[RDM] Global Update: Continued!

By | January 15, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I have recorded my second Global Update, the first one being last week. This is a category that I think has potential for this site. It’s got the potential to help catch up with current events in the UFO field and beyond. Below are the rough notes that I worked from, just to give you an idea of where this chat goes. 

  1. There is really nothing any longer slowing down the GloboCap (Mr. Global) Train. Biden’s victory is the victory of Davos, which is the victory of The Great Reset as it is called by Davos people themselves, as well as many national leaders. The great reset is no conspiracy theory. Those are the words of Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. What will this mean in the coming year, as well as the coming few years? Massive stimulus spending, obviously. 
  2. What is the likely economic fallout? Main winners are massive corporations like Amazon, Google, Facebook, anything digital. Big losers are traditional box businesses both large and small. Also ordinary people who will get a check of $1400 instead of $2000 apparently. That’s the word. Of course that might be slightly less inflationary so … whatever. So a much greater centralization of economic power and digital communication power.
  3. Can the new economy create enough jobs for everyone? Unemployment is primed to continue rising, meaning more hardship and fewer opportunities. When will inflation become a serious noticeable problem?
  4. Very possible that the aftereffects of Covid will leave us with a policy of “rolling lockdowns.” In other words, it seems unlikely that we will be free from lockdown policies for at least the full year of 2021. It is entirely possible to expect this to continue in 2022 and who knows how much longer.
  5. Rise in “hate speech” implementation. This will be seen as necessary in some ways, because when people are having a hard time, their tempers get pretty short. So further crackdowns on speech seems likely. This will be worldwide. U.S. for sure, Europe for sure due to the possible new migrant crisis.
  6. Likely greater military action against Syria. This would actually possibly help to smooth relations with Turkey. It would be a continuation of Obama’s policy which was interrupted by Trump. The dismembering of Syria was something proposed in 2016 by Hillary Clinton and I doubt anyone there has forgotten. The main nations that would be unhappy about this, other than the Syrian people of course, are Iran and Russia. If Syria becomes destabilized, think Libya but with more international military players. They will include: U.S., Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia. Those nations are in the best position to do something. The big wild card is Russia. If Syria becomes destabilized, expect another migrant crisis wave to hit Europe.
  7. Plus, if that happens, Europeans will be even less able to protest against this than before, since hate speech laws will be enforced even more rigorously. This could be a huge problem in Europe.
  8. Possible (probable?) confrontation with China; possible military. Trump and Pompeo handed Biden a big problem regarding Taiwan.
  9. Continued bonding between Russia and China, despite some differences over specific regions in the world. Economically…. Both have massive gold reserves, they are more and more integrated.
  10. U.S. is in Thucydides’ Trap. A new cold war in which Russia-China and their allies will be in opposition to the Western-backed military-financial system. Two massive blocs. US and Europe will be on the same page. UK might now be left out in the cold. Johnson used to have Trump; is he now an orphan?
  11. Both blocs are moving swiftly toward total information control over their populations. Russia and China for sure, as well as all Western nations equally so.
  12. Technology? We can expect stronger AI. We can expect a full 5G rollout. For 2021 there will be many new cities that will have 5G. It is still somewhat limited but it certainly will be more widespread in 2022 and 2023. Actually, we can say that the Biden administration will be known as the administration that presided over the 5G implementation in America.
  13. What effect will China’s quantum computing breakthrough have? QC could in theory make unbreakable codes, but course can crack any encryption. Realistically, governments will have quantum computing long before any individuals have access to it. China just had a major QC breakthrough and presumably this will come to the West soon. So think about that.
  14. The next four years could see the final nail in the coffin of privacy. What might be available for analysis? Your body language? Your actual speech? All that and more can in theory be fed to a database and subject to analysis.
  15. The only restriction will be the law. Privacy laws are going to be more important than ever before. But will they be enacted? We have had a cultural movement for over a generation that doesn’t seem to care about privacy anyway. We see this on the left and right. Besides, the argument for more snooping will use: national security, terrorism, domestic terrorism, and protection of vulnerable populations.
  16. As a social behavioral control mechanism this new system may well rival what the Chinese have in their social credit system. It will probably have a very similar effect. Your private statements and behaviors will be tracked and possibly graded. Maybe not conversations in your livingroom, but anything outside of your house will be fair game. And possibly inside your house under certain circumstances. Certain behaviors.
  17. Where will we be in the UFO field? Where are we now? There was a recent CIA file dump to the Black Vault, but it’s not clear to me that there is anything new. The official word is that this is all the UFO related documents from CIA, but every document I pulled up was one that I had seen previously. I am still looking for anything new. I’ve given up looking for anything actually explosive.
  18. It seems NOT possible that this is all the CIA has. If it is, then the CIA truly is irrelevant when it comes to UFOs and it begs the question, where is this info being kept? We can assume the Department of Energy, the NSA, the NRO, the Battelle Memorial Institute, and a variety of other contractors and think tanks. Maybe RAND, probably Lockheed and Boeing, GE, etc.
    Just how we can get to those records is an entirely different issue.
  19. With UFOs, my suspicion is that we are moving to an era somewhat similar to that prior to 2017. One in which UFO news goes in all kinds of directions other than the main direction of genuine encounters and instead veers off into unverifiable whistleblowers who take us further and further away from credibility.
  20. It may not become as bad as it was prior to 2017, hopefully not. You will notice that all the Mars stuff has gone away. All the portholes, etc. Gone. We will probably not go all the way back to that, but possibly a little bit of that can happen.
  21. There are some fronts on which breakthroughs can happen in the UFO arena. All may well come from private researchers.