Richard lecture in Copenhagen: The New Face of Disclosure

By | October 4, 2019

This was just posted thanks to UFO Denmark. My lecture in late July in Copenhagen titled “The New Face of Disclosure.” This is a fairly up to date assessment of where I think we are in terms of “disclosure.” We will post Tracey’s lecture when it’s available. 


7 thoughts on “Richard lecture in Copenhagen: The New Face of Disclosure


    Excellent lecture. I dont know why but until watching this I did not have the complete picture of the Wilson leak, TSA, Mitchell, tic tac environment we have found ourselves in. You wrapped it up nicely. Thank you.

  2. MojoJojo

    Hi Richard! Would you mind posting a link to the Jack Sarfatti lecture that you are referencing in the video? All I can find us a 30 second audio where he talks about possibly only needing a AAA battery.


  3. Dean Williams

    I really enjoyed this lecture, Richard. It put a lot of things together that you have presented as stand alone talks, and IMO this was a great way to put a bow on the package, so to speak. A great vid to share with folks who are not sure where things stand in the UFO world, and who may not care to dig through a lot of other videos to find out if they should take this seriously. This one talk pulls a whole bunch of great info into one barrel.

    Dean (dcw56)

  4. James Efishoff

    Hello Richard. As always, thank you for the great lectures! I am having difficulty logging in the the Forum, as well as problems logging in as a member. Can you please help me. Thanks, James

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