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  1. Andromeda107

    Richard the link that you posted didn’t bring me to the panel, it brought me to a 26min video of ufo Jesus talking

  2. itsmeRitaC

    I just checked part of his intro. I guess the long hair and bearded guy is “Jesus”? 🙂 Very seasonal to boot!

    I glean that he is really believing that ‘disclosure’ has come? I will listen further. But when he said that high resolution information is being presented to congress recently, and that was the first and only part of his thinking that i caught here…………….my initial thought is that of course it would be, because the sophistication of the technology , etc, would result in such.

    If i listen further i could discover that he is not using that fact as part of his belief that this is real disclosure.

  3. PressToDigitate

    That was a very good panel discussion. Ryan continues to impress me, and Jay King was absolutely amazing with some of his insights. One thought kept recurring to me throughout, however. The original [cynical] presumption, when TTSA first emerged, that it was all a Psy-Op of some kind, by the Powers-That-Be, is looking, in retrospect, more and more likely to be true – in some form. Paralleling, as it does, the creation and organization of the U.S. Space Force, and, examining what the USSF is actually doing in the Aerospace arena, in terms of doctrine, procurement, advance planning, etc., I am led to the thought that the whole thing is about the ETUFO presence, because There IS a legitimate, recognized Threat (as yet undisclosed), and that the methodical, limited, “controlled” Disclosure we’ve been seeing is entirely about conditioning the public to be told the reality of the Threat (though, as you rightly point out, nothing of the sort has taken place, as yet). If there is a legitimate Threat to our World and our Species, of which the Majestic Insiders have been acutely aware in secret for a long time, then all of the xenomaniacal ‘Pollyanna’ musings of New Age Ufology are worse than idle claptrap, they are a dangerous “Fifth Column”, implanted expressly for the purpose of distracting and delaying any meaningful Human response.

    Recall my Pearl Harbor analogy. Had Roosevelt embargoed news of the 1941 attack from reaching the Mainland, and chosen instead to wage a secret, covert war against Japan without informing the public (perhaps to avoid entering the European conflict as a declared combatant), imagine the resource, recruitment and other constraints that such a war effort would have to labor under, in order to keep it sufficiently discrete. What if, after diverting Trillions from the 9/11 Response, the 2009 Bailout, the fake wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, the CIA’s underground Drug Trade, and the COVID Response stimulus, the only path left to the Pentagon to continue resourcing our defenses was to begin the path toward Going Public with the whole situation, in a careful, gradual, and psychologically orchestrated manner?

    Now, I believe that the 65 year record of mass Abductions, and the specific sterilization objectives of the Plandemic clearly demonstrate the hostility of the [dominant] Alien presence to our continued tenancy on this planet. And, I find it difficult to imagine the type of “Secret Space Program” fantasized about in Ufology, at any meaningful scale or with vessels of any significant size. Most of those fanboy wetdreams can be ruled out apriori on the requirements it would make of our Industrial Base, the logistical tail of which would be plainly obvious within the Aerospace (and related) industry – and yet ISN’T. However, the sudden collective drive on Hypersonics, DEW Laser & Microwave Systems, and Anti-Satellite, by China, Russia, the United States and India, seems awfully coincidental with these carefully scripted UAP disclosures. It *could* be the major powers acting in concert to prepare a collective defense, while still jockeying for position, in the post-conflict geostrategic world order. The question is, since the Infiltration of Alien Hybrid Operatives has been possible for over a century, and there are clear indications that our aerospace defenses have been deliberately compromised by insiders since the late 1950s, why would our leaders suddenly regain the Human Agency to begin fighting back? Perhaps the tidbit leaked by Gary Nolan, regarding a detectable neurological difference among Abductees/Contactees, which differentiates them from the general population, has been known and utilized for some time, to remove AHOs from within the Majestic Chain-of-Command.

    The analogies to the Salem Witch Trials, the Spanish Inquisition, and to the McCarthy Hearings on Communist Infiltration are apt, as examples, but I believe the wrong lessons are being drawn from them. What evidence do we have that the “Witches”, “Heretics” and “Communists” so targeted were not Alien Hybrid Operatives themselves? Subversion of Human Religious Culture would seem to be exactly the M.O. that today’s New Agey Alien Sycophants are pursuing (and I say that as someone who shares their Spiritual beliefs rather than that of the organized Religious Culture). Our primitive Ancestors, lacking knowledge of Extraterrestrials, would doubtless find their “Witching Ways” (Telepathy, Psychic Control) to be “demonic”, and the appearance of any Grays, Reptilians or Insectoids with them – or Abductions in the vicinity – to be Satanic Witchery of some sort. McCarthy’s investigations focused on the undue *influence* that a few infiltrating individuals were believed able to exert on policy and operations, whether in the U.S. Army, the State Department or Hollywood (and, perhaps other sectors of which he was unaware).

    It must be remembered that, in the end, Joseph McCarthy and the John Birch Society were, in fact, vindicated, when KGB files ransacked as the Soviet Union collapsed, verified in detail that there were American Communist Agents inside those institutions, directed from Moscow the entire time. And yet, Alien Hybrid Operatives may simply have infiltrated the Soviet and Communist hierarchies to exploit their organization, resources and influence – and ‘cover story’ – as they had the Illuminati, Zionist, Nazi, Jesuit, Freemason, Rosicrucian, Mormon and other Human hierarchies in earlier times. If there are, indeed, an Alien Hybrid Fifth Column in our midst (to which the evidence points, and against which there is no cogent argument), then a Witch Hunt/Inquisition/Infiltration Purge similar to those cited may indeed be Humanity’s wisest and most prudent course of action.

    I defy the Cumbaya Brigade to justify their “No Threat” propaganda to the vast numbers of physical Abductees who have been terrorized (and many literally scarred) for life. So far, their best pitch seems to be “You just imagined it, its all in your head; they’re really lovely fellows, those cute little Grays”, or “Our Soldiers Did It” or “You signed up for it before you were born, and just forgot”. All of which are complete Bullshit, as anyone who’s known real Abductees clearly recognizes.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Fascinating comment. One thing I wonder, though, is this statement from you: “However, the sudden collective drive on Hypersonics, DEW Laser & Microwave Systems, and Anti-Satellite, by China, Russia, the United States and India, seems awfully coincidental with these carefully scripted UAP disclosures. It *could* be the major powers acting in concert to prepare a collective defense, while still jockeying for position, in the post-conflict geostrategic world order.”
      I can’t say that’s impossible, but doesn’t it seem unlikely given that the U.S. is in the midst of major geopolitical struggle and maneuvering with China and Russia? The stakes in the current tensions are quite high and include at least the possibility of war with each of them (South China Sea or Eastern Europe). Such a deep level of cooperation between US and China or Russia seem unlikely. Indeed, Putin just made another statement (accurate, in my opinion) that the word of the United States is essentially worthless. So I am just not sure I can believe the idea that these nations are cooperating in such a manner behind the scenes. Can’t say it’s impossible, but just that I can’t see it.

      1. PressToDigitate

        As I indicated (“*could*”), you’re probably correct. I just thought I’d include that lone optimistic thought, voicing the vain hope that there might be some slender chance that our global Deep State hadn’t been totally compromised and sold us out to Alien Hegemony. But I am primarily convinced that they have, and there is no real Aerospace Defense being developed to protect us, just idle noise to that effect. The good news is that, despite the supposed “Great Power” posturing here on the rock, none of these Alien Vassal States are going to go to war with each other; the Space Wogs just wont allow it. Its all for show and distraction. They’re just a fortnight (in their lived experience) from yelling at us, “Hey, You damn kids, Get Off My Lawn!”. The question is, can Elon Musk kick the ball over onto a neighboring lawn, and have the rest of the gang follow, before they turn the garden hose on us? (Or is the #Wuhandromeda Infertility Plague that “Garden Hose”?)

        The history of Alien Penetration of the Deep State demonstrates very precise targeting to achieve their objectives. Most of the people in the Air Force, Space Force, etc. can be ordinary Human Muggles with no clue as to what’s really going on. They can even be aware of the ETUFO threat, and be conscientiously developing systems against it. But, as we see historically, in the contrived, anomalous cancellations of Nike-Zeus, Nike-X, YF-12 Interceptor, MOL, Sprint, ABL, Space-Based X-Ray Laser, National AeroSpace Plane, X-33/Venturestar (and many other programs we’ve never heard about) — and, of late, the Electromagnetic Railgun — practical Earth defenses can be sabotaged more easily by Vichy decision-making (and skewed “Think-Tankery” to support it) within the bureaucracy, than they can by dynamite. The point is that they don’t need *everyone* on board, either in the Aerospace/Defense establishment (or in BigPharma/Public Health, for that matter) to work a clandestine agenda integral to their ultimate objectives.

        When their Hybrid Operatives can “push” their superiors, colleagues and subordinates, psychically, into cognitive thought patterns conducive to their desired outcomes, they don’t need to fill every billet with one of their own. It appears that, over the last 5 to 10 years, though, that such infiltration, not only in government but in corporate targets, has become far more pervasive and effective – at an escalating rate. This suggests an expanding cohort of Hybrids either born in the 1990s, or introduced as young adults after 9/11 (or Both), has profoundly altered our circumstances to achieve ET Colonization objectives. Where UFONSSv3 *begins*, in 1992 – along with preparations to deploy the public internet – so did the Globalist *Agenda21*, which specifically outlines the sequestering of Human occupation of the planet into limited ‘Habitation Zones’, ostensibly to facilitate the “re-wilding” of most of the open land. Of course, our traditional terrestrial “wild animals” aren’t who’s going to end up living on that land. Just as “Lebensborn” appears to have been a different accommodation to the ET’s Hybrid production requirements than the Post-Holloman Abduction program, the Reich’s “Lebensraum” may have been intended to accommodate ETs’ long term settlement requirements for sequestered Real Estate, as the later Agenda21 (& subsequent Agenda 30) seems designed to do.

        Testimony on “Cosmic Realism” before Congress need not explicate all this; the Rabbits burrowed into Capitol Hill are mostly stuck down their own Holes already. You merely need to bring the hammer down on the scope of the ETUFO presence since 1941, as documented in pre-Nimitz military encounters, the hard evidence for mass physical Abductions (with implanted microdevices), and (optionally) – I would argue – the near universal agreement among the victims that [passable] ET/Human Hybrids are being produced as a consequence, and ‘blending in with our general population’; i.e. “Walking Among Us”. Speculations we have discussed, regarding the larger purpose to all this, can be presented “Off the Record”, in unofficial briefings a few blocks down the street from the Committee Room, and in individual Members’ offices. It may not change anything, but I think we’d be damn fools to just leave it all unsaid at this juncture. In that case, what would be the purpose of our lives in having learned it all in the first place? Taking self-satisfied Truths to the grave with us is hardly a measure of Excellence, or of lives well lived; wouldn’t you agree?

        1. PressToDigitate

          Well, THIS bit of Christmas Eve Cheer certainly sorts out the question of “Are we looking at ‘Subversive AHO Infiltration’ Or ‘Warmongering Threat Pretense’ in our government?”


          *** “The White House is quite aware of this threat, having been fully briefed by the national military space leadership about the extensive space weaponry capabilities of our adversaries. Moreover, the White House also was given a clear look at what is needed to address the threat posed by China and Russia. Reportedly, the second part of the briefing was answered with a statement indicating that none of the suggested American counter-weaponry was going to be approved. “We are not going to be the first administration to militarize space” was the specific response.” ***

          Even if we ignore all the evidence and pretend that the 65-year Alien Invasion isn’t really taking place, the ‘Cumbaya Brigade’ is *STILL* becoming a danger to every Man, Woman & Child on the planet. Is anyone else watching the new season of “Expanse”?

  4. Bjofod

    My take on the « other or diffent dimension» possibility is :

    I want to look in more realistic directions first. We know it is a big universe we live in, i think why some look to other dimensions as a solution may be because we dont know enough about the reality we live in.

    There is so many experiencers that report things that to me is evidence of manipulated time and time freeze. If they can travel in space time would they not drop in and out of vision as coming through a teleporter or from a differnt « dimension»

    Paradoxes would not be a problem for them as they are outside this biological sphere. Whatever they do in any time will not hurt them, they are immune. This is so important.

    A hyper speculative hypothesis may infact be that they have not arrived yet but will in a time coming soon. That means that everything we observe is their travel back in time to change the earth situation at the arrival date.

    Maybe they arrived first in 2030 and found a planet in desolation and wasted after a nuclear apocalypse.

    Then they will know everything that happens, it is their creation. All of it.

    1. PressToDigitate

      Excellent observation. While the notion of “They are Us, time-travelling from our Future” can be discarded as irrational, because the risks to them *in that future* of doing what the ETUFO presence is, would exceed any possible benefits, you are right in that timeline paradox would *not* apply to future landing Aliens backtracking in our timeline to make changes.

      Unless, that is, our ability to integrate our observational data of their activities resulted in new Human strategies which produced a trajectory that would ultimately dislodge them from our world in the future.

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