[Members]Ten Minutes on Runaway Secrecy

By | July 3, 2018

This is a ten-minute members-only clip from my 45-minute long lecture that I gave for the Architects of the New Paradigm (ANP) Conference in Vancouver, June 30. As a courtesy to the conference organizers, I can’t publish the entire lecture at this time, but one of the nice things of having a members site is to be able to publish clips like this on a limited basis.

In this segment I talk about the development of runaway secrecy relating to UFOs, how this secrecy has affected our society. including all the areas of control necessary to keep the system in place. Toward the end of this clip I discuss the inevitability of change and begin to analyze the recent developments of UFO news in the mainstream news media.

Tracey shot this with her phone. The audio is decent enough that you can follow it fairly easily, as long as you don’t have any distractions around. We have a few more clips to post from this event.