[RDM] The Complexities of the Pandemic

By | April 23, 2020

Tracey captured me for a morning off-the-cuff, just as you have to capture a squirrel in your attic with one of those traps. She had to be persistent, but she finally got me!

This was another Covid discussion, but one that I haven’t done before. It seems to me that the situation is more complex than the various false flag or Big Brother scenarios being raised by so many independent voices on Youtube and elsewhere. Yes, there are great dangers to us that will happen as a result of this pandemic, but there is so much that is unstable and impossible to predict. 

Moreover, from a Globalization perspective, there are going to be definite winners (Pharma, Surveillance) and almost certainly powerful losers (Big Oil, Saudi Arabia, US Dollar, the EU, global economic growth) as well. I discuss a lot of this in the audio.

Moreover, as I also mention in the audio, I have sympathy for anyone having to make policy decisions on this thing. Sorry, but it seems to me that this is very difficult to deal with. It’s easy to critique decisions one doesn’t like, but can you imagine having to be the one to make them? For the past four months, we have been dealing with a moving target, lacking the information necessary to make a truly informed decision. This stuff ain’t easy. 

Btw, we have a marathon AMA session tonight. Don’t forget! Starts at 5 pm. Eastern and goes until it’s done! 🙂