Important New Abduction Case from 1961 | Special Richard Dolan Show w/Peter Robbins

By | January 29, 2021

Important New Abduction Case from 1961 | Members Only RD Show with Peter Robbins – YouTube

Hi everyone,

In place of a Global Update this week, I have just returned from a visit from my close friend and fellow UFO researcher Peter Robbins after interviewing him for something that I consider to be of genuine historical significance. What I have here for you is (pretty much) the raw interview we just did. I did take the liberty of cutting out a few segments that I do not believe moved things along — and the interview is long enough at two hours. 

What we did was talk about an event that no one in ufology has really gotten into. That is the abduction of Peter’s sister Helen in June of 1961. Let that date sink in. This was three months before the famous abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. Moreover, it is by beings that can only be described as classic gray aliens. That makes this case of very high significance. The amount of detail you will get from Peter is quite extraordinary. I will really encourage you to stay with us for the entirety of this interview. It is worth it. 

I am planning to re-do this interview for Youtube in the future (as a fully public video). Right now it’s just for us. As such, I have not yet had time to add the many visuals I have access to in order to make the video really pop. However, I will definitely do this soon. Right now please be content with some images I have dropped below – I haven’t inserted anything into the video yet. 

Actually, I tried to set this up solely as an audio file but apparently I have hit my limit for the server for this month — if it were the beginning of February I could do it no problem. I figure that having it as a private Youtube video should work well. 

The last thirty minutes or so of this talk do not concern the abduction event but other (interesting) matters pertaining to ufology. One thing about Peter: he has known an incredible number of fascinating personalities who have come and gone through our field. I intend to get him on mic for more interviews about them — trust me, it will be very entertaining and also illuminating. 

Meanwhile, please enjoy this fascinating interview. 



Peter and me, January 28, 2021.

Peter’s late sister, Helen Robbins (Helen Wheels), punk rock singer during the 1970s and 1980s — and alien abductee. 

Helen and her band, from a photo hanging in Peter’s office.

The Robbins House in 1961, where everything happened. 


Peter and Helen in 1960, a year before the abduction experience.


Below are four of Helen’s drawings of her abduction.