UPDATED: Full Audio of Richard on F2B

By | March 9, 2022

Update: Once again, Jimmy was kind enough to provide me with a full audio recording of my interview with him. The first half hour of his program has been removed, as have all the commercials, so you get two solid hours of the two of us just having our conversation. (One funny thing was that while he and I did have a phone conversation earlier that day, it wasn’t 90 minutes, as he mentioned during our interview, nor was it two hours, as he mentioned in his first half-hour segment. I checked. It was 44 minutes! And believe me, for a phone conversation, that’s long enough for me!) 

In any case, I really enjoyed this interview, as I always do with Jimmy. I got a little feisty toward the latter part. During the second-to-last segment, I actually dropped a couple of bombs–not the F bomb but strong enough. Got to remind myself: calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean. 

Turns out, we did not discuss events in Ukraine. I think he wanted to go elsewhere and that’s fine. We covered enough. I hope you enjoy and many thanks to Jimmy Church. 



Hi Everyone!

I will be a guest tonight on Jimmy Church’s show Fade2Black this evening after the first half-hour marker (10:30 p.m. Eastern), but of course I encourage you to check out Jimmy when the show begins at 10 p.m. Eastern. 

We just had a brief phone chat to discuss our themes, but as always our conversations go to unexpected places. I do think there will be at least some discussion about the Ukrainian situation but also many of the problems facing UFO journalism and research today. I am sure it will be interesting. 

Link for Jimmy’s show is here.

Hope to see you there. I know there are many Fadernauts here as well. 😉


21 thoughts on “UPDATED: Full Audio of Richard on F2B

    1. William May

      Hi Rich, it’s your gear head buddy Bill May. Really enjoying this show. I got passionate about all this stuff too. Not afraid to open my mouth regarding the world’s current state. Tennessee is full of deeply religious people. Of course I get crossways with them but they are very nice people, they treat everyone equal. There is very little racism in the Nashville area. We are music city. I loved that Jimmy Hendrix album. I can play watchtower but not like jimmy did it. I am writing songs and playing them here. Hoping to sell one someday. I will be 75 may2. Just got a new right knee from the VA. I work for a 50 year old that claims a big ET craft landed in a field in Illinois behind his house when he was a kid. He thinks he was taken and his mother was too. This was around 1979. A lady in Vegas says the same thing happened to her around the same time in the same area. I am glad they finally let Travis tell the whole story about his experience meeting humans. I have always thought we had to present ourselves as one people, one planet before the aliens will reveal themselves completely. We are a long way from that but that seems to be what the mainstream right wing is scared to death of. They think Biden is going to take their guns and restrict travel and all kinds of things. Regarding oil. We have seen this before. In the nineteen sixties gas averaged around 30 cents a gallon. 30 cents would buy about what 3 dollars will buy now. So adjusted for inflation gas has stayed about the same. When it is 100 dollars a barrel we can afford to drill more well domestically we can frack and drill deeper than ever before but when we can get for 50 dollars a barrel from Saudi or Russia or the UAE that’s where we have to buy it. Trump and Biden don’t have much to do with it. I was working in the Oklahoma oil patch when Bush and Obama were president. When the price at the pump dropped our work slowed down. A lot of wells were just capped. Now they wil open them up. I bet that keystone pipeline will get the go soon. And I think electric cars are pretty cool. I think you would be a great UFO Czar. Then work your way up to president. You are a voice of reason. Have a lot to say about life the the fifties compared to today. I grew up on a farm in eastern Oklahoma from 1949-1957. We didn’t have electricity we had a well and an outhouse and a coal fired heater and cook stove. We got electricity in 52. Everything changed after that. People today think the 50s were great but for us it was hard. I have written a good song about this. Maybe somebody famous will record it soon. Anyway take brother. Bill

  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Given the current situation in the Ukraine, it might be worth pondering at what point would another terrestrial non-human sentient race directly intervene in human affairs for the sake of a shared planet?

    Do they monitor us to that degree? It would largely appear they ignore us until it suits their agenda.

    Then the next question is, at what point would a break-away military regime interfere? When do they play their “trump” card (which is their public exposure).

    Atomic weapons for instance, would appear to have a greater impact on reality then simply those we can observe and measure. I’ve often wondered whether such technology actually reverberates in other dimensions and/or parallel universes and if so, how does it impact and given the impact, how do other entities respond (assuming they can).

    Just some speculative questions I think are worth considering.

  2. Dubh Sith

    I’m not clear why the “digital tyranny” is any worse mind control than usual. I know many economists who talk about how the good jobs only go to those who preach Keynesian economics, which they regard as crackpot silliness. And that bias started when Keynes’ book was published and pushed by the media as “godly truth” over 100 years ago.

    They intended to lie and deceive about UFOs right from the beginning. They’ve killed people to shut them up for centuries! I don’t see a significant change in the level of intellectual/mind-control tyranny. Tactics are changing, yes… but-and, tactics change constantly.

    Also, I studied economics from Mises University for five years. They’re some people I know who don’t like Keynes, and their theories make a lot more sense to me. That crowd had an intuitive giggle response to those worrying about “loss of jobs.” Humans don’t eat jobs. Humans live off food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, and intellectual pursuits. We’ll be fantastic, not working (or only working an hour a day), and filling our lives with pleasurable activities instead! But you can’t say that today, right? Not if you want to be an “expert” economist!

    I’ve heard many Austrian-type economists explain why the “loss of jobs” fear is unfounded, and their explanation derives logically (and rationally) from the same principles they teach in the classroom. Meanwhile, Keynesian types tend to twist their past words and come up with a new concept you’ve never heard of (and can’t understand because you’re not an “expert”) to explain why the laws of economics will be different this time.

    Lastly, on the same theme, you couldn’t call Einstien, a “fuzzy-haired crackpot,” or his theories “a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of the past and even to common sense” a la Tesla, and be a wealthy, famous, respected scientist – again, over a hundred years ago…

    Thirty years ago, when I laughed at Dark Matter and said they’ll NEVER find it, you couldn’t get a good-paying job in astrophysics unless you peddled that nonsense. Now astrophysics are openly rejecting it in droves. It feels great to see that finally happen thirty years later, and I earned that validation because I rejected Einstien’s crackpot ideas at first sight. No “expert” told me. I felt socially disjointed and crazy for decades until I discovered that all real scientists have been saying that from day one but have been silenced and deceptively undermined.

    We’ll never figure out the UFO question because, culturally, we do not discern legitimate science from mythological irrational blither. “They” ensured it, and “They Live.”

    Copernicus put the sun at the center of the universe 500 years ago (and was hailed as scientifically revolutionary), but people who put *nothing* at the center and said the sun was just another star that Earth orbited (i.e., the correct narrative) were crucified 500 years earlier. “They” controlled the narrative by killing people, but as the truth spread, so “they” shifted to distracting with the bullshit Copernicus narrative that lasted another 500 years. Note: strategy and tactics changed; a constant.

    My prescription: spend 20% time worrying about new tech, but 80% worrying why the “experts” have been controlling the narrative on everything since recorded history. Maybe, another door about UFOs could open up.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this comment. I’m much more of a fan of the Austrian School than the Keynesian school, that is for sure. Big fan of Friedrich Hayek. Still, I do think future employment opportunities are very likely to be a problem. How people will earn a living within a society that has never before existed concerns me. What the psychological toll will be, who will have control over the digital information, entertainment, total environment that people will increasingly be living within. I admit I don’t see everything and can easily be wrong. As I mentioned in the interview last night, the Luddite doomsayers of the past were generally mistaken. At least in their overall sense that mechanization would lead to further impoverishment. Still, I currently believe that we are living in a fundamentally different world–and yes I realize people have said that before. Even so. Anyway, I enjoyed your comment, and appreciate your insights. Thank you.

      1. Robert McGwier

        You and Jimmy had a good time and you really should provide a thoughtful monograph or book and publish outside of the UFOlogy literature pigeon hole but it has relevance far beyond just UFOs. UFOlogy is just the perfect place to watch the crap in action while data is gathered.

  3. itsmeRitaC

    I am so glad you didn’t care for Don’t Look Up. I couldn’t watch more than ten minutes. The darn jump cutting alone could give someone a seizure. I guess that is what passes for artistic direction now. And how many famous names can they cram into one movie. So manipulative and obvious. I thought it looked like a cheap tv show.

    That is what passes for pithy social insight in 2020’s.

    Sorry, but that is as far as i have gotten. I will return to it. I wonder if Church really applied to school to be a dental assistant? 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I will probably sit through the movie at some point. But I have an instinct on this one and I just have a feeling it’s going to be cringy. Yes, I know there’s supposed to be humor poked at everyone, but … it’s Hollywood doing politics. That just can’t usually end well. Just my opinion.

  4. Richard Brown

    Curious what your thoughts about the Ukraine situation resulting in a nuclear war with Russia (an extinction event, essentially). Must admit I’m starting to lose a little sleep over it. And I’m not counting on the aliens to bail us out either. They didn’t stop Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

    Perhaps there is some solace in their keen interest in our nuclear facilities. Maybe they would save us from ourselves. As one of the comments above mentioned, a nuclear war may cause some negative effect in their world or dimension. Very troubling times, indeed. Thanks Richard.

    Rick Brown
    Los Angeles

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rick. Well, I do not believe that the Russians are remotely likely to initiate anything like that. What has become increasingly clear is that their claims — for years — that the US has been covertly funding and supplying (probably illegal) Ukrainian bio labs has turned out to be true. And a ridiculous number of them, to boot. As for a potential nuclear exchange, I don’t believe it will happen. Contrary to what western media portrays, the sources I am looking at indicate that although the Russians are getting clobbered in the propaganda/information war, they are winning the war on the ground. Of course, there is always the chance that some fool in the West will try to supply air support to the Ukrainians, and that certainly can escalate matters. I am amazed how no one mentions how the Biden admin only last summer sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment to Ukraine, coming very close to making it a defacto NATO nation, if not overtly and legally. How can anyone think the Russians were going to just keep letting this happen? I’ve heard allegations from the Russians that they had strong intelligence also that indicated the Ukrainian government was planning a major offensive into the Donbass in March (this month). The violence in that region has been ignored in the West for eight years. Russian language was banned. Russian everything was essentially banned. I’ve watched Putin for his entire time in power. People in the west keep calling him a madman. Do they ever listen to this man? Ever? Considering the provocations and broken promises by the West, I am frankly astonished at his restraint. Yes, restraint. The US never forgave him for saving Syria a few years ago from falling to Islamic State. That wasn’t Trump who did that; it was Putin. No one else. Well, him and the Syrian Arab Army. But without the Russian military, it would have been game over. And he got those troops out incredibly rapidly — unlike the US which STILL has troops in Syria (illegally of course). But to your question about nuclear war, I am extremely doubtful it will happen … but I suppose we can never rule out the mendacity and stupidity of Western leaders.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I thought that about half the planet is waiting for Jesus to come and save them from themselves? Are those preachers out there now shifting it off to ET? I am not of that religious persuasion so i don’t know what the deal is with the rescuing thing. 🙂

  5. Eric_T_Amble

    Myself, I wouldn’t mind more Ukraine stuff. In the context of each individual’s degrading information landscape, it might be a good case study in how one can, even today, accumulate a portrait of the real situation from a variety of world sources.

    All these outlets, while any single one may omit facts or viewpoints for whatever reason, omit none of the most important issues in their gestalt—which we can then evaluate as individuals. So, what are those sources, and when do you feel you know enough to formulate a stance on these events?

    This is an actual, actionable thing we can all do on our own behalf, and each in our own way, today. How one actually, systematically does that, I’d like to know. Sounds like a topic for a historian.

  6. Spyros




    THE BEST EVER !! 👍

    post edit: just got here so I paused as I had something to say , around 01:45 onwards to 01:59 [maybe more, i havnt got there yet, wiill do) re: hive mind, “conservative et” (lol. like the phrase Jimmy. lol) – I think your both right , but not neccissarily a bad thing , and to a degree projecting. Idk . I really dont think these ET’s are hive minds. Ok when you have a job to do, a mission, a task, your strictlhy focused on that job & system . Like I would look conservative and hive mind at my work, when Im working , (but I enjoy it), but when im not working on on my weekend, i appear someone else.

    Ive never seen a soldier on a misssion break out of role/act/character unless for special circumstances (child rescue), but generally if their visits to us are ””military”” or ”instatution based” , why should they stop what they are doing to entertain us? We dont even when scientiically observing jungle aanimals.

    Take a look at a police officer on street or at work. They never drop character or work-focus, yet to chill out with them after, they are different , ‘normal’ person.

    So I don’t think out of the X number of alien civilisations (and their perosnalities/cultures) that they are hive or borg or 1984.

    Maybe 1 or 2 of the races and their most dominant subculture is like that , but the vast majority are unique in their own sphere of the planet culture/race they are from . imo

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this comment, truly appreciated. the thing about an alien Hive mind though, and why I do believe it is likely, is partly based on the fact that after decades and decades of reported interactions with gray aliens, not one single time have any of them ever been seen to break character, not once! At least, as far as I am able to tell. Plus, they certainly appear to be artificially created androids in some form. But I am certainly willing to acknowledge that other alien groups may not have such a hive mind. It remains to be seen. Thank you.

  7. Lauren2844

    Jimmy is definitely looking more and more like an Elvis impersonator…( A much much later stage Elvis)

    However you get the feeling he’s the kinda guy who can raise the spirits..I cannot imagine having to deal with some of these babies on this site… As soon as you say something they disagree with They have to let you know there Taking there $6.99 and GOING HOME! AND…. taking their ball 🏀 too…
    They cannot disagree with someone without there head exploding and letting you know Your Wrong and there Not Putting up with it.. 😂 however these people NEVER leave. There so worried what people will say about them. What’s funny is nobody cares about Them.. they could vanish tomorrow and the world would be Far better off… and what’s sad? They know this ..


  8. JTUnderwood

    The Grays. By all appearances these are some form of artificial biological entity. The abduction phenomenon is a very big job! Best left to the robots – the Hive, as you say. These creatures may have polluted our view of aliens and their societies. Look at Charles Hall’s books – these aliens, the Tall Whites, (sometimes confused with the Nordics of old but, imo, a different race) do have a sense of humor. They care for their young, they “live life” in a way that we humans can relate to. Hive Minds may be useful for an artificial working class – an advanced race would create these to do the menial tasks required of them – but LIFE and CONSCIOUSNESS are constants in the Universe. Freedom and curiosity, even humor and music, must be eternal. These must prevail if life is to be worth living. The Gray may speak to our distopian times, but I believe these are a CLASS of alien, not a universal feature of Alien life.

  9. ufoguy

    Great show on Fade To Black as always. The thing is for someone such as yourself who have researched the subject of UFO’s extensively and literally written volumes of material on the subject and someone like myself who has witnessed first hand this mysterious aerial phenomenon on more than one occasion, at the end of the day, after all is considered, for me, this looming question always remains; who are these beings/people responsible for Ufo’s/UAP’s and what is their role in all of this? It has to be something…if not everything. As to the reference to the possibility of either side using nukes in the Ukraine Russia NATO thing, I might remind everybody that the United States alone is the only country in the world that has shown that they possess the capacity to actually detonate a nuclear device on another country killing thousands of innocent people without warning and some would argue without cause and they did this not once but twice.

  10. CuriousJo

    Brilliant interview Richard. Fascinated to look up the Google Jigsaw sponsored Rand study that you mentioned using machine-learning to detect conspiracy theory language. Curious to note the study’s timing, the ‘anti-vaccine myths’ looked at the first three months of 2020, well before anti-vaccine sentiment was a big topic of conversation with the current pandemic. Was amusing to see that ‘origins of COVID-19’ and ‘existence of alien visitation’ were other topics of investigation and they noted that the belief in alien visitation was considered relatively benign compared to the other so called conspiracy theories. Thanks for helping us make a bit more sense of this crazy world and for providing a safe place to have a decent discourse.

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