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By | May 28, 2021

Kudos to our own Kirsten Blackburn for sending me this clip. This was just from this afternoon on CNN. Lue Elizondo talking about the possibility that the UAP Task Force report will be out as early as next week. By the way, this clip is right off of her phone, so don’t expect professional audio! 

What’s REALLY interesting however is how Elizondo answers (or doesn’t answer) their direct questions. Again, if this is an “op,” then he’s running rings around his supposed journalistic handlers. There’s no coordination. The female announcer even mispronounced his last name when she introduced him. 

Question #1: What do you think this report is going to say?

His answer: he ‘hopes’ that this will provide some useful information to Congress but he fears that 180 days won’t be enough time to do a comprehensive report.

Question #2: “So your expectation is that this report won’t be comprehensive?”

His answer here is masterful. He immediately backs off and says “well I think this is going to be a start.” One thing about Lue: he absolutely knows how to deflect questions he doesn’t want to answer or can’t answer. And he knows how to get out of potential hot water very, very well while being interviewed, as he did here. he was also clever in being vague about how long this phenomenon has been going on “many years if not decades.” Well as we all know, it’s been going on for many decades, but he leaves this extremely vague. This is the opposite of fear mongering, frankly. This is lowballing the situation, if anything.]

Question #3. “When you were director of the Pentagon’s program, what information did you see that the rest of us don’t know about?”

Here, he completely deflects, as you might expect. he starts off by SEEMING to answer directly by saying “Sure, well I think what’s important here …” and then proceeds to talk about essentially contemporary or recently reported UFO incidents by military observers. He indicated that multiple technologies have tracked these unknowns. All good stuff, but not answering her question. 

Question #4. “Now you have a former President acknowledging this. What changed?”

Again, he doesn’t answer but mentions how many high level officials have acknowledged this and pivots to “what are these things?,” etc.

Question #5: “And what do you think it is?”

He says, “to be completely honest, it’s too early to reach a conclusion right now.” And so on. 

They are not in his league. Not even close. 


27 thoughts on “Lue Elizondo on CNN Today

  1. itsmeRitaC

    I don’t understand why obama is getting press with this. I didn’t know until i saw the video. He doesn’t say anything. I mean, what is he supposed to say ? That he hasn’t read any news for three years and that he thinks fighter pilots are all crazy? I don’t know why that is made into anything more?

    I am still going to see if any credibility will come from non military witnesses. Or is this the way of ‘uap’ ‘disclosure’? Because for me, that is what i have seen as the biggest takeaway. All fighter pilots primarily. I know, i have said it more than enough times. 🙂 But it seems that no other kinds of witnesses are given any airtime or credibility. And i just don’t feel that this is going to be changing now that it has become a question of national security.

    Btw, the things you point out here about lou being ‘masterful’ at deflecting, etc, etc. I would certainly expect it from someone with a counterintelligence background. My heaven’s that is a definite component of the job description. The lighter side of it to be honest.

    I still wonder why a counterintelligence person was appointed to that uap study program. Someone told me he did ask that question at the conference here and i think Lou said something about maybe talking about that in a bar sometime in the future. I guess that is one of his famous ‘non answers’. 🙂

  2. PressToDigitate

    “I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I really think I can say with certainty that *something* is going on in my house. It’s been getting very hot in here….and we have this weird Yellow, Orange and Blue light that appears to be dancing all around us. I don’t know if its related, but it is suddenly becoming very hazy in here, and harder to see; I should say that I’m not an Optical Physicist, so I can’t say for sure, but it is as if something is obscuring the lamps in the room, more and more. We’ve been carefully observing the books and furniture gradually turning Black, and then disappearing; and the curtains are practically vanishing right before our eyes!…Now, I have to reserve judgement, until all of the facts are in, and we’ll leave it up to the judgement of the professionals to determine what all of this means, and, because of papers that I’ve signed, I’m legally obligated to just sit and stay put right here, and not react in any way that might suggest alarm over the situation …. But, In a Word, YES, Tucker…”

  3. Greg

    Sounds like damage control to me. So far, what’s being admitted are basic truths (e.g., UAPs exist, they seem to be intelligently controlled) that can no longer be denied without showing obvious bad faith.

  4. ggillum001

    Hello – after reading Richard’s summary and comments about Elizando’s interview, I’m confused as to why he is being praised here. Presumably LE was invited on to comment about the upcoming public report. However he is being praised for skillfully evading and not answering most of the questions. I thought LE was currently with TTSA and on the side of greater disclosure. Why is he acting like he is the one hiding info – rather than clamoring for the federal government to be more forthcoming? Thanks for any clarification, folks!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I wasn’t praising Elizondo per se on his evasiveness. I mean, it was a master class, but that isn’t why. It was to point out that this interview did not at all seem scripted or as part of a top-down controlled rollout.

  5. TomTort

    This is getting interesting. I now have “die Hard” skeptical friends who are now taking this topic more seriously.

  6. TomTort

    After all the years of UFO sightings even in our “art” capturing odd craft in the background, I doubt they are a “national security” threat. However, once they become aware that mass humanity has taken notice of their presence, this may be a trigger to an aggressive behavior we may not completely understand. In the Twilight Zone, “To serve man,” there was no thought to an Offensive probably until science made the proper interpretation.
    I am not saying Von Braun had it figured out, but we do have to consider the possibility. (Just thinking out loud)

    1. Rosanne Losee

      I have never thought of ‘them’ as being here for our benefit. Selfishness is the core of the universe. They are here to use us to benefit them.

      I have read enough abduction material to be almost totally positive that they are here to take our DNA, to create a hybrid race, at which point in time, they will appear and take over the planet. When Elizondo says they are a ‘national security threat’ that is what he means.

      If you read Terry Lovelace’s book, “Incident in Devil’s Den” you will see an ex military man and his friend, on a camping trip back in the 80s, taken by aliens and abused. Then he is returned to the military, only to have the military put him through a grueling ‘interview’ which to this day, is both baffling and frustrating to him.

      This, I believe, is happening and they are speeding up thing now. Before it was total stealth, now it is open. They are teasing us, hey look at us, we can do rings around you ants!.. I imagine military brains have no clue what to do to stop it.

      Is there some worldwide group that discusses these things, but even it were so, what’s the use? I have often thought the entire UFO phenomenon, should be laid on the table, so to speak, to the entire world. If we are to butt heads with them, perhaps there are some good brains out there, who are not in the loop, that we are missing.

      I fear for my kids and now my grandkids.

  7. Headhunter01

    All the more our tips of our hats to you, Mr. Dolan, Sir! Comparing your interview with this one… You’ve come a long way man. To me, when Lue answered some of your questions deflective I could feel and see that he knew that you knew, that he knew, that you knew…. Literally some call and answer and reminded me of Coltrane and Dolphy: implying the melody (the answers) instead of actually laying it out. Which happened too, at times!I do believe you were taken very much more seriously to begin with, than these CNN “reporters”. That’s all credit to you “steering your ship straight”, keeping it intelligent cool and together while fighting the good fight. And for such a long time too! Your hard work has payed off in so many ways: just re-listen to your interview. That Dolan cat sure can play!

    Team Giel & Vondelen

  8. Ed Klatt

    Wow, now even Obama is getting in on the act. For an ex US President/Commander In Chief to admit this, is extraordinary. What Obama has essentially done is not actually given us disclosure. Rather, he has given us confirmation, essentially at the presidential level. Even though Obama is officially sort of yesterday’s news, there are still millions of people who hang on his every word. Is this the reason Biden punted the question to Obama when he was asked, because he knows that nobody would have taken him seriously, assuming he could even give a coherent response? Is Obama simply setting the table for Biden, so when he ultimately does say something, he has some baked in credibility by his former political partner?

    It is at times like this that I am reminded of FDR’s dictum that there are no coincidences in politics.

    Excuse me, while I grab my tin foil hat and shelter in place for a bit.

  9. Harry Harris

    Yes would agree with you that Luis is very cagy and selective in his answers. He has gotten better at this since 2017. You wonder what he really knows and why he answers the way he does. He is supposedly retired from the military but seems like he may still be ‘active’ in some way. Not sure how he is making a living now. This may be part of the reason why some suspect some sort of ‘operation’ that he may be involved in. What would ‘they’ do to him if he really did spill the beans?

  10. Jess Hansen

    That’s pretty incredible for CNN. Richard, I wonder if you know about Marshall Vian Summers? It was Jon Peterson who tipped Terry and I off about him a couple of decades ago. I think you mentioned if anyone had any ideas for interviews to let you know.

    He may or may not be a good fit for your channel. I feel he deserves more coverage as he neither demonizes the Others, nor does he regard them as ‘space brothers.’ I created a post on the forum, called the Alien Agenda about him, but want to draw your attention to him, separately as well.

    Though he approaches the phenomenon from a more ‘spirtual’ angle, his understanding of it is remarkably simpatico with your own. And his spirituality is so grounded in reality and devoid of typical wishful thinking and or demonic thinking, its refreshing!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Jess. You know, I did meet him once, and spoke at length with one of his sons (who’s name I can’t remember). These are very smart and low-key people. Not what I expected at the time, which had to be back around 2005 or so. I have the first two installments of the Allies of Humanity, and just might revisit them. I’m curious, frankly.

      1. Greg

        Richard, this goes back 10 years+, but you may recall an essay I had sent you, “ET Economic Hitmen” that favorably cited Marshall’s core idea. We’re like a 3rd world country that we and the Russkies (and now the ChiComs) are trying to bring into our orbit, and we’re trying to figure out which local strongman is worth pumping up into the putative leader of the country. One problem the ET Hitmen face is that there is no recognized body speaking for the planet, making a “legitimate takeover more problematic. Or if you’re an 18th century fan, the ETs are the East India Company, we’re India, with only a few scolds within the empire like Edmund Burke to force a few insincere bows to decency. We should also mention that India had perfected a system of debt peonage, complete with a caste system and doctrine of karma, as reinforcing creeds. No wonder Marshall holds that freedom’s a rare thing in the ‘verse; we need a gathering of Browncoats to counter the Brownshirts.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Hi Greg. Yes I remember very well your article, for which an eternal thank you! Btw I started reading The Allies of Humanity Again, mainly out of curiosity of a book that is now twenty years old. I decided to forget the fact that it’s allegedly channelled. How logical does it seem to me, I wanted to know. So far (just about one-tenth through it) he is just as I remembered him. Unprovable of course but consistent and plausible. and frankly in line with much of what I believe to be true. So I will keep reading.

  11. Jess Hansen

    Great! They are very humble, for sure, and kind of “the pass less taken” judging by how few people have bothered to view their material. They weren’t what I was expecting either! And they aren’t in it for the money, obviously — or personal acclaim, so not typical guru types.

    Just reading over your interview with LE. Learning a lot. I am drawing a blank though about ‘JL’? His predecessor?


  12. Jess Hansen

    Correction above….the PATH less taken. Auto correct did that, or I am going senile…more senile –Jess

  13. Andromeda107

    I bet Elizondo former bosses at the Pentagon are blowing a lid every time they see him on TV, thanks for sharing.

  14. Rick

    That was interesting! Thank you to Kristen for catching that.
    I have a question that as been bouncing around in my mind for sometime now. When Truman created this shell of secrecy (MJ 12/Zodiac, CIA, NSA, etc…) and put it in the hands or private contractors do you think he knew what he was actually creating, how it would impact/take over the future of the country? I would like to believe he didn’t, but I doubt that. I was not alive back then and do not have an understanding of where the country was politically/administratively after coming out of the war. Perhaps he trusted the private sector more than the military, more than the government? Could you share your thoughts on this?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I don’t know how far Truman took the privatization of UFO secrecy during his presidency. I’m sure it went to a certain degree. It is known that in the early 1960s, long after his retirement, he made a very negative statement about the CIA. I don’t have it in front of me, but he c
      seemed to believe that creating it had been a mistake. I imagine in the late 1940s, that Harry Truman would not have been able to predict where this would all go in the coming decades. I have always imagined that he saw this secrecy as something provisional, not something that would last more than a human lifetime. But the truth is I don’t know with any certainty. It’s only how I have imagined it.

  15. JPKent

    Mr. Elizondo was on a news program here in Australia, on Friday.  It was the first time, that I can remember, when this issue has come up without there being the requisite dismissive attitude and obligatory smirking – e.g., the tin foil hats and Twilight Zone music.  It was a ‘serious’ discussion, mostly, but it is absolutely clear how far behind, and how misinformed and uninformed the media is.  Yet, it feels like this news is slowly coming into focus as a reality.  The problem: Who is going to write this story, shape this story, form the world view narrative going forward?  Thanks so much to Richard, for his scholarship and courage.  And, for his unfailing friendship in the way he shares his knowledge with all of us. 


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