Important Interview: Garry Nolan on Tucker Carlson

By | August 3, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Many thanks to Jay at Project Unity for getting hold of this and posting. (Note: you may want to watch this quickly before Fox tries to have it pulled for infringement). 

This is a very engaging and eye-opening interview with Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford University. Many of you know that Dr. Nolan has been involved for the last decade in studying biological effects of UFO/UAP encounters on human beings. He discusses some of this with Tucker Carlson, and then gets into many other fascinating topics. Please watch this for yourself, but I already did and took some notes, which I am including below. 


  • In 2011, members of the CIA came unannounced to Nolan’s office to ask him to research something strange.  Nolan was a Stanford immunologist and thought this was a joke. Military people were injured, they said, perhaps as a result of encounters they had with UAP and they wanted an  expert in blood analysis to study them.  When they told Nolan that some people had died he stopped thinking it was a joke. They showed him brain images of some of these people and he could see through the MRIs that there was genuine damage. 
  • (He made a reference to John Burroughs without mentioning his name, but did mention the Rendlesham Forest incident by name.)
  • Overall, he said, he was given about 100 cases. By 2015 or 2016 this phenomenon was being called “interference syndrome.”
  • Then they started to realize that members of the US Diplomatic corps were affected by this phenomenon and their effects were termed “Havana Syndrome.” It turned out that “80 or 90” percent of Nolan’s cases were Havana Syndrome, which turned out to be very similar in many ways to the other 10 percent — the UAP related cases. During this segment Nolan passingly mentions Dr. Kit Green, who clearly has been involved in this study as well. 
  • Nolan mentions human acquisition of alien tech and states this material is “hundreds of technology revolutions ahead of us.” 
  • Carlson says. “It sounds like in the world you live in, it is taken for granted that this stuff is taken as real?”
  • Nolan replies, “yes it’s a hundred percent real. There’s no doubt about it, the data is real.” (14:00)
  • He adds that it’s “unscientific not to study it,” to which Carlson replies “Amen.”
  • Nolan discusses transmedium travel and the incredible technology of these objects. He states point blank that we do not know how they do this. We do not know how to engage in transmedium travel, ie. going from air to water, etc.
  • Carlson asks who are the beings behind all this. Nolan declines to state his opinion.  However, when Carlson asks him to describe the attitude of his colleagues, Nolan says the general sense of everyone around him is that “this is not from Earth.”
  • Carlson asks are they coming from outside the atmosphere or do they live within the oceans. Nolan says both. “Whatever it is, it’s clearly been here for a long time.” 
  • He expressed his opinion that they are not here to harm us. If they wanted to wipe us out, he said, they  could. He gives the impression that he thinks they are perhaps indifferent to us.  He adds that if they have been here for such a long time, “whose planet is this really?”
  • Nolan also believes that humanity might now be something of a problem to these beings, evidenced by our nuclear weapons, etc. Although he adds again that he doesn’t believe that they are here to harm us, he himself doesn’t see any evidence toward that. He believes the biological harm that people have experienced as a result of their UAP encounters has been inadvertent, not intentional.
  • He mentions a case from France in which a mother and her kids were driving in an open-top car and saw a craft. The kids took a picture of it, but when they looked at the picture, it only showed a star. If somehow presented differently to them then how it appeared on the camera. This affected Nolan quite a bit. The case came to him from Jacques Vallee, whom Nolan referenced a few times. “They seem to have the ability to project an altered reality into our minds.” He then quickly adds, “I know that sounds crazy.”
  • Nolan mentions USOs. They absolutely exist and “the sonar images show these things moving at speeds a dozen times faster than our fastest submarines.” He adds they do this with no cavitation, that is, no bubbles and also no noise. (25:45) 
  • What they can do is inexplicable, Nolan says. We have to imagine a new kind of physics, he says, then mentions Miguel Alcubierre’s equations and how some contemporary physicists and mathematicians are working out the math on how to do some of these things. 
  • Discusses the recent congressional classified briefings. The members of Congress and the Senate have “seen stuff that I haven’t seen, he says. And when they come out, their eyes are wide.”
  • (28:00) “I briefed Congressman Gallagher about this issue before he did the congressional hearings on it about the Wilson Davis memo.” That was a somewhat unclear statement as to what exactly he meant. Did Nolan brief Gallagher on Wilson-Davis? Or did he just want an opportunity to mention the document on Carlson’s show? In any case, he mentioned the memo. 
  • Going back to the medical condition of these people, Nolan mentions skin issues, inflammation, and nausea as significant, and especially damage to parts of the brain. Perhaps similar to exposure to nuclear radiation. He added that many of these people had a high degree of intuition. I’m not exactly sure how this was identified that but he said this explicitly.  
  • Carlson asks if any of the people Nolan studied claimed to have seen any of the beings inside the craft. Nolan says no, but he knew other people who did. Carlson asks what did they see, and Nolan says they saw little beings. Gray aliens. He adds that since a big part of his background is in evolutionary biology, he has a problem with alien beings that naturally look human. (This has often been a sticking point for me, as well.) He believes that these aliens have sent intermediaries that sort of look like us. He even implied or even stated that at lease some of the intelligence community considers most of these beings to be avatars. (36:45)
  • Toward the end they talk about longstanding active disinformation perpetrated by the United States government on this topic. And then in the next breath they discuss how independent academicians and scientists are now starting to consult with the intelligence community on this phenomenon. This is a good thing, says Nolan, because after all we don’t want to give this important information to the Russians or the Chinese. But he also says how important it is that the scientific information on this phenomenon be openly studied, not pigeonholed so that scientists can’t share information.
  • This last segment struck me as somewhat confused. The USG has engaged in a lifetime of disinformation and yet it’s good for private scientists to consult with that very same intelligence community on the phenomenon, and definitely not to share it with the Russians or Chinese, but also it’s important for scientists to share all relevant data on this. 
  • Aside from that final part of the discussion, this was an engaging and enlightening interview in many ways. Most importantly, I think, is that it was a mainstream venue to discuss new aspects of the UFO/UAP phenomenon and once again making it very real to the non-initiated. I suspect that of mainstream journalists, only Carlson could have done this interview. 



60 thoughts on “Important Interview: Garry Nolan on Tucker Carlson

  1. itsmeRitaC

    Well, i am prepared to stand alone here. Nolan is annoying to me as always. And to be honest, i know this is likely not a very Cuba friendly community, he lost me at ‘Havana Syndrome’. I am guessing his military ties are long and strong. But who knows? I can only go with my sensing, and it has served me my whole life and saved it on occasion.

    And to think one would think my issue would be with good old Tucker.

    I will read the bullet points though. 🙂

    “Toward the end they talk about longstanding active disinformation perpetrated by the United States government on this topic. And then in the next breath they discuss how independent academicians and scientists are now starting to consult with the intelligence community on this phenomenon. This is a good thing, says Nolan, because after all we don’t want to give this important information to the Russians or the Chinese. But he also says how important it is that the scientific information on this phenomenon be openly studied, not pigeonholed so that scientists can’t share information.

    This last segment struck me as somewhat confused. The USG has engaged in a lifetime of disinformation and yet it’s good for private scientists to consult with that very same intelligence community on the phenomenon, and definitely not to share it with the Russians or Chinese, but also it’s important for scientists to share all relevant data on this. ”

    OK. I stand on what i have said here. I don’t see that as “confused”. It is exactly what it looks like here, imo. Can’t have it both ways. I believe i am seriously watching the end game now. And i won’t even be happy about being right. In fact, i am quite dismayed for a change.

    Counterintelligence is so damn sophisticated on so many levels. That is my reaction to be honest.

    Thank you!

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Actually, i will try to listen to some of the interview itself.

      “Nolan says both. “Whatever it is, it’s clearly been here for a long time.”
      He expressed his opinion that they are not here to harm us. If they wanted to wipe us out, he said, they could. He gives the impression that he thinks they are perhaps indifferent to us. He adds that if they have been here for such a long time, “whose planet is this really?”

      Nolan also believes that humanity might now be something of a problem to these beings, evidenced by our nuclear weapons, etc. Although he adds again that he doesn’t believe that they are here to harm us, he himself doesn’t see any evidence toward that. He believes the biological harm that people have experienced as a result of their UAP encounters has been inadvertent, not intentional.”

      I do find this part to be a breath of fresh air! Although i know he is going against the ‘grain’ here. 😉

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I came back later and i am listening. I am almost halfway into it. So far he hasn’t said anything that i didn’t know about in general. Unless i hear something really unique, i am not getting anything i didn’t know for years now.

        Maybe i will be stunned in the second half. If someone is interviewed or speaks, and just says things that could be known with a general ufo google search, then it doesn’t mean much to me to be honest. And it is no skin off of anyones’ nose in the MIC and intel agencies. I guess it is good for people who are in the ‘field’ because you could get more of an audience. I am not being facetious because that stands to reason. 🙂

        Yes, a drinking game, which i never did, btw. Everytime an ‘official’ science or political or military person says “Data”, you need to take a shot of ……………………………………..

        If Tucker thinks that the CIA being involved at all with Stanford is something shocking, then he is quite out of it. I don’t know what else to say about that part. i suppose everyone else is also shocked about this? Do i need to post links to articles on the connections there with DOD? LOL. OMG. LBJ. FBI IRT……………………………..IRS.

        “Inside the intelligence community, what we think we are seeing….” Freudian slip? I am just not impressed with anything much he says here and i am now very over half way. Sorry. I know i am standing alone. Just call me ‘the cheese’. More blather of how ET would think like western european man. Oh, ha, “Ronald Reagan and Gorbie” again.

        I am waiting for anything i can’t know with google search. Oh, he is praising the ‘bi partisan’ wonderful congressional support. Just like those guys on the committee were so thrilled about. And that was what they were most pleased about when you watch that hearing.

        I don’t know why this is a big deal to be honest. The only thing i agree with is that the u.s. military must be the mightiest force in infinity. I guess that is what they are going for in the space force?

        Thank you Richard. I guess i will be the outlier here and that is just the way it is and so shall be. 🙂

        1. itsmeRitaC

          I like that he shared his own experience when he was twelve. Oh, he thinks the Nasa announcement is a big deal. I think they gave it a thousand dollar budget. They can buy a hammer and some nails for that money in government world.

          I think it sounds like this is all in for the wonderful new government disclosure that is so obviously happening………………..Right. Again, this is obviously not a conversation that the ptb don’t want out there. I never can lose sight of that bigger picture.

          And we can only hope it is my last post on this thread!

          1. itsmeRitaC

            “For me there was not much information. Just softball questions and friendly banter. I wanted to hear what he learned about the brain damage and and other effects that people suffered. I would have preferred Larry King. :-D”

            Well, i sent this interview to a friend i haven’t seen since pre covid, but i know he has had interest in the topic, although neurology is his area. His ‘Larry King’ reference is because he used to say that he was the softball question ‘king’.

            I posted this because i just read his email response. I wanted to see how someone who isn’t as into this topic, per se, as many here, would react to this. An experiment of sorts. 🙂 I actually was surprised he responded.

        2. JerseyGirl2008

          My take – This is a mainstream media piece that is not meant to be ground-breaking, but to, ostensibly, help pique the interest of the masses and continue the public conversation. You can debate about the intent behind all of this. And yes, parts of the discussion are naive – to say it politely. Furthermore, anyone who has barely scratched the surface of ufology will scoff at it because it’s nothing new. As you’re likely aware, there’s a Dec. 2021 VICE article that covers most of the info in this interview, including comments about the putamen. For all I know, he’s done other similar interviews. I note the VICE article includes more detail, including using SQUIDs to help determine the atmonic structure of alleged UAP fragments, etc. Personally, concerning this interview, I choose not to go down the conspiracy rat hole right now. This can change as more things come to light and alleged information unfolds.

    2. Thomas Sinisi

      Thank you very much for this interview. Very important to at least understand Gov really is trying to figure this stuff out. He talks about NJ. Well Sargel18 and I were the top of UFO investigation from 1996 to 2002. WE filmed more UFO’s then anyone else inside the US. I am in Hawaii trying to get something going but very hard. I do a show every Tuesday with a woman – abducted many times all her life. She is not crazy and has much more proof then 98% of all abduction cases.

  2. Anthony Bybell

    Hal Puthoff yesterday and Kit Green as well? I’m starting to wonder what those SRI guys really found and how deep down the rabbit hole they still are.

  3. JerseyGirl2008

    Excellent synopsis. Thank you! I also found it interesting that Nolan admitted he saw a UFO when delivering papers as a boy around Hartford, CT. And note that he is doing research with Harvard on the putamen – the outer part of the lentiform nucleus of the brain.

    Nolan in a 2021 Vice article:

    “We started to notice that there were similarities in what we thought was the damage across multiple individuals. As we looked more closely, though, we realized, well, that can’t be damaged, because that’s right in the middle of the basal ganglia [a group of nuclei responsible for motor control and other core brain functions]. If those structures were severely damaged, these people would be dead. That was when we realized that these people were not damaged, but had an over-connection of neurons between the head of the caudate and the putamen [The caudate nucleus plays a critical role in various higher neurological functions; the putamen influences motor planning, learning, and execution]. If you looked at 100 average people, you wouldn’t see this kind of density. But these individuals had it. An open question is: did coming in contact with whatever it was cause it or not?”

    “For a couple of these individuals we had MRIs from prior years. They had it before they had these incidents. It was pretty obvious, then, that this was something that people were born with. It’s a goal sub-goal setting planning device, it’s called the brain within the brain. It’s an extraordinary thing. This area of the brain is involved (partly) in what we call intuition. For instance, Japanese chess players were measured as they made what would be construed as a brilliant decision that is not obvious for anybody to have made that kind of leap of intuition, this area of the brain lights up. We had found people who had this in spades. These are all so called high-functioning people. They’re pilots who are making split second decisions, intelligence officers in the field, etc. ”

    Lastly, say what you want about Tucker Carlson – I know some/many RD members appear to loathe him – but he believes there has been a massive gov’t UFO/UAP cover-up and he’s been trying to address this via mainstream media.

    1. Stephen Edelmann

      @JerseyGirl2008 — That’s an extremely interesting segment you posted from Nolan in that Vice article. Also, I couldn’t agree more about Tucker. Although I am more right-leaning politically anyways so I certainly don’t loathe the man, there’s still no question that Tucker seems to be one of the only media figures who is consistently taking this subject seriously. It seems to be motivated by genuine interest and an objective effort to promote the truth, the latter of which is something that is clearly few and far between when it comes to mainstream media these days. It still baffles me scrolling thru the comment sections of those videos on YouTube though, as a rather large portion of that audience seems to believe that UFOs are only talked about when they’re trying to distract the public from some other more pressing issue. That’s obviously a ridiculous notion considering the altogether lack of coverage of the UFO/UAP phenomenon by mainstream media, and even more absurd to me is the idea that there is any topic with bigger implications or significance anyways…. The fact is that it’s all of the other nonsense being continually regurgitated in the news that is the REAL distraction, but even after all of the progress we saw following Dec ’17, it still seems like most people are completely apathetic to this subject — and this totally blows my mind.

      1. JerseyGirl2008

        Agree. I’m a registered Independent and a swing voter – a centrist. I tend to agree with RD’s current take on geopolitics and the dangers we’re facing. Anyway, on the UFO/UAP front, I feel compelled to stick up for Carlson at this point. At first, I wondered if he might be part of a planned false flag alien invasion threat – a la the Werner Von Braun warning. But call me Polly Anna. I’m choosing to believe, as you said, Carlson is motivated by genuine interest. He has stated more than once there is a massive gov’t coverup concerning UFOs/UAPs.

    2. D.A.

      Also of interesting note, both NIDS and AAWSAP—BAASS were looking for documentable scientific evidence to explain the varied array of seemingly linked UFO and paranormal phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch and elsewhere, which was an elusive goal that neither group was able to achieve. One area in particular that NIDS looked at involved human perception of the phenomena, and how it might vary from person to person. To that end, one hypothesis they took quite seriously was the “paraphrenia hypothesis”, which would explain not so much how the anomaly being perceived can influence the perceiver, but how the perceiver’s own ability to process stimuli and information might affect that which he or she perceives with respect to specific types of stimuli (but not all stimuli). People who demonstrate paraphrenia tendencies towards specific stimuli, or narrow ranges of specific stimuli, appear perfectly normal from a psychiatric standpoint (i.e., show no outward delusional tendencies typically associated with clinical paranoia), but are nonetheless more perceptive to a broader range of otherwise imperceptible phenomena giving them a greater ability to perceive that which the mainstream population cannot, and in some cases not even scientific instruments designed to detect specific types of stimuli. For example, standard video cameras cannot detect EMR within the UV wavelength range, but night-vision cameras (and binoculars) can detect, and magnify, both. Likewise most humans have the ability to perceive a certain bandwidth of stimuli, but those with “paraphrenic perception” might have the ability to perceive, and perhaps magnify, just a little more. Some might call it intuition, or even extrasensory perception (ESP). And of course, this inherent extrasensory perception varies in degree and area of cognition (as well as it’s ability to be exploited). The expanse separating one’s own feeling of deja vu from that of an innate ability to view remotely may not be as large as people might think.

      Anyhow, NIDS was seriously looking into this aspect of the phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch, and so too did AAWSAP—BAASS, which piggy backed their work off of NIDS. Now, let’s connect the dots. By 2011, the formal investigation part of AAWSAP—BAASS was over, but the contract was extended (at no cost) for a few months in order to mine and reduce the data that was collected into useful information that might not only help explain what they found, but provide answers regarding how the government might be able to exploit it, and how they might be able to use their findings to extend AAWSAP, if not AAWSAP—BAASS. In that same year, 2011, Dr. Nolan was coincidentally approached (out of the blue) by people from the CIA and DoD to see if he could use his expertise, and the cutting edge, state-of-the-art, instrument technology he had developed, to detect any physiological abnormalities in people that have been in close contact with UAP (and possibly other anomalies). As previously mentioned, NIDS was particularly interested in looking into “paraphrenic perception” as a factor associated with paranormal phenomena. By extension and association, so too was AAWSAP—BAASS, and likely AATIP, through its close association with AAWSAP. As JerseyGirl cited, Dr. Nolan had also studied MRIs taken of the experiencers, which showed increased neural connectivity between the “head of the caudate and the putamen”, an area associated with (as stated by Dr. Nolan) intuition, which (again as previously mentioned) is a cognitive function that has long been associated with paranormal perception, and perhaps even human consciousness. Moreover, a certain number of those individuals who were exposed to UAP had MRIs taken prior to their UAP experiences, suggesting that the brain anomaly identified by Dr. Nolan was not an injury, or physiological change, associated with UAP exposure, but an inherent trait, which may have played a role in their innate ability to perceive the phenomena, where others may not have, or perhaps it may even have been something that was actively exploited and manipulated in some way by the phenomenon itself.

      So I ask this, is Dr. Nolan (and his sudden willingness to come out of the shadows) actually part of the AAWSAP—BAASS/AATIP UAP disclosure initiative, or is it just a coincidence his Tucker Carlson interviewed occurred now, 12 years after he was first approached by government officials to look into a seeing if he could find a scientifically verifiable link between physiological changes in the brain (and other organs) and close contact with UAP? And if it isn’t a coincidence, and his ties with the AAWSAP—BAASS/AATIP disclosure initiative are in fact real, then what else do the agents of the initiative, like Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, know, which they are not divulging, but may in the not too distant future, especially if the language in the latest version of Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) ultimately gets approved? That new language, by the way, incorporates similar language to that found in the BAASS AAWSAP proposal (and was likely a contract deliverable), which involved getting the intelligence community and aerospace contractors to divulge what they know, and are hiding, about UAP—something neither VADM Wilson, nor AAWSAP—BAASS was able to do. Coincidence?


  4. Andy Walker

    Richard, I hope you’ll have a lecture just on this interview. It was a real mike drop… he validated so much information that was called “crackpot” or “disinfo” before, and the density of credible information in the discussion was astounding. I’d also love to know what you think of the “DOE” text on the MRI image shown…advanced gravity propulsion group?!?

  5. OC

    I thought it was a ground breaking interview, especially on a MSM venue.
    A renowned, serious scientist laying it all on the line, he and Tucker are to
    be commended.
    Then I go to to several other sites I visit and what do I see:
    Very few taking it seriously and talking intelligently about it, with
    the majority ridiculing, making fun of and pontificating their out and
    out stupidity about the subject.
    Don’t think many of them even bothered to watch the whole interview, the
    classic ostrich head in the sand effect.
    It’s a start, but there’s a hell of a long way to go with the general population.

  6. TomTort

    I can imagine Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, Jimmy Church sitting discussing this interview! I would pay $$ to be present and experience their comments in person. Very interesting!

  7. Ron Holmes UK

    I thought this was groundbreaking too, so I posted it to Facebook.
    To say that the general reception to it was “poor” is an understatement.

    One person actually unfriended me for “being weird all the time.”

    Luckily it took about three seconds to get over it, but I think it’s always important to remember that the general public is still pretty much immune to the story.

    They honestly don’t care much, and won’t until it interferes with their internet connection or T.V. signal…
    Bless ’em.

    1. JerseyGirl2008

      Yup, that old UFO stigma is difficult to escape. But things are changing, and we know who’s going to be getting the last laugh… and it’s not the naysayers.

  8. JimmyBee

    I liked the format of this interview. There was plenty of time for conversation, not “sound bite then commercial, sound bite then preview of what’s next.”

    I hope to see more interview like this, in this format.

  9. intranuclear

    Wow Wow!!
    Thanks Richard. This interview is definitely a welcome given the Pentagon’s attempts in Congress to dilute the UAP issues as mitigable. The only way the Pentagon can “mitigate” this is by getting the cooperation of the various UAP responsible groups to behave differently. Gary Nolan is remarkable and his approach is most logical but ultimately the only way “people” can accept this reality is by direct observation and for that we need these groups to be more open and that can only happen if they know they will not be shot upon on sight. This includes the hubrids as they will never reveal themselves unless they know they will be free of hate. I mean it took gay people many generations and they are still hated in many countries.

    Thanks again!

  10. Craig Champion

    Wonderful interview; amazing how congruent Dr. Nolan’s current impression of the “state-of-the-UFO-State” is, as compared with “Professor” Dolan’s take on what’s occurring! I also had a fox-guarding-the hen-house, knee-jerk reaction when Dr. Nolan cited some language in the proposed new legislation, wherein the intelligence community should “begin logging all the mis/disinformation,“ with the apparent intent of ensuring that there’s greater transparency with respect to the UFO phenomenon!😆 Really, this interview was quite an unexpected breath of fresh air.

  11. Bobby Kahler

    First words outta Carlsons mouth “crazy”. twice…in the intro. plus the fear mongering. Gary Nolan also did DNA testing on Stephen Greers Atacama humanoid. there’s some subterfuge going on here….

  12. Spyros

    Wow !! it was monumental!! Imo !!! Wow.!! You were right RD – it was/is very important !! In multi-dimensional wsys.!! Brilliant!! Thank you loads!

  13. Gary Calderaz

    Regarding Carlson’s comments on the cover up, did you notice a moment of panic when it appeared the extent of government cover up under discussion might stray beyond UAP’s?
    There are still topics too hot to handle!

    1. Chester_Hunter

      Yes… like the materialist paradigm that would be blown apart by an honest, full entrancement of the paranormal.

  14. Andromeda107

    Thanks Jay & Richard for sharing this interview. I bet the CIA has to be pretty pissed at DR. Gary Nolan for coming out talking about this. I love how Dr. Nolan think this bill new bring is going to make the intelligence community or whatever secret faction that has been maintaining this coverup for almost 80 handover highly classified top secret information on ufos and abductions; in my opinion that is never going to happen. But I am glad to see Dr.Nolan and Tucker Carlson having a serious conversation about this subject.

  15. Sean Jepson

    I’ll definitely give it a watch. The Patrick Jackson interview I sent to you really does provide an excellent analysis of what you’ve been talking about recently I’d love to hear your thoughts on his ideas.

  16. Richard Brown

    Good synopsis, Richard. Thank you!

    The human-like appearance of aliens has always bothered me as well. Scientist, Michael P. Masters says this is evidence that aliens are really ourselves traveling back from the future. He’s written a few books on the subject and was interviewed by Martin Willis on his podcast the other day.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It’s definitely an issue that needs to be understood. For my part, I have long entertained the idea that they are custom created with human DNA (and very likely DNA from other Earth creatures). Main reason is that Earth creatures are able to survive on Earth and they would need to have that ability. This would indicate that all alien beings that people have seen are somehow artificially created.

      There is one caveat that I can think of, which is that you can argue that two arms, two legs, two eyes, etc. are a successful predatory strategy, especially useful for a species to develop technology. It could be that only a small minority of lifeforms develop this body plan but those that do may have a higher success rate of developing technology. Even so, they wouldn’t look human, but they might look somewhat comparable to us, which of course aliens tend to do. Just a thought.

      1. PressToDigitate

        “TWO” is both the Minimum Useful and Maximum Necessary number of Legs, Arms, Eyes and Ears for an intelligent species to become technological and space-faring, so it is not surprising that most, if not ALL of the Aliens we encounter coming to us would share our Humanoid planform. I would not expect any others, and, indeed, we have no witness or abductee reports of encounters with any others. The metabolic – and cognitive – cost of adding additional limbs or optical & auditory receptors will rarely, if ever, be justified evolutionarily; and, thus, such mutations will not survive. This fact of evolution is immutable and not subject to debate – *and Dr. Nolan knows it*. His statement to the contrary is direct subterfuge; part of some narrative he’s been allowed on that interview to begin promoting. As we know from the vast variety of Earth life over the entire history of the planet, more legs make for more traction in locomotion; perhaps even more speed – but also double the daily caloric intake requirement of the creature. This, in turn, forces more time and energy to be devoted to hunting – and less to intellectual development. More arms may increase dexterity, but require vastly more cognitive development to make them useful. Multi-armed beings may evolve to build spacecraft, but it will take them far longer to arrive at that point. During the interim, they may develop some spectacular art, but every new manifestation of that dexterity will further distract from the higher intellectual drives necessary to attain spaceflight.

        Stereo sound and stereoscopic vision are both extraordinarily useful in spatially resolving one’s environment, both for avoiding predators and catching prey. But a third, fourth, etc. Eye or Ear adds nothing to those skills, and would be negatively selected for by evolution. One might argue that a third eye in the back of one’s head may help protect from predation; and yet, the practical value, given the additional cognitive requirement to process it in realtime is quite limited. Further, if such a third “sentinel eye” resulted in the elimination of “sleep” as we know it, the encoding of memory would lack the efficiency of Humans.

        Once other limitations are ruled out (such as the inability of cartilaginous digits to exert sufficient torque to effectively use tools to build machinery, etc.) you really do get down to critters that, more or less, “look like us”. No, they’re not going to be tentacled Octopi, or lots of other forms people might fancifully imagine; such life would certainly be *Out There*, somewhere, might well be Intelligent – even more so than we – but they won’t be building spacecraft or the other technologies needed to Get Here. THAT is the “Great Filter” in the Universe. The “Fermi Paradox” is bullshit, and doesn’t exist, but the number of spacefaring civilizations will be limited, and physiognomy will be the primary limiting factor. Our planform passes the test to get through that Great Filter. Most others will not.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I totally agree with you. And one would think Nolan would easily see this as well. But is it subterfuge or is he just being a bit lazy? After all, this was a longstanding complaint we have heard from skeptics for decades and decades. You’d think they too would have gotten the memo but sometimes it’s just easier to be lazy. And although Nolan said he had a background in evolutionary biology, they may have been a long time ago for all we know. But yes, it’s odd that he would have made that statement.

      2. D.A.


        Another aspect to keep in mind when postulating that the Greys might in fact be artificial emissaries created for the purpose of interacting with us is (and to your point) the apparent lack of deleterious effects that our atmospheric chemistry, which is likely different (at least to some degree) from their own, might have on them—not to mention the possible transmission of microbial based diseases from us to them and vice versa. Another thing I always found odd, was the apparent lack of necessary environmental controls and biological support systems within many of the craft described by eyewitnesses, including those involved in the Trinity account, as well as Bob Lazar, and others. Of course, there are many explanations for these apparent discrepancies, which does not involve the artificial being hypothesis; however, such an explanation would go a long way in resolving these incongruities.

        Everything that Dr. Nolan talked about meshes with everything that has been discussed in your numerous podcasts, and elsewhere. I would be interested in knowing if Dr. Nolan and his colleagues ever examined/studied Travis Walton and/or Calvin Parker, or any of the kids involved in the Zimbabwe, Australia, or Miami UFO/school incidents.

        I would also be interested in playing a little game of connect-the-dots between Dr. Nolan, VADM Wilson, NIDS, AAWSAP, BAAS, AATIP, and Skinwalker Ranch. At one point, he appeared to allude to paranormal activities as well, but backed away from the topic for obvious reasons. I believe you know my theory about coincidences, and the 2011 time frame relative to AAWSAP/AATIP (on top of everything else he discussed) seems a little to obvious to be chalked up to mere happenstance. Just for kicks, I’d like to see if those dots would also somehow lead from the Uinta Basin, Utah, to other areas of past and present paranormal/UFO activities, such as Dulce, NM, eastern Washington State, south central Colorado, and maybe even South Ashburnham, MA, Point Pleasant, WV, or Fayetteville, NC—as well as possibly High Bridge, NJ (which just happens to be around the proverbial corner from me).

        This interview may have been one of the most compelling I have ever heard. Clearly the curtain has been pulled back on the phenomena, and the stigma surrounding it is being systematically removed. This may very well be the dawn of a new Age of Enlightenment, and we might be just lucky enough to witness it first hand.

        One thing I do disagree with Dr. Nolan on is his premise that it is unlikely that beings from another world would evolve into a humanoid form similar to us. As he had mentioned (and we all intuitively know), there is likely more than 1 flavor of ET—possibly from competing civilizations (as he had stated), or maybe as part of a galactic federation, like Steve Bassett believes, or perhaps both, or neither. It is only logical, however, that there are many, many, species of ET, all looking different from us, but how much different? At least on earth, the most highly evolved terrestrial form of life is humanoid in appearance. Even cetaceans, as intelligent as they are, cannot evolve to our level of development and sophistication due to the limitations that their environment has placed on them. In their marine environment, developing advanced communication and social skills, in addition to streamlined bodies, flippers, and flukes to swim fast, is what gave them the competitive advantage to survive and excel; in our terrestrial environment, developing advanced communication and social skills in addition to upright bodies and appendages with opposable digits to make tools and weapons is what gave us our competitive advantage to survive and excel. Given that chemical elements are universal in nature, in particular lighter elements having the chemical characteristics suitable to form and sustain life, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, et el; there is no reason to assume that life elsewhere would not follow similar evolutionary patterns as here, giving rise to land-dwelling, humanoid, type beings (despite having characteristics that we might find odd, strange, or even grotesque, and which we might “associate” with other types of creatures on earth, such as reptiles, insects, birds, mammals, or other). Moreover, Dr. Nolan discussed the notion of God with Carlson, which would lend itself to the creation of similar types of creatures across the universe—albeit having different features that are by-products of the environments in which they evolved. In addition, the idea that ET may have had a hand in our own creation and development hasn’t been taken off the table yet, nor has inter-species hybridization theories—both lending to the notion that ET, or at least one or more particular species of ET that have been interacting with us all along, are likely humanoid in form, having similar genetics as us. Even many of the cryptids witnessed at Skinwalker Ranch and elsewhere were described as creatures with human form, whether they were identified as a Yeti, werewolf, mothman, or Jersey Devil. The Greys may very well be artificial in nature, but I doubt they were created specifically in our image as emissaries, as Dr. Nolan suggested was a possibility. If that were the case, I think ET could have done a little bit better job of that.

        Dr. Nolan also postulated that eyewitness descriptions of UAP and other ET related events may be the result of ET manipulation of human perception—citing a digital photograph that was taken of a star-shaped object above a car that was perceived by the witnesses as a circular UFO—which may very well be true, but he did not take into consideration another possibility, one that may be even more plausible; that the image in the picture may have been the result of a lens distortion or other human technological anomaly. If I were to cite an example of manipulating human perception, I would look no further than any chapter in “Hunt for the Skinwalker”, which I am sure Dr. Nolan is intimately familiar with.


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          You had a lot of interest to say in this comment, but I’ll reply to this: “I would also be interested in playing a little game of connect-the-dots between Dr. Nolan, VADM Wilson, NIDS, AAWSAP, BAAS, AATIP, and Skinwalker Ranch.”

          I would say that YES this is all closely connected. First of all, ALL of the people around Robert Bigelow know all about the Admiral Wilson memo, since it was written by one of their own (Eric Davis) specifically for their shared information — information they elected to keep to themselves and share very selectively with a few others over the years. Back in 2006, I was one of those people they elected to share it with. In fact, the revelations they got from Wilson via Davis have been clearly very important to them over the years. All of them have discussed the privatization of UFO secrecy — just as I have done — all these years. What they learned about Wilson’s saga was very important to them. They all know the truth on this but even now still tiptoe their way around it. Garry Nolan is close to that crowd and knows everything they know.

          1. D.A.

            Yes, Richard:

            I am aware of your connection; that is why I joined your website…you are dot number one.

            And given the AAWSAP—BAASS—AATIP Disclosure Initiative that is currently underway (and working I might add based on the latest language that has been inserted into the IAA bill—not seen in the Senate version—which aligns perfectly with perhaps the most important deliverable in the AAWSAP—BAASS contract), I suspect you will be privy to more previously unknown information on the subject in the not too distant future, if you haven’t been made aware such information already (and if they don’t somehow perceive your open and honest viewpoints on other issues as being incongruous with their agenda, which…let’s be honest…wrong or right, and for good or bad, still centers around the national security of the United States, as clearly conveyed by Dr. Nolan in his interview with Tucker Carlson, despite the obvious contradiction that such a notion might present with regards to open scientific data sharing and discourse). One thing to keep in mind, however, when parsing out the meaning behind statements made during the course of a conversation is the context of the conversation relative to the individuals involved. If Dr. Nolan were discussing this subject with someone, like…say, Rachel Maddow, would he have couched his comments in the same way? Just saying.


            1. D.A.

              One more side note on the tightrope that the people having access to UAP materials, craft, and data, must play with respect to sharing information for the sake of scientific discovery while at the same time maintaining national security: if one were so inclined to believe the Bob Lazar story, then one would have to also believe it in its entirety since there would be no reason to lie about one thing and not the rest. In Lazar’s story, he mentions that Russian scientists were at S-4, indicating that the sharing of scientific data and ideas was in fact taking place (between earth’s two largest geopolitical foes no less); however, as soon as something of consequence was discovered, the Russians were thrown out.

              I wonder if the Russian’s knew ahead of time that the tightrope wasn’t strong enough for two. If they didn’t know it then, I bet they know it now. It’s a very thin tightrope indeed.


              PS: I did not mean to objectify you in my previous comment, and hope that you did not take offense with my choice of wording. If so, I apologize.

      3. eil6446

        In” Contact” Jodie Foster’s character meets her dead father, knows
        it isn’t really him; the entity said they thought it would be easier on
        her if they appeared that way to her. Carl Sagan was thinking ahead,
        or already knew the ET’s.

  17. T. J.

    Looking forward to Richard’s analysis of this, particularly in relationship to the bill that is mentioned, which seems to point to significant movement for UFO “disclosure” and going back to Roswell, with in politics and the power structure, If it passes or has teeth. I mean Nolan said it promises immunity for those who were told they could not talk about certain things – WOW!!! I would like to hear how Richards ties this in with the 4th stage of humanity/WEF stuff and the covid bologna.

    “Nolan was a Stanford immunologist”, so please tell me he has what it takes to see the counter narratives to covid, such as the view points from the likes of Dr Robert Malone or any of the other brave voices educating the rest of us. If he and some of colleges do see the “truth”, I would love to ask them what in the heck they think is going on in our country, are his friends in intelligence really going to stand for globalist destroying our country in a matter of a couple of years and then handing it over to them via International control being drafted into emergency powers for the World wide health associations and then of course finalized during the next plandemic? How does he have anything to do with NIH after the covid scam? I have so many questions 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good questions. I don’t know Nolan’s geopolitics or personal politics at all. I have noticed however that most of the major voices in UFO research sorely need education in understanding the current global revolution. Most of them don’t seem to get it. A few do, but I would say it’s very, very few.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Dr. Nolan mentions covid in the interview. He used it in an analogy. He referred to ‘long haul covid’. He is most definitely mainstream on it all, and i am sure i could do a fast search and find it.

  18. Clifford Ribaudo

    Wow, another holy chitlins, tear the bandaid off moment. A lot of subjective explosions last couple of days. Mars conjunct Uranus square Saturn in Aquarius (an air sign). Uranus in Taurus shows you what kind of shit is going to hit the fan when Uranus gets into Gemini. And Saturn, the Lord of Karma.

    So, explosions that bring the karmic chickens home to roost, or at least into the Cross Hairs.

    – This interview which is going to cause a few more karmic balls rolling eventually.
    – Alex Jones finally getting caught lying and knowing he’s lying about Covid, Sandy Hook and his net worth because his idiot? lawyer sent the last two years of text messages to the lawyer of the families suing him. LOL gawd I love Saturn.
    – The investigations that are now getting under way into ALL the missing text messages relative to Flynn’s Brother in the Pentagon and a few others, not to mention Home Land Security and Secret Service. Saturn the planet of karma in an air sign and which will eventually bring down the karma via text messages that flew through the air :)-
    – And a few other investigations and indictments that got announced the last couple of days.

  19. Henk Kersaan

    Thanks a lot for posting.
    And about the Grays looking “human” isn’t it so, that it looks like our DNA is somehow tweaked a 40k years ago.
    And more, didn’t I hear mention, not that long ago Linda Moulton How that aliens visited our Earth for over 240 Million years ago ! It could explain some OOPAT’s (out of place artifacts) Well indeed who’s Earth is this ! ? (Are we seeded?}
    What I did hear and liked professor Nolan confirming that there is a part of pysics, we are missing, totally do not understand. He seems to be the exception ! So many others ignore, disregard, even getting angry from not understanding this phenomenon

  20. CuriousJo

    Finally a grown up conversation in the MSM. Mind blowing! Thanks Richard and kudos to Tucker for a very interesting and thorough interview.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I don’t think this was on msm. It isn’t a fox news Tucker Carlson regular show. I think it is a podcast not msm. But someone else can check me on that, since i think the guy is a dog whistle blower extraordinaire. He also knows that whenever ufo is in the media, it gets high ratings and viewership. Even if he doesn’t care about the topic, it would behoove him to be doing this. Obviously.

      Cheers, rita

  21. TomTort

    This was an incredible interview. After listening to it several times, I have to ask if you have ever reached out to either Dr. Garry Nolan or Tucker Carlson. Dr. Carlson made reference to Linda Moulton Howe on her research of cattle mutilation.
    I find the interview credible and is a good source in a conversation with a skeptic to at least give the subject a foundation of legitimacy without being ridiculed.

  22. Bjofod

    At first i thought this must be the best disclosure event ever even if it is not a dedicated disclosure event.

    In the aftermath my thought is that someone is building up an « alien treath» flag. Is that good?

    Remarkable knowledge about UAP even if he in the first few minutes said that he only cared about the blood samples and not the UAP s.

    Something is fishy here.

  23. MarkH

    Hi, Richard thanks for the initial breakdown.
    If some of the encounters can be explained by Et’s who were here first, as stated and incorporating that and Hal Putoff’s recent paper and comments then possibly either indigenous, (or just visiting the planet), and therefore we may very well be their hybrids! Produced with an inherent inability for most people to perceive them. Perhaps a diminishing ability to block them out though as we evolve!
    Thanks for everything RD.

  24. Ted2

    Have you read Putoff’s paper? You are mentioned in it. It is an overview of potential options for paranormal encounters including extra-terrestrials and ultra-terrestrials. Your thoughts on it would be very welcome

  25. karmakop

    I like Nolan, one of the few scientists, who knows what’s up and is willing…or cleared ); to share his observations and his perspective on ETs, which I generally concur with (though you have to pity him for having to endure TC’s idiotic laughing about issues of this import).

    BTW, Richard I think Nolan makes a compelling argument of why the ants will never figure out where the cars that drive by their anthills are made, how they are made, or how many there are. Our physics simply don’t apply.

  26. Brimercer

    Okay…. Holy…. Crap….

    It’s hard to find words.

    RICHARD, as a long-time member here, this is what we need:

    Create your own recording where you play a few minutes of this, stop it. Provide commentary. Play a few more minutes. Stop it. More commentary. Repeat.

    Some new stuff here for me, re: avatars, etc.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Ah….! That is a good idea. I downloaded the video and can probably do this. I am a bit concerned about copyright infringement. If I can do it, though, I think I will.

    1. Clifford Ribaudo

      Not a hoax. Someone is beaming Microwaves at people from someplace. Something which has also been seen at Skin Walker Ranch in the current TV Secret of Skin Walker Ranch TV series and with serious health consequences for a few of the researchers!

  27. whatif

    Thanks for posting this interview.

    I’ve seen at least one other interview with Nolan before this one, I think you posted that as well maybe less than a year ago? Nolan is an interesting guy, but he contradicts himself quite a bit in his interviews. “I stay in my lane.” Right. Consequently, he’s difficult (for me) to take at face value.

    He also claims to be working with the CIA, probably the most despicable agency in our government. Whatever they say they are doing or have done, invert it and the truth is invariably closer to that. Who knows what Nolan’s role is here, but ultimately it’s probably not what he claims it to be, more likely the opposite. Whether he knows it or not.

    As an aside, regarding the Havana Syndrome, the notion that it’s caused by some kind of secret weapon is unfounded. The research presented in the book by Baloh and Bartholomew provides a more reasonable explanation, basically that it is instead a mass psychogenic illness due in part to the high stress shared by the people involved. Shrug, sounds more convincing to me.

  28. Darran Newman

    Loved this! Thanks for sharing and really looking forward to hearing Richard’s take on it. The whole UFO subject is so fascinating to me. I wish I could dedicate myself to it full-time but, like most people, I have to work Monday to Friday! Love to you all.

  29. J-Rod

    Richard. What’s your take on Congress changing laws to provide amnesty for whistle blowers in the black opps world? Is this a real thing or wishful thinking AND what would the likelihood be of those involved actually taking it up?

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