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By | October 8, 2020

I will be doing a live interview tonight at 8 p.m. EDT with filmmaker James Fox on his recently released film, The Phenomenon. I am very much looking forward to this, and just finished watching the film through a private link his team shared with me. I can personally state that this is surely one of the best quality UFO documentaries to appear in a while. 


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  1. CWAT60

    For the people who’s world has no comprehension or understanding of ufo’s, what are you hoping your documentary will achieve?

  2. ChillFarmBrisbane

    Brilliant interview/chat Richard. The information that was put out tonight, wow!! It has been quiet for the past few weeks but that well and truly made up for it. Can’t wait to watch the film this weekend!

  3. Jimbo562

    Great interview Richard! One of your best, most enthusiastic guests I’ve listened to! I could sense the mutual respect! Can’t wait to see the film!

  4. Pyroxide_Martini

    Re meta materials – I often wondered whether the way they are assembled is simply an advanced process of the way katana’s are constructed (I know that is a very basic analogy) but the idea that you fold atoms upon each other and use a force to bind them together and fold them again and again repeating the process. Any one have any thoughts on this?

  5. angie pearson

    I just watched this documentary . Fantastic! I don’t think I’ve seen anything so far that has been put together so cohesively on the subject , from it’s past to present day . Well done to James Fox and his team and thanks to you too Richard

  6. BRX237653

    Fantastic show. Thank you Tracy for getting my question to Richard regarding Col. robert friend. I Wasn’t really sure if that was an appropriate question, so I was shocked Richard asked the question verbatim to James. The answer from both James & Richard helped my research a great deal. Thank you again.


  7. PressToDigitate

    ZOOM OUT – 35,000 ft. LEVEL: We are rolling along a point in time at the vertex between two light cones, those of Historical Ufology, which came before, and of Technocratic Futurism which is coming into being. These aren’t disconnected worlds; they are a continuum of Our world, which Aliens have influenced for a century (or longer) to produce the circumstances we see materializing before us. Those of us not mesmerized by the Official Narrative on topical current events over the last 80 years have consistently lurched from one government leak, admission or whistleblower to the next, hoping to glean morsels of Truth about the Reality that we know sits above or behind the Official Narrative of the day, on the ill-fitting current events that don’t properly add up. Periodically, intrepid reporters, authors, essayists, researchers and filmmakers hold forth with groundbreaking, landmark compilations and presentments of the unearthed, unvarnished Facts; Fox’s “Out of the Blue” and “I Know What I Saw”, your “UFOs & The National Security State” Vols I & II, Linda’s “Glimpses of Other Realities” Vols I & II, etc. Meanwhile we tumble headlong through this meta-reality, bumping into transient, temporary ‘Fountains of Truth’, placed unavoidably in our path, and arranged at heroic effort, from the Disclosure Project, to the Missileers, to Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, to the TTSA/AATIP Releases (& attendant Hoopla). And so the dissemination of the unapproved knowledge slowly progresses, in fits and starts. But, whether its Blue Book, or Emenegger, or Disney or TTSA, what permeates the culture – what “sticks” – has never been more than a tacit confirmation that “They’re Here”. As Grant has long observed, THEY don’t seem to have too much of a problem with that.

    It would be within Their power to cloak all of Their vessels in our airspace, or at least perform Their missions at night, without running lights. They could have arranged to censor the ETUFO topic in our Movies and Television, such that dozens of TV series and hundreds of movies probably would not have been made. But the reality of Their presence was always going to be made known, and demonstratively manifest, at some point certain in the future. Lessening that “shock”, and the probable popular opposition to Their presence, has been a major priority for Them in Their Social Engineering of our culture. This is why that 5G-BCI is so important over the next decade. What I call a “Drone Yoke” – and Elon Musk has referred to as a “Wizard Brain Hat” – will enable the Alien “Powers That Be” to intrusively “grok” everyone who’s jacked-in with their presence, in its most ‘promotional’ form, all at the same time; AND to modulate their instinctual reactions to it.

    THIS is why a *disruptive strategy* is required, which breaks from our predictable pattern of “Waiting for the Golden Ticket to Peek Inside the Chocolate Factory”. No Documentary or Book will ever command the dynamic current attention needed to penetrate the popular slumber. “Unidentified”, coupled with the series “Blue Book” and “Skinwalker”, and fed into by ten years of weekly “Ancient Aliens” (literally, in its same time slot on History), and all the press coverage of the AATIP releases, has slightly perturbed the public consciousness – but, in a tightly controlled manner (no Crash Retrievals, no Abductions, no Aliens – with even “ET” only whispered in hushed tones). IF the intended timeline of ‘Conditioning’, ‘Acclimation’ and ‘Desensitization’ toward the intended “Big Reveal” is how it unfolds, *the public will be entrained in neurotechnical docility* BEFORE they understand the ramifications of the ETUFO presence. That is what They – the Aliens – want, need and are counting on. Its what They’ve been engineering for more than 50 years. It doesn’t end well for Humanity.

    So, if I seem to have a sense of urgency about disrupting Their schedule for The Big Reveal, and effecting ‘Exposure’ deliberately, rather than (and prior to) passively awaiting and expecting ‘Disclosure’, its because I see the best metric of milestones toward that ‘Big Reveal’ in what’s on offer each year at the Consumer Electronics Show and SXSW, not in the latest documentaries that we can produce. We aren’t going to see any “Economic Collapse” or “Mad Max Post-Apocalyptic Horror” because They won’t allow it. Once Trump is gone, and any threat to the Deep State neutralized, and the Space Force sidelined (just as Bush Sr. did with SDI and Obama did with the Airborne Laser & HAARP), everything will “majically” calm down. We can predict *with certainty* that it will become “normal enough” that, by this time next year – or the year after (it doesn’t much matter), wearable 5G-XR (AR+VR) HeadPhones will become “all the rage” as Christmas Gifts. I think you see where it goes from there…And, “That’s How They Get Ya”…

    1. J-Rod

      @PTDT I’m lost with all this “G” stuff. What’s the big attraction with 5G? Hell, I didn’t even know what 4G was.

      1. PressToDigitate

        5G mobile wireless networks are designed to provide the data speeds, low latency, and aggregate capacity needed to support most people being online, full-time, with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and then full-duplex Brain Computer Interface devices. In fact, full-duplex neurotech for the population at-large is the only application that requires, or could even make good use of the level of speed, latency and capacity now being installed. There is no real case for it otherwise, all of that is smoke and mirrors to rationalize it. A couple years from now, your new phone will be something you wear on your head, rather than a rectangular box in your pocket. AR & VR will be the come-on to get you to “upgrade” to one, but, within a couple of years, carried Smartphones will be like the old ‘un-smart’ flip phones are today; obsolete relics that only old people and the homeless still make use of.

    2. OgronWaitress

      I’ve yet to hear precisely how a psychopathic faux billionaire is or was ever a threat to the Deep State.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Nothing “faux” about his Billionaire status; he still has plenty of net equity in his assets and a relatively low debt load in comparison to them. He’s *potentially* been a threat because, unlike the Clintons, Biden, etc., his wealth didn’t come from peddling the influence of their public offices for bribes. Hillary Clinton took $145,000,000 to arrange the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium production capacity to Russian Oligarchs. Joe Biden has taken Millions – through family – from Oligarchs in Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania, and Costa Rica – that we know of – which is how he became rich on his taxpayer salary over the past 47 years. But, our disagreement over Trump’s relative merits no longer matters. In fact, the Deep State *HAS* gotten away with their two fraudulent seditious coup attempts against our democracy without prosecution, and, on November 3rd, the CIAs illegal domestic “Influence Ops” will install Old Gropin’ Joe as their “Puppet POTUS” – and the Rogue Spooks in Langley will then continue to pick our “leaders” for us, forevermore.
        Trump’s failure to be that ‘random element’ that *could* have disrupted the Deep State, forced ETUFO Disclosure, and brought down the Globalist Illuminati cabal, is a serious mistake in judgement on his part. Had he done so, he would be guaranteed of re-election right now.

        1. OgronWaitress

          Nobody seriously contends that he is a billionaire. That’s a dead duck. He’s been cold-shouldered by US banks for years now. Does that not tell you something? A businessman who couldn’t make money from casinos. Anyway his business dealings are so shady, perhaps he even doesn’t know what he’s worth or whom he owes. The stink of money laundering and creative accounting hangs around this guy. However, like you, I’d be very happy indeed to endorse any POTUS who disavows foreign wars and intervention but then Mr Trump went and dropped that big bomb on the Iranian general (frighteningly casually done despite the post-facto rationalisations) and thus he showed he has the same bloodthirsty warmongering instincts of all post-war POTUS’s. He has even threatened to annihilate Iran with nukes if they retaliated. Thank God that America The Bully is now a thing of the past thanks to, er, DJT.
          As for packing his administration with cronies and family, he’s certainly broken the mould there. The Deep State would never be that obviously corrupt, so yeah, Donny is not one of that exclusive club. I agree with you there 100%. Independent/iconoclastic or not though, DJT is so hopelessly compromised (affairs with porn stars, mob ties etc) on multiple fronts that the DS could crush him with kompromat any time they wanted. Right now, there’s no need, he’s obliging them with tax cuts and with bonfires of government regulations, all aimed primarily at the mega rich and at big business interests and of no practical use to ordinary Americans.
          And even if he were to let slip what little information he holds about UFOs, the DS would toss him to the wolves. So let’s not hold onto false hopes that he’ll be the Doyen of Disclosure one day.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Thank you! I think that goes back to the Clinton emails. Also, his erratic behavior is part of it. I believe the ‘deep state’ , which was called the ‘shadow government’ by the late Sen.Daniel Inoue (sp), does not care for that kind of behavior. That is as general as i can get. Of course Trump is pro U.S. empire, so it makes no difference anyway.

        I also think it is connected to the poor vocabulary and grammar when he speaks or writes. But i think you would have needed to read what Qanon had to say.
        My opinion.

        1. PressToDigitate

          Yes, Trump can be a crude, boorish Oaf; he is the least articulate leader on the national scene on either side of the isle since … I was going to say George Wallace, but even Wallace had more of the ‘gift of gab’ than Trump does. Although I don’t believe that has stopped Trump from being the best U.S. President since, probably, Theodore Roosevelt – (Including Ronald Reagan, whom I worshiped since the early ’70s), I do find his speeches cringeworthy more often than not.

          But, Rita, he can hardly be classified as an American “Imperialist”, when he has gotten us out of Three (3) separate wars, and is the first President since Herbert Hoover not to start new wars, escalate old ones, or lose the wars he inherited. In both Europe and Asia, U.S. Allies now assume substantially more of the aggregate defense burden relative to the United States, than they did before Trump became President. American military intrusion into both South America and Africa has also been scaled back. Adding to our defenses (i.e. more ships & planes), *while using them less*, is the essence of “Peace Through Strength”. Obama was an “interventionist” – and so will Biden be. If “Peace” is your thing, you will look back fondly at the Trump years – and probably won’t have long before you do.

  8. KrisThom

    Hi Richard,
    Can you have a video on Youtube with only the Chuck Clark story James told in this interview . So we can hunt down the boys.

    I will ask George Knapp for the FBI raid. I remember this. Maybe from this German guy at Rachels.

    Thank you for this interview. We at UFO Denmark made one with James Fox in March before Covid.

  9. WickyBu

    Brilliant interview, Richard! I couldn’t watch live, but just caught up…

    I loved all of the ‘behind the scenes’ stories, it really was like an extension of the movie itself, with so much additional insight and background info. I’m really looking forward now to more in the future, sounds like he’s got a s##t load more footage to be able to put something together! Great.

  10. itsmeRitaC

    i have been listening off and on this afternoon and am not halfway through. I will come back to it i am sure.

    One thing is that some of these cases have been covered on tv UFO documentary type shows in places like the History Channel, etc. At least i am quite familiar with them. However, it is refreshing to hear him actually not imply, so far anyway, that the ET are evil doers, to steal a phrase from G.W. Bush. Maybe they are operating out of a cave in …………………….

    I actually stopped what i was doing to ‘watch’ when he brought up the nuclear weapons shut down, which we all know about for years………….And he was actually uplifted by that. He said it was like taking matches away from children and he asked you “What does that tell you?” And you said that it means they aren’t ‘us’ , i believe, or something like that. He seems to think that it is a good thing. It is was my assumption that you would see it as a positive too. However, you appeared to be more ‘objective’ than i have heard you be in quite a while regarding intentions. Just an observation. Maybe i am wrong. I honestly haven’t listened to any of the alien agenda stuff because there is something about that phrase that is a bit off putting for me, personally. It has a nefarious ring for me, and again, i could be very wrong here.

    Do you think it is likely ominous that ‘they’ can shut down our nukes? I am deeply serious here. For me personally, it is a key issue because it reflects ones’ thinking on the larger picture.

    Thanks Richard.

    1. PressToDigitate

      By what stretch of the imagination can ETs interfering with our defenses possibly be considered a “good thing”? They aren’t here “trying to warn us off from destroying ourselves” – there are *many* ways they could do THAT more effectively. Its obvious they were just conducting tests of their ability to defend *themselves* from our most important weapons. We have had the ability to target Lunar sites with nuclear warheads since the Thor IRBM was debugged in 1958, and, in fact, it was one of the [undisclosed] objectives of the program. While ET operations were able to manipulate the 1960s- era electronics of ICBMs on several, well-documented occasions, it is interesting that no such events have been reported since those apparent vulnerabilities were corrected in later designs.

      The often reported case of a UFO having to shoot a missile warhead *three times*, from three different angles – while in flight – in order to disrupt it, is telling. Until They have an explanation for us of their violent kidnapping and rape of untold Thousands (Millions) of Humans, how can we consider them “Benevolent”? Since such events have not been stopped, we can only conclude that either A) Our defenses remain inadequate, and new ones need to be expedited toward deployment, whether by our ‘Majestic’ Government, or otherwise, or, B) Those Majestic defenses have been compromised by Infiltration, and, therefore, it *certainly* must be done “otherwise”. If there is a third option, please explain. “Just Let Them Take Those People, Because ‘They’ Know Better!” Is a perfectly inane and suicidal perspective for us to take on the subject.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        “The often reported case of a UFO having to shoot a missile warhead *three times*, from three different angles – while in flight – in order to disrupt it, is telling”.

        I don’t know about this incident. So do you think we should be nuking them, since they are here on earth? Nuke the oceans? The oceans are locked and loaded. I am guessing this is because of alien bases under the ocean, which btw, i would wager that there is a presence there.

        I remember Edgar Mitchell speaking on Dreamland i believe, about twenty years ago and i caught the end of the interview. I heard him say that the same people that brought us Iran/Contra , you recall Oliver North and Ronnie Reagan inc., are the ones who have been in charge of the communications with ‘them’ and you know what kind of people they were. He was deadly serious. He implied that they were screwing the ‘aliens’. Made perfect sense to me. They do it to everyone else. Oh, and this being Indigenous Peoples’ Day and all. U.S. is fabulous on keeping their treaties.

        And yes i do think it is a good message to stop our nuke capacity. Sorry. We aren’t going to agree on much of anything. I am assuming you found James Fox to be naive? I was quoting *him*. i also assume you aren’t very familiar with the Ariel School incident. But maybe you see that as nefarious as well. I am interested in what your idea of a plan to fight ‘them’ would be? Seriously. You obviously have given that much thought.

        1. PressToDigitate

          They may indeed have undersea facilities; that’s why I’ve advocated here several times that we build and deploy bathystats at the entrance to Sycamore Knoll (between Catalina Island & Mailbu), and Gran Carreterra Tunal (off Ponce, PR) to instrument for Their presence and make the detections for certain, on our own. No, I don’t advocate nuking them right off. But I do advocate that unless forcible Abductions cease, that that should remain prominently on the table as an option. Whatever facilities They have on Earth, we can be certain that Their principal command and control center will be on the Moon; its the perfect duckblind. A precise and detailed location and characterization of Their installation(s) on our Moon needs to be developed – outside of Government (which may be compromised).

          Its hard to see how our Deep State could have been screwing the Aliens over, when it has given them free reign of the planet since before the turn of the century, and, effectively, since about 1960. How many Million Humans have they kidnapped and raped in that time? How many were Taken – and never even returned? Rita, we need to understand that when it comes to the Extraterrestrials, WE are ALL “Indigenous People” – and THEY are the Conquistadors, Crusaders and “Missionaries”, all rolled into one. Had Moctezuma had Cortes for dinner – instead of as a dinner ‘guest’ – both he and his Empire, and his people, would have lived much longer, happier lives.

          I’m sure the Ariel School encounter was fascinating and breathtaking for those who experienced it. I’ve never said there aren’t some “friendly aliens” out there; merely that they are probably irrelevant to our real ETUFO predicament – unless they are willing and able to intervene on our behalf to defend us against the UN-friendly aliens (and there’s no evidence that they are). But, just as the Mujahedeen drove the Soviets from Afghanistan, asymmetric warfare can be very effective. In point of fact, Moctezuma *could* have easily wiped out the relatively tiny Spanish expedition had he wanted; he had far more warriors than Cortez had musketballs to shoot back with. The ET infestation we’re talking about has noticable limitations to its offensive capability; it cannot lay waste to the planet without wrecking what they came for and failing in their mission. They appear to be “living off the land”, with only what tools and technology they came with, and no support from whatever Homeworld they left behind (or we would have heard about it, long since).

          Its not their presence we need to defeat, nor their people we need to destroy; its their 50 Year Plan for “the electronic integration of all Human consciousness into a single collective Hive Mind” – as a population control grid, for us inferior ‘Indigenous People’. If they jettisoned that, and came out of the shadows, I’d be as welcoming to their arrival on our shores as I am to immigrants from….Switzerland.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    Uh oh. You have enabled my procrastination, Richard. Thanks a lot. 😉 Now i am actually watching this and nothing else is getting done and i am on a few deadlines. Anyway, i am back here again and still didn’t watch the whole thing but i must say that James Fox is a breath of fresh air and a man after my own heart, literally. He actually brought up the Ariel school case and he ‘gets’ it from the heart. What a relief. That is why i think that Randall film is so important and why i donated to the project. We need this perspective more than ever now.

    What a much needed break from the incessant military radar clips of “Woah dude, this is fcking weird” dreck. Yes, i said it. Dreck. (I am using a word from my ancestors here).

    Interesting. I don’t think any of the people i have seen interviewed who were witnesses to that event feel that a dark alien force has taken over their minds. Quite the opposite. Although i am sure there are many who will think those kids became brainwashed snow flakes. And. I haven’t seen any who have become locked and loaded as adults either. I think it may have been a leftist/commie plot!

    1. nsearchf

      Hey Laszlo or whomever can assist. I’m not that tech-savvy and would like to purchase the movie as well. To say I’m overwhelmed by the choices that are popping up is an understatement.
      Can anyone point to a website where I can purchase. FYI I’m in Canada if that makes any difference.

  12. TomTort

    I am interested in purchasing this film but am not sure on how to do it. Can I purchase the film on disc?

  13. deweyweber

    James Fox and Phenomenon does for UFO Research Community what Ken Burns did for the Civil War. It’s that good. Westall School Encounter came alive. WWII Bomber chasing a saucer at tree tops, who knew?

    Richard’s interview with James Fox left me wanting to see a Phenomenon Boxset with all the outtakes that hit the cutting room floor as extra content.

  14. JimmyBee

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Had no idea it was finally released. I watched it on amazon Prime overnight. Interesting stuff.

    As always, the way governments say “you didn’t see anything at all, and we will arrest you if you say you did” really enrages me.

    The way our government continues to offer completely ignorant excuses about Roswell angers me.

    A lot of things about this subject, after being an inerested non-researcher agnostic for decades, cheese me right off. I guess that’s because I’m NOT an agnostic about whether our governments are a bunch of liars

    The Ariel school kids are amazing.

  15. OgronWaitress

    Another perceptive and illuminating interview, Richard. But why, oh why, did Fox go off in search of the elusive Hi8 master tape taken by the campers, leaving behind the perfectly usable VHS copy of Chuck Clark’s? Now that’s what I call High Strangeness!

  16. Peter Squire

    That interview was beyond brilliant!!
    Thank you James Fox and Thank you Richard Dolan. That was absolutely fascinating, interesting, riveting listening.
    Purchased The Phenomenon on Amazon Prime. My jaw was left open with the Harry Reid interview UFO disclosure statement. The Zimbabwe footage of the 1994 UFO school encounter was amazing.
    This James Fox interview was the best, standout interview of 2020 for me.
    Many thanks again Richard and James Fox.

  17. MarkH

    Thankyou Richard and Mr Fox.

    Great interview.
    Great documentary.
    It should have been longer.
    – MarkH

    (I started asking myself why did he leave this out? Why did this not make it onto the reel? Then the answer came to me, and I realised just how far I had come down the rabbit hole by listening to Richard, Tracey his guests and the Dolan community here.)

  18. Jim

    Hi Richard. Just watched the movie. I hope this does move the ball down the field as far as bringing into the light what you and others have been saying for years. I think the interviews with the children were excellent because it was believable. The interview with Christopher Mellon was compelling. I do think that the Roswell and Socorro segments have been handled better elsewhere. I think for impact the director might have been better served by putting the segments out separately because for the length (one hour and 40 minutes) there just wasn’t strong transitions presented to pull the movie together into a cohesive whole.


    Chuck Clark showed me that video in his trailer in Rachael a free weeks before the raid. I remember it well. We had surgery the day before maintaining the tv repeaters on the hillside above Rachael. Spent the entire day with him.

  20. itsmeRitaC

    I came back to hear more of the interview. You are a good interviewer imo. Anyway, i am have been interested in the case of Ronnie Z. Not that i have much prior knowledge, just the highlights. I now want to see what the ‘official’ version of the symbol looks like, compared to what James describes as the inverted ‘V’ shape with the horizontal lines.

    Do you know of this happening in other cases where symbols have been reported on ‘vehicles’? I have seen symbols in other cases and wonder why this one would be an exception, if it indeed is one.

    I would personally find this to be a very intriguing area to research. But i am sure someone has been on the case.

    Thanks Richard, rita

  21. Ed Klatt

    Saw the movie after this great interview, and I must say that James has outdone himself. He expertly takes a highly complex, lengthy, and at times incomprehensible subject, and renders it contextual, seamless, entertaining and compelling. Two big thumbs up. Hope it goes to #1.

  22. Lazy Mystic

    Great interview, important film; i immediately watched it and recommended it to others (along with this interview.) Fox’s film will give a good overview to the general public, with a hint of depth going into the recent dramatic developments the past few years, while throughout featuring provocative quotes by so many officials & witnesses.

    Thanks for mentioning, halfway through, another very hardworking filmmaker– Randall Nickerson, and the yet to be released Ariel School Phenomenon (formerly just “Ariel Phenomenon”) which has been in the works for over 11 years.

    James’ film ended poignantly, with a moving montage looking into the sincere eyes & gestures of the Zimbabwe school children, leaving us to ponder their legacy & our responsibility to discover the truth for all. This ending makes a great prelude to the upcoming full-length Ariel School Phenomenon, which will be the definitive dive into the astounding 1994 Zimbabwe school UFO landing group encounter, featuring some of the grown witnesses 25 years later and much never seen before footage, facts, & context.

    We are lucky to have such dedicated & hardworking filmakers & researchers. Everyone’s quality efforts together are steadily deepening public knowledge, inspiration & potential for cultural transformation in this suffering, confused & shallow world.

    Thank you for this member’s site, this community, and the high quality diverse guests & topics.


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