Log In Troubleshoot

Locked out of Richard Dolan Members?

Here are the most common quick fixes to get you in, whether you are using a computer or smartphone. 

1. Can’t find the Member Login on the Menu 

Computer users (desktop, laptop): The login is directly next to the Welcome Tab at the top.

Select Member Login, next to the Welcome Tab. This will take you to the Login Page. You will need to know your User name and password, of course.

Smartphone or iPad users: your tabs will look different than on computers. Generally, it will look something like this:

Select the Welcome Tab, and it will allow you to scroll to the following menus:

Just like for computer users, select Member Login and you will be prompted for your User Name and Password. That should get you in.


2. Tried to log in but  failed?

Select the Login Help Tab on the Menu. Smart phone or iPad users just scroll down to the Log In Help menu.

Once you are in Log In Help, just fill out the form to send us a tech support email and we will get back to you right away.