Senator Marco Rubio on … UFOs!!

By | July 17, 2020

We are indeed living in the upside down world. Here we have Senator Marco Rubio being interviewed on the inclusion of UAP / UFOs in the Senate intelligence Bill for fiscal year 2021.

Take a breath to appreciate this moment. This a prominent U.S. senator talking about the serious nature of airspace violations by unknown objects of extraordinary capabilities over places where they are not supposed to be, and which baffle U.S. military authorities.

This is exactly the kind of thing I have been writing and saying for more than 20 years. It’s a weird feeling to see somebody so prominent saying it now, after years of dismissal from the establishment media. But as I have been trying to explain to a number of folks who just don’t seem to get it, just take the win. 

Check out Rubio’s interview on CBS Miami. Quite extraordinary. Props to the interviewer Jim Defede. 

Here is the Twitter feed where this appeared. You can click through to hear the interview.


21 thoughts on “Senator Marco Rubio on … UFOs!!

  1. Carolyn3

    This is just great and we need more people like him in government speaking out.
    I’ve always seen this huge lie the gov has been perpetuating regarding UFO’s as a huge dam/damn, wall of lies. I see this dam holding so much water/truth back (water being experiencers, UFO researchers etc) that it’s ready to flow over the top of the dam. I also see hundreds of cracks in the wall from experiences/abductees telling their stories. There is also hundreds of cracks that have been cemented over to try and shut down experiencers/abductees to stop the leaks.
    Rubiio’s comments and Wilson-David have made a hole through the wall and it’s a stream flowing through now. I am still chipping away in this dam regarding my own experiences.

    Thank you Richard for your part in this. Without you we’d never get this far. This dam of lies is ready to burst soon. I saw this video last night by accident while listening to another video, and I listened again and it gave me hope we will get my answers someday soon.. Such a great speech Richard thank you.

    1. Carolyn3

      Sorry about all the water and dam metaphors, but I’m a very visual person and see most things like emotions or meanings in images instantly.

  2. Ed Coffman

    TTSA should take advantage of this and invite Rubio on to the “Unidentified” TV Show…if that is still possible, that is.

  3. mcwest50

    This generic response to the UAP question is typical and reveals nothing new, more than he will get a similar response from the military unless he brings in people like Mr X referred to and they answer the real questions.
    Why there’s been no oversight to the billions spent of tax payers money and no accounting. This is lawless
    behavior at the highest level of the government and corporate military complex has to end. You need to be
    apart of this process. DISCLOSURE is the game changer, it’s inevitable.

  4. Doctor3j

    Interesting what could be a Freudian slip, he says that knowing that these objects are not Russian or Chinese might even be a good thing. Better extraterrestrial than our enemies. Also they only are on a little more than 2 min. That ensures no deep questions like “this has been going on for 70 years, what gives?

  5. PressToDigitate

    Even though he’s a Republican, and [Thankfully!] replaced that Deep State sock puppet Richard Burr as Chairman of SSCI, Rubio is still a Weasel; look – you can tell by how he weasels out of giving any typically “Human” response to the question at the end, by not “speculating”. I can hardly wait to hear what “completely boring, ‘sort of’ explanation for it” he gets from Naval Intelligence. I found it interesting that he expressly put most of this on the Navy, rather than the Air Force – or the Army, for that matter.

    The two unheralded *other* items in that NDAA, the requirement for a *separate* report on “Cislunar” Military Threats & Operations (where there’s nothing Human but a couple of Chinese Rovers the size of lawnmowers), and the move to strike an obscure appropriation for $1,000,000 for the purpose of “Preparing Religions for Extraterrestrial Contact” probably tell us more than the Chairman of SSCI demanding a public Report. The most important factoid to come from this so far may be that upon taking over the Gavel for SSCI, he didn’t get some “Briefing” – upon joining the “Gang of Eight” – that, “Here’s the deal; don’t talk about it”. I find this indication that the Chairman of SSCI is, thus far at least, being kept “Clueless” (not that Marco needs much help at that), to be profoundly disturbing. That he had to make such a public demand tells us he was stonewalled going through channels, or when he inquired of the subject upon getting his Gang of Eight briefing on everything else. It suggests that regardless of their positions and authorities, as laid out by law, and the Constitution, the Insiders – today’s “Majestic” – are just picking and choosing who they tell what; that they have no accountability, are not responsible to anyone duly empowered, and are not intimidated by transient politicians, who, ostensibly, we elect to run the country.

    That we *might* get a ‘Report’ from DOD as a result of his amendment (which I suspect will not survive into the finally passed NDAA, being quietly disappeared), is good news. But you know they’re going to slough it off with a lot of nebulous uncertainties, just like the retrospective report they were forced to emit on Roswell. There could be some canard like a warning about a dangerous reliability issue with electronic glitches in the FLIR system used on our fighter jets, which, it will be explained, is being systematically repaired in the next scheduled upgrade, such that these type of ‘TicTac’ anomalies will be corrected by new software, and no longer distracting our pilots. Raytheon will then take a $49 Million ‘write down’ for their contractual liability in repairing the “software bug” responsible for all these reports. The AHOs will calculate that Elizondo, Fravor & Co.. have already “shot their wad” in primetime television, had their ’15 minutes of fame’, and be no more a residual threat to the Coverup than were Keyhoe, Corso, Stevens, Salla, Stone or Dean, after they came forward. And, you know what? They’ll be right.


    Rubio’s involvement is like eating an ice cream sundae with a dollop of cow manure instead of the whipped cream, nuts and cherry.

    Senator Rubio is in the CIA’s pocket and has supported the erosion of civil rights in the US, and the killing for profit of people around the world.

    We are getting additional attention to the issue, but if it’s just part of an op, we’re just waiting for more cow manure, and very possibly things wa-a-a-a-a-y more objectionable and bad-tasting than cow manure.

    Unquestioning acceptance and embracing of “anything that seems to help” is a sure road to manipulation and being used as an asset.

  7. Rick

    Thank you. You always have the cutting edge information and you get it to us faster than anyone else. The Mark Rubio story on the intelligence bill is up there with the “Wilson Leaks“ you broke and are covering so well. To think in my lifetime the United States government would have UFO/UAP investigation as a line item on a senate bill is breathtaking.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    Actually, this moved me to find an article from today on this topic. I have to say that i think Rubio seems sincere and i also sense that he believes it is not from this planet. I just hope they don’t spin it into “China is up to something…………….” Because China is definitely the big target and who in the general public would know the truth.

    I still see no reason for the military or alphabet agencies or whatever, to tell the public what they know. I mean it would not make sense in the least. Whatever they tell ‘us’, they tell all “adversarial’ governments and they would spin it for them as psy warfare and who the heck knows what else. I can think of five other reasons off the top of my head right now. I thought that this intel was the stuff that the militaries, etc, of the world guard with their lives from each other………………………………………………………

    Thanks for the heads up, Richard.

  9. whatif

    But the [dark side of] government DOES know what it is in terms of whether or not it’s extraterrestrial. They’ve known for many many decades. I’ll take the win as this elevates the UFO subject to mainstream discussion, but I’m suspicious of what the ulterior motive may be here. Congress has consistently demonstrated that our interests are of no interest to them. But yeah, strange times.

  10. Greg

    Congress is finally catching up with Donald Keyhoe, who back in the 50s(?) urged Congress to take the existence UFO’s seriously, so that they wouldn’t be confused with nuclear missles from Russia. It was a clever approach because he wasn’t pushing WHAT they were, merely THAT they were and had to be taken into account. Meanwhile, as Congress acts as if it’s 1952, the secret space program continues apace…

  11. DrD

    Wow. Its funny how sensible and appropriate the concern sounds coming from a Senator. I agree Richard this is a watershed moment approached with concern and reason. We all want to know what they are and speculation without facts and data leads to contentious findings. So lets have what the government has and go from there right?

  12. BrianH

    Richard, I’m with you on recognizing the relevance of these public discussions. It’s a point that I often make with people who are less interested in the UFO/ET phenomenon. And it would certainly behoove a (sincere) senator from a state with NASA’s main launch site to want the skies to be secure. The statements of Navy Lt. Ryan Graves and others about fleets of UFOs off the coast of Florida for several consecutive months still stick with me .

    It’ll be interesting to see Senator Rubio’s future track on this subject.

    As a 20+ year resident of Florida, I am familiar with Jim Defede’s reporting. He’s been a present, very cogent interviewer from what I’ve seen.

  13. MancDaz

    Well logically, every country in the world that has a government – All have reported cases and government documented cases from decades ago up until current times. Which to me and anyone with 1 iota of sense would tell you that this is something that cannot be denied or ignored and apart from the military side of things, the public has a right to know.

  14. StreetDoc

    I suppose I like more than dislike Senator Rubio generally. But I have a fairly strong reticence towards anyone who claims to not ‘have a gut feeling’ on the UFO/UAP issue. It’s been one of the major questions of our time, for such a long time now, that it’s difficult to comprehend someone not having an opinion. That aside, the notion that a sitting US Senator, especially the acting chair of the Sen Intel Committee, would not only speak on the issue but add an amendment to the spending legislation regarding the phenomenon is simply a giant leap forward in getting this issue more into the mainstream. That cannot be all bad.


  15. Espen Brandshaug

    A thought. Someone had to state this in order to confirm(sort of) the authorities are taking the UFO-issue(s) seriously. This to mitigate “pressure” and unpleasant Q’s from the public/alternative-media due to the release of the three UFO videos…


  16. mcwest50

    If there’s a minute chance a politician could loose 1vote they will not say Extraterrestrial or
    Ufo, or Et or anything that says not of this world. We have a better chance if Trump gets
    reelected as he doesn’t have to worry about losing votes, and if I was a betting man my
    money is on Trump.

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