RD on Fade 2 Black w/Jimmy Church in (2 parts)

By | August 24, 2018

This was from August 22, 2018 with Jimmy Church. We always have a very candid conversation and this was no different. Jimmy was very interested in our ancient roots, which took me by surprise. But as I have also been recently looking into our pre-history it turned out to be really fun. Much more was discussed, and it really got interesting during the last 30 minutes or so, when Jimmy asked me about … Gaia. That’s in the Second Part, and I would suggest not missing that.


2 thoughts on “RD on Fade 2 Black w/Jimmy Church in (2 parts)

  1. Scott Santa

    Stupendous !! You two always hit the ground running!! Yeah – DW and his Luciferian thang with GAIA … let’s just sit that over there, don’t call us – we’ll call you (NOT!) 🙂 …. Yet to catch the Farrell & Fleischer shows . Savoring those up to listen/watch while I’m laid up in the hospital here in a couple of days for back surgery! I’ll keep saying it – you are a brilliant thinker and look forward to every book, show, or rant!! Keep On!!

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