Amid the Current Madness, Trump Talks UFOs … Again!

By | October 15, 2020

Here is an article I came across yesterday and wanted simply to acknowledge it here. Apparently President Trump was (once again) asked about UFOs and aliens. Can our world get any weirder? Somehow I missed this when it happened on Sunday, but Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump, “Are there UFOs?” His answer, which is classic Trump:

“I will tell you this: We have now created a military the likes of which we have never had before. In terms of equipment, the—the equipment we have, the weapons we have, and hope to god we never have to use it. But have created a military the likes of which nobody has, nobody has, ever had. Russia, China, they’re all envious of what we had. All built in the USA. We’ve rebuilt it all—$2.5 trillion dollars. As far as the other question I’ll check on it, I heard about it two days ago actually.”

Classic Trump! So, exactly what he was trying to convey here is anyone’s guess. The first segment of that answer was basically his proud statement about how expensive and badass the U.S. military infrastructure is, and was directed not at aliens but Russia and China. But you have to wonder why he brought all that up when the question was about UFOs! Is that Trump being totally nonsequitur? I am inclined to think that’s the main element in all this, but then again, SOMETHING prompted him to bring all that up in connection with UFOs and aliens. 

We might wonder if he thinks the U.S. military is in some kind of military preparation mode against an alien threat. The Popular Mechanics article below certainly pointed out how ludicrous it would likely be to think that any Earth military could defeat an invading society that came here across space. That’s certainly the most common reaction and it’s not surprising. Of course, there are so many factors involved in all this. 

First of all, the whole thing presupposes they are going to come here with an armada from somewhere and we will Star Wars them into oblivion. That’s pretty dumb. Nothing in the history of UFOs remotely indicates that this is a viable planetary self-defense strategy. After all, SOMEONE is already here and they are based most likely all over this planet. So yes, pretty dumb thing to say. Of course, that’s not unique to Trump. We have never really gotten anything intelligent from the global political establishment on this topic, ever, so why start now? 

Now what was interesting was his last statement there. “I’ll check on it, I heard about it two days ago actually.” That would mean last Friday, October 9. Well yes indeed. Assuming that’s true, we all find that interesting, don’t we? But of course, what in the devil’s name did they discuss? 

I don’t know about you, but looking at the utter insanity of everything going on around us, how did it happen that conversations about UFOs are the most sane thing happening? 

And yes, I agree with all of you who are inclined to dismiss this as meaning much of anything. Even so, even the dense people in the media are starting to realize that if they ask Trump about UFOs, he’s likely to say something. 

More commentary to come. 


33 thoughts on “Amid the Current Madness, Trump Talks UFOs … Again!

  1. StreetDoc

    Admittedly I go back and forth on whether I believe President Trump has been read in to the ‘UFO topic’. But where I’ve landed is this – I’m sure that he’s at least heard this discussed/asked enough to be curious, if he wasn’t before. Knowing that it has been brought up so often, I cannot imagine him being alright with NOT being able to find out what’s going on. I cannot fathom him asking the question & a General or someone refusing to brief him. And I cannot fathom him accepting a ‘limited’ briefing. Just speaking generally, Trump has never struck me as someone who takes ‘no’ for an answer. At least not very well or without making a huge fuss.

    I keep holding out hope that he (or whomever is next in office) will finally expose this information. Perhaps that’s crazy, but still I hope. If any President is ever going to do this, Trump seems more likely than the usual suspects.


  2. Ron Holmes UK

    I’m not sure, because I’m in no way trained to understand the alleged “mind” of the Donald, but the reaction was interesting as you say. When confronted with the question “Are UFO’s real?” he immediately seemed to begin answering not that question, but the next one he was fearing “Are they friendly?” Trump immediately began doing his best to reassure people that the US might was sufficient to defend against anything. He didn’t hint at some sort of non-aggression treaty or secret pact with the ET’s – equally he didn’t begin to talk about how benign and potentially positive the effect of having them visit could be – he immediately went into defense mode. Now, to a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, I get that, so it probably isn’t too surprising that the leader of the most violent country in the World reacted in such an aggressive way, but he was almost stumbling over himself to emphasize the overwhelming US superiority AND also to suggest that something very substantial to do with UFO’s had happened “Two days ago.” Lord only know what it all means, but as you say Richard, the very fact that he said anything at all was just as fascinating as what he actually said.

  3. mcwest50

    The amount of content available is growing and interest irrefutable, so he is watching and
    staff are watching. The wave of information building to a tsunami effect and will be brought
    to the forefront with the Senate Intelligence Committee has or I believe won’t reveal next
    year. The media will have no choice but address this on a national platform. Tucker has
    started the ball rolling, and if polls are a indication of acceptance then 80% should get those
    in a position to disclose the idea it’s time.

  4. PressToDigitate

    I think that was just Trump deflecting the question to talk about something else, and defense preparedness was the most logical thing he could ‘segue into’ (or ‘El Segundo’, as the case may be…). He wasn’t intending to say anything significant in response to that question. Obviously, he didn’t “just hear about UFOs a couple days ago”. It looks like the bit about our military was a throw-away line there, that really didn’t have anything to do with the UFO question.

    But, this clip of JCS Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, apparently addressing cadets at one of the service academies, is much harder to excuse as anything other than what he’s saying, at face value. There is ZERO indication that he is making a joke, being sarcastic, or trying to glamorize the job those cadets have in store for them:

    (Thank you to OdinEvropa for posting this in the RDM Forum! It was a 2016 address to the Cadets at Norwich University, a private military academy in Vermont, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of college ROTC).

    1. Carolyn3

      Good video and very unnerving to hear. What were those cadets thinking when they heard that? Hybrid armies, little green men??
      I agree that Trumps response was a deflection to the questions about UFO’s. His response had nothing to do with the comment. Although after hearing that video it may have something to do with UFO’s. Maybe he is trying to make people think he knows what’s going on regarding ET to get votes. Have to keep the people wanting more. That’s the thing we just don’t trust him when he starts ranting because he never makes sense and not trust worthy.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Are you kidding? This guy is like so laid back and filled with humor! He probably needs to laugh as much as he needs anything else. Probably been a long time since he even smiled. And little green men is a big selling point in recent times. Oh, the ‘tribes’ are very scary indeed.

      I believe this is about the time that the Independence Day the Resurgence movie came out. OMG. It came out in………….wait for it…………2016. You should check out the ads. They went to a link for kids to directly sign up to fight them green ET demons!

  5. Andromeda107

    Trumph is really arrogant at times in speaking about much power and might I military forces have,don’t get me wrong we do have awesome military, but to say that no one measures up to us is very arrogant. China has become almost as powerful as us, and who knows what type of technology they might have. And even if we do have some type of amazing star wars type weapon, you can bet the beings who are here are monitoring are progress. I highly doubt they are just going to sit back and let us develop something that is going to harm them. In my opinion it would be easy for them to infiltrate a usap, using a non-human human as Richard likes to call them,which I like the term also,to keep tabs on us. But is it is weird for him to start talking about weapons when she asking about are there ufos

  6. Pyroxide_Martini

    I think part of the issue here is we continue to assume other species think in similar ways to which we do? Perhaps the idea of armed conflict is entirely foreign to them and/or they don’t understand tactics in the way we do. Humans generally ignore Spiders for instance, until a poisonous one bites you, sure you could then kill it instantly BUT you might still die from it yourself.

    OR we could (most likely do) work with one species that is at war with another species (or multiple ones) and the combination of advanced technology and additional novel human ideas/solutions may have an impact on the “threat” of another race?

    The thoughts on this are endless and I believe this is a Rabbit hole worthy of going down. I’d suggest Trump might have a Hail Mary pass ready if it appears he might lose the election.

  7. whatif

    Popular Mechanics took some liberties with that story. But, yeah, Trump’s response to the question came direct from the twelfth dimensional Kantian lobe of his brain. What? Wait… two days ago? Wha?

  8. jennymemon

    Point is however ‘badass’ the US military may be, its obviously going to be small fries to ‘them’, considering ‘they’ are here, and we are not there! (Or are we?!)

  9. Carolyn3

    Well….not even sure what to say about the Trump comments. Crazy stuff comes out of his mouth all the time. Although he didn’t bring up the topic someone else did, and he just has a tendency to just rabble on about nothing. Sometimes I think he just says things to add words into the air haha. You want to say to him stop talking.
    His boasting of out space military is just ridiculous. Like we could stop something from happening anyway regarding UFO’s. That just made me laugh. But you are right in that I think it was a warning to adversaries or ET either way it was a idiotic reply no matter how you slice it. His comments all around were just weird.
    When he said he had heard about this topic 2 days ago just sounds he is adding words into the void again and it was made up.
    I can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I’m not a Trump hater or a lover but just don’t trust him. All I can say is that it’s really weird that UFO’s are being brought up again and again during this covid mess. Why now?

  10. itsmeRitaC

    Well, i have been saying that trump’s best chance of being elected again is to go for the ufo issue. I recall Lou Dobbs asked him about it a month ago and seemed to take trump off guard. It was obvious that Dobbs considered it a possible vote getter.

    As far as ‘two days ago’? Did something happen two days earlier that i haven’t heard about? I think his military rave shows just how quickly the whole topic has become militarized, as i have been saying for almost three years now. I am guessing he is referencing the space force here. But again, it also sounds like his usual random b.s.

    Quite frankly, and i know many are sure to disagree, i don’t think he is all that interested. He never seems to care about the issue all that much anyway. And he isn’t one to hold back if he would be. Sorry. I think he was just using the question as a way to imply that we are so locked and loaded up to the heavens, that americans should feel safe from all enemies. Red China especially! Well, Trump is quite close to Erick Prince, so maybe he is contracting for a private ET special forces unit. I mean, i know that Prince is a righteous guy!

    But i am not in the loop, of course. However, i still have reason to take Carol Rosin seriously, and no smoke and mirrors are even needed. I don’t think she has been lying about Von Braun’s words.

  11. chris gaffney

    Yes Richard.
    Who would have thought that one of the few sane remarks made by President Trump was about UFOs ..
    Anything is possible in these bizzare times.

  12. Alastair Barker

    Quand les riches se font la guerre, ce sont les pauvres qui meuren

    Le diable et le bon dieu (The Devil and the Good Lord)
    John Paul Sartre 1951

  13. jimirod

    Trump is a waste of space and the government wouldn’t trust him in reality. Just ignore anything he rants or brags about.

  14. itsmeRitaC

    Sorry Richard, but i can’t help myself. I actually read the Pop Mechanics article you linked to here. The title is the best and most telling thing in all of it!!!!

    “Trump Acknowledges UFOs, Threatens Aliens With Military Action”

    Gee, i am stunned. I haven’t ever predicted anything like this, have I????????? 😉 I am too amused to say much more. I am smiling quietly to myself…..

    btw, i see that P.M. article is connected to all kinds of so cool latest in weapons. Will Smith is on the way…….. look out!!!

    Although, i would think that Trump’s big evangelical base and advisors would suggest finding out if ET has heard the ‘good news’. I nominate Amy Comey Barrett, since she will be on the S.C . soon, to organize a committee to find those bases and distribute Bibles. Oh. Maybe that is what Trump was signalling when he held that Bible up in front of the church in DC…………………………..

    Maybe those aliens have souls, but they don’t know that they can be saved because their own race was taken over by the aetheistic intergalactic council. That is the Rita Plan. I am standing by it, too! 🙂

  15. whatif

    Richard, totally off topic question, but it begs your analysis: The LAX “jet pack” man was spotted yet again at 6k ft. Personally, I don’t believe this is a jet pack, that’s virtually impossible given the altitude, duration, and location of sightings. What are your thoughts on this? Are there similar past reports that ring bells? Thanks.

  16. Kosh

    I believe that the UFO community needs to organize and write up a specific request for Trump to address the issues of crash recoveries and Roswell/Aztec in particular. Perhaps this message could be conveyed through someone in To The Stars Academy since they have connections to the White House. After it is submitted, the #1 topic in the UFO community should be urging Trump to respond.

    I think the wording should be something similar to the following:

    “Dear President Trump,

    The evidence is overwhelming that there have been recoveries of extraterrestrial space craft in the United States. One such incident, of which you are aware and have mentioned, is the crash that occurred near Roswell, NM in 1947. Yet another incident happened shortly thereafter near Aztec, NM in 1948. Many others are likely to have happened as well. Large military responses, statements from first hand witnesses (who saw both craft and extraterrestrial bodies), death bed confessions, and leaked documents make the reality of such crashes crystal clear to anyone who has conducted significant research. Enclosed is a copy of the Adm. Thomas Wilson document which gives the account of an admiral, the Deputy Director of the Intelligence Directorate for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, being informed of, searching for, and obtaining confirmation of such incidents. We, the citizens of the United States, have a right to know the truth about such contact with non-human beings. Therefore, we request you to immediately issue an executive order declassifying all documentation of such events, including but not limited to written documentation, audio recordings, film recordings, photographs, and even transcripts of any attempts made at communication with captured entities. By doing so, you would make history as the first President to recognize that withholding such knowledge of intelligent extraterrestrial life is abhorrent, create an undeniable legacy for your administration, and perform a vitally needed service not only to America but the entire world.

  17. itsmeRitaC

    well, someone sent me a link to Red Pill Junkie from a year ago. I admit, i didn’t bother to check it out for several weeks.

    I appreciate this guy. I am going to put the link here because i think it is good although i haven’t read the last half yet.

    And as a matter of fact, Richard may have covered this already over the past twelve months.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I also recommend the embedded link he has in that article where he reviews the first season of Unidentified. I really like his thinking on all of this.

  18. SunPower

    When Trump said he just found out about it [ET?] a couple of days ago, did he mean Oct, 9ish. Was he still on the boat, er, I mean, in the hospital under quarantine for Covid-19 at that time? Are there any connections with him “coming down with Covid” and being briefed on the ET?

  19. Ed Klatt

    He obviously is referring to the senate mandated task force, currently investigating UAP. As Commander In Chief, he would be provided updates on their progress. Equally as obvious, he already knows the conclusions, or at the very least where the investigation is heading. The preamble extolling the prowess of the US military is simply to provide a reassurance that our military can handle anything, including apparent off world incursions. Whether or not this is absolutely true is not really relevant. Once disclosure happens, there will be enormous public concern (not necessarily panic) as to the nature of the “threat”, and our ability to counter it. By answering the way that he did, Trump is simply providing reassurance in advance that the answer to that question is “yes”.

    Quite aside from this, the US govt. has also recently requested that the Japanese govt, update their protocols and procedures for reporting UAP in the Pacific. Why Japan? Is there increased UAP activity in their area, or do we suspect that the recently released (2017) UAP videos are really of Chinese or Russian craft? Are we looking for another govt to corroborate alien UAP when disclosure happens, in order to increase the credibility of our own findings?

    Only Trump can provide the answers to these questions. As president, he alone owns the issue of disclosure to the American public. I believe this will happen in 2021, probably in the first quarter.

  20. UFOexperiencer

    Arguably, “Disclosure” already happened under the Trump administration;
    and if he says he “Heard about it 2 days ago”,
    you can take to the bank he was breifed about UFO’s in some fashion.

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