An Outstanding Analysis by a Member of this Site

By | December 2, 2020

This has been out for a few days, but Franc Milburn, a longtime member of this site, is also an experienced military and intelligence professional with deep knowledge of many aspects of international security matters, and also definitely regarding UFOs or UAP. He recently wrote this piece for the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. It’s long, but extremely readable and very much worth everyone’s time with an interest in the developing issues surrounding UFO/UAP. 

There is too much to summarize here, and I hope Franc doesn’t mind too much that I don’t here. But I will say that his analysis is dead-on and covers a wide range of critical issues on this subject, including important questions about the science of these objects (including some deep thinking on this by Eric Davis and Jack Sarfatti), as well as geostrategic significance, and even references the important and hardly discussed Soviet Thread 3 report. And much more. 

The article reads as a PDF and is easily downloadable, which I think many of you will want to do. 

Franc, congratulations on an outstanding paper. extremely well done! I intend to come back to details of this for posts in the near future. 


23 thoughts on “An Outstanding Analysis by a Member of this Site

  1. PressToDigitate

    Great work, Franc!
    As I said to Bob on the Forum, I believe this is one of the most important documents analyzing the issue to ever come out of a ‘mainstream’ organization. Coming from where it does, this report will reach people who would never have picked up a book by Maj. Donald Keyhoe, Stanton Friedman, or even Richard Dolan, and will thus have out-sized influence on the public discussion. Someone should organize an effort to actively disseminate it by email among prospective staffers of the incoming Administration, and throughout the Capital press corps.

    I wonder if the Center could be induced to host a Symposium around the issues in this Report?

  2. Robert Arthur

    I just finished reading the PDF version of the report and holy shit, EVERYONE knows that UFO’s are real and are doing all that they can to figure out the technology before the “other guy” beats them to it. I’ve never felt to precarious and unsafe in my life…

    1. Paratrooper

      Very well thought out comment and greatly looking forward to your future contributions to the field. 🙂

  3. Lauren2844

    By the time the government finally admits UFO’S are real most of the population i think already basically knows its real.. the one thing that will be interesting is who? Where are they from? Why do they sometimes interact with us? Does anyone remember that guy in Denver who was taking extremely high speed video of the sky over Denver Colorado back in early 2000? Ships were flying over the city at speeds that couldn’t be detected by the human eye.. he made it on a local news show and I never saw it again.

    1. OgronWaitress

      I think I recall that too. But it’s one thing to be invisible to the human eye (although not camera) but how is radar fooled? And why not just cloak completely but travel at standard speeds. Then again, what is ‘standard speed’ to these ETs?

  4. Paratrooper

    Thank you very much Richard. An honour indeed coming from you. Your work was of course, a big influence on me / the paper.


    Yep– the threat narrative is heating up with our host fanning the flames.

    Go to ANY think tank magazine. They are propaganda outlets.

    How fast will this threat narrative snowball roll downhill, getting bigger and bigger?

    For nearly 80 years it wasn’t a threat and now suddenly it is?

    Hold on to your wallets, folks, and hold on to your rights, because any you have left after COVID will be under attack from those saying we must give up our rights “to prepare for and fight the alien threat.”

    1. Paratrooper

      Always fun exploring conspiracy theories… the more paranoid and inane the greater the entertainment factor 🙂

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Do you support the mainstream theory regarding what happened on 911 at the World Trade Center? Just curious about conspiracy theories and which, if any, you believe.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I appreciate your thinking here, ActiveGuradian! Carol Rosin/Von Braun were/are right! IMO. But i have always felt it since i first heard about it maybe twelve years ago. And this think tank which published this analysis from a member of this site……..Oy vey. I really am not pleased.

      Why is this field so filled with neocons? I am really serious. I am beginning to doubt most everyone involved, which may be the conclusion i will come to within the next year. And perhaps that is going to be what i decide is ‘wise’ regarding all of this *disclosure* extravaganza.

      I have recently felt very disheartened because many (and i only really have read/listened to a handful of those who have been involved in the ufo area), seem to be giving a huge pass to people from agencies that many would normally question involving most other subjects.

      I think it may be partly based in a kind of willing suspension of disbelief due to the need to believe there is new evidence that they have been waiting many years to hear about. And also, i have noticed a kind of slap on the back club, where the intel/black ops guys are chummy with the UFO researchers, and that plays into things as i have noticed over the past couple of years. It is just a feeling i have gotten.

      1. Paratrooper

        Some people are highly educated but lack common sense.. other people have no formal education but are way smarter than the educated..

  6. ODDJim

    OK, this is why I find it difficult to find and follow information on this web site. Where is this PDF located- so that I may download or even read it.
    I suspect that this is the “trail” posted below Richard’s comments?
    Category: Articles Free Content News Tags: Franc Milburn, UAP, UAP Task Force
    Why not just insert a blue hyperlink- like most other sites and articles do? This is likely the MOST important article listed in months! ( by the title and introduction)
    YES- I am a crabby old man without a great deal of browsing experience. This is why no self-respecting extraterrestrial would ever bother to mind meld with me. I am simply filled with too much dogma, hyperbolic truthiness, false flags, and, miss-directed concepts to sort through. A worthless exercise for “it”. . Yet, I HAVE encountered a landing, and am simply aghast at its actual importance to the rest of the ants on this farm! I am still searching- but do not find the “Easy Button”. I cannot even find how to renew my already past due subscription on this site! It will probably easier to just let me go! I Understand.

  7. Adam Welch

    This was fascinating Franc, just read your analysis from start to finish. Thanks for sharing the link Richard.

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