46 thoughts on “Article by MJ Banias on Wilcock & Goode

  1. stlthlvis@hotmail.com

    Wow!!! I knew Wilcock and Goode were a few cans shy of a 6 pack but to sue people for essentially not believing you is beyond silly. It shows that they really aren’t crazy; it always goes back to money. tisk tisk tisk.
    I have way too much I could say about this article. I will just leave it alone…
    I mean if you don’t want to be made fun of you can’t have blue chicken people and time traveling trailer trash as the main characters in your story!!!
    Nope, I’m walking away…

    1. PressToDigitate

      I just LOVE the line: “I mean if you don’t want to be made fun of you can’t have blue chicken people and time traveling trailer trash as the main characters in your story…” 😀

    2. jflieger

      Is this the same VICE that does exposes on HBO? I think their journalism is high-quality.

      I knew of each of these charlatans separately, but did not know they had teamed up and super monetized, let alone named Richard in a suit. I always wince when I see either of them consulted as a talking head in any UFO documentary. I thought the main threat they posed was the discrediting, by association, of any legitimate UFO research–to the general public. All this endless blather about the Secret Space Program having bases on Mars, etc, just makes it impossible to get ‘regular people’ interested in disclosure or serious research (as an academic, I am really sensitive to this, as it is a real struggle for legitimacy to mention this topic in lectures or to colleagues, although I often do.)

      Can Richard and others sue THEM for defamation, or frivolous harassment, or even attempt to suppress their first amendment rights? I cannot believe these people are allowed to fleece and frighten people, while discarding the real work in the field. It makes me furious–I can’t believe their ‘cease and desist’ strategy is actually keeping real researchers from talking about them ‘negatively’.

      I mean, anyone can join a group and believe anything they want….but when you start charging money and preying on frightened or lonely people, especially NOW, isn’t it criminal fraud?

      I also like Greer years ago at the beginning of his efforts at disclosure, but NOW he has a whole cosmology which is more complicated than any religious doctrine…

      I haven’t yet read Richard’s piece on left and right ufology, but I hope ‘left’ isn’t associated with spiritualism of any sort, versus “nuts and bolts’ resaarch. In my political life, I am a leftie, but when it comes to UfO research, I am, I guess ‘conservative’, as an academic trying to vouch for the field ( I recently published an article in France, in French, on “Why do we laugh at UFO’s?” It got a good response, but ONLY because I stuck to ‘hard cases’, like Robert Salas and other military and aviation experts).

      Anyway, sue him back,Richard! Preying on people’s fears, during a pandemic, and stealing their money, ought to be equivalent to yelling ‘fire’ in a theater! It is not a question of free speech, particularly when the strategy is to sue others for criticizing their claims–this is suppression of REAL free speech. Enough…I’ve gone on too long. But these guys infuriate me!

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Thank you. I have not been sued by anyone at this time. Yes, I heard the talk and threats to do so. If this silliness continues to move forward, I assure you that I will take appropriate measures, whatever those will be. Hopefully none of that will transpire.

      2. mcwest50

        It’s about intimidation, but they have to prove there claims………impossible! Rich is smart, why answer, you can’t fix stupid!!

      3. mcwest50

        I agree Greer is off in the weeds in away that is dangerous to all the work he’s done, could get undone, real or not he should stop commercializing something so abstract that most in ufology stop and have to take a breath with Slow down Stephen. I rarely give advice but take your close friends and explore. But don’t ask for money to go down that rabbit hole with you. Everyone in the biz should make a buck if like Richard you’ve put the years in and out to present a clear picture of what’s come and gone. But we all have to start asking WE NEED DISCLOSURE!! How do we unite…….there’s a unique word in these times to force open the door. This could change the course of this planet……….we can’t do any worse!! Everyone shows up at conventions sells there trinkets and goes home to there Netflix and twitter wars!

    3. mcwest50

      Corey Goode, David Wilcox. I stopped listening a long time ago as I watched an audience inthralled. Or were some thinking really bs! but some have supported them with the money to continue in there dog and pony show. They thread just enough regurjitated info to leave one……maybe. Naw not buying. There are questions I will keep asking over and over till someone gives me a plausible answer. 1. where are these space force craft being built? 2. Why hasn’t one of the 1000’s involved spoken out. Impossible to keep this large a infrastructure secret. 3. What is up with the endless varieties of craft. I know the deltas are ours, some are there’s? Where are they parking these enormous Alien craft undetected. The Sea? 3. 4. Reptillians, how do they operate if you have a tail?? Seat with a large opening in the back? That’s a tough one. Short greys….workers, tall grey’s controlling? Nordic’s seen with Travis on a craft with others. Working relationship?………what’s there plan? Anyone taking a shot at that question Why haven’t there been a global initiative to disclose, at least national. Ok we’ve seen tic tac’s and multitudes of alien vehicles but lets go back to lobbing molotov cocktails. Our country is in peril of self destructing. The Apathy is so bad I really think there is no helping this planet. F! push the button and lets get it over. Our cretin brains just cant’s handle this much tech? It’s overwhelming but start some where. Like is the black knight a real thing? Is it still in orbit? who’s is it? no one answers we move on. someone throw me bone at mccarthyartdesign@yahoo.com I’m going to have to start showing up at houses at 2am pound on the door to get an answer. I’m retired and tired of being a f’n dog chasing his tail. Riots! same shit different day. Or lets say Groundhog day, or Hoodlum day, We’ve lost decency integrity morality maybe some interstellar neighbors can help. We sure need something Where are the definition of nuts doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Turn off the TV poor a cold……..I’m OUT!!

    1. mcwest50

      Listened briefly to David a long time ago and once he got in the weeds……………………….and showed with Corey Goode Im OUT!

  2. Laurence Stone

    Having watched many of your videos you are always careful not to throw out names of people that you perceive as charlatans. It’s painfully obvious that these guys are of that type. They give the serious study of Ufology a bad name and it’s unfortunate. They take advantage of week minded people who are either uneducated or not willing to do any research of their own.

    The short story is these guys should be publicly called out for their activities and I’m glad vice has done that. The problem is their followers are most likely looking for escapism and immediate satisfaction so they will never read this article.

  3. Mike

    Vice undewent $400M MSM overhaul, venturing into TV “reporting” as well.


    ” both had humble beginnings as ordinary UFO conspiracy theorists”.

    You see. According to Vice, there are extraodinary CTs and then there are ordinary ones. That would be me, RD and everybody else. In the end, all UFO crowd is CT. Looks like Vice is even behind Paper of Record, which acknowledged tic tac.

    If Vice distorts like that, what else do they distort?

    Couldn’t read past that. Sorry RD.

  4. jennymemon

    Well I suppose its nothing we all didnt already know. It is very sad how some humans can be so keen to make money or gain fame by any means necessary. I used to feel so angry towards Wilcock for some of the bullsh*t he would come out with, I was obsessed with leaving comments telling him to stop. Now, i pity him and Goode, there is nowhere for them to run now, but i suppose they will just keep reinventing themselves.
    I really think they are guilty of crimes against humanity for all of the false hope they have given to vulnerable and probably some lonely people. Especially during these extremely stressful times. It must be very frustrating for researchers like yourself and others Richard, who are trying to work in a already sceptical climate, when the likes of these two just add fuel to the fire.

  5. PressToDigitate

    Ahem…. My first reaction is that Banias’ smarmy, snarky attitude is even more objectionable (and probably more dangerous) than the shameless farcical self-promotion of the (as stlthlvis so delightfully puts it, above) “Time Traveling Trailer Trash”, Wilcock & Goode, themselves. The biggest problem with the article is that, in the first two paragraphs, he nominates Wilcock & Goode for phoniness for asserting “the ‘Illuminati Deep State’ was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic” and ” the new coronavirus was engineered as a ‘biological weapon from an American university’ and smuggled into China by a student in order to act as a population control tool” Lets get one thing straight: Both of these assertions are, in fact, CORRECT.

    We *know* that this is a synthetically engineered pathogen, because the “student” (actually, post-doc visiting researcher) Dr. Zhengli-Shi, and colleagues at that American university (UNC/Chapel Hill) in fact published in NATURE (the world’s most prestigious peer reviewed scientific journal) a paper in 2015, proclaiming having already then accomplished the following in the Abstract: “Using the SARS-CoV reverse genetics system, we generated and characterized a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus SHC014 in a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV backbone”…. “we synthetically re-derived an infectious full-length SHC014 recombinant virus and demonstrate robust viral replication both in vitro and in vivo”. It is important to note that they are *NOT* describing any “computer simulation”. Here, Richard, you can you read it for yourself from the original document: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4797993/ HHS suspended this “Gain of Function” research at UNC in 2014, before the paper was published, due to its inestimable biohazard potential. Please note the incorporation of the unique ‘Spike’ protein, which hooks the ACE-2 receptor, that distinguishes COVID-19. Dr. Zhengli-Shi then returned to China, resuming this recombinant viral research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – with funding from U.S. bureaucrats at NIH (actually, Fauci’s NIAID) and DOD. The NIAID grant specifically paid for the retrieval of the rare Horsehoe Bats from caves 600 miles away from Wuhan – the very Bats with the 99% correspondence to the COVID-19 genetic lineage (and only such Bats in the city). In a 2017 bilateral working-group meeting with American collaborators, Shi literally bragged about having advanced the process of synthesizing such new coronaviruses such that they (at WIV) could by then do it much faster and easier, “by a grad student in just a few months”, according to the official meeting notes (which we have), which were taken down from the WIV website shortly after the pandemic erupted. Scrolling down from the article, VICE has another going to town on “Conspiracy Theories” about COVID-19, evidently in service to the “dodgy Bat Soup at a farmer’s market” Official Narrative, which we know to be false for many reasons; not the least of which is that that “wet market” never had any Bats. (Of course, once that was proven, from numerous witness accounts, the story suddenly changed to be that it came from an infected “Pangolin” instead.)

    Having said all that, it is difficult to imagine anyone more buffoonish to carry the ‘COVID Truther’ mantra than [‘Stanley’, See “LEXX”] “Tweedle-dum & Tweedle-dee”, Wilcock & Goode. If someone wanted to cloak the Truth in enough flagrant bullshit to consign it to oblivion, they couldn’t have it championed by anyone more apt at doing so. Later in the article, the banal Banias tags Wilcock for “claim[ing] that 9/11 was a plot hatched by the ‘Luciferian’ Deep State cabal, and that the planes were empty”. Now, *WE* know that 9/11 was, indeed, a ‘Deep State’ plot, for reasons that need not be rehashed at the moment; whether the planes were ’empty’ or not is (condolences to loved ones of the victims) wholly irrelevant to the question. As to the “Luciferian” bit – see paragraph 2 of my comment to your May 10th Liberal/Conservative posting, regarding “useless bloody loonies”. So, if you wanted to discredit any serious discussion of apocalyptic evil alien conquest, how could you do better than downloading it into Frick & Frack, and turning them loose to go spin fanciful yarns about it within, among and beyond the Ufology – and Conspiracy – communities?

    If Aliens *were* engaged in a subversive infiltration project, developed over the course of a century, and could “download” whatever happy crap they wanted into sufficiently sensitive – and credulous – receptive individuals, blowing warm air up WIlcock’s skirt for a few years, to ‘set the mood’ for him to discredit the present bits of Truth — would not be a major undertaking for them. Try it this way: If WE were substantially more intelligent than we are, and thought at higher levels of abstraction, and over longer time frames, and ‘smoothing the Infiltration’ was our mission priority, what steps and techniques would We have been using to neutralize accurate ‘Memes’ which might otherwise spread to disruptively threatening levels among the general population?

    As to their purported threat to sue You: “You Should Be So Lucky!” In ‘discovery’ you could systematically dismantle their whole confabulated misdirection scenario; you could probably find that they have been paid by nebulous, shadowy third parties to propound their fantasy, with the intention and for the purpose of distracting, diverting and effectively neutralizing Ufology, as a potential uncoverer of the actual Alien Agenda.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      While I support any journalism that exposes frauds and other nastiness, Mr. Banias — with whom I have briefly corresponded politely — is very conventional/mainstream in his point of view, that is for sure. That’s what Vice is. So yes, it’s a definite control system that is extremely well-funded.

  6. Ed Coffman

    I guess this article answers my last AMA question in spades! Time to eat another jar of pickles! But save the Ladybug, please!

  7. Paul Rohe

    These characters are fraudulent and should be called out for being the sellers of snake oil that they are and people should be warned that they will take every penny a person has if allowed through their various activities, that’s the nature of such frauds. In some respects it’s the fault of the UFO community for being so “tollerant” of such people, don’t mean to sound mean here but it is, we should always say something. I’m not calling for censorship and that’s the excuse many will use to allow these people a podium, it’s about common sense. These people and their abjective rhetorical inanity do inestimable harm not only to the subject but to those individuals they knowingling mislead over the years. If they were alternative health practitioners they’d probably be in Court for claimg a cure for cancer by big toe rubbing with canola oil… yet, the world being the crazy place it is today who knows what will happen next. If I was not already folically challenged I’d probably be such due to pulling my hair out at the stupidly of such things. This is my honest opinion of these two mean and let’s be honest quite nasty individuals. Our house needs putting in order as it were without throwing out the baby with the bath water, always a difficult thing. Blue Space Chickens indeed, the absurdity of it all…no wonder most academics won’t touch this subject.

    1. mcwest50

      Paul, can’t censor, that’s what I rail against with social media. Once you start down that path who decides? Naw they will burn out, just like the travelers of our culture they (ufo travelers) will run out of places and spaces to sell there special brand of BS! Most smell it pretty quick. The minions want to believe, and you can’t fix stupid

  8. miket52

    sooner or later they will garner the attention of the FBI as do most cults. In the mean time, if they sue anyone like RD they may find themselves and their blue chicken friends before a judge.

  9. Bob_n4hy

    I was interviewed yesterday along with Steve McDaniel by MJ Banias for an upcoming article. Our interview was about SkyHub. During the conversation we discussed this article here at some length. I do not believe it would be ethical of me to divulge details MJ said concerning the activities around this article by Wilcock and Goode, but he gave them the opportunity to comment and contribute.

    What followed is exactly what you might guess would happen when these two asshats were told. In the end, Vice cleared the article after two months of vetting every fact and detail and told the asshats **bring it**.

  10. Domi Vallée

    Here’s an hypothesis: this reeks of a Mockingbird continuation type of thing.

    Millions of views on youtube… their movies pushed to the front on itunes, netflix, youtube movie rental services… even on the xbox movie streaming platform. Great budgets for their movies also. Now, as they’re ramping up the real world implications of their absurdity campaign, they’re mentioned in mainstream media (is Vice mainstream? Kind of?)… if they get in the NYT or WaPo, the smell goes from stank to rotting puke.

    Again… **hypothesis**.
    Still, a lot of people who know about operations like Mockingbird also believe that it’s still going on in one way or another… but often lack the imagination/will to picture in what ways. To me, this could very well be it.

  11. Paul Rohe

    Seems Goode & Wilcock are trying to make some kind of comeback, just listened to some of their nonsense while Wilcock was being interviewed on ThirdPhaseofMoon with Goode to be followed in an interview sometime later. Let the debacle begin, again. What can one say, a cream bun n cup of ascension at Walmart on black Friday maybe.

  12. ThankYou

    I concur. Being an experiencer I was looking for my tribe. Volunteering at a dozen left coast conferences to earn tickets to the workshops and at the persistence of a good friend, becoming a member of GaiaTV to specifically watch Cosmic Disclosure & Wisdom Teachings. My friend was a member of a book club for, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? This was how we met. Over time, having listened to many hours of his radio show, I ended up building two websites for co-author Wynn Free and eventually meeting him and David as well.

    Within a few short months I had caught up on every Gaia episode and maintained viewership until Jason Rice showed up. Followed by the 2018 Corey-gate, I was done. Despite being open and entertained by CG and DW, I saw the disdain on Richard’s face when forced to be near Corey at a conference, listened to the Blue Chicken marketing cult claims by Dark Journalist and the community at large asking for proof, but getting none. Corey & David, these folks were not my tribe, making this decision on my own through travel, volunteerism and shaking hands with Corey, David, Wynn, Richard & Tracey and soooo many others. I really like the Dolans, just saying.

    Have to share that I have always recognized how difficult it has been to document my own experiences, so I do not possess photographic or video proof. I do have witnesses however. Some are high level scientists, military folks, everyday civilians, friends and roommates who have been with me when novel things are happening in the sky around me.

    I even volunteered for Corey in 2015-2016 on a private side project of his. Then I met him in person in 2016 at a weekend conference the first time, not the last, where I realized he was not a person I was going to be helping anymore and I fired him. To the behest of many of my new friends I quickly disconnected myself from celebrity Corey, and Roger and Stacey permanently in 2016. I still saw them in person many times and said hello, but was ignored.

    Having real esoteric craft experiences, interacting with crew and pilots. Having oodles of meaningful coincidences and not having any proof of earth shattering messages or videos to share, will almost guarantee anonymity and that is okay for this introvert. I do not need a cult to follow to have my own interactions with off planet people. I do not need night vision goggles at conferences or graphic novels to grow. What I need is patience.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Fascinating, and thank you for writing this. I fully appreciate the difficulty you must experience in describing what you have gone through. I can’t pretend that I will ever fully know what you went through, but I can tell you that I — and the others who are here at this site — will always be interested in whatever you choose to share, just as we all share what we can. We are all in here to learn from each other.

  13. TomTort

    I am not a follower of David Wilcock and have no intention of giving this man any credibility. He is a waste of my time.

  14. Doctor3j

    Wow. Just when things couldn’t get more crazy. Chill went down my spine. I’m almost apoplectic. In no small way, we all caused these “Jonestowners.” the missing ingredient was when we moved, perhaps correctly, closer and closer to very ethereal, spiritual realms. UFOlogy has moved from the nuts and bolts paradigms of the 50’s to the current nebulous transpiritual , easy to hoax occultism.

    So we have to admit this shift in all of us, characterized to a tee by Grant Cameron made this crap possible.
    It’s so obvious now.

    We should have warned of this possibility by stating clearly that this spiritual stuff must be analyzed more stringently than all other.

    Where is Sagan when you need him? Lets invoke him now. Never thought I would be in earnest uttering his
    words: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”

    Finally they put the mother of all force fields around. Legal threats at defamation.

    Where is the deep state establishment when you need them?

    Lets petition our deep staters to raid and stop these guys.

    It’s an existential moment for legit UfOlogy.

    Channeling Carol OConnor: do anything it takes………to get between them and true UFOlogy.
    It’s our duty to earth to expose these guys

  15. bradmcclain

    Common sense says those two guys and their endeavors don’t pass the “sniff test”. I’m still waiting for the thousands of subpoenas to be served????

    1. mcwest50

      I stopped listening a long time ago when there names come up, I go by or turn off, don’t have time, people will believe what they want to, but that bs is dangerous because the element they need to survive off is YOUR MONEY!
      I just want DISCLOSURE! how do we make it happen, someone please throw out ideas that can make it happen. There’s enough intelligent people with enough resources that we can move the needle. How many tic tacs saucers and cubes, sphere’s does it take people? Let’s watch the riots and eat a few more bon bon’s. As long as I have Netflix Hulu, Amazon prime what the f’ do I care. Maybe I’ll set up a table for real solutions at the next convention tired of talk, no action. What can I sell to the pop corn eating minions? Suggestions? Mars trips with your special host Corey Goode………………….sound good?

  16. Joseph Matto

    Richard, I would be interested in why YOU thought this was interesting, other than becuause you are named. I have followed these two characters since they first appeared mostly in wonder of how they weave together so many important ideas and theories about our reality into a cohesive story in which they can cast themselves as heroes of various sorts. Despite the content, which is sometimes a legitimate inquiry, other times pure fantasy, what shines out clearly is that they are desperate to be in the limelight and seen as “Special” beyond any other humans. Their affiliation with Blue Avians or knowledge of “Insiders” makes them special. And the context of this reality is further fueled by controversy over conspiracies of all sorts, especially those that put them at the center of interest. What is curious to me is how this might seed and grow structures of consciousness that become part of the collective conscious which in my opinion is what creates and shapes what we perceive as reality. …I do find some of their shows entertaining because it deals with ideas and controversy that interest me….sort of like a bad “Bar Joke” about an otherwise serious important circumstance. A kind of Cosmic Comic Relief…..but when it starts to effect people financially, emotionally, or in ways that are detrimental….the only thing to do is ignore and disconnect. There is some kind of line between researchers, journalists and scholars (including historians) that are honorable and noble in their pursuits to find the truth….and those that are not. It is easy for me to put you and LInda Mouton Howe on one side….and Cory, David and Salla….on the other. At that point, I just feed the “Good Wolf”. By the way, I am glad to see you in the “basement” these days surrounded by your books! You seem at home there happy and centered. I hope one day we will meet again for a longer discussion on everything from Remote Viewing to interdimensional beings and time travel. In the meantime, study the stained-glass window of “JUSTICE” by Sir Joshua Reynolds in New College Chapel at Oxford University….and see if you can discover a “Secret in Plain Sight”. I would love to share this thread dangling from a timeless tapestry…which if pulled begins to unravel a great mystery. Keep on keepin’ ON!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I think I get your point — essentially “don’t feed the trolls” and “don’t give energy to those who don’t need it.” I believe that it’s a good thing, however, to make some things out in the open where they can be critiqued by a wider audience. There have been people in our field who’s impact has been quite negative and sometimes push-back is necessary. I do agree with you that excessive attention is a bad idea and a waste of energy.

      1. Nitefall

        TY Richard. Good to have this out in the open but as far as any thoughts on it I would rather dwell on something more plausible and interesting such as — is it true that Santa Claus really had a fling with the Tooth Fairy?

          1. Scott Santa

            I’m here to tell you that the Tooth Fairy and I have NOT had a fling. I know her on a personal level – but Mrs. Claus and I are tight and have been for quite a long spell. You’re welcome? 😁

  17. JBC1969

    Richard this article and some of the comments here just underscore how insanely difficult your job is. I’m constantly amazed at your diplomacy, restraint, and ability to navigate the Ufology waters, and your own members forum, while staying tethered to the mostly emperical. Goode and Wilcox are charlatans through and through and like all good con men they create a nonsense buffet. That based on some of these comments even RD members can’t resist. Oh the blue chicken stuff is far to rich but the Covid conspiracy stuff looks delicious and goes great with anything 9/11 related.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you. I will only say that my skills in diplomacy were much less developed twenty years ago when I was in my thirties. And much, much less still prior to that. All these things take time. Even now, I find it’s often a struggle to remind myself NOT to say something. The funny thing is, Tracey gets all of my private reactions, unfiltered! She takes it all so that the rest of the world doesn’t have to.

      1. jennymemon

        Yes Richard, how dare some of your site members express their thoughts and ideas freely, and have the audacity to not fit into a nice little pigeon hole. I mean the nerve of them, having ideas about 911 and this Plandemic, and then confusing us all by not necessarily buying Wilcox and Goodes narrative! Its obvious they go together, isnt it?
        It must be simply awful for you Richard, what a trooper you are!


    So scammers are offering salvation by UFO for $333.00 ???

    The Church I belong to, J.R. “BOB” Dobbs’ mighty CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS, is and has been America’s favorite UFO-Sex Cult. The Church is a Church that’s so legal they even pay taxes!

    Eternal Salvation via the pleasure saucers of the Sex-Gods and Goddesses, or triple your money back– and for only a little more than a tenth of what those scammers are charging!

    dubya dubya dubya subgenius dot com!

    X-Day is coming! Don’t be ruled and controlled by The Conspiracy!

  19. Jean-Jacques Gariepy

    I am always in favour of a good “Wilcock and Goode” (and Salla) bashing but M.J. Banias wrote: “Wilcock and Goode… they’re significant figures in the “disclosure community,” a conspiracy-driven New Age segment of the UFO subculture that believes the government is hiding the truth about extraterrestrials.” A rather sweeping statement, uninformed and inaccurate. Also, MJ, it is “pseudo” not “psuedo”.

    The article, however, has further cemented my existing aversion to anything Wilcock-Good-Salla. I am now immune to their drivel.

  20. pdmccollum

    Thanks for the reference to the article. Today, after I signed up for the June 6th conference, I was hoping to ask about Wilcock and Goode, since I’ve had strong suspicions they are simply opportunists who don’t offer much in the form of truth, but are certainly entertaining. Richard, I really value listening to you since you are a historian seeking the truth, not fame and fortune. But if you get either, its well earned. Thanks for doing what you do and keep it up! PM

  21. PVGiel

    Hi Richard,
    Don’t waste your time on these two guys. Although the article itself seems to be carrying some seeds of controversy – going by some of the reactions – it paints a general picture of them two having gone completely round the bend. And the cocktail of offering salvation/spiritual enlightenment, asking for donations and threatening with lawyers reeks not only of bad taste but also of bad intentions.
    Forget about them and keep on truckin’ down your own road!

  22. Semore

    I got into it once with Goode on his Facebook page about something totally mundane. I forget exactly what it was about but I remember he became extremely defensive and came out of nowhere with some off the wall craziness about the “Cabal” and “governmental forced implants”. I think it was about vaccines, back before our current problem. Their whole consciousness angle is just too out there for me. When Grant Cameron starts talking consciousness I check out even though I like and respect what he says, most of the time.

    Plus, I thought Goode and Wilcock were in tight with Jimmy Church. I know the three of them were in cahoots with their thinly veiled jealousy of TTSA. The three of them seemed, to me, upset that they weren’t the ones that Elizondo talked to. I gave up listening to F2B because of the TTSA bashing, although I did listen to Dolan when he was on.

    That’s very nice of Vice to try to put a dark mark over the entire UFO community by vaguely lumping us in with these guys, “white supremacists and terrorists” and murderous/suicidal UFO cults. At least they singled out Dolan as a historian and not some kook.

    1. Scott Santa

      Semore; Not enough people are willing to own a “gray-basket” these days eh? … It’s either full on or not. G&W aren’t capable of it. The drivel they spout is an anathema to common sense people. They were “blocked” early on in my FB career … for cause.


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