Interesting UFO article in the New Yorker

By | April 30, 2021

Hi everyone,

Very interesting article published today by the New Yorker. It’s very long and centers primarily around Leslie Kean, but gives a good overview of the UFO subject right up to the present day. There’s a certain amount of the arrogance you would expect from this type of treatment, but much of it is well done. And there is a lot in here.

One especially interesting segment concerns statements about potential UFO-related materials being held by Lockheed. Very interesting!



31 thoughts on “Interesting UFO article in the New Yorker

  1. Mike

    Leslie Kean and her NYT is The Establishment. Woman who in essence denies the existence of retrieved saucers and bodies has zero credibility for me.

    NY Post also has an article about Luis Elizondo, whom they call “whistlebower”.

    Psyops is on overdrive for some reason.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    Well, Greer is sure getting a lot of press lately. 🙂

    Of course i read part of this article, but i can’t get more than a few sentences at a time due to the large ad to subscribe that takes up all the space and i can’t get rid of it. However, i found the background information on Leslie Keen’s journalistic career to be very interesting and it made me feel much better about her. So that was a good thing. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Rosanne Losee

    I read through the article, skimmed most of it until the end. I’ve been reading about UFOs since I was 17 and so much of it was rehash for me, probably enlightening to someone with little to no knowledge of it, however.

    But at the end, we are left in the same limbo we have been in for decades. Higherups know that they exist; military knows that they exist, human beings on planet earth who have had encounters know that they exists; people who have been abducted know for sure they exist but no one of any authority wants them to talk, and/or they are threatened not to talk.

    So we are still not moving forward, but simmering in a UFO soup of sorts.

    Here’s my contention: that until and when the media does its job and reports intelligently on this issue, not just once very five years, but routinely, this quagmire will continue. Long ago, back in the 90s I read Terry Hansen’s book, “The Missing Times: The News Media’s Complicity in the UFO Coverup.” Truly a masterful work; he has since died unfortunately.

    They are the corporate owned, CIA backed news media; so this conundrum will continue indefinitely.

    I wish I felt more positive that human beings can fully know and understand the dilemma that they are in; or perhaps, after reading the abductions, it’s best we don’t?

    1. Jess Hansen

      Terry Hansen was my husband, so thanks Rosanne Losee. He would very much appreciate your comments. I helped him a bit with the Missing Times — theorizing that the National Inquirer and other tabloids were used as a way to disreputably frame the subject, (simply by covering it in the ludicrous way they ‘cover’ everything else)–and that the tabloids had ties with the intelligence community.

      Anyway…enough about me! It seems to me that the New Yorker article is another game changer. They aren’t doing a deep dive into the subject, but they aren’t laughing at it anymore either. The ufo phenomeon has just been given another green light for other ‘cultivated’ periodicals to follow.

      We are entering another period of human evolution, like it or not.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Jess, I would like you to know that I had the highest regard for your husband all the time I knew him. I like to think that he thought well of me, also. We shared a number of long and meaningful conversations, and always felt a real kinship in our respective work. He left us too soon, and even after all these years, please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. He was a great man.

        And let me offer my thanks to you for your assistance on that great book. It is a real service to those who believe in the truth.

        1. Jess Hansen

          Hi again, Richard!

          Terry thought very highly of you as well, as all who know you and your work do. He considered you a good friend and colleague as well.

          Richard Thieme referred to Terry as a ‘Jedi Journalist’. That has always stuck with me. He truly was…and so are you.

          And hey, you are welcome for the contribution to the book, “The Missing Times.” It was a small contribution, but was important for me to do at the time!

          1. Richard Dolan Post author

            That makes me happy to hear, thank you. Terry was one of my favorite people ever in the UFO field. It’s nice to have you around here.

  4. Ron Holmes UK

    Richard, I have a few (very few) friends / family members who are lingering on the cusp of belief and taking the first steps towards learning more. They reacted very positively to this article – probably due to its conservative nature – and (what they see as) being from a reliable source. So, it has some value and that has to be a positive thing.

  5. HappyCup

    The narrative on UFOs Is clearly being guided by the same forces that, for the most part, deny their existance.
    I am beginning to think that the underlying truth behind this phenomenon is either one big psyop-nothingburger or is so mindshakingly horrific that merely a glimpse would send us all howling and scampering toward the nut hatch.
    I, for one, will ride this ride until it comes to a complete stop. I just cant shake this feeling, we are being played. Of course, considering recent events, who doesnt?

  6. Ed Travis

    I am left with the question, why now? Slow news day? Look over there, not over here?

  7. Scott Santa

    We don’t get this kind of “broad-scope article” very often – so I’ll give the writer his due on that point, primarily because it IS “The New Yorker” …. better than the tired “usual shit” that MSM dishes out. Things have definitely changed, no doubt about it.

  8. Lynda

    If it was supposed to be a general overview to catch people up for not following this subject for decades as many believe, it failed. There were many other things that could have been stated for that purpose, instead of focusing on debunkers/skeptics, and similar things.

    I won’t go on about the rest of it or reactions to it.


  9. Jake2020

    Leslie Kean;

    “It’s not necessarily that what Greer was saying was wrong—maybe there have been visits by extraterrestrials since 1947,” she said. “It’s that you have to be strategic about what you say to be taken seriously. You don’t put out someone talking about alien bodies, even if it might be true. ”

    As a result of my experience with DCIS, NCIS and DOD I have somewhat of a small idea of how the USA INTEL works. Not in those Black Budgets but those on the front lines. Seems to me we have an ongoing war with the USA Military and INTEL on one side versus all those Men in BLACK. Too much is leeching into the MSM, including this story. So why was the story ever written and whom are they championing? They are bringing out Leslie Kean. I believe that ET is here among us and they are friendly. My contacts are at or above the level of USA Special Agent. They believe as I do. To those whom attempt to discredit Leslie Kean I ask why? Opinions can change along with agendas and talking points. That possibly seems to be the case here as the CIA seems to have its MOJO back, based on what I read and sense in the direction of the country. What happens from here on out may either be a soft disclosure or were all put back into our Hamster Cage and back on the wheel to nowhere. Where this all goes it’s a jump ball. Leslie Kean may be the green light for all of MSM to get on board with a soft disclosure. My take.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this very interesting observation. I only have one question, for clarification purposes. You wrote “Seems to me we have an ongoing war with the USA Military and INTEL on one side versus all those Men in BLACK.” When referring to the men in black, I assume you mean black budget operations? Or is it something else?

  10. MarkH

    We don’t seem short of people these days who are not in fear of going out on a proverbial limb and rattle their sabres to the sound of ufos. Let’s hope the silence so closely associated with UFOs is broken when the US government report is at hand. It makes you think, though, what driving force is behind those seeking to prevent disclosure? Do the same machinations thrive in those individuals possessed with the knowledge as those of the past. Perhaps we are not allowed to know because the Aliens don’t want us to know.

      1. PressToDigitate

        How do you stonewall both the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the very most senior member of Congress, and be at all within an accountable legal framework? You Can’t. It doesn’t Exist. I submit that No Humans have that power, authority or ability, FULL STOP. Or, Wilson’s superiors at JCS, and Reid’s Senate Intel & Armed Services Committees, which he controlled, and which have purview over EVERYTHING, would not have permitted it. What, other than Alien “Mental Suasion” could have stopped them from *forcing* access?

        We’re “whistling past the graveyard” here. It only ends up in One Place, with One Conclusion.
        The ETs are running the U.S. Government (and Contractor) programs dealing with UFOs, and actively managing their own UFO Coverup. They may have been doing so ALL ALONG.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Well, at the very least, it DOES look like the human hierarchy within the Pentagon and beyond is working actively to keep this entire thing covered up, and yes that strongly appears to be illegal. I can’t imagine any reasonable way to spin it otherwise. You could assume there are classified laws that make all this behavior “legal” in the strictest sense, but not by any reasonable standard of law.

          1. PressToDigitate

            It is *SO* blatantly illegal that it is implausible that any normal people, all of whom have sworn an Oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution, could ever be expected to go along with it. But, more curious than these anomalously seditious “Insiders” (who appear to have sabotaged aerospace defenses against UFOs since at least the cancellation of Nike-Zeus, in 1961) are the otherwise “normal” people, on the ‘Outside’, in authority who seem to *always* ‘go along’ with it, without objections, and without questioning the situation. Over the span of decades, the improbability of this universally obsequious behavior, by otherwise stalwart, independent “Leaders of Men” begs credulity. Something smells “fishy” about all this (or should I say, “Vichy”).

            1. itsmeRitaC

              I just jumped in here to be honest. But PTD, you sound like a true believer in ‘truth, justice and the american way’. Sorry, but i saw a retro tv channel that had Superman tv shows on. And that was, omg, the opening to the show.

              “Leaders of men”. Well………………………..I can’t think of a way to respond to that kind of statement. 🙂

              yours truly, rita

  11. Jess Hansen

    Hi Richard,

    When Terry and I spoke with Jon Peterson of the Arlington Institute, he said his best guess was that the matter of ufos was handled by a supra-national agency. We took that to mean that that particular agency (if his guess is correct) isn’t necessarily answerable to any one nation’s laws.
    There is also a well worn pattern of the U.S. ignoring its own laws in “the interests of national security.” And that is done in broad daylight.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes indeed. I have sometimes thought of the model of Project Echelon, which as I understand it is also not bound by any national law, strictly speaking, but is managed by some sort of international set of agreements. By the way, may I ask roughly what time period that would have been when Peterson told you that?

  12. Jess Hansen

    Peterson said it was his best guess only. He also claimed he tried to get as much information as he could, and hit an impenetrable wall.

    So…let me think…it had to have been before 9/11 or that would have come up in the conversation. It must have been 2000 or early 2001.

  13. HappyCup

    Every few months or so I check in with Greer and his exploits. His latest ‘call to arms’ is very interesting.
    I like to joke around about a false flag alien attack scenario as much as the next guy. However, in light of recent events the joke may very well be on us.
    Greers warning, this sudden main stream acceptance of UFOlogy and this “report” coming out soon really have my conspiratorial panties in a wad.
    I like to think it is all far fetched nonsense but we are living in an age of far fetched nonsense so it is of little comfort.
    I wonder if tin foil hats will replace masks in 2021. 🤔

  14. Harry Harris

    Like some have said here, the article gives a short summary of the UFO history which many of us have heard or read about already. But the author of the article provided some of the personal backgrounds of investigators such as Kean and skeptics like West which I found illuminating. I liked the fact that the author more or less stayed on neutral ground and just laid out the information. All in all a fairly well written article especially for persons who are not as well read up on the subject.

  15. iam080


    If you haven’t listened to the March 2021 interview of Christopher Mellon and James Fox by Stars and Stripes, you definitely should. There are some candid comments which may be worthwhile discussing with Lue Elizondo, later this month.

  16. AP

    As the New Yorker article profiles Leslie Kean and her journey, see announcement below about a new movie underway based on her journey and 2011 book (UFOs: Generals, pilots, and government officials go on the record), with script by Bryce Kass:

    5/14/2021 – Deadline: “New Line, HBO Max land untitled UFO script based on Leslie Kean book”

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