Shooting with History Channel, What It’s Like

By | October 15, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Two days ago I did a fairly long shoot for the History Channel, including a few episodes of Ancient Aliens and another program as well. This is something I’ve done many times, so I always know what to expect. It was a long shoot — I was on camera for about three and a half hours with no break and we ended an hour late. However, we got everything done that we set out to do so that was good. Tracey was there and although we were asked not to photograph anything “behind the scenes,” she did take a picture of me:


The lighting is a bit strange there but I can tell you the camera people there really know how to create perfect lighting for their shoot. 

Anyway, my main object in discussing this here is to talk about how the companies that shoot these UFO videos for History Channel and elsewhere always have limits as to what they are willing to discuss. Those limits are always political, and by this I do not mean political partisan matters. In other words, it’s not Democrat vs. Republican per se. But the limits regarding UFOs always pertain to the notion of coverup and conspiracy. I cannot tell you how many times over many years I have discussed this theme — basically having to shoehorn it in sometimes because their questions almost never provide an opening so it has to be forced whenever possible. 

In this talk I discuss some of the particulars of what I was asked to discuss for one of the three episodes we shot for the other day. This is not to demean the people creating these tv shows. Overall they are great to work with and very interesting in their own right. But they are part of a corporate culture and that’s all there is to it. 

It’s worth asking why it happens like this and how it happens. In other words, how does the media control system operate when you get down the the gritty level of actually shooting a video for a show like Ancient Aliens? Well, this is something I talk about here. 

I hope you find this interesting.



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  1. Warwick Mccormick

    Thank you for the video. That’s a really plausible explanation of how conspiracies work. I’ve recently been contemplating how a dominant narrative is maintained, and your explanation shows how it actually happens naturally and easily most of the time . Here is an example; however, of what needs to happen occasionally when a mainstream reporter steps out of line on a big issue. You only need to watch the first 3 minutes

  2. Craig Champion

    Appreciate your analysis regarding the controlled-content of popular mainstream programs; it certainly does appear that parameters are somehow set regarding political and social standards. Right – the limited scope of questions are designed to accordingly limit and steer the scope of the respective answers. Thanks, Richard for your continued integrity in answering the pre-formulated questions in as truthful a manner as is possible given the inherent constraints. The greatest establishment tool remains control over a narrative. We humans are largely subject to psychological programming and all media consumed by the mainstream public is thereby accordingly controlled. Given the staggering difference between actual and fabricated reality, it’s amazing how few actually comprehend this fact. Right – we’re supposed to pretend that “we” (including the government) are “looking into the ufo phenomenon.” Agreed – regarding NASA’s involvement with the so-called research, they’re going to be more of a public-relations outlet than a credible lead in disclosing the truth – it’s back to the synchronization of reaction to data; more of a coordinated effort to control the data and the narrative. Another great point: acknowledgement of the phenomenon isn’t truly a scientific but rather a political issue! I believe that you’re absolutely correct in your assessment that other researchers remain necessarily constrained in their efforts to uncover the truth by not acknowledging the deep-rooted, controlled coverup on behalf of the government. One simply cannot get at the truth of the matter without acknowledging this fact. Great analysis of how unspoken rules in corporate culture greatly influence internal behavior, in a top-down manner. A powerful psychological tool is to “seed” particular values within an organization (or within a society at-large) without having to then overtly manage; frequently, the culture itself will then then operate in a more-or-less self-managed manner. Regarding the continued, controlled ufo narrative/coverup – a conspiracy of silence and mis-direction/information, indeed!

    Thanks, Richard!

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Well, Craig, that was a very comprehensive post and now i am even more determined to listen to this one. Actually i wanted to as soon as i saw the topic.

      Richard, this one may be of more interest to me than most other topics lately. 🙂 First. Someone asked me, while i was watching A.A. the other week, “Is this AA show”? Because it has gotten away from the title the name implies. Like all of the recent military/gov’t updates we all have heard in the past couple of years is what the shows seems to be about. Also,

      I have no doubt at all, that any show that has been on television, and is, needs to be under the approval of the PTB. AA would never be on for at least the past ten years or more, if it wasn’t considered ‘safe’. Of course it needs ratings, yes. But i have said often enough, that it has become its own religion. That is another discussion though. 🙂

      When it comes to certain areas in the original or early programs, i would agree and already was thinking those things. And then they got into silliness later on as well. Like any human who had any insight or genius was being led by ET. Even Jeanne D’Arc! 🙂 I can’t be bothered with that kind of desperation for content, but that is me. However, when they would reference the bible, it was always literal which is a fundamentalist reading. They just use ET instead of angels and god. But it doesn’t offend religious folks, in many ways.

      They still use the bible as a literal history book with every word, as though it were written in English and there were reporters there recording all the ‘facts’, etc. I will always think that this is fine with those in control here and if it weren’t , we would know about it. Unless there has been push back from churches to boycott the show, which i haven’t heard personally.

      Now, this may all be mentioned in your podcast and i will wish i hadn’t written this post! LOL.

  3. SunPower

    Hi RIchard, I thought it was an interesting “behind the scenes” talk about those History Channel TV shows. I don’t watch them anymore – sorry. I remember the Dr. Bill Byrnes “UFO Hunters – 2009”. Do you think it was a coincidence that they were taken off the air after that last episode where they went to Archuleta mesa and talked about underground bio-labs and hinted human ET collaboration. (Or did I just think that in my head while they were talking?).
    I was in a weird place yesterday, standing in a 200+ year old cemetery in broad daylight in Ohio (Too close to WPAFB for my own comfort). I was with someone who was carefully piecing together a shattered grave stone in order to see what was written on it. While we were there, a group of about 15 people walked about halfway up the hill to where we were and formed a rough circle around one of the stones and began to talk quietly among themselves. They didn’t seem to notice us. This is sure a busy 200+ year old cemetery. That event required a many hour round trip by car for me to get there and I was dragging by the end of the day (that had started at 5 AM). If I got anything psychic I’ll likely dream something in a few days.

    In your photo the ring lights (beauty spots) glass reflection just misses your eyes. Otherwise, it is a pretty good shot in my opinion.

    Are there any of, Leslie Keene, Ralph Blumenthal or Prometheus producers and the like, who are members of your website?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Like you, I never watch these shows. I’m terrible. I am on them but I almost never watch them. And I DO believe you are right about why they pulled UFO Hunters. There was a lot of talk about that at the time and I never heard a denial from Bill about that. It was a popular show at the time and they pulled it.

  4. TomTort

    This segment is very interesting.
    I must ask you what is it about the moon landings that concern you? I hear soo much nonsense that they are faked. Personally, I think they are legitimate but I would like some clarification on what concerns people. Wil you elaborate? I would appreciate your take on this. Thank You.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Nah I do believe the Moon landings happened. I do. I also believe there was a presence there when Apollo 11 landed. However, I have to say there were some very good arguments put forth by the late Dave McGowan in his multi-part series “Walking the Moon Doggie.” I have to admit … McGowan did a better job than any of the other researchers on this one. He didn’t focus on the photos and the shadows and such. He looked at the big picture. Here is Part One, if you want to check it out. I’m not saying he convinced me, but I hate the fact that he is so good at putting forth his argument. I’d love to get your take on this.

      1. Alavika

        Hi Richard. Thanks so much for that link. A couple of gems stand out: “Though not immediately apparent, it is actually a two-stage craft, the lower half (the part that looks like a tubular aluminum framework covered with Mylar and old Christmas wrapping paper) being the descent stage, and the upper half (the part that looks as though it was cobbled together from old air conditioning ductwork and is primarily held together, as can be seen in the close-up, with zippers and gold tape) being the ascent stage.” and “Actually, after studying the image above, of one of the alleged Luna probes, I’m going to have to say that the Soviets were lying their asses off almost as much as NASA was. There is no way I’m going to buy into the notion that the Soviets sent a freeform abstract sculpture, which appears to have been constructed by Fred Sanford and Granny Clampett, on a 234,000 mile journey from the Earth to the Moon.” LOL!! Just hilarious. But seriously…what makes you still think those Apollo trips happened? In those craft? I’m genuinely curious. Thanks

      2. TomTort

        Having read, “Wagging the moondoggie” by Dave McGowan, several historical events come to mind. I will mention two of those events. First, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and second, the 911 incident. These unfortunate events did take place omitting much background information resulting in “conspiracy theory,” debate, and rhetoric beyond anyone’s imagination. Yet, they did happen!
        Having said the above, the same reason applies regarding the Apollo moon landings. Significant background detail was omitted regarding the landings. One classified detail never revealed is that we were warned not to return to the moon by Alien beings. Consequently, in NASA’s panic, solid evidence from their explorations was buried or erased, intentionally. Example, 700 cartons of missing tapes, 13.000 reels of footage, blue prints, voice data missing. No fuel records of consumption. All of this Smack of a major and deliberate plan to erase from existence what we learned advertently or inadvertently. If I remember correctly, Linda Moulton Howe wrote an account of a “stash” of NASA film reels discovered.

        I do recall a transmission of Gene Serrnon, John Young and Tom Stafford on Apollo 10 returning from the back side of the moon hearing music. Just for the sake of argument, we may have not landed on the moon but, we certainly flew around it.
        I, personally, recall during the broadcast of Apollo 11, Walter Cronkite reporting on an off channel transmission during a commercial break occurring between Mission control and Neil Armstrong saying, (paraphrasing) “Mission control, this is Apollo. I see Santa Claus just over the horizon.” Walter Cronkite responds, “Under such strain and the tension these astronauts are under, they are calm and still are able to joke.”
        I can only conclude on the basis of my very limited research, NASA went t0 the moon and returned. what ever transpired after Apollo 17 will be redacted from any file and the public will be continually misinformed on the true nature of the Apollo program and any evidence of Alien life.
        Dave McGovan writes an interesting piece. However, I think he may have an agenda behind his article or he may be completely sincere in his assessment. I do not know his true motive but, he has an interesting argument. I on the other hand stick to my belief that America went to the moon.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I agree with you but McGowan really made me think hard about this. I don’t think he was disingenuous. The man was an outstanding researcher, as evidenced also by his work on Laurel Canyon. He died too soon, unfortunately.

  5. JerseyGirl2008

    “Ancient astronaut theorists say yes” to the existence of top-down control. Thank you for sharing your insights, and I think the picture is great!

    I stopped watching AA a while ago primarily due to the recycling you mentioned. But also, some of the very, very loose ties they made started to seem almost desperate, in my humble opinion. I guess I’ll try watching it again for a while for the heck of it. I used to subscribe to Gaia and absolutely loved your False Flags show. But Emory Smith and Tactical Advisor Tim were too much for me, although it was pretty hilarious when he had Richard Doty and Tim on the show at the same time.

  6. PressToDigitate

    I’m sorry, but the way its described effectively puts you smack dab in the center of what sounds like a 20-year, *nongovenmental*, “Controlled Disclosure” initiative by The Powers That Be. A unified media that goes “this far and no further”, in which that line is methodically extended, bit by bit, over the years, must be orchestrating a long term strategy to make the full [Official] reality of the ETUFO situation as “normal” and acceptable as possible, by some date-certain in the future. Together with the finding of “Microbes on Mars” and a distant exoplanet with Earthlike conditions, and the discovery of some Alien technological debris in space or in meteorites, all of the pleasant, popular narratives will all converge when they want to tell the Official Story. Since the Coverup seems to be ending (or, rather, “falling apart”) with new whistleblowers expected in the next few weeks on Capitol Hill, and they’ve been anticipating this in particular for at least five years, it seems certain that such an effort would be being made, spread over as long a time frame as possible before “The Big Reveal” were to hit. As you cite in your own analysis, it is both unnecessary and unlikely for everyone in the chain of command to be “in on” the bigger picture of what they are actually doing.

    A higher intelligence, with transcendental perception across the quantum plenum, could envision all possible circumstances between people in a complex system, so as to orchestrate that “Invisible Hand” of Adam Smith, through “enlightened self interest”, of numerous parties simultaneously, to achieve desired outcomes. In practical terms, this means acclimating and desensitizing people to the notion of an Alien Presence, in subtle ways designed to reduce the “Shock Value” of the revelation when it comes. That’s exactly what we’re seeing. A discreet, rather ‘covert’, Alien Takeover, Occupation and Colonization is less likely to attract broadbased hostility and organized resistance if the Aliens are “normalized” into society, with the very rhetoric today expressed on behalf of the “Equity” of society to other “vulnerable, marginalized communities”; i.e. “ethnic minorities”. Profound Social Engineering now underway throughout our society is endeavoring to suppress and stigmatize any form of “Xenophobia” and – and they actually use this word – “Othering” – in the name of combating “racism”. Let’s get Real: “Racism” pretty much dried up and blew away in America, about 50 years ago. There is ZERO possibility that all of this Intersectional, Critical Race Theory, Transgender Theory, Transhumanism, and contrived global Mass Migration isn’t intended as ‘Social Engineering’, wholly directed at paving the way for the Hybrid ETs already “Walking Among Us” to safely reveal themselves, and for many more to join them. We can argue about whether its a good thing they’re here, or whether it is/was wise to accept them, but its a reality that’s coming out in the next several years. The only question is how and when.

    So, the ramping up of UFO-related Content in the media in the 21st Century – given the strictures within which that Content is permitted – would be expected, in preparation for that Big Reveal. While the Aliens *had* to have been behind the Coverup or it could not have succeeded, they also cannot have their presence suddenly become known randomly, to a clueless public, because of the unpredictable chaos that might entail. So its being eased out into the public – through “Contractors”; just as they were going to do with Emmenegger 40 years ago. Prometheus gives what HISTORY wants, what A&E Networks wants, hence, what Hearst Communications and Disney want. There is ZERO possibility that what goes out over their airwaves in terms of ‘disclosure’ is not plainly authorized from ‘on High’ within the Globalist power structure.

    I still maintain that the “Official Disclosure” (Big “D”) will be orchestrated with heavy reliance on Hollywood and spectacle, and be Metaverse and VR intensive; it will have popular Corporate Sponsorship and be produced and choreographed like a 24 hour global “LIVE AID” Concert. It will offer up direct Alien Contact through the Metaverse, on Pay-Per-View, participatory for those who have the right AR/VR or BCI gear to jack-in with. So the real determinant of when we all get to “OD” on Aliens is when the AR/VR & BCI headsets – and the 5G network to support all of them at once – are rolled out, publicly available, widely adopted and in-place. This serves two purposes; 1) It provides direct, neurotechnical Control of the participants and their experience with the Aliens, and 2) It provides Information Control of the outside perception of the experience, in what goes out to idle spectators and the lay public at large. The Aliens will require the first, and our Quisling Elites will require the second.

    To make those Big ‘Fourth Stage of Humanity’ Bucks, what we have to do is figure out all of the incidentals and ramifications of all this, and get there First – with Solutions. Since we’re not dealing with simply a Star Trek “Landing Party” of Interstellar Explorers, but with a race that has been covertly inserting Millions of Hybrids into our society and its institutions for over 60 years, the situation is complex. Perhaps this has been a delaying factor.

  7. Rosanne Losee

    Amazing photo of you, Rich, very nice beard!

    Remember Dr. Bernard Haisch? I did an astronomy-UFO survey for him back in 2002, and at that time he was trying very hard to get the professional community interested in the UFO phenom. As a suggestion, I offered up a book I had just read back then, “The Missing Times, News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-Up.” He liked it so much that he put it on his (still there), UFO-related website, “UFO Skeptic,” written for the Ph.Ds.

    That book was excellent in the intensity of the cover up by the media back then. What a difference 20+ years make! It’s too bad HC is still trying to put a lid on the topic, in ANY way. Time these popular shows did the country a favor and spilled the beans…abductions, etc..

    I just watched a very interesting show on “Tubi” no less, free of charge, called, “Alien Abductions – Answers”… it was excellent, with some ordinary people discussing their abduction experiences and Whitley Strieber among the guests. I highly recommend. This show postulated that about 7 million people or thereabouts have been abducted.

    Of course, it is probably quadruple that! Imagine all the people who were, and never come forward, too afraid still to admit it. The media and the academic/science community are pathetic. This is the humdinger of news and science, and they are still cornered by ‘political’ maneuvering.

    Both the U.S. Government, the Media, The Science Community, and the Military are not doing us any favors. They need to do some in – depth interviews with people who have been intimately involved in the aliens business, and who have something to say of utmost importance to the country, and to the world!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      hi Roseanne, yes for sure I remember Bernie Haisch and his excellent website. He and I corresponded some years ago but it’s been a long time. I hope he is well. I don’t know what he is up to. And it’s good you led him to Terry Hansen’s excellent book!

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