Are These Guys Being Serious?

By | August 7, 2020

How amazing the world of UFOs has become. Now, President Trump has discussed the subject for the second time this summer. First, with his son Donald, Jr., the President called Roswell “very interesting,” and said “I won’t talk to you about what I know about it.” Don Jr. actually told his dad on camera that he wanted everything about Roswell declassified. All of us watching this were left wondering, what the heck did we just see?

And now Lou Dobbs follows up. 

“A lot of my friends are very concerned about what the federal government is doing with regards to UFOs, so if I could just ask you… are you going to commit more resources to exploring UFOs and open the documents to the public?”

They both laughed at this point and Trump said something that I thought was pretty skillful, done in such a way that he didn’t overly commit himself one way or the other. But — and this is important — he did not dismiss UFOs. Not at all. 

“Well I think you’re probably… in this country, you’re the UFO expert,” replied Trump. “So, I’m going to be guided by the great Lou Dobbs. And I will tell you that I’ll do whatever you ask me to do, including total transparency.”

That part was classic politician-speak, because it’s quite obvious no one considers Lou Dobbs a UFO expert. My take on that was simply that Trump was being Trump. But what he said next is something I do think was much more serious.

“I gotta tell you, there’s probably some pretty good transparency needed there. There’s no doubt about that.”

Whatever Trump really thinks about UFOs, it’s now clear that his son and one of his closest public supporters are genuinely into the subject. Can we have any doubt that there have been some good UFO conversations that the President has had privately with both of them? 

Who knows whether this can lead to anything. In any other year, I would say not likely. But in 2020, it seems anything and everything is possible. But for Trump actually to move on this subject in a way that is meaningful, he’s got his work cut out for him. 

Over a decade ago, I interviewed a retired senior U.S. Air Force officer who had recently completed a very impressive career, capped by extensive knowledge of the UFO and alien subject. This officer, who also had a Ph.D., told me that in around 2005 or so, he was able to meet a man who had handled alien bodies at Roswell. This had apparently caused the man health problems, but he nevertheless lived many years afterward. This man was now in a very secure hospital on his deathbed. An Air Force security officer accompanied the senior officer, who then attempted to extract relevant information from this dying man. The dying man was able to confirm the nature of the bodies found (EBE-1 type, which was more human-like than the EBE-2 type). 

At some point this Air Force officer said that it was a shame that people on the inside were prevented by their security oaths from talking about the reality of extraterrestrials here on Earth. He offered the opinion that there should be a Presidential Executive Order that would liberate such individuals from their oaths. The sick man replied, “it would take a hell of a lot more than the President to release us from our oaths.” 

That story always resonated with me. It was just one more piece of evidence to paint a picture of runaway secrecy, of privatized secrecy that in many ways has moved beyond the formal powers of the U.S. government. 

Even so, one has to think that the power of an Executive Order would be a good start. But how would a President go about it? It’s got to be something better than “I hereby end UFO secrecy.” It would have to deal with the public and private elements of UFO secrecy, and would have to satisfy the military hawks who would be paranoid about giving up highly sensitive technologies that they have been developing with their allies in the private corporate world. 

It would have to give protection to whistleblowers both public and private, who have genuine information about this subject. It would have to be done in connection with government experts who truly understand the inner workings of the Pentagon. Certainly you are dealing with a massive bureaucracy, and presumably you would want experts with strong knowledge of inside the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the National Security Agency (NSA), and definitely someone with excellent knowledge of the workings of the Pentagon’s Special Access Programs in the OSD’s OUSDAT, something recently highlighted in the Admiral Thomas Wilson notes. But you would need to crack more than the Pentagon. There is the CIA and the Department of Energy (DOE), with equally or even more secret connections to the UFO reality. The DOE in particular is suspected by many people to hold the deepest UFO secrets of all. 

In other words, a Presidential Executive Order will very possibly be no more than a dead letter if it is not itself expertly crafted by the President’s best lawyers and government secrecy experts. I think we can assume there would be tremendous resistance from many quarters to any such move to unilaterally end UFO secrecy, so any moves by a President wanting to end secrecy really needs to be done perfectly. Better than perfectly. 

On the other hand, it’s been a crazy year. And we are still three months away from the election. Can things get any crazier? 

In all likelihood, I would be inclined to think that this last statement by President Trump goes nowhere. He is in a battle for re-election, and the guy ain’t too popular with more than half the country, to put it mildly. Maybe the polls are skewed again; that is entirely possible. Even so, he’s in a tough spot and you’d have to wonder if even he would be so rash as to play the UFO card at the last minute in an attempt to win over voters. But then again, this is a guy who has been totally unpredictable (and unmanageable) since he’s been in office. 

What’s probably most lasting in all this is how Dobbs just threw it out there. Yes, he laughed as he brought up the topic, but that’s simply the result of a lifetime of ridicule making him uneasy at broaching it. You could tell he was quite serious. And it’s clear by now that Donald Trump does indeed appear to take at least some of the UFO phenomenon seriously. Operative word: appear. He hasn’t made a definitive statement on the subject. But we now know his son and one of his strongest public supporters are both strongly engaged in the subject of UFOs. 

By the way, most mainstream U.S. journalism has covered this, at least briefly. Sometimes they get a bit snarky, like Newsweek with the headline “Trump Says He Will Do Anything ‘UFO Expert’ Fox Business Host Asks.” As if Trump seriously thinks Dobbs is a UFO Expert. The article then went out of its way to discredit Dobbs before even raising the ET/UFO issue with this:

Dobbs invoked a popular right-wing conspiracy theory by praising Trump for being “transparent” despite the efforts of a supposed “deep state” working against him before asking him about whether he would release new information about UFOs.

Sure, the whole deep state thing is just one big right-wing conspiracy theory. Sigh. You know, it wasn’t long ago that the liberals were the ones talking about the deep state. I know this for a fact because I was one of them. 

Anyway, it’s rather astonishing to realize that, after a very slow start, Donald Trump is starting to become one of the more “UFO-friendly” Presidents in recent history. He still has a way to go before surpassing Jimmy Carter in that regard, who’s promotion of a strong Freedom of Information Act did more for UFO transparency than any other President in modern history. 

Even so, this is just one more thing to keep an eye on as we approach the apocalypse. 


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  1. Andromeda107

    Great read,I didn’t know about the interview Trump did with Lou Dobbs,I am will definitely watch it.I have often wondering myself will Trump throw out the UFO card as its closer to the election.I have also been thinking maybe he will be the president will give us some type of disclosure,being that he is so unpredictable. We just have to wait and see.

  2. whatif

    > Certainly you are dealing with a massive bureaucracy

    Perhaps, but lately I’ve become more inclined to believe the opposite. The interface between government and private entities directly involved with UFO research is in my estimation razor thin. I just do not believe there are very many government officials alive today who have knowledge of, let alone access to, these programs or any sensitive information of this nature. The few who do are merely conduit to the black budget. That’s it.

    Along similar lines, and I think you’ve spoken about this recently re Wilson docs, I don’t think much at all has been learned from these assets. Statistically, the artifacts under research are likely beyond our technological grasp; perhaps even beyond our ability to fully comprehend.

    > Maybe the polls are skewed again

    LOL. Ya think?

    What strikes me about this exchange is Lou Dobbs himself. He was sincere, he wasn’t joking. He chose to ask about UFOs. Lou Dobbs?!

  3. PressToDigitate

    “Perfection” is not required. Under all United States law covering the Departments of Defense and Energy, and the CIA, (and everything else), *ALL* lawful official secrecy – in its Totality – *emanates* from the discretionary powers of the President of the United States. There are no carve-outs, substitutes, exceptions or exemptions, period. The “Need to Know” is always and entirely at the complete sufferance and whim of whoever is President at the time. That’s the law of it; anyone who believes otherwise is ignorant of the legal reality. Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDAs”) signed with Corporations are civil contracts, that are *incapable* of carrying criminal penalties such as imprisonment, and are seldom effectively enforceable, even under legitimate circumstances – on a good day. What’s more, no such civil NDA can contravene laws regarding the integrity of public processes and government contracting, without being rendered invalid and unenforceable as a direct consequence. This is why the Coverup has *never* been on solid legal ground, and is especially without legal effect against the inquiries of Presidents, CIA/FBI/NSA Directors, and senior DOD and Military personnel with applicable cognizance. Let me make this clear: There is NO Classification Authority within the United States Government which is not *wholly* dependent on the statutory powers of the Presidency – and existing at His pleasure; NOR CAN THERE BE.

    What you have outlined above, and Trump’s other allusions to the subject, comprise a far more solid interest in Disclosure than anything the Clintons have ever put forward. Because of the foregoing, Bill Clinton’s claim that he asked, and “they didn’t tell me either, and I want to know!” is certainly a lie, as are the protestations by Web Hubbell that ‘he looked and couldn’t find anything’ on Clinton’s behalf. The notion that Hillary’s interest in the [Lawrence] Rockefeller Initiative indicates a legitimate interest in Disclosure, rather than probing Lawrence for what he knew, his connections on it, and his level of commitment to bringing the truth out, is a pleasant fantasy to lifelong Democrats (generally named “Steve”) who have easily overlooked Clinton lies for more than 30 (40) years.

    The details in John Podesta’s leaked emails, regarding Gen. McCasland, and the whole issue, disprove the “Clintons Kept in the Dark” fairytale, and with Podesta’s top level access in the West Wing, throughout not just all eight years of Bill Clinton’s Administration, but also all eight years of Barack Obama’s Administration, the assertion that *another four (or eight) years* of a Hillary Clinton Administration would have made any difference, is patently absurd. The whole reason that we never got Disclosure under George Bush, Sr., or Bill Clinton, or George Bush, Jr., or Barack Obama is that they were *willing* partners in the Coverup, from the start. That’s why the Illuminati made them Presidents, and why “the fix was in” for Hillary to win in 2016 (before the American people had other plans). That’s why so many in the Deep State desecrated the Constitution and profaned their Oaths in the two attempts to remove Trump under – what we now know beyond all doubt – were false pretenses.

    Ronald Reagan had two ETUFO encounters, one of them “close”, possibly even being an Abduction. Reagan was probably filled in by Nixon himself on the legacy of it all, as soon as his nomination became certain; possibly long before. He was fully knowledgeable on the Illuminati relationships within what was then known as “the Eastern Establishment”, one thing which Nixon, Goldwater and Reagan all had in common; none of them ever liked or trusted Nelson Rockefeller and his ilk. When Reagan took [Rockefeller-connected] Bush, Sr. as his VP, it was for the “In” that Bush had into the Intel world in general – and, most likely, his intro to “Majestic” – in particular. Bush brought no votes with him, as he had no constituency, and his selection *was considered a slap in the face by Reagan’s base at the time* (who wanted Jack Kemp as VP). I was politically active at the time within the GOP at the state and national levels, and was intimately familiar with just how anomalous the Bush VP nomination seemed, and was, back then. I believe that Reagan wanted to know, *personally*, because of his encounters – and he probably took Bush, more than for any other reason, ‘to get a look inside the tent’. But he, and Nixon, and Goldwater all knew what I said in the first paragraph, above, about how official secrecy works, legally, in the United States. This is why I am certain that we are dealing with ET (AHO) infiltration of the ETUFO uSAPs arena having been substantially completed in the 1970s. Despite Reagan’s contrary push toward Space Defense, by the close of the Bush, Sr. Administration, this AHO infiltration had been extended throughout the Deep State. They impeded and “slow-walked” Reagan’s SDI, until Bush could resume collaboration with the Alien Agenda.

    Bush, Sr. was “hip deep” in the ETUFO problem, from his Skull to his Bones. He handed off the Presidency to Clinton, practically without a fight. The Clintons weren’t “interested in UFOs, hoping for Disclosure”. They were tools of the system which maintains the Coverup (and the Alien activities being covered up); perhaps they’re even AHOs themselves. The Clinton/Gore “Information Superhighway”, the unveiling of the Public Internet, will turn out to be THE pivotal event in the covert ET Colonial Occupation of our planet. Post-9/11 Mass Surveillance, the evolution of Google/Facebook as the “outsourced” version of “Total Information Awareness”, and the enveloping Censorship putsch by today’s “Techlords of the Deep State” are all merely continuation elements of this same Alien strategic plan. Personal HealthChips, Wearable AR/VR & BCI are the next elements of it coming.

    Or, did Saddam’s WMDs in Iraq just suddenly “go missing”?

    1. PressToDigitate

      Here are some of the latest details on how the *thoroughly* ‘Deep State’ Brookings Institution (yes, THAT “Brookings Institution”) was the fundamental nexus to the orchestration of *both* the Russia Hoax and the Ukraine Hoax, with close Brookings’ colleagues Fiona Hill and Igor Danchenko being the real ‘point persons’ to both attempts at Coup d’Etat to remove Trump:
      That credulous investigators for the FBI and House Intelligence & Judiciary Committees gave them each a pass *on so many things*, greasing the skids for their CIA-contrived false narratives to be taken seriously is testimony to just how badly our government has been corrupted, and our national security put at risk by the Deep State. Responsible for decades of Coverup & Corruption, their motto must be: “Ad astra per proditione ac perfidia” (“To the stars through betrayal and treason”).

      Richard, we know that this “Den of Iniquity” (Brookings) didn’t just fall off a Turnip truck in December, 1960 with its report sanctioning the Coverup,
      nor do we have any reason to believe that it lost interest in the matter in recent years: In fact, we can probably be *certain* that in the official histories of the salient period, 1945-1972, rendered by Washington “Think-Tankery” during the Ford & Carter Administrations (presented as the accomplished narrative, to the incoming Reagan Administration in March of 1981), we are being misled on a range of issues *surrounding* the ETUFO problem, and not just the problem itself; i.e. How it was actually handled, in what manner, by whom and to what policy aims.

    2. Richard Dolan Post author

      Fantastic analysis here, David. Only thing I would add is that Reagan’s choice of Bush as vice president indicates he was already infiltrated by the Rockefeller contingent by the summer of 1980. After all, his campaign manager was William Casey, a dedicated Rockefeller man. I recall reading that in September 1980, Reagan hosted a pre-election victory banquet of some sort, at which David Rockefeller sat directly to his right. Maybe Reagan genuinely wanted Bush, as you say, to look inside the tent. More likely in my opinion he was absolutely pressured to do so. Earlier in the campaign, for instance, he pretty much explicitly stated he would never have Bush as his vice president. And then came the convention, and his followers were absolutely shocked. I’ve always felt it wasn’t his decision but someone else’s.

      1. PressToDigitate

        You’re right, he had explicitly rejected Bush previously. Some “deal” was reached with the Rockefeller wing by way of accommodation, and it wasn’t about obtaining their votes at the grassroots level. Going into the 1980 general election, that wing of the party had no ardent followers of its own in the suburbs, no one outside the wealthy urban elites. Ford’s moderate constituency, such as it was in 1980, was wholeheartedly embracing Reagan against Carter anyway, and he needed no “blessing” from the Rockefellers to win in November – and he knew it. So, something more was at stake. Was he ‘threatened’? If so, he made a lame-ass bargain, since they tried to assassinate him just two months and 10 days after he was inaugurated, regardless. Perhaps he was blackmailed; maybe there was some stray Hollywood Bimbo in his past that they threatened to bring forward, in front of his Evangelical supporters.

        I vividly remember how heartbroken we (Conservative Republican Activists) all were when he chose Bush. Reagan did have a propensity to seek perceived ‘Philosophical Balance’, as he knew he was to the edge of the Mainstream, witness his selection of Sen. Richard Schweiker (R-PA) as his running-mate, should he have been nominated in 1976. But everyone, even then (incl. Reagan), *knew* that Bush was seedy, Rockefeller, Deep State, Illuminati; even some sort of ‘MJ-12’-like connection to the ETUFO issue was widely discussed, at the time, even if we didn’t know, just yet, to call it “MJ-12” or “Majestic”. The choice of Schweiker had been a “Red Flag” to many (pun intended); one reason I and many on the hard-core Right who had worked tirelessly for Reagan in ’76, initially had switched to backing the Illinois Congressman, Rep. Phillip M. Crane (R-IL-08), in the early 1980 primaries. It was also why we waged a furtive effort to draft Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC) for Vice President. The Deep State never had any more fervent opponents than Rep. Crane & Sen. Helms.; Crane had championed federal “Zero Based Budgeting” in the House, while Helms railed against “the Super-taxing, Super-spending, Superbureaucracy in Washington”. It would seem that history has amply vindicated their perspectives on the federal Leviathan.

        I believe that Bryce Zabel essentially had it correct in “Dark Skies”; that “Majestic” had, in fact, already been infiltrated by AHOs by the end of the 1960s (and I’ve told him so, in so many words). That was even before my current deep dive into the evolution of continental Air Defense, from 1952 to 1972, which now seems riddled with contradictions and anomalies that point to a changing set of exigent factors, outside the nominal strategic Cold War calculus. By 1970, the first cohort of post-war Baby Boomers had graduated college, and entered the workforce, as engineers and policy analysts – two specific sectors where talented young people can/could then rise rapidly. Moreover, at least 20,000 “Nordic”-like Lebensborn children, up to 10 years old by the war’s end, had effectively vanished from the official records, most believed to have made their way to the United States, under new identities. I wonder, How many Abduction experiences in the immediate post-war period were suppressed or written off as (what we now call) “PTSD”, before B & B Hill came forth to give people license to talk about the subject? Not very many are required, if the geeks they dropped off knew what they were doing, by the time the Hippie era came along. People like Sarfatti and his coterie, but with full recall of their Mission Objectives.

        The ETs certainly do seem to have problems with managing Human memory, both in the flawed efforts to keep all Abductees unaware, and in the full recall of Hubrids not raised off-world; perhaps BCI is required to make them “whole”. But they do appear to be able to ‘get it right’ often enough to succeed. The real question is what prevents the use (or more widespread use) of “Walk Ins”, where an adult Human is ‘dispossessed’ from their body in an Abduction, to enable the immediate insertion of an adult Alien consciousness, able to operate in professional circles, without all that tedious mucking about in “childhood”. If that happened well and easily, we’d all have been “Assimilated” long since. It is possible that [at least some of] the Forrestal and McDonald – and other – anomalous “suicides” among key people *may* have been, or resulted from, failed attempts at this.

        Technical issues with ensuring reliable memory retrieval among Hybrids are apparently one of their major weaknesses; the ETs may not have been much better than we are at dealing with “Post-Incarnation Amnesia” when this began in the 1800s, and have not fully solved the problem – in those born naturally on Earth – (sans BCI) even today. (See, THIS is an example of where an Institute’s “Executive Retreats” – without ‘audience’ – would be strategically useful; in private, we could ask the right questions, at length, of, say, Rodwell & Donderi, to prompt a discussion between them on this subject, that could yield important *deductions* – beyond the travel costs for tax purposes, that is…)

        1. FamousAmos

          Strewth! I am always amazed and learn so much from these information-dense, highly analytical posts that you write PTD. Please keep it up!

          I used to be politically active too — I was rooting for Pat Buchanan in the Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa back in 1995. I got to watch the GOP convention turn off the microphone on Pat while he was only 10 min into his speech as he eloquently railed against the establishment. You could see him up on stage, still trying to talk for his allotted 20 minutes, waving his arms and gesturing to the unfairness and blatant manipulation taking place. It was my first experience seeing the ‘machine’ protect itself and conduct live censorship, within a ‘conservative’ political rally no less. Anymore, I am beyond post-political — I have become anti-political 🙂

          1. PressToDigitate

            Thank you, Amos! I appreciate that.
            You’re right to harken back to that moment. I’m coming to believe that the Surveillance, Censorship, Propaganda and Suppression so blatant today actually go back a lot farther than we ever imagined, and that the infiltration of Alien Hybrid Operatives behind these efforts does, as well. I’ve come to believe that, apart from a few lone Agents strewn through our history – the DaVincis, Teslas and the like – the first large scale infiltration, or “Beachhead”, probably occurred around the beginning of the 20th Century. It would be logical that it were triggered for them by our first large-scale electrification, that being the Edward Dean Adams Powerplant at Niagra Falls, built by Westinghouse under Tesla himself, in 1895. Before that, as I’ve noted, Humans couldn’t do much more than “bang the rocks together”. Hubrids born from then would rise to prominence in time to bring about the World Wars and their associated geopolitics – and that which followed – ALL may have been Manipulated, toward Their long term objectives here. Perhaps those were different failed strategies for ‘planetary acquisition’, before they finally worked out an “entente” with Dwight Eisenhower, in 1955, which gave them everything they needed.

            If ‘Outsourcing’ the production of Hybrid Containers were necessary to “scale” the operation beyond shipboard logistical constraints, “Lebensborn” is *exactly* how one would go about it – in that time and place. In the film “One Mainframe to Rule Them All”, (available on YouTube), we can see how one set of plans for “biodigitation” in the 1930s – ’40s lead directly to where we’re at today, with “Total Information Awareness” outsourced to Google & Facebook. We can see the machinations of Drs. Vannevar Bush & John Von Neumann, and the programs reported by Col. Philip Corso, and the evolution of CARET and Palantir and InQTel as bridging that gap.

      1. jennymemon

        What you expressed Richard, was a glimpse into the future I think, unless we en mass resist, stop cooperating with all these stupid so called ‘new normal’ rules, and DONT ACQUIESCE with this bullsh*t!
        Sorry, but time is running out for people to wake up!
        These things can only happen with our consent, if large numbers of people do not accept these impositions, you suddenly will see where the real power lies. They are just testing us to see how far they can go, and so far, humanity appears to have folded faster than superman on laundry day! (ahh at last). Seriously though, thats all it will take for us to get our freedom back, a little bit of uncomfortable, non violent, non cooperation.

  4. Clixis

    Only Trump would be so brazen as to actually attempt something like this. Was it Bill Clinton who said he would like to, but he didn’t want to “end up like Kennedy”? My read is that the question by his son was pre-planned and that Trump is floating it out there to test the waters. He’s looking for anything to divert attention away from the pandemic and help his case. But it seems risky if he doesn’t have significant support behind the scenes, and it’s hard to think that he does. It could be tricky to get the public and the media to take him seriously. But if he can make a substantive claim it might get everyone’s attention and start to pry things loose. And who knows, he might have an ace up his sleeve.

  5. Alastair Barker

    ”He still has a way to go before surpassing Jimmy Carter in that regard, who’s promotion of a strong Freedom of Information Act did more for UFO transparency than any other President in modern history. ”

    Didnt do much for getting him a second term though did it?
    Not that it matters – US politics are a bit of a joke to the rest of the world.
    The US constitution has been devalued -It ony hangs on to its reputation as the shining light of democracy (which it once was when a true republic) because it controls the media who telll the rest of us it is so.

    Question – what is the most effective way to de-radicalize a far-sighted reformer?
    Answer – make her/him president and within two years he will be three steps to the right of Genghis Khan

    I can’t get over the way words are interpreted and defined in US media either – ‘socialist’ and ‘liberal’ are more insulting that the use of the ‘n’ word – relax guys they are just words – and like all others can be misleading – I am not bothered to be described as either btw – because it doesn’t matter – if you don’t play the game then there is nothing to win and nothing can hurt.

    Could this be a Trump play? Get behind me or I will trash the toy room and let these robot -journalists know where to dig for the metaphorical bodies.?

    I do beleive that you , Mr D are on to something with your suggestion that the ”dripped” information is likely because of an agenda – if you believe that, and it looks more likely every day, I have to say that you would then have to propose that TTSA ,Commander Fravor, Knapp et al are being used and possibly even set up. Either that or they are unknowingly complicit in some elaborate disinformative project. Because, as you have said many times, these guys aint stupid.

    The whole story needs telling and that includes explanations of all associated phenomena – that directlially y linked with advanced technology and every other aspect of paranormal activity.
    Nothing else should be settled for -distracting debates about matters which have little more to add must be avoided.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Insightful comments, Alastair. as I said before, I think the main public players who are pushing the envelope are sincere. Whether or not they are being used might be a matter of perspective. It could simply be that the people above them are adapting their strategies to negate the new publicity as much as possible. Essentially to checkmate this little disclosure movement as quickly as possible.

      1. Carolyn3

        Richard what you stated here,

        (the people above them are adapting their strategies to negate the new publicity as much as possible. Essentially to checkmate this little disclosure movement as quickly as possible.)

        Now that makes sense to me.


    “Even so, this is just one more thing to keep an eye on as we approach the apocalypse.”

    Is Disclosure the Apocalypse? Is Disclosure the harbinger of the Apocalypse? Is Disclosure kind of like, say, the Silver Surfer coming ahead of Galactus? Are the planets in our solar system going to to be eaten by some space-giant guy dressed in purple with cosmic antler things on his head?

    Let’s not get all woo-woo here, Richard! I value your lack of woo-woo VERY HIGHLY.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh no, I didn’t think I was getting woo at all. My perspective is simply that our world has been upside down all year long. As Yeats wrote a century ago, “things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.”
      You know, the standard apocalyptic thoughts. 🙂

      1. WickyBu

        I still think there is room for some ‘woo’ in all of the discussions about our visitors…‘ indistinguishable from magic’, and all that. I think there is space for this as well as ‘nuts and bolts’.

  7. Clark12

    Have you ever published or done a podcast on the interview you gave with the US Air Force officer you referenced in the above article? If not, that would be very interesting I think. Thanks– Clark

  8. itsmeRitaC

    Ha. I was just telling a few different people over the past week that i think disclosure is the campaign issue left to go after. Looks like i can read the political tea leaves.

    However, in all seriousness, Lou Dobbs and Donald Trump……………………………………………..They don’t even like ‘aliens’ from neighboring countries. I hope the ETs aren’t from a s-hole galaxy! Anyway, Trump could throw in aliens are here and they hate us for our freedoms and we will invade China. Rita predicts……………………Oh, i also predict that Bolsonaro and Netanyahu will disclose the following week.

    I forced myself to watch an entire new episode of ‘Undisclosed’ the other day with a friend. He made a reference without any discussion with me , regarding the program. At the end he said, “I am waiting to hear “Fighting soldiers from the sky……………..”” That is a very retro reference btw. 🙂

    1. WickyBu

      Thanks…I thought I was the only one thinking along these lines here. Maybe he’ll just allow the ‘Nordics’ though his future orbital ‘wall’? AND he will get the greys to pay for it.

  9. itsmeRitaC

    This is an addendum. I should have added that it will be revealed that Covid 19 was created in China ‘with ET assistance’.

    1. PressToDigitate

      It *WAS*….We know it was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and we know by whom, and with what RNA bits she (Shi, Dr. Zhengli-Shi, actually), brought home from her visiting post-doc research at UNC/Chapel Hill. While that work in recombinent viral genetics was shut down in 2014 by HHS for being “incalculably dangerous” in the words of one reviewer, her team published the work in NATURE the following year, detailing how they had created a new coronavirus from scratch with the same unique ACE-2 receptor-grabbing spike protein as uniquely characterizes COVID-19. We know Shi improved on that work in the following years at WIV, bragging at an international meeting as to how they could by then (2017) create new coronaviruses with novel infectious properties much faster and more efficiently, to where mere grad students could do so in just a matter of months. But it wasn’t the CCP or PLA that unleashed and disseminated it worldwide; someone had to *infiltrate* the WIV BSL-4 lab, with proper credentials, and remove it, unauthorized, for this to happen. This is why I’ve been harping on the issue of Alien Hybrid Operatives “Walking Among Us”, since this all came out. If they can compromise and co-opt “MJ-12/Majestic” here, at the height of our Cold War vigilance and paranoia, putting someone into a Chinese biolab would be a piece of cake.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thank you again for your thoughtful reply. I guess we can search that issue of Nature and read it .

        I am not certain what some of those alphabet references may be. I figured out CCP. A few others i have not seen before.

        1. PressToDigitate

          UNC= University of North Carolina
          HHS= U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
          ACE= Angiotensin-converting enzyme
          WIV= Wuhan Institute of Virology
          PLA= People’s Liberation Army
          BSL= Biological Safety Level
          This is the paper in NATURE:
          In the ABSTRACT, Dr. Zhengli-Shi (who went back to China to become Deputy Director of WIV, and her colleagues, proclaim:
          “Using the SARS-CoV reverse genetics system, we generated and characterized a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus SHC014 in a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV backbone…we synthetically re-derived an infectious full-length SHC014 recombinant virus and demonstrate robust viral replication both in vitro and in vivo.”

          They are not describing a “computer simulation”.

          1. itsmeRitaC

            Thank you ptd. Also, i responded to a reply you posted about women and abduction experiences but my post doesn’t exist. And i put time into it too. I get frustrated when that happens. And i did editing so i am thinking it was logged in………………

  10. TomTort

    I am past listening to anything Trump has to say. In all my years, I don’t think I can recall how openly corrupt this man appears , while anyone, even a small percentage, can back him as a legitimate president with intention of leadership. If he appears open to the UFO phenomena, it is because he has an agenda that strokes his arrogant nature.
    I apologise for my hostility, but this man scares me as to what is happening to the country.

    1. Carolyn3

      I agree and I think he does have an agenda. That man doesn’t do a thing unless he can benefit from it. I’m not a Trump hater, but I’m not a Trump lover either. but he is still a disturbing (best word I can think of for him) president.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Hi. I voted for Jill Stein last time around. Just a suggestion that third parties are a choice. Although i did see a clip of Trump the other day in Ohio. He was campaigning and one of his big lines was “Biden hates guns, god and the bible!!” That is the only time i felt like maybe Biden is worth voting for! 😉

        (I hope i can say that here).

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Please no need to apologize. His lack of vocabulary words alone is concerning. But unlike many people, i was aware of him since the eighties. I recall his full page ad in the NYTimes after the Central Park incident.

      As to this amusing Fox news incident. First off………………….Does anyone here think Dobbs didn’t first let Trump know what he would ask? That is just the way it goes on pundit shows, etc. That is agreed ahead of time. Secondly, it is obvious that the majority of UFO interest comes from the Fox news audience. I think that is a very big shame, but then i see the direction this all seems to be going – at least in the good old usa. Just check out the History channel’s ‘Undisclosed’ with the salute to the u.s. wars and weapons morphed into the ‘threat’ of UAP.

      But i like that Trump announced Lou Dobbs to be the leading american ufo expert! I will add that because the demographic which as i said, seems to be the Fox Inc base, i am expecting that this will come up several times before November. Dobbs knows this full well. Obviously.

      And btw, Trump does not seem at all interested in the topic. And i doubt he ever was. He is very limited in scope. Yes, although i haven’t met him personally, i will make one observation here with no fear of being ‘wrong’.


      1. WickyBu

        I honestly don’t believe that Trump is any closer to disclosing info to the public than any other president before him. After that interview with Jonathan Swan where he was like a deer caught in the headlights, he retreated to the safe ground and simple questions from his buddies, all pre arranged , no doubt. I don’t understand how people can think he is in any way closer to the truth on this matter than any other, after his abysmal record to date. Anyway, after this I’m going to try and avoid political discussions on this forum. I know everything we touch upon has political motives and agendas, but I’d rather now just retreat to my ‘happy place’…listening to interesting theories and ideas about what ‘they’ are, where ‘they’ come from and why ‘they’ are here.

        1. PressToDigitate

          Trump has *already* allowed more *of substance* to be disclosed under his Administration than all of his predecessors, *combined*. There is ZERO chance that the Pentagon would have confirmed Elizondo, the videos, AATIP, a new sightings reporting system, a UAP Task Force, etc., and allowed active duty personnel to go on camera, without express approval of the highest levels of Trump’s political appointees at the Pentagon. No Civil Service bureaucrat and certainly no one in uniform, would have made that decision on their own.

          1. Carolyn3

            @ PressToDigitate I understand your comments on Trump disclosing anything along with Elizondo, AATIP etc, If our gov did not want it out then none of this would be in the media, TV shows, youtube etc. They’d stop this on a dime. I was in the military and if they don’t want anything out it won’t be allowed out.

  11. Carolyn3

    I’m not sure what to make of Trump and these comments now. What game is he playing? You know I told my husband before trump was elected, that if he was elected that he was going to be used for something, or he is going to be the fall man for something. Nobody like Trump could be allow to be president unless he would be used for something big. Well here we are at pandemic levels and aliens are being talked about now.. The man has lied so much that if he came out and said ET’s are real and here I’m not sure what people would think.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      That is so true. I think that half the population would think it was b.s. because of his continual grandiosity. He may add that they are here to play golf in Bedminster,NJ. Actually, after Trump won the GOP primary i was telling everyone that he will be president. i never thought otherwise. And i also told people that Trump’s ‘karma’ would be experienced by the country itself. I had been talking economic crash however. That seemed likely to me. I didn’t figure on the pandemic.

      I believe i already wrote that i don’t believe Trump is interested in such matters himself. It is obvious even when he is asked about it. He seemed to conflate area 51 with roswell when he spoke in one interview i read. And he even said he doesn’t believe it himself. That was last year.

  12. mcwest50

    Richard, I figure you went for do i have your attention(apocalypse), or I would say “when it hits(%$#@) the fan.
    I’m going to use an analogy and waves as a metaphor for the coming disclosure. I was invited by surf shop owner
    to go surfing, I said the surf is low, he said I got a call(that’s us in this forum and others) so we went down to the
    beach and low and behold Greg Knoll(Richard) was there he nodded at us and we all paddled out, not impressed
    as there was 30-40 guys in the water we paddled by them, they(GP) looked at us like what are you doing, well in
    about 10 minutes we saw the dark lines of a swell coming, stunned for a few seconds the swell lines were getting
    deeper and closer, then we started paddling like hell, the first wave of 4 was big 12ft, the second was bigger, my
    shoulders starting to burn, as I went over the second and Greg being Mr Waimea turned and nonchalantly dropped
    in on the big one, I still scrambling to for saftey outside. This swell caught everyone of those guys(GP) who didn’t join us on shore bewildered, as will happen with disclosure, There will be those ready and those confused and
    bewildered. Trump is not going to be your disclosure guy………………………so let it go

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Haha. I didn’t think I was even trying to imply that Donald Trump would be our Disclosure President. Sorry I gave you that impression. But there are some interesting things going on behind the scenes, in my opinion.

  13. mcwest50

    Richard, I wasn’t aiming my response at you, I think politicians and Trump is one now, want to sit on the fence
    until their pushed over to one side of opinion by irrefutable info from the masses. Everyone was taking pot
    shots at Trump in the posts, and truly he deserves most of what gets hurled at him. He just doesn’t care!

  14. mcwest50

    From a technical point of view this comment box lets you think your inside this box and your not
    as I stopped short 20 characters short to see if this post doesn’t get chopped at the edges.

  15. mcwest50

    So I stopped short and was able to not get chopped, I really got irritated when my analogy post
    surfing story, got hacked up, I hope it wasn’t weird. I hope we can get you on some larger media
    platforms, some mention Rogan, I think Tucker, but with him you get minutes, and would have to
    come back in subsequent shows to present a clear picture, which I have tried to get across to his
    producers, be the ones to be out in front of this, they brought on the Navy pilot Fravor, do some
    follow up, it’s Bipartisan, and a ratings booster, remember your the Big Kahuna in Ufology or
    as I said Greg Knoll of surfing, not afraid to take on the big ones, to sit on a skinny board and
    see hillsides of water coming toward you, well it’s humbling, ps I wasn’t that good a surfer but I
    knew the best so the surf nazi’s left me alone, they liked horses and I taught them horse speak


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