[RDM] The JFK Sessions Part 2: The Summer of 1963 & Dissecting the Shooting. The Richard Dolan Show.

By | November 8, 2019

Here is the second segment of my extended interview with JFK researcher Phillip Lavelle. In this part, we discuss two critical elements about the assassination of President Kennedy. First is a discussion of the all-important summer of 1963, in which Phillip provides essential background and discusses the importance of several characters generally forgotten to the public but very important to setting the stage. We then moved into the specifics of the shooting of November 22, 1963 in Dallas. How many bullets, where did they come from, where was the President hit, and so on. Phillip lays it all out.

Do not miss the rest of this interview when it becomes available. This is really important material, and Phillip has clearly mastered it.  

[Note: this video is still processing on Youtube when I posted this, so please be patient if it’s not ready. It should be available in a few minutes if it’s not.]

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  1. Jeff5647a

    Phillip, is there a video documentary that exists that generally outlines the story similar to what you think happened?

  2. MarkH

    Thanks again, Mr. Lavelle and Richard, for another great installment.
    So much exculpatory evidence. I can only confabulate that one day Lee Harvey Oswald gets a trial in absentia. I don’t suspect he will be ever be pardoned by any president. Still, a trial would go a long way to delivering the truth and establishing Lee’s statement; he was a patsy. And if it came out, Lee was working for another agency as a deep undercover operative, and his name could be cleared that would be even better for his family, and family name.
    Thanks again for the interview Mr. Lavelle and allowing us access to your thoughts after years of research. It has inspired me to do more reading, hopefully, in your upcoming book!
    Sincerely Mark.

  3. Ed Coffman

    Thanks for getting Part 2 to us, Richard.

    I have a question for Philip: he mentioned a man with a walkie-talkie who was at Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination. My research indicates that this man was referred to as “The Cuban.” I’m curious to find out what Philip knows about this man. Here’s a short article that I found in the “Grassy Knoll Gazette” that describes this man’s actions at the time JFK was murdered:

    http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/po-jfkgkgaz/id/619/rec/79, p. 8

    The “umbrella man” and the “Cuban,” two of President Kennedy’s assassins?

    The suspicious actions of two unknown men in Dealey Plaza during the minutes surrounding the Kennedy assassination have long been a puzzle to JFK researchers. Of the more than 500 persons witnessing the shooting, these two are among the few never identified. No records exist to show that the FBI or Warren Commission even tried to identify them.

    Numerous cameras that November 22 captured them on film and researchers have dubbed them the “umbrella man” and the “Cuban.”

    On that bright sunshiny afternoon only one person in Dealey Plaza had an open umbrella, and it was open for only about ten seconds. As the president’s limousine approached, he opened the umbrella. The car drew abreast of the umbrella man as the first shot struck the president. The man then raised the parasol two feet higher and twirled it.

    Many researchers believe this was a signal to gunmen that the first shot was not fatal and more shots would be needed.

    Other researchers contend the umbrella concealed a weapon which fired a paralyzing dart into the president’s throat, making him an easy target for the guns. (Don’t scoff in recent Senate hearings, it was revealed that the CIA does have an umbrella-which fires paralyzing darts!)

    Standing at the curb ten feet from the umbrella man was a Latin-looking man, arms at side. Immediately after the first shot, he thrust his right arm high in the air and waved it rapidly.

    These two men were the closest of all spectators to the point where the first shot struck. Seconds after the shots, the umbrella man sat down on the curb, and the “Cuban” came over and sat down beside him, and the two seemed to converse calmly while other spectators fell to the ground or ran up the grassy knoll where the shots seemed to originate.

    Then, the Cuban apparently produced a radio walkie-talkie transmitter and spoke into it briefly! After sitting a few seconds together, the two strolled away in opposite directions, with the Cuban tucking the radio transmitter into his hip pocket, and the umbrella man calmly leaving the scene with his folded umbrella.

    If these two unidentified men were not part of the assassination team, they should come forward, identify themselves, and explain their suspicious actions.

    1. OgronWaitress

      I could be wrong but I don’t believe the Cuban was ever observed speaking into a walkie-talkie. One seems to be in his back pocket however. Personally I believe the Cuban to be Orlando Bosch – a nasty piece of work then working with the US intelligence agencies and violent Cuban exiles. He helped blow up a civilian airliner.

  4. MindGuerilla

    Thanks for this, RD – brilliant interview.

    Something I think is key to all this that needs more attention is whether or not Oswald had prior knowledge of the route of the Presidential motorcade. There are conflicting accounts on this, covered here: https://www.giljesus.com/evidence-oswald-did-not-know-the-motorcade-route.html amongst other places.

    The reason this is important is that since Oswald was clearly a patsy and also seems to have known JFK was being targeted for assassination, it would seem to not only defy common sense but the survival instinct itself for him to then attend work that day. Wouldn’t any sane person with the insider knowledge he is supposed to have had skipped his job and established a corroborative alibi proving he was elsewhere at the time to avoid being implicated/framed in any potential hit?

    What I’m really wondering is whether or not Oswald was actually killed by Ruby, or if his own death was staged as part of the over-arching assassination plot.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Perhaps Phillip can answer this much better. just thinking about it logically however I would think Oswald would not have been apprised of the precise route. After all he could have known something was in the works but perhaps not known the specific details? But I do wonder about this and perhaps Philip has information.

    2. BrianH

      To the question of possible overriding fears from Oswald, consider the rare air and tight spots that he has already experienced and been extricated from. The same entity(ies) he’s involved with in Dallas are the same ones that got him into and out of the USSR on a mission, protected him from prosecution, and probably other sorts of espionage miracles that we still don’t know about. These feats probably instilled a confidence & dedication within him that, in the end, his people had his back. Even if it gets weird, “Play your role, stay in your lane until the end, and it’ll work out…because it always has.” Worst case, he may have thought, he’d be implicated but cleverly absolved by his superiors from the shadows. Unfortunately for Oswald, they played him to the fullest.

      I think the probability that he was a true Kennedy fan and idealist was part of the reason that he was played. If one man has to be sacrificed, make sure it’s a Kennedy guy. Oswald was part of “the enemy” at heart to those who ran the operation. Classic espionage tradecraft. Cruel poetry.

  5. Phillip Lavelle

    Thanks again to all for your kind comments. I will try to answer some questions in no particular order. MindGuerilla’s good question appears to have been answered by Brian. It would be nice to know exactly what plan LHO was informed about (including an “abort” team being sent to rescue JFK), but he was hanging around on the 2nd floor where the pay phone was situated and he was noted to have used often. His assignment appears to have been to go to the Texas theater and meet someone he didn’t personally know, if things went bad. Ed’s question about “Umbrella man” and “the Cuban” is germane here. They are NOT typical spectators, and the Warren commission’s total apathy towards them is indicative of involvement in the scheme. I always thought they were signaling initial shot(s) didn’t get it done, and more were necessary. However, a good source, who I trust, believes Tosh Plumlee, who says they were part of the “abort team”. I’m not sold on the “abort team” at this time. Jeff, I don’t know of any one documentary that nails everything, in my opinion. The movie “JFK”, with appropriate use of dramatic license in various parts, is surprisingly close, which is why criticism from official sources is still so strong. Lastly, thanks again to Mark for kind words. I will settle now for a pardon of Abraham Bolden-still alive. Trump would send a strong signal to the “deep state” with that pardon. There is a film clip of Chauncey Holt (thought to be one of the 3 tramps) and who knew of LHO’s true undercover work for the government, expressing sincere angst and deep regret at how badly his family suffers from this unfair frame-up. Phillip

    1. OgronWaitress

      I think you’re making a mistake taking Judyth Vary Baker at her word. All she can offer is vague circumstantial evidence of her supposed relationship with LHO. All promised corroboration has not been forthcoming. File next to Beverly Oliver, I reckon.

  6. Doctor3j

    It may be no coincidence that both James Forrestal and JFK had aircraft carriers named after them, The CV59 was the very first of the super carriers and CV 67 for JFK after he was president for only two years. While Forrestal was instrumental in winning WW II, what did JFK really do? The later was recently decommissioned and replaced by JFK CV 79. If JFK wasn’t assassinated he would have soon resigned in disgrace due to looming sex scandals No Camelot. To me they couldn’t even wait a day more to silence him. Interesting?
    Finally Corso recounts during the Art Bell interviews ( These are a must to listen to – lots of unique info given) how Bobby Kennedy was told “you guys are not in charge here” in no uncertain terms.

    1. elevator

      There were Multiple people with walkie-talkie radios that day. The Cuban mentioned definitely shows up in one of the Croft photos speaking into a radio just a minute oor so after the shooting. You can even see the antenna. The man in the car behind the grassy knoll who drove through minutes prior to the shooting was on a radio. Jim Hicks, who says he was co-ordinating, can be strolling down the opposite side of the street from the knoll with a radio in his hip pocket. He was committed to a mental institution and never officially questioned. No doubt, there were radio men assigned to each sniper.

      Much oh what Mr. Lavelle states rings true, but the Judith Baker story has been labeled by most serious researchers as mostly fabricated or of little importance. As with so many issues surrounding the event there is controversy. If one reads and researches enough you can come to a fairly informed position. I have read probably forty or so books since the early seventies on the assassination. The best, imo, is “JFK and the Unspeakable”, by James Douglas. I recommend it to Richard and others here as being the best overview of the lead-up, causes, perpetrators and actual event of any book to date. It also gives a detailed look at the relationship between Krushchev and Kennedy that is fascinating. The other books I would recommend are
      ” Someone Would Have Talked” volumes I and II, by Larry Hancock.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yikes. I can’t change that until tomorrow at noon eastern when it goes public on Youtube. I just scheduled it so I don’t forget while I am rushing to the airport. For reasons I don’t understand, when I schedule ANY video for a public release time, it automatically goes to private status, in which it’s essentially impossible for me to share it here. Normally for members only videos, it is UNLISTED, which simply means it is available by a specified link, but isn’t otherwise searchable. But for scheduled videos, it goes private until the moment it becomes public. So I hope you don’t mind waiting for just over 12 hours from now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is a heck of an interview.


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