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By | November 8, 2022

Hi Everyone,

After almost sixty years, the murder of President John F. Kennedy remains an unresolved trauma in American and indeed world society. That’s because the truth behind his killing remains officially unacknowledged. The President was assassinated in a conspiracy, one crafted by the U.S. intelligence community and what we today would call the Deep State. For this episode, I interview Jack Roth, author of the new book “Killing Kennedy,” a unique approach to the infamous assassination. Roth interviewed numerous JFK experts and assessed the negative impact the killing of the President has had on our society ever since. 

Check out Jack Roth’s book, Killing Kennedy here:

This pre-recorded interview will premiere on YouTube at 8 p.m. Eastern. Members of this site will also have exclusive access to the second and third hours of my conversation with Jack. Part Two will be released at the same time as this public Youtube video, at 8 p.m. Eastern. On Thursday, November 11, we will post Part Three. 

Part Two: Jack Roth and I continue the second part of their conversation solely for In this segment we discuss the Kennedys and Marilyn Monroe, the Marilyn Monroe CIA document, Mary Pinchot Meyer, James Angleton, UFOs and crash retrievals, the fact that JFK had to deal with nukes, Cuba, the Mob, the CIA, and ETs. The conversation moved into the Deep State which opened the door to Donald Trump and to what extent he occupied a similar position to Kennedy. That led to the entire second half of this conversation. 

Part Three: In the final segment of this interview (to be aired November 11), Jack and I discuss Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Vary Baker, Dr. Mary Sherman, David Ferrie, and the attempt to turn cancer into a bioweapon. A great overview of the Summer of 1963 follows, along with the fateful day in Dallas. Discussion of Laurel Canyon, Charles Mansion, mind control experiments, social engineering, human looking extraterrestrials, and aliens living here. I mention my often-told story of the USAF Colonel who met with two human looking ETs. Jack then tells his own amazing story of meeting such a human looking “ET” at the Atlanta airport sometime around 2012.

I hope you find this conversation as interesting as Jack and I did. 


7 thoughts on “Killing Kennedy | Interview with Jack Roth | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. JimmyBee

    Hi Richard,
    I didn’t think I would enjoy this conversation. I was wrong. It was very interesting. A nice, casual convesation about a very intense, sad subject.

    I was surprised to realize that I have watched several of his documentaries related to UFOs.

    Your interviews are very good. Informative without being dry. Entertaining without being filled with pointless fluff. I hope you do more!

  2. itsmeRitaC

    “Killing Kennedy
    By: Bill O’Reilly”

    I thought it sounded familiar. 🙂 Oh, he has like a dozen “Killing……….” books out there. It rang a bell. Let’s hope he doesn’t ‘own’ that phrase. Who was it that i recall from here? Wilcox? Something about copyrighting ‘secret space program’ or something.

  3. Clifford Ribaudo

    Good show. I came to the same conclusions after a few years of studying the topic: done by a cabal of various intelligence, defense and other interests and that the country has never been the same since due to the infection that lives deep with the bowls of government.

    What bothers me most about then and now is that by all accounts, then one of the factors was Gen. LeMay’s Christian fundamentalist and vehement anti-communist beliefs and which is now being echoed by similar types like Flynn. See this Frontline on Flynn’s “Holy War”:

    What I find most disturbing is that Flynn’s brother (also a Fundamentalist) was in the room delaying the National Guard on Jan. 6th. And that there must be other fundamentalists of that ilk protecting him because he has now been transferred to Hawaii Command… sort of the place they send you to hide you and give you a cushy job (Patton held the same post). There seems to be a big group of Christian Fundamentalists in the Army (and the Air Force). There has been no proper investigation of who inside the Pentagon was working with Flynn/Trump on the outside. Why? So we have another nest of violent, ideological, wing nuts that stymie not only disclosure and proper investigation of the phenomena but who also think they need to “save” the country from the “evil democrats” and restore America to its “Christian Roots”. Someone should remind them that country was established to preserve Religious Freedom to practice ALL religions.

    FYI some of the FIRST people Hitler went after were the Freemasons (1934) and the Spiritualists.

  4. OgronWaitress

    I’m glad to see you tackling this quagmire again, Richard. I used to live and breathe JFK theories and definitely err on the side of conspiracy still but unlike UFOs (which is a much bigger game-changer for the public to deal with, IMO) it appears to be JFK Truth that is the ultimate Establishment no-no for now and eternity. The definitive evidence we seek will be suppressed in perpetuity. We can conjecture why that is.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I think there is no real question that JFK was taken down by powerful elements within the USG and intelligence community. They cannot ever admit to this.

      1. elevator

        Richard, I may have recommended the book “JFK and The Unspeakable” by James Douglas the last time you were posting on the JFK assassination a couple years back.
        Not only is it the best book I’ve read on the assassination, and I’ve read fifty or so over the past thirty years, it is a great read for understanding the forces at work in the US at the time. It dives deeply into the intimate relationship that JFK and Krushev developed in the last eighteen months of his presidency. No doubt, both leaders were changed men after the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK’s American University speech was an exceptional call for peace, while recognizing the realities of the world at that time. It was the last straw I’m sure for many of his enemies. Most researchers agree it is at the top of any JFK list of must read books.


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