[RDM] My Twenty Year Public Journey in Ufology

By | January 17, 2021

My Twenty Year Public Journey In Ufology – YouTube

Hi Everyone!

This was a fun Fireside Chat for me. For the past week or more, Tracey and I have been involved in a project: the creation of a large compendium website that will house as much of my work as possible. We are getting tremendous help on this from our friends at PursuingX, Michael and Lori. I should mention that this will not be a free and open website, but will have a paywall, and we have not decided on how that will be structured. I will definitely keep you posted on that matter — and of course nothing is permitted to affect my work and commitment to this site, which is always the repository of my ongoing efforts. 

Anyway, one of the things I have been doing, as I explain in the video, is going through countless old files, including many practically lost video and audio recordings of me over the years. One of these is a decent copy of the very first interview I ever did, which was on October 1, 2000. My interviewer was someone you may have heard of: a fellow by the name of Whitley Strieber. I’ve got that digitized now and it’s fun (and still instructive) to listen, even after all these years. 

So what I discuss in this video podcast are my own thoughts on my personal journey through ufology since I first hit the scene publicly in 2000. By the end of this podcast, it became clear that I barely scratched the surface, so in all likelihood I will want to return to this. 

In fact, it’s helpful for me for the important goal of writing my next book, which of course covers this very period. Understanding the many issues that affected ufology is key, and in discussing my own personal journey, well, it helps. 

In any case, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.