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  1. T. J.

    Thanks for posting could have done without Stephen Bassett his politics are so freaking obvious and makes me want to vomit

  2. Steven Cole

    Both of these group discussions are really thought provoking. It’s so important that the cerebral, articulate minds within the field continue to assess and discuss the ufo topic as it edges it’s way further into the mainstream worldview as a legitimate facet of the human experience. So many of the “researchers” that get the most airtime and media focus are the ones making loud, absurd claims without evidence- the “ufo cultists” as John Keel bluntly referred to them. The folk on these panels as well as a handful of others out there are so important now, more than ever, in that they (you) are at the forefront, bridging that expansive gap between ufology and the sciences, media and mainstream news outlets. You’re also serving as educators to the uninitiated and unaware, and I feel a sense of real pride as these researchers, and yourself, have become the voice of the Ufo believers and experiencers, in this process and disclosure period. Thanks to you, and them, for the hard work, class, dignity and bravery through this global paradigm shift.

  3. SunPower

    Hi guys, I tried to listen to this yesterday and couldn’t seem to muster up the bandwidth to hear much. Today I fared a bit better and managed to hear all of Tracey’s, Richard’s and Ray’s comments. Tracy made 2 excellent points that I need to cogitate on for a while. Funny, I noted down there were three interesting points but the third later escaped into the aether.

    Richard, I’d like to get your reaction to Ray’s posit that covid-19 was a test by the “Dark State” to discover how we will react as a (Species?), (Society?). (Cult)ure? If you wouldn’t mind. It is usually said, Deep State, but I thought he said, “Dark State”. ETs are the Dark State or is it breakaway civ people or secret societies?

    I don’t think ETs are a monolithic thing but there could be many different groups and corresponding agendas. An interesting thing I’ve noticed is that ETs themselves don’t seem to know much about some other ET groups that are here and what their mission could be. In this case disclosure might be done in stages. Everyone, remember when we disclosed those nasty Grays boo, well this week you all get to meet the Tall Whites, aren’t they nice, yay! LOL

    A lot of people seem to use their political preconditioning as a jumping off point for their thinking on this topic. Are we sure we haven’t been totally controlled for seventy five years? Is it really a future goal of the deep state or a fait accompli?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, Ray’s comment was interesting but I don’t think I agree with his theory in this case. I do think the pandemic has a covert history that would make every person on this planet scream with terror and fury. And I definitely do think that many things rolled out supposedly for our safety were done with a mind to test the reaction of the population, essentially to see how docile people can be, how well they can be controlled — clearly with future measures in mind. THAT is something I see, just not necessarily Ray’s variation of it.

  4. Clifford Ribaudo

    Sheehan nailed the reason why there needs to be some accountability and oversight of speech when he said in his opening comments: “What do people do to determine truth? They look to see who said it and it if is someone they regard as a trusted authority, then they believe it” Yup!! Sad but true. So… if a liar like Trump, who admits he lies because if he doesn’t then people will believe the News venue and not him… I HEARD HIM SAY LITERALLY THAT ON CNN … are allowed to be out there lying all the time with no accountability or oversight, then he will mislead a lot of people who regard him as a ‘trusted’ authority, simply because he is “their guy” and for no other reason.

  5. rightangle

    All the conversations so far seem to be how would we ‘allow’ contact with an alien intelligence.

    How are you going to rein in the national security state?

    You may not be able to monitor everything but you can monitor your own employees.

    It’d be wise to assume all encryption channels are open and any actions of personnel will attribute responsibility. That includes the janitor working in your office.

    If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    If an act of aggression is made against an alien intelligence, how are you going to limit the scope of its response?

    Probably a good idea to think of this, especially with the current environment.

    The ‘love and light’ crowd can claim this type of thinking is ‘lower frequency’ but that doesn’t deflect the fact that when you look at the history of authority it’s been proven again and again to be psychotic. Just look at the recent MK ULTRA experiments, spraying entire regions with carcinogens, or the biological experiments forced on unwilling participants.

    And that was just a short excerpt of the United States’ recent history.

    Ignoring the schizophrenic broadcasts we are sending out into space, our own actions if reflected back to us, would cause us despair. And one basic form of establishing communication, is mimicry.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Hi RA. Can you explain what you mean here?

      “The ‘love and light’ crowd can claim this type of thinking is ‘lower frequency’ but that doesn’t deflect the fact that when you look at the history of authority it’s been proven again and again to be psychotic.”

      Do you mean the new agey people don’t think that there would be a violent response if say, u.s. is up there with their god knows what the hell they are messing with, space force wise, just for one example? I am not one of those new agers. Although i have been mistaken for being such in past years, not lately. But i am too grounded and i don’t dig airy fairy in general. It tends to be mindless. IMO.

      When you talk about the schizo. broadcasts we are sending into space, what in particular do you mean? Not the old discs of rock n roll songs, for example? Or do you mean what the DOD, etc, is sending into space via their presence and weapons, etc?

      Thank you , rita

  6. Kelly Marsden

    Great shows ! Interesting that one of the
    Speakers ( Alan B Smith ? ) mentioned there were
    “ millions “ of abductees. If this has been going on
    Since the 30’s or 40’s, I wonder HOW MANY
    Hybrid offspring there are NOW on Earth walking
    Around amongst us ? And will these hybrids be the
    Ones to experience “ Ascension “. What will become
    Of the Biological True Humans ??
    Food for thought…..
    Tracey or Richard would like your thoughts !

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      My thoughts on that one — I think there are many of them “walking among us.” As for Ascension, I don’t see the kind of ascension discussed in the “new age” circles happening. I could be wrong but I just don’t see it. But we are definitely in the midst of a massive planetary change. And of course this is something we talk about quite a lot here on this site.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Ascension always reminds me of another , and again, new agey version of the ‘rapture’. Hey, there is a term that hasn’t been around lately. Maybe because Hagee isn’t around. I remember when the ‘Left Behind’ series was quite a big deal like ten years ago.

      2. Kelly Marsden

        Thank you Richard for your reply!
        I concur with you about the “ Ascension “ not happening
        As per “ new age “ circles also. Might be an “ AI “ related issue
        As we have the Deep State Projects going on now hot and heavy
        For total control of the masses. On a separate note, I have just
        Started reading the book, Exo-Vaticana, Petrus Romanus,
        Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R., the Vatican’s Plan for the arrival of an
        Alien Savior. By Cris Putnam and Dr Thomas Horn. Should
        Be an eye opening read !!

  7. TomTort

    Having conversed with several medical doctors and verifying my contention with extensive research, I agree, empathically, if people were educated on this “pandemic,” I do believe they would do more than just scream with terror and fury! People are, however, more than docile and are controlled beyond comprehension. The average person has no idea what is going on, be it Alien reality or the debacle of covid19. Ray’s theory is something I do not agree with. Maybe an interesting thought, but that is the end of it.

  8. MarkH

    Hi Richard,
    I was listening to Leo Sprinkle on an old podcast, and he mentioned you and how good your book was, among other things. (I posted it on the member’s forum) I think I will be getting Rays Book as well sound well researched and from a scientist who worked at Wright-Patterson AFB.
    I started speculating about ET wanting our planet intact, but I couldn’t see ET being worried in the least about our planet. I don’t think our planet is that unique. Even though Abductees would suggest the opposite, I think it’s more US they want. Perhaps different groups of ET fall on a continuum from malevolent to benevolent. If Transhumanism is the only way to ensure we won’t destroy ourselves and the only way we get to meet ET, will we appreciate the meeting after we change? Will Transhuman mean less humane? How do we prevent that from occurring? Everything, when you stand back and look at the big picture, tells me we are going the way of the Dodo. So why not make contact ASAP it can’t get worse can it?
    Great Listening to you Richard as always.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Transhumanism is the way to not destroy ourselves? I didn’t know that is the narrative here. I guess i haven’t paid too much attention because i assume it means AI and we all download our consciousness and as i did a couple paragraphs on that in another post on the “are we becoming alien’ podcast, i may just post it again.

      I guess nature itself is just too damn awesome and spontaneous. What else have men been afraid of for at least a thousand years in the western world? This isn’t my own hypothesis. It is a ‘feminist’ perspective and i don’t mean hillary clinton and women in politics either. It is yin/yang. The mindset of silicon valley will save us.
      If this is what is being said around these parts, then i am going to say that there are too many people in ufoland who are a major part of the problem. Period.

      I soooo hope that is not what you are referring too or i may just freaking cry and wonder as a clinical psychologist (who thinks that discussing ET psychology would be humorous if it weren’t so filled with hubris and a lack of understanding the deeper meaning of human psychology), what the heck is going on here.

      And maybe i have no idea of what is meant by transhumanism. I think that is a bad term anyway.

      And Mark, you know i have all warm feelings toward you! 🙂

  9. itsmeRitaC

    I would love to know why Tracy is laughing here in beginning. 🙂 I have a feeling it was pretty good. Like an inside joke.

    Basset, who i recall has been all in for Hillary Clinton and somehow she was going to do disclosure, well…………..I tended to always disagree with him.

    But. He thinks that ET reality is ingrained in the american , i think, or global psyche since 2017 and that is not what i have experienced. But i know that many who are involved in these events for years tend to communicate with mostly others who are also just as involved and i think they can lose perspective.

    I haven’t found people who were not interested before, to suddenly have gotten real involved in this topic. But i guess that is based in personal inquiries from me, person to person. I don’t scour social media to find out what is being said, ‘out there’. 🙂 I am only a few minutes in, btw.

    Tracy always makes me smile when i see her. She has very positive vibes and i am quite proficient when it comes to ‘reading’ these things.

    Oh, Ray, and i don’t know anyone i see in these panels except for Bassett, Tracy, Richard and Dan Sheehan, is saying that we humans have a survival self preservation directive built in. True. However, what we have seen is that the fear that is part of that motive, becomes, as in the neurotic paradox, self destructive. Take MAD for one example. Everything is a threat, so we build more and more weapons as if that will save us from ourselves. Actually, more and more fear is created because we are scared of ourselves.

    And. I am going to throw in that i don’t believe, at the core of my being, and from information i have received, that anyone is coming to save us. That would be vacation bible school thinking. If we don’t ‘grow up’ it is over. As it should be within this parallel probable historical timeline. And i mean that in very succinct ways. It isn’t some theoretical concept i am throwing in here. It is precisely that.

    When i hear Dan talk i am going to keep in mind an interview he did about ten years ago that was just posted in the forum. His explanation of exactly how ‘disclosure’ was happening and would continue, is not what he has been saying lately. But i don’t believe he ever addresses his complete change. And he spoke back then as if it was the plan that he was told about.

  10. itsmeRitaC

    More. It ran out of edit time. 🙂 Bassett is talking about Rubio’s committee, Intelligence. I can’t help but throw my arms up when i hear it. I would not even want Marco’s opinion on hemispheric geopolitics, let alone inter galactic. Oh, well. I am going to throw in the towel and declare that these kinds of guy are not going to get anywhere. They are in a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

    I have truly come to believe that half the ufo community, as i have said before, are intelligence insiders one way or the other. Or else, people who are deep in the community are really true believers in the cia and the plethora of other alphabet agencies at least in the u.s. Why else are these the people who are always the most trusted? Except of course Richard Doty, the one and only ‘bad’ apple among millions of shining lights aka, the deep state. And by deep state, i assume intelligence agencies are part of that. No? Or am i wrong?

    Yes, i know. Everyone is not the same in spookville. However, as long as they are still doing contract jobs, like everyone i have heard talk about ufos to the ‘community’ , and still kissing up to keep their clearances and never, god forbid, whistle blowing and on and on, i have no reason to trust their characters. Period. In fact, they are more alien to me than any off planet entity could ever be.

  11. Ron Anderson

    Thank you and all the other excellent speakers. All have important perspectives.
    Again you and Danny very concisely and clearly helped me better understand the global nature of the UFO, abduction, security state, geopolitical issues.

    As we know an overwhelming lack of curiosity and dogma from academia, media and government about the UFO subject is understandable but still seems unnaturally uniform. Outside the UFO community where are the “old progressives” and independent reporters demanding freedom of speech and openness?

    Is it possible aliens have somehow modified the thoughts of key people within our institutions to help keep their presence covert while helping to promote authoritarian globalization?

  12. Robert Rheaume


  13. Andromeda107

    Thanks for sharing Richard, really good panel discussion. I can’t believe Steven Bassett still believes we are going to have disclosure from government/military,it’s not going to happen.As I said before whoever is in charge has been maintaining this coverup since Roswell, probably before Roswell , starting with Valle and Harris book ( Trinity),no doubt they are well prepared to get us in dark that et is here;and as long as the et:s continue to operate in the shadow they don’t have to worry about or clean on disclosing anything to us. And it really bothered me that he pretty much threw out Tracy’s thoughts that these beings are from another reality/dimension. Some of his thoughts/beliefs really annoyed me. Next time you guys do another panel y’all should try bring Linda Moulton Howe.

  14. Christian Morales

    Hey Richard a little disappointed. With all due respect you’ve been very negative lately. You had Danny in this podcast a guy who’s behind the scenes, lue elizondos attorney, he knows what’s going on in the disclosure process and I wanted to hear a lot about that and the whole conversation turns to 5g and all this crap. Just a downer man. I came to this topic in 2016 after my sighting which changed my life and how I see the world. I told everyone and I got ridiculed bad the stigma you know how that is. I’m so lucky that 1 year later the disclosure process started. I know there is people that want this to stay secret obviously. Powerful people but idc I have more hope now than ever. Science is slowly but surely talking about this it’s on mainstream, congress wants answers im hoping for public hearings soon. I’m excited man. I know people get pissed because they don’t have the president say aliens are here abductions are real they have a hybrid program and all that. Unfortunately if that happened it would screw everything up people wouldn’t believe it. It’s got
    To start with pilots it’s got to start with highly credible people and with time civilians will come in people will get used to seeing another ufo story on the news again And again and let it sink and then eventually abductees will have their day in the sun. Anyway I’m not a therapist or nothing but I joined this site
    For knowledge of aliens of ufos and disclosure I don’t wanna hear about this other stuff which I know bothers you and it’s a real issue for you but maybe make an episode where you say 5g and then have your ufos separate I don’t know I’m trying not to sound like a dick and just give you my honest opinion.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Christian. First of all, I’m glad you are here at this site. Glad you are engaged in this amazing subject. As for me being a downer, I guess I’ll say that on certain days, so was George Orwell. Not that I am in his league, but the thing is, I see what I see. A panel is one of those things where you really have to bounce off of other people to some extent. I’ve spent many years thinking about and speaking about the process of UFO disclosure. I can’t hit every theme every time, and certainly cannot possibly please everyone every time either.

  15. Christian Morales

    I gotta agree with Bassett I might be wrong tho but it seems like the ufos warp space time, they got antigravity and what not if you can warp space time you can go wherever you want in the universe no problem at all. With the universe being so big it doesn’t surprise me that someone has figured out how to do this

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