By | January 21, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Just a couple of quick announcements here, hopefully improvements in the end for all of us.
1) We are no longer selling annual memberships. We are doing this because we are investigating new platform possibilities for this upcoming year and are working on some other changes. We want to provide flexibility for all of us to make changes if we want to. None of what follows affects monthly memberships. 
2) We are no longer going to auto renew your annual accounts. Many people have requested this and now we are making it happen. 
3) Please note Monthly memberships DO auto renew and will continue to do so. However, annual memberships will not.
4) You will receive a notice one week prior that your membership will expire / auto-renew. What will happen is if you have an annual membership, it will be placed on hold (paused) and you will no longer be charged. If you wish to renew, you can do it as a monthly member. You can do this by going to the MY ACCOUNT TAB > SUBSCRIPTIONS  (see pic) and choosing the monthly option. Pausing allows you to maintain your user and password if you desire.

Indeed, Evelyn pointed out to us the following: “Anyone who doesn’t want their annual subscription to renew can simply PAUSE their subscription and it won’t rebill automatically.  They will retain access until the end of their subscription.   Automatic billing is Paused – but NOT their membership.”
In other words, if you pause your membership, it will simply expire at the end of your annual subscription with no renewal. Heck, we didn’t even know that! To do this, all you need to do is:
Go to My Accounts > SUBSCRIPTION and click PAUSE. You will retain access until the expiry date. 
We hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone and as always we are truly grateful for your support. 
If there are any issues here is the webmaster email: