More Davis-Wilson Confirmation | Project Unity and Oke Shannon

By | September 24, 2022

Hi Everyone,

It’s clear by now that there is ample confirmation of the validity of the Davis-Wilson notes, at least insofar that Dr. Eric Davis did legitimately write these notes in the aftermath of his meeting with retired Admiral Thomas R. Wilson twenty years ago. For those of you who have been following this unfolding drama since it went public in 2019, you know I have had my part in this discussion. 

In any case, Jay from Project Unity has scored another outstanding interview, this time with Oke Shannon, retired Navy officer and Special Projects Manager at Los Alamos National Labs. Most importantly, he is also a friend to both Admiral Wilson and Dr. Davis. Shannon is mentioned in the notes by Davis as the man who had given Wilson assurances that Davis was trustworthy and reliable — in other words, safe to talk to. 

The interview actually covers a number of themes, but the Davis-Wilson aspect begins at 20 minutes and goes for about ten minutes. 

Some of the highlights include:

Jay: “Do you know Dr Eric Davis?”

Shannon: “Yes, I know him fairly well.” Goes on to say they had “mutual projects mutual acquaintances, things of that sort.”

Jay: “Do you personally know Admiral Thomas R. Wilson?”

Shannon: “Yes I do … I read somewhere that his response was ‘Oke who?’ [chuckles] and I thought that was kind of funny. … I’m sure my memory of him is stronger than his memory of me.”

Jay: “Did Wilson contact you in 01 or 02 about the trustworthiness of Dr. Davis?”

Shannon: “Earlier than that.”

He also discussed his heart attack and health issues at the time, which was mentioned in the notes. States that Wilson called him in 1999.

Shannon: “I got this phone call and it was from Admiral Wilson. And he asked me– this was not a short conversation, I was recuperating, I was able to carry on this conversation but I wasn’t able to do much else at that point…. One of the things he wanted to know was could he trust Eric Davis. And I think he may have even mentioned Hal Puthoff. And one or two other people. I mentioned that I believed yes that Eric Davis was honorable and conscientious, and that he would honor any restrictions the Admiral might put on him, and I thought it would be safe for him to contact him.”

Wilson did not say why he was seeking the info on Davis. Shannon believed he would definitely have remembered that. 

Shannon also confirmed another detail of the notes, which is that he was difficult to reach at that time due to his health issues. 

Those are the main points that Shannon stated which are relevant to the discussion of the authenticity of Davis’s notes. Honestly, I think we long ago passed any point of doubt about their authenticity but this is another nail in the coffin of the silly arguments by skeptics. I personally feel that all of them who cast doubts and aspersions over these notes ought to admit they were wrong and acknowledge the damage they have caused the UFO community — and the wider public — by hindering the wider acceptance of these notes and the important implications they tell us. But that is just my opinion.

The meeting between Davis and Wilson happened. The accuracy of what Davis wrote cannot seriously be questioned at this point. The notes tell us of a labyrinthian  system of secrecy (and arguably criminality) within the SAP portion of the DoD that is hiding and exploiting extraterrestrial technology, and has been doing so for many years. This system is nearly entirely beyond the purview of the highest government officials, let alone members of Congress or the public. Private corporations benefit from it and all research and implications are hidden from us. Getting to the bottom of this constitutes a potential legal, bureaucratic, and political nightmare, but is not an impossibility. 

Great job by Jay. 

Incidentally, the person who notified me of the existence of this interview was Dr. Hal Puthoff. He let me know about an hour before Jay himself did! I asked Hal if I could mention this fact and he noted that since his own name was mentioned during the interview, there was probably no harm in stating that he was the one who let me know. 🙂


12 thoughts on “More Davis-Wilson Confirmation | Project Unity and Oke Shannon

  1. TomTort

    I do have faith in what the bible represents, but I think the English translation of what is stated is not necessary accurate, but reinterpreted for for mass comprehension. The Bible states metaphor, disguising what religion wishes to avoid. I do not wish to offend anyone, yet the translation of certain passages are not portrayed as originally written. If a true representation of the written word were available, there would be more clarity of the original author’s meaning and intention. I think Aliens and their technology would be more obvious.
    There are Angels and Demons without any doubt, but there is a whole lot more involved than can be so easily explained. I sometimes think the Bible is too overly simplified.

    1. Clifford Ribaudo

      1) Much of the Old Testament was written in Old Hebrew, which requires scholars with a good understanding of it, else you get a distorted translation. The King James version of the Bible is a good example of this because it didn’t have many and most died before it was finished.
      2) There were all kinds of political and doctrinal reasons for altering the original texts. To understand that one only needs to look at the history of the various Councils (Nicea for example) that edited, altered and removed all kinds of stuff. The proof can be seen in the comparison of the versions of books found in Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi texts.
      3) Most books of the Bible (virtually) are Moral and Spiritual Allegories and are NOT meant to be taken literally. Something which unfortunately our Catholic church likes to hide from people, not to mention make off limits the keys you need to understand the symbolism. E.g., Astrology, Numerology, etc.
      For a discussion of exactly this see my paper on Ezekiel and Why it has NOTHING to do with UFOs here, available download here:

  2. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    I 100% agree with “your opinion”. It will be interesting to see if the naysayers will admit fault now. Adm Wilson’s position on the conversation taking place, while understandable, is now untenable. Im confident in closed briefings, he will give his version of events, and this concludes me to believe we, the public, will hear no more from him. It’s great to see Jay was given this interview because of his interviewing style and his open position, acknowledged by Oke Shannon.

  3. Randy29

    Richard, first of all, thank you so much for sharing this video. It is one of the most significant and meaningful interviews for me personally because seeing Oke directly confronting his worldview that had a heartfelt impact on me..

    Pulling out my interfaith/dual-faith Rosetta stone, gave me some insight regarding Okes words as they relate to what we here are so familiar. Now, imho, the consideration of extraterrestrial intelligent life is the most paradigm shattering element that there could be to an individuals psyche. Just changing religions can need years of counseling (whether you get it or not).

    Most significant to me, was the opposition of the “beyond” with traditional worldviews that Oke had to deal with…something that I personally had to deal with as well long ago…absolutely no easy task even for the most resilient. So I try to deal with those who are in the midst of this struggle with compassion and understanding, a quality that seems to delineate this group from others.

  4. Andromeda107

    I can’t believe Jay was able to find Oke Shannon and was able to interview him on camera,that was a great interview.What is also amazing is that Oke Shannon confirmed that Admiral Thomas Wilson reached out to him about Eric Davis. Way to go Jay for getting this interview ,and thanks sharing Richard. Hopefully some of the skeptics of the Wilson/Davis notes sees this interview,and will have change of heart.

  5. SunPower

    I could have done without his implying that the credible UFO & abduction reports come, it seems, from a certain class of folks (officials & people who assume the right to keep secrets from those who are the constitutional sovereigns – (the common people)). Therefore, most other reporters are either mentally ill or seek undue attention for themselves and are making their reports up. All the good reports fall in his narrow paradigm.

  6. Lauren2844

    Puthoff is hilarious! I honestly think the guy is more interested in the UFO phenomenon than most of us.. i hope for his sake and all of ours the truth will get out before we move on from this planet. I have a feeling Puthoff knows alot but not the whole story. Obviously the answers he has hasn’t taken away the questions he still desires answered.

    **Richard a few years ago you talked about a company that had servers in Iceland where you could contact or get contacted with A+ level encryption. There servers were in Iceland because there laws are the best at protecting members from over reaching governments trying to get a court order. I remember you mentioned that you talked with the owner and we’re impressed. They even had a dead man’s timer..
    Richard I believe that system closed down but I was wondering if you have one you use now that you could recommend? Is there a way someone could reach you that’s encrypted? Not for me but maybe for a scientist/Engineer with particular information. Thanks in advance!
    Lauren M

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      My thoughts on secure communications are probably not as advanced as many of the members here. I do use a private Proton account and most people know about VPNs. I don’t have much else in that regard. I do agree with your earlier comments btw regarding Dr. Hal Puthoff. 🙂

  7. itsmeRitaC

    Well, annoying as i will be here, i listened to his introduction and i would beg to differ with Oke Shannon, retired Navy officer and Special Projects Manager at Los Alamos National Labs.

    I don’t buy the ‘we are all original sinners’ thing. Not even sure what to call it anymore i am so beyond tired and disgusted from working with all the people who have been made ill from that ‘belief’. I guess a man who worked on special projects at Los Alamos Labs would likely feel guilty and should. I have found that born again people are usually those who have lots of deep guilt and can’t work through it and come to terms with themselves. The fundamentalism is the ‘go to’ for those folks. And i have had years of experience with many different humans.

    Apologies if anyone is offended. Although, i feel offended by so much of what i hear and read that i am quite over that kind of thing.

    I will make a point of listening further since i am interested in how, as he says, his religion colors all areas of this topic.

    “Just two days after former Los Alamos National Laboratory project manager Oke Shannon took to a podcast to reaffirm his connection with the Pentagon retired flag officer at the center of a simmering UFO controversy, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson pushed back. In a brief email response during his vacation travels, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency continued to diss Shannon’s version of events.

    “Nothing in your email has the ‘ring of truth’ as far as I’m concerned,” Wilson stated in reply to my condensation of Shannon’s hour-long interview Saturday on Project Unity. “To my knowledge I have never met Oke Shannon, and certainly didn’t call him to arrange any meetings with anybody . . . This whole debate about ‘the memo’ is ludicrous as far as I’m concerned.””

    Excerpt above from the article – where Richard’s podcast is given as a reference, btw.

    Also, just because i came upon it in the forum.

    I just can’t imagine why i am so irrational. I have seen a ‘threat’ narrative taking form in the past couple of years but i must be hallucinating!

    I have given up being politically correct in the ufo arena. Sorry folks. Yes, the ‘field’ has its very own version of it.

    Thanks Richard.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I looked into that War Zone article with ufo logo and it may be fake. Ross Coulhart seems to believe it is real, but i am having my doubts……………………………….

      When it comes to anything ufo related, especially if it comes from ‘insiders’ in intel., etc, i am officially going to assume games being played. Obviously.

      If a freaking logo from our so called DOD can’t even be proven to be authentic………………….Why would i believe anything? Seriously. How hard should that be to confirm? Anyone?

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I felt i needed to come back here to say that Coulthart did finally read an article that the ufo in the logo was not official and , btw, no one in that dept., which i am too tired to even look up, NIMS, or something, knew how that extravaganza happened

        But there were other images in the logo that would be obvious to those ‘in the know’ of how these logos are devised, that were ‘off’ in certain ways. And it didn’t look at all like those horrific official logos i saw on their page.

        God the malevolent minds that go into all of these agencies, even to the minutia of the colors in the design elements for psychological influence. And i didn’t even know that until i just read about it. They are proud of this stuff.

        And people claim to be scared of ‘ET’ or whomever? I am actually beginning to say to myself, “Really……….Hmmmm”.

  8. Gogoplata

    EWD Notes, page 10, TW flew out “there” in “mid-June or so”.

    I wonder if anyone has submitted a FOIA request to the DOD (Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO)) for Admiral Wilsons’ official TDY (temporary duty) records for June 1997 yet, i.e. his “travel voucher”. This was about 10 years before the DOD transition to online travel authorization/voucher submission via DTS (Defense Travel System), but the records should still be available.


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