Excellent UFO News Video from Project Unity

By | April 5, 2021

Hi everyone,

Jay from Project Unity has a very fine UFO news summary which I wanted to bring to your attention. This is a good overview of recent developments in the field. To my surprise he even mentioned my recent YouTube video on the Channel Islands UFO encounters of 2019–although that is not why I am posting the video here. I am posting it because it’s simply a great and quick take on some of the interesting things currently happening in the UFO scene. Enjoy! 


16 thoughts on “Excellent UFO News Video from Project Unity

  1. Andromeda107

    We don’t what they are or where from ,we don’t what they are or where they are from we don’t what they are or where they are from,I am so tired of hearing that. These encounters or enccoursions didn’t just start with recent release of the Navy videos things have been seen since the 40’s . Did not one reporter think to say well haven’t these crafts been seen since the 40’s and you mean to tell me that the United States government/military industrial complex still haven’t figured out if these things are from our civilization,are we really expected to believe that? Maybe Marco Rubio along with a lot of other people in the intelligence community who doesn’t know what these things are ,but there is someone, probably a small group, in the government/military sitting back watching all this play out in the public ,who knows exactly that these are not from our civilization.Thanks you Richard and Jay for sharing these news clips

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Absolutely! It is amazing that (a) the major media narrative acts as though this just started happening and (b) that they are essentially able to get away with this assumption, with those of us who point out the obvious are successfully kept in the margins. Quite amazing.

      1. PressToDigitate

        It logically follows, then, that what is needed is an effective strategy to bring you ‘out of the margins’ and into more direct dialog with the general public on these issues. If you are uncomfortable “tooting your own horn”, then, lets come to some arrangement whereby someone else can do it for you, while there is still time.

        You have guested and commented in dozens of documentaries and series since the turn of the century, and presented at dozens (if not hundreds) of conferences. You are one of the top five (or top three) most recognizable experts alive today in all of Ufology. In the world of Cable, you should be what they would call a “bankable” talent. A series built around you and a provocative new intellectual take on the subject would *Sell*. One needn’t dig as deeply into Richard Dolan’s mind to find ‘buried treasure’ as one needs to dig for it on Oak Island. Imagine interviewing and reporting the *exclusive* stories of 100 new, confirmed physical Abductees, prior to and following their Implant Extraction surgeries, and annotating each with anecdotes from your syntopical, encyclopedic reservoir of ETUFO case logs and lore.

        THAT is how you fight the Next False Official Narrative – with a more aggressive, “stepped up” game than your predecessors at the pinnacle. Stanton Friedman spent his senior years debating the veracity of various leaked documents. You, by contrast, can COMPEL the entire Establishment to recon with microdevices, provably *NOT* of Human manufacture or of Earthly origin, being removed from the bodies of people who *were Abducted by Aliens*. Its an “Overton Window” of ‘acceptability’, Richard; they inch out one millimeter towards us on the Fringe (“UFOs” are Real, and Not from Earth”), and we move the goalpost out a good deal further: “Humans are *provably* being kidnapped, molested, clinically raped, and tagged like Cattle by these ‘people’, So, what have you (‘NSS’) been doing about it for the last 75 years?”.

      2. RAJOD

        Agree it is amazing and annoying.
        Did you see the first news on it (I know you did) Where they were calling them “Drones” ?
        Is that an attempt to downplay it or was it something the writer did so it would not feel as silly to him?

        So we go from UFO to UAP and now to drones?
        Calling them drones implies that they were identified as drones yet from the photos that does not seem to be the case.

  2. Simmo1

    Terrific work by Jay. It’s a great news summary.

    Not a fan of Fox News but credit is due to them, they keep pushing the topic into mainstream discourse, and don’t appear to be afraid of being mocked. And credit to the ex-TTSA lads for remaining on speed dial to go on the news and remind everyone “This. Is. Important”

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Maybe Fox can even get the man from ‘Information Warfare’ to come on and brief us more! 😉

      “In 2009, Ratcliffe became a partner with former Attorney General John Ashcroft in the law firm Ashcroft, Sutton, Ratcliffe.”

      And of course i am thrilled to hear from Marco. 🙂

      I am finally hearing him now. OMG. He is telling us they are going to say *nothing*. Does someone need a translator? He said they won’t know. Mission accomplished. US will need way more surveillance though. You heard it from me, here. A trillion for maybe the first quarter.

      Hey contractors out here. Bonanza time!

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Director of Naval operations for “information warfare”. Glad someone actually said it out loud. I have not seen that fact mentioned on here before, but in fairness, i don’t hear and read everything by a long shot. But i know that the ‘ufo community’ was quite ecstatic about declarations from that office several times in the past year or so. And the name of that operation didn’t seem worrisome to most.

    TTSA really did do their job (on us). Perception management is in fact, what the media/entertainment is all about!

    I really hope that the ‘community’ stops being impressed with that hack John Ratcliffe. I know his background and he has no credibility with me. And i am sure he is just so rogue now!!!! A man who lives for the truth.

    I have to say it once again. Bad direction. But who knows? I think Little Marco is a real out of the box kind of guy.

    And i am only in fifteen minutes so far.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      OK. i guess i will be doing a lot of comments as i keep getting back to this one, and i am still only back to marco rubio on fox, telling us that we know nothing. And i know the term ‘the great reset’ has been used about world events lately, but it needs to be said about what TTSA did. We are looking at the uap reset. Nothing happened before Tic Tac. Actually, Richard, i think you may have used that term here already. 🙂

      Omg. Marco is saying, “We need to begin to ask questions about if we can know what this is that the navy has seen”. Not exact quote to be sure. But he stopped himself and made the investigation about whether we need to ‘know’ something, well, we probably should find out if something exists, never mind from where. Just if it is happening. Then i suppose more committees can be formed to decide if they indeed, actually need to decide to know if they need to know if something is here. 🙂

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I agree with you that the Reset also seems to include our conversation about UFOs and yes I’ve commented several times about the amnesia everyone in the MSM has about this subject. The politicians are the same. Everyone is pretending they “don’t know” what these are, as if they dropped out of the sky yesterday.

  4. Rob Jeffs

    We haven’t been in this position since Keyhoe and NICAP in the 50’s & 60’s. So I do wonder if we’ll see history repeating in regard to the explanations provided by UAPTF or the analyses that follow.

    But we do have to remember that the majority of people on this planet are not aware of the issue to the same degree that everyone on this forum is.

    If the ‘government’ knows about the UFO issue then does that include everyone at the local level, the state level or just the federal level? And if it’s at the federal level, does that include every 3 letter agency, and if so, does that include every employee in that particular agency? Probably not. So there are going to be lots of people for whom this news is new, or at least surprising to learn that it’s real to some extent. That will include uninformed members of the press as well.

    Due to they way in which some information is classified, elements of the government & Pentagon will be ‘doing their job’ with less than all of the facts; but they still have a job to do, including communicating the information they do have, without making their bosses look like idiots.

    So what we’re seeing is a combination of:
    1. Government employees talking about something that is just as surprising to them, as it is to most of the population (excluding ufologists).
    2. The withholding of classified information from government employees & politicians, as well as the general public.

    If the number of people who know any juicy stuff remained limited in size, then they may be able to remain covert, as they did back in the 50’s & 60’s. And if the UFO ‘wave’ diminishes for a few years then it’ll end up as another ‘whatever happened to’ story.

    Plus, it’s always possible that some alien group may be actively engaged in repressing information – either for our benefit, theirs or both.

  5. D.A.


    We, meaning you, as well as everyone else who visits your website (and elsewhere), have been speculating over the last couple of years about what all the recent UFO disclosure/soft disclosure/nondisclosure activity has been all about, and where it might be leading. Though the basis for that speculation hasn’t gone away, the one thing we can now say with a relatively high degree of confidence is that the door is clearly ajar, if not cracked open.

    With COVID soon to be wrapping up, and no current wars to fight, or major conflicts on the horizon that need settling (China and Russia notwithstanding), mankind needs something to keep its collective mind busy, so why not UFOs?

    We are naturally (or perhaps unnaturally) designed for conflict and adversity, and are constantly driven by an inherent need to overcome them. Without them, we are nothing. Just look at our entire history. All of our greatest achievements have been born out of conflict, hardship, necessity, and competition. Even something as simple as a Hallmark Christmas movie (pick one…any one–they’re all the same) is ultimately predicated on a conflict that needs to be resolved. Our desire to overcome conflict is insatiable, so when need be, we have even been known to create conflict where none exists. In the case with UFO’s, however, all we need to do is open up the filing cabinet, dust off some folders, pull out an old flag, and voila…something everyone can rally around, regardless of what political party they belong to, or what religion they believe in. And the conflict doesn’t need to be real or the flag false. Just acknowledging a real flag of unknown origin should suffice…at least for now.


  6. D.A.

    As a quick follow up to my previous comments, just think of Sputnik on a grander, or—do I dare say–cosmic, scale.

    Just a thought.


  7. D.A.

    Ok… One more quick thought, and then I am done…I promise.

    As previously mentioned, discussed, and/or alluded to, by you and many here as well as elsewhere, these incursions are not just a recent phenomena, but have been occurring for decades–perhaps even predating Roswell (think foo fighters). So what is different now? One of two substantive things is changing, but more likely it’s a combination of both. The first thing that is obviously changing is us (relative to our collective mindset, or zeitgeist, but in particular, the mindset of those in control of the information pertaining to the UFO phenomenon), and the other, of course, is “them”. Have these incursions been increasing both quantitatively and qualitatively, or are the insiders now just more willing to share information about these incursions? Or is it both?

    Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest, unless they are acted upon by an external force. Government bureaucrats (and lets be honest, they are all bureaucrats regardless of the level) are loath to kick sleeping dogs (unless they absolutely have to). I am convinced that another force is at play here, which may very well have a transformative effect on us a species going forward. But what is it, and how much of it are we going to be told about it? Who knows? Furthermore, this might be just the beginning of what might ultimately end up being a decades-long form of soft-disclosure, which we may never see the end of in our lifetimes.

    What I actually find truly astounding, however, and am having a really hard time reconciling it in my mind, is the fact that Rubio, Ratcliffe, and Brennan (and other officials and ex-officials) are openly discussing this phenomena, as well as the potential alien hypothesis, and yet not just MSM, but 99% of the people I talk to, either don’t care, or simply think it’s BS. Notwithstanding my utter disdain and contempt for all MSM, I have to give some credit to Fox (who I disdain as well) for at least broaching the topic. But still, with respect to the potential ramifications that these news events carry, the attention they are giving this topic overall is virtually non-existent. The only reason the topic is being brought up at all is for ratings, which perhaps is a means to an end that is well worth the price of admission.

    In the video, a link is shown for contacting our congressmen and senators about the need for greater government transparency on this matter. I for one am going to use it, as should all of your followers. This is one sleeping dog that needs a good swift kick in the ass, and a hard one at that.


    PS: Maria Bartiromo’s response and facial expression after Ratcliffe told her that he could talk more about the phenomenon after the reports have been declassified and that the sightings have been reported all over the world says it all. As Kenny Bania would say: Gold, Jerry! Gold!

  8. DrD

    Hello Richard
    I think this is a wonderful opportunity and one for which your research is tailor made . Yes the politicians have amnesia because it’s convenient but your research provides a well documented and readable chronology of government policy changes and evolution with respect to the UAP phenomena. I agree with PressToDigitate and see a chance to get ahead of the game here. If you were interested given your academic credentials and reach of your website you could offer a liaison between questionable government representation and public information platforms. You could represent public interest on the subject. I for one am much more inclined to believe a document that you have looked at and challenged for credibility than one released by the same people who obfuscated the truth because it looked “bad”. Further, there should be some representation of public interest in the review of material process other than government policy . Just a thought.

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