YOUTUBE PREMIERE: JFK Sessions Part 1 at 8 p.m. EDT

By | November 22, 2019

Complete with a new thumbnail, the public premiere of the first part of my amazing interview with Phillip Lavelle will occur tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. Many of the members of this site have already listened to this riveting interview. Now on the sad anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, I think it’s appropriate to begin releasing this series. Meanwhile, expect parts 4 and beyond here soon! 

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  1. Sirius33

    Richard, excellent job. You and Tracy really hit the jackpot. I just got through listening to DJ’s latest interview with Joseph Farrell from yesterday which was also other link in the chain. Richard Hoagland is supposed to be back live tonight on The Other Side of Midnight after 2 weeks down with the flu. Thomas

  2. Ronald Johnson

    Please see George Webb to get the real story, down to the nitty gritty Richard. I’ve not the time to direct you, as Webb and ‘McDuff/Kennedy’ are pretty encyclopedic, but this material is much more fleshed out there, than here. LHO was a very pivotal, intelligent patriot who was fragged with prejudice by the US IC. In fact, LHO cast alerts to offset assassination plots in both Miami and Chicago, just prior to the Dallas completion. The man was an intelligence officer who became a convenient last-minute patsy. Wonderful word, that; soberingly precise.

    1. Ronald Johnson

      George Webb and you are both impassioned, straight-arrow researchers. You need to converse directly about this topic; it’s far too complicated for me to attempt to broker the information. Please use your bona fides, should you choose, to make the inroads to begin this dialogue.

  3. Outlaw_Scot

    Hi Richard and Philip,

    I’ve enjoyed your videos about the JFK assassination and it was good to listen to a thorough investigator who also credits Judith Vary Baker as important. As a witness she seems to stir-up controversy, but her explanations are the only ones that cover all the anomalies and dissonant facts that I’ve encountered.

    I have a few queries, along with theories, and I thought I’d set some of them down here and Mr.Lavelle, or anyone else, can either help clarify them or suggest a possible answer, if they have or the time…or can be bothered!

    With regard to Lee Oswald, you noted in the videos that he spoke Russian, did a sort of non-defection to the USSR as part of a CIA programme along with some other marines. The actual purpose of his ‘defection’ is unclear but the conspiracy thinking is that he might have been doing a trade of his U2 secrets so as to gain the confidence of the Soviets and thereby penetrate them. Furthermore, by giving away U2 secrets, he would be helping hardliners in both the US and the USSR governments who did not want a peace conference between Eisenhower and Khruschev to go ahead. And, he would be ‘sheep-dipping’ himself as a communist sympathiser for future missions/roles.

    However, it is noted in the Warren Commission that the people that said Oswald spoke Russian also said that he spoke German. Before he ‘defected’, Oswald had applied and been accepted to an obscure college in Austria, the Schweitzer College, I think, which had religious, right-wing and possibly Nazi connections. It seems that there was another potential mission that Oswald was being lined-up for before he became part of the CIA-run marine defection programme.

    Another problem I have with the conventional conspiracy narrative is the associating of Oswald with Gary Powers and the U2 incident by Powers himself. Oswald had crypto-clearance at the U2 flight base in Japan and probably had useful information, but Gary Powers name-checks Oswald as someone who he thinks was present at his interrogation when he was captured. He does this with no evidence as he never sees him or hears him. It’s difficult to know whether this is a smear done after the assassination, another spycraft reason or whether Powers genuinely believes or was told that Oswald was there. It made me a little suspicious about Powers which in turn made me suspicious about the entire ‘shot down’ narrative of his. Powers, like the Watergate burglars, seems quite prepared for the possibility of being shot down. He had his ID. I think he has dog tags too. If memory serves correctly, he drops to a height that means he’ll survive if he has to bail and he’s lucky enough that he lands near civilisation. I can’t quite remember but I’ve heard it said that the USSR couldn’t shoot down the U2 at the heights it flew at in 1960 anyway. So, slightly suspicious, as well as incredibly convenient for a CIA that did not want a peace conference between the Superpowers. Or peace at all, possibly.

    It was a CIA that had known Nazi sympathisers, collaborators and actual bona fide Nazis working in it. Oswald, Kennedy and Forrestal were all Office of Naval Intelligence agents (ONI). Oswald was loaned to the CIA by the ONI for his defection, and after Kennedy was killed, Oswald’s contact and cut-out was an ONI man, suggesting he had kept his links to the ONI.

    I would have thought the Russians would be far too intelligent and suspicious to believe that Oswald was a sincere communist to be trusted or allowed to penetrate grouping/place of value, especially as they suddenly had about ten marines all of a sudden wanting to be communists! The CIA would know this, so why bother with this programme? He doesn’t have to go to Russia to be sheep-dipped either. He can just join the communist party in America – like hundreds of FBI men! However, if Oswald knows Russian and German and is allowed by the ONI to be used by the CIA as some sort of decoy for another operation, one that disguises other operations, like possibly Powers’, then it does allow him to start penetrating the CIA for the ONI. Could this possibly be the ONI’s purpose and Oswald’s mission?

    By joining the CIA programme, Oswald would be able to connect with members of the CIA in the USSR, who would actually be remnants of the Gehlen organisation and who once were the Nazi’s Armies East, their intelligence network in Soviet Ukraine and Russia. Is that a possibility? We know very little of what Oswald did in Minsk and the writers who have written about Oswald during this period, as far as I know, don’t speak Russian, can’t read the original documents or are so ill-intentioned they have him as the sole gunman. What we do know is that he married a woman, very quickly and under unusual circumstances, that had intelligence links and came straight out of the USSR and into the Far-right, Nazi and White Russian community of Dallas and New Orleans which was linked, penetrated and managed by the CIA – the Nazi-supporting CIA like Dulles, Bush, Oschner, de Mohrenschildt and others.

    (It’s also an intriguing possibility that his return to the US would have to be sanctioned by the Attorney General…Bobby Kennedy, and that he may have been working for Robert Kennedy too in some capacity. This would make him a perfect patsy for the assassination as it would tie him to Bobby and ensure his silence. Seems far-fetched, but there are witnesses that have Robert Kenendy at Marilyn Monroe’s house the night she died and one of James Angelton’s men, CIA Head of Counter-intelligence, ‘sedating’ her, thereby compromising Robert Kennedy in the future.)

    If penetration of the CIA/NAZI/WHITE RUSSIAN/FAR RIGHT grouping was Oswald’s mission, he was spectacularly successful in many ways in the US part of it anyway: he penetrated the CIA plot to develop the cancer bio-weapon; he penetrated the plot to kill Castro; he penetrated the FBI and their machinations to antagonise anti-Castro Cubans by shutting down their camps; he penetrated the anti-Castro Cubans, the mafia, possibly foiled two plots to kill Kennedy, identified the minor orchestrators and some of the gunmen for the assassination that succeeded, along with leaving enough clues as he went so that any investigator could piece together what was going on – see Jim Garrison.

    In this regard of leaving clues, Oswald publicly brought attention to himself in different places and in different ways so that any investigation would lead to the CIA, the Right-Wing and Nazi/White Russian community: Oswald joining a queue of black registering voters in Jackson then declaring he didn’t live there when arriving at the front of the queue after signing; printing the address of the office where Guy Bannister is running guns out for anti-Castro Cubans/CIA, on leaflets promoting the Fair Play for Cuba Society(!); making needless house calls so as to be witnessed; name-checking Ruth Paine in an interview and making outrageous claims publicly in FBI offices. Here is a man who seems to be leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. (He’s either a very bad spy or a more subtle one with a different agenda.)

    He also, and I believe there is enough evidence to at least consider this as a possibility, prevented a much larger conspiracy that involved Tippit, White and the aforementioned groups, but that’s another story. Anyway, I’d be interested to hear thoughts on what other interpretations can be put on these actions from committed researchers like Mr Lavelle, or things that I’ve missed.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Just want to say (a bit belatedly), thank you for this brilliant analysis. I can have no idea if it’s true, but you’ve got me thinking. I will be preparing the next segment of conversations with Phillip very soon, by the way.

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