    I am located so remotely that other than satellite, we will be the last to get it. When it does come, I will try to figure out a way to place an antenna out away from the cabin and ethernet any of it I might want to use (like the fast internet access we don’t have with our monopoly ISP) into my space. I have all dumb appliances, and hope to keep it that way. I have nothing much to hide, but would like that kept hidden anyway. I suppose all my efforts to thwart the enn ess eh probably have red-flagged me already. Maybe that will be my way of steering some tiny portion of all those black budget $trillions.

    Are we having fun yet?

  2. RJ Ring

    All I have to say is Holy Shit… That is a wild voicemail and had no idea the companies can just bypass the city. Is there any way to get information on when those permits were filed? Do you think that is public information?


  3. MarkH

    5G is all to do with surveillance I’m afraid. I have a feeling 5g it is going to be like Microsoft Windows. Put it out there and work out the bugs and the risks later on. Followed up by “a workaround” (solution). Let’s hope its not Lead overalls.

  4. Carolyn Padgett

    All of this is just so disturbing. It’s not just the spying that is going on with the American citizens that bothers me most, it’s the dangers of 5G and the health implications that will spin out of control.
    I’ve done tons of research on 5G and it’s not good in anyway for anyone. I’ve given talks at friends homes to make people aware of the danger of just having smart meters and smart appliances in your homes. I hate cellphones and have a ground line phone. My husband uses a old flip phone as he just hates talking on a phone anyway and just needs a basic phone. We keep my smart phone in case of emergencies and any trips we take and always use the speaker phone.

    Thanks for posting this

  5. MarkH

    5g won’t be fast enough. Enough is never enough, they will want software to predict your next movements, minority report stuff.

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