7 thoughts on “UFOs are Real: Why Care?

  1. Ed Coffman

    Richard, as I’m sure you’re aware, these type of podcasts are fabulous opportunities to attract new followers to your work. And especially so, if there’s a mainstream media outlet that supports the topic matter. For that reason, I left a link in the Public Comments section of your Youtube channel (for this podcast), that will take “newbies” to the recent CBS TV interview you did:


  2. PressToDigitate

    Great Editorial – I Shared it on LinkedIN.

    You should post actively there, and interact with Commenters, its exactly the mainstream *professional* audience that respectable Ufology should be engaging with. You won’t get flamed with nonsense as you would on Facebook or Twitter. Michael Salla and Steven Greer both post on LinkedIN fairly regularly, though almost no one else from the field does. You would be surprised who ends up seeing your posts and Connecting or Following you there. When you want to engage with feedback, beyond that of us Fanboys (and Fangirls) who already hang on your every word with bated breath (like Me), LinkedIN is probably the place to do it.

    If you made a consistent personal effort on that platform, starting with actively looking up and Inviting about a 100 top journalists and editors to become Connections, and posted some original, provocative Content there, it would begin to open a serious dialog between Ufology and the Media, that we are now lacking. I don’t see this as happening in any other way, but for YOU doing it yourself, personally. There Is No One Else Who Can Do This. Don’t view this exercise as a distraction from writing UFONSSv3; rather, view it as ‘Pre-Publication Marketing’ of the UFONSS series (and your other books). Your LinkedIN posts and Comments should probably include a link to those volumes in EVERY one; out of everything ever written on UFOs, those two (soon, three) books are the very best lead-in for the professional lay audience; the very ‘Pinnacle of Ufology’. Use that strategically to leverage a larger audience out in The World At Large. LinkedIN is the key.

    But any new book sales (or more importantly, Book Reviews) that come from such a heightened LI presence are secondary. What you really want there is engagement, feedback, and Private Messages from people outside of Ufology, who want to make serious inquires on a discrete basis. YOU should be the Expert Ufologist they ‘chat up’ to engage with the field for the first time; not Salla – and certainly not Greer. You will get Flag Officers, Congressional Aides, Think Tankers, Scientists, Corporate Execs, Airline Pilots, etc. connecting with you. Make use of that engagement. Now Is The Time.

  3. Ed Coffman

    Richard, I was intrigued by your use of the term “in the UFO Community bubble”. In reflecting on this, I realized that there are many “in the bubble” that don’t recognize the importance of raising Consciousness about the UFO phenomenon.

    The first step of raising Consciousness in the UFO subject, is simply to get someone to acknowledge that this is a real phenomenon. And once that has happened, that person can then choose to “enter the UFO bubble” at that point.

    As a rhetorical question then, “shouldn’t the first concern for those of us ‘in the bubble’, be to do everything that is feasibly possible, that will help those outside the ‘bubble’, enter the ‘bubble’ themselves?”

    THAT is what TTSA is doing! They are an “instrument” assisting people to “enter the UFO Community bubble”. Peter Levenda, with his series of books, is an integral part of this process. And Peter knows all too well, that it is the “UFO Bubble Question” that drives him.

    By the way, maybe we should coin a new term, “Bubble Think”, or “UFO Bubble Think”.

  4. Ed Coffman

    Richard, just one more thought. With this recent UFO disclosure by mainstream media, not to mention your interview on CBS TV, I hope in the near future we won’t have to employ one of Yogi Berra’s famous sayings, “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

  5. J-Rod

    I was reading our morning paper last week and nearly fell off my chair when I saw an article about Gimbal and the other released ufo footage. This is the first time I’ve actually seen, in mainstream media, a serious article about ufos. I’ve spoken to people about it and they still think it’s BS! They’re not interested. That’s half the work done for the establishment. What I thought would happen , has…..NOTHING. As you implied Richard, not a word from anyone in the media or otherwise. The article came and went. Back to reading the horoscope; which has never been accurate once.

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