More interesting MSM coverage of UFOs

By | July 18, 2020

It seems nearly every day something else drops in the mainstream media that offers reasoned belief in the existence of genuine UFOs.

This piece is clearly done in coordination with the history channel’s show unidentified. Even so, the tone and information provided is noteworthy.

Just a few years ago, this type of coverage used to be extremely rare. And of course the UFO community is anticipating some sort of bombshell coming from the mainstream media anytime soon.

One interesting thing moving forward will be the new relationship between the public and UFO secrecy. In other words, if it becomes more or less a given that UFOs are real, even by our political establishment, could there be a public push to break past any sort of cover-up? 

Given the deeply convoluted structure of secrecy, would that even be possible?




11 thoughts on “More interesting MSM coverage of UFOs

  1. Carolyn3

    I do love the title of this article. You know anything is a game changer now in this stage of the game. But I’m hoping for a push through cover-ups. Somewhere in the middle of this is the covid mess, and will that take the light off the drip UFO disclosure? I hope not. Personally I’d rather deal with UFO’s landing in my yard now than this covid mess (knock on wood)

      1. Carolyn3

        I just found this from last year that the Washington Post put out. I am I seeing this correctly? But with their tiny disclosure line under it that states,

        “UFOs are not the same thing as extraterrestrial life. But we should start thinking about that possibility.”

        But it’s still a good article and the line that gets me is this,

        ” They argued that the real reason UFOs have been dismissed is because of the existential challenge that they pose for a worldview in which human beings are the most technologically advanced life-forms:

        This made me laugh because humans are not exactly the best judge of this.

        By the way the paper noted in this article titled below a very good read.

        Sovereignty and the UFO
        Alexander Wendt

  2. PressToDigitate

    The “lynchpin” that a new organization must pull, to *force* a more serious impetus toward “Disclosure” – or to create such a strong evidential foundation that ‘official confirmation’ becomes impotent and anticlimactic, is the Abductee’s Implants. ‘Massive Replication of Leir’ is “Priority Research” – It is the ONE route which offers:
    1) Zero Technical Risk – That is, we know without question that they exist, at least by the thousands, and are definitely retrievable by known means, and subject to very reliable forms of scientific analysis.
    2) Zero Suppression Risk – A program of mass recruitment and surgical extraction does not depend on anyone in government doing (or not doing) anything; no approvals or official releases are required, and “Official Secrecy” doesn’t even enter into it.
    3) Zero Credibility Risk – Since hoaxers would have to surgically insert foreign objects into their bodies, and require time to heal before presenting themselves as fake Subjects, and because there is a large universe of Abductees from which to sort the downselect of candidates for surgical extraction, and with a number of experts (Jacobs, Rodwell, Lamb, Donderi, Simms, etc.) with well qualified candidates as patients who have been thoroughly vetted over decades, we can entirely eliminate the risk of “getting punked” by a disinfo operation.
    4) Zero Explanation Risk – The verification of large numbers (>100) of Implants bearing non-terrestrial Isotopic Signatures leaves NO room for scientific obfuscation by “skeptics”; the only alternative explanation that could be offered – that these people were all struck by micrometeorites without realizing it – is plainly ludicrous. The entire accepted, mainstream field of ‘Planetary Geology’ would have to be largely invalidated *by the Establishment itself*, in order to effectively discredit the findings of a Massive Leir Replication.
    5) Zero Financial/Programmatic Risk – The project would be organized as the production of a “Reality Series” for Cable Television, in which perhaps Four or Five different subjects would be interviewed, their Abduction cases explored, family relations, etc. and their surgery and analysis witnessed by viewers, in each of perhaps 20 or 25 Episodes (100+ subjects in total). It is not difficult to make this more interesting than digging a hole in the ground in Nova Scotia, the focus of Cable’s #1 Reality Series for the past several years. Given the lucrative and marketable rights to Broadcast & Streaming, and to Data, Technology and post-analytical Artifact Possession, such a project could produce significant net revenue to the Institute which orchestrated it. Sponsorship would be committed prior to any significant outlays of capital toward the project.
    6) Zero Obscurity Risk – As a television series on par with “Curse of Oak Island”, “Unidentified”, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”, etc., it would be difficult for the public and media to ignore. But that’s just the ‘gravy’; the ‘meat’ of this is the reams of scientific papers that would be organized from it by the Institute, to submit to leading peer-reviewed Journals across several different disciplines. Sufficient rigor taken in the process would guarantee that the data would have to be seriously examined, and could not be ignored. Since the beginning, Ufology as an academic science has suffered from its lack of “replicability”. A Massive Leir Replication solves that conundrum, ‘Once-and-For-All’. With the proper marshaling of research collaborators beforehand to engage with and participate in the process, the resulting journal article publications could not help but to “Kick Down the Door” on scientific recognition of the ETUFO presence – no matter what ‘the Government’ (or the Aliens) did, or tried to do, to hush up the data.
    7. Zero Risk from Intrusion of “Woo” – Not one aspect of a Massive Leir Replication is subject to being derailed into irrelevance by metaphysical distractions, either from within Ufology, or by external provocateurs attempting to paint it as some form of psychotic ‘delusion’ or ‘superstition’. Its Hard Evidence In The Form Of Extraterrestrial Technology/Debris, no less so than chunks of metal from a Crash Retrieval – except with better provenance. It doesn’t matter what tales the subjects tell about the Aliens really being here to “Save the Whales”, or “Harmonize our Vibrations”, or whether the subjects were healed of diseases by the Aliens in the process, or “had their Chakras Adjusted to a Higher Density” – the more colorful the stories, the better the ratings. All we care about is the *Alien Hardware*, and how it operates.
    8. Zero Risk of Zero Impact – Once completed, it doesn’t matter if the series didn’t even air or television or were tied up in litigation of some kind preventing it from ever being seen – BECAUSE we would *already have* the DATA, from the Electromagnetic & RF analysis of the Implants, the Spectroscopy, the Electron Microscopy, the Crosscutting DNA analysis of the Subjects, the nanotech tendrils the devices extend as an interface, the neurotech signalling to/from the subject’s nervous system they engage in, and other aspects of the investigation. Either way, the doing of it will defeat the Alien Coverup.
    9. Zero Risk of Another ‘Open Ended’ Outcome – While the Disclosure Project and Citizen Hearing on Disclosure were valiant landmarks in the history of Ufology, as is TTSA, their contributions to progress were linear, and finite, leading to no resolute and specific follow-on of a conclusive nature. All three were like “See? We prove They’re Real! (and we’ll just leave this right here with you)” Instead, a Massive Leir Replication would trigger and facilitate a large number of subsequent scientific investigations, in Genetics, Materials Science, Neurology, Nanotechnology, Electronic Engineering, and other fields; it would result in methods and devices for Abduction Countermeasures, it would provide the means for the Institute to send messages ‘upstream’, to the Aliens *directly*. It would result in noninvasive, passive systems for the detection of Abductees, including those who had no idea they had ever had such Contact. It would provide the data and methodology for those concerned by the results to take deliberate action, in perpetuity, on an independent distributed basis. There won’t be any “Well, What do we do with this Now?” – or, “Where do we go from Here?”
    10. Zero Risk of Internal ‘Strife’ (or Sabotage) – With a clearly defined approach, strategy and procedures established from the outset, only those who subscribe to the objectives need be recruited to participate in conducting the project. The technical options for doing this manifestly define themselves, with little room for divergences of “philosophy”; the analytical instrumentation is straight forward, as are ‘Chain-of-Custody’ issues. The epistemology here is entirely objective and empirical; we only extract for analysis those Implants already highly qualified in the patient/abductee selection, backed up by instrumental detection. Ego (or Agenda) driven issues that have recently afflicted other projects in Instrumental Ufology do not come into play here, because the choices of course of action are already both suggested and constrained by circumstance. Put simply: “There’s nothing to argue over” in getting it done.

    Richard, if we want ‘Bombshells in the Media’, lets just ‘Start Dropping Our Own’…

  3. JimmyBee

    The recent Marco Rubio comments are hopeful. I don’t mind if they research “under the guise” of national security, so long as they investigate. It of course is a matter of national security, as a potential threat. But, once they discover these things are not made by a nation state, they might back off the idea of it being a threat, and treat it as the biggest story in human history.

    I believe that once a critical number or type of person(s) openly admit that some of the UFOs are flying saucers, accpetance will crush the secrecy.

    Disclosure may be a drip, but public acceptance might be an avalance.

  4. Simmo1

    I’m as hopeful as anyone about the changing perceptions around UFOs but the opening sentence of that article “Even after decades of research and investigation, UFOs continue to fascinate the world. ” highlights how much ignorance of the evidence we have to work against. It’s going to be a rushed course from Kindergarten through to postgrad studies for a lot of journos


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