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By | April 26, 2023

As promised, here is the link to my show with Jimmy Church on F2B on April 26!



Hi Everyone, 

Just a heads up for anyone interested, I will be appearing this evening on Fade2Black with host Jimmy Church. We haven’t discussed any themes beforehand but I will guess that at least one topic of interest will be last week’s AARO UAP hearing. And I am sure Jimmy and I will have other interesting themes to talk about. 

You can listen live here:


The show always begins at 10 pm Eastern Time. In the past I would normally come on after the first 30 minutes, but I think the last time I appeared, Jimmy brought me on sooner than that. 

After the show I will set up a Youtube link here for anyone who missed it live. 


47 thoughts on “On Fade2Black Tonight

  1. PressToDigitate

    That was a good show, probably one of your best on F2B.
    But I am dismayed that with you and Jimmy in apparent agreement that Sean Kirkpatrick lied through his teeth in claiming the DOD had “No Evidence” that UFOs were Extraterrestrial (or even all that unusual), when we know for a fact that they have, literally *TONS* of such evidence, in hardware debris that is provably of ET origin, you both declined to forcefully call out his lies – in front of a Senate Committee, no less – even after acknowledging that this is just a repeat of the Bluebook, Condon and Robertson SCAMS. You DID lambaste the Pentagon for its penchant for lying on this subject – but did so in ‘general terms’, referring to it, essentially, ‘In The Fullness of Time’; whereas, the Director of AARO blatantly PERJURED HIMSELF to a CONGRESSIONAL HEARING. The very type of Congressional Hearing we’ve all been pining for for 50 years. We FINALLY get them, TWO (2!) now, the Pentagon lies and bloviates through them both – after an equally vapid ODNI Report – and we get ‘Nary a Peep’ on our behalf out of the lot of you. Anyone “satisfied” with these Hearings should be expelled from Ufology, their epaulets ripped off and their sword broken; their work in its entirety expunged from all forums, journals and conferences in the field, and their books burned to jeering crowds. They are almost certainly “plants” inserted for disinfo purposes if they buy off on this crap.

    Ffs, Why isn’t All of Ufology standing up, together, and screaming “Bloody Murder!” over this outrage? Why haven’t all of our “Leaders” issued a *Joint Statement*, brutally condemning this return to the 70 year CON-JOB, after Five Years of [tepidly] increasing realism? When you’re at Contact in the Desert with all the other High Mucky-Mucks, and Grand Pubahs of Ufology, all y’all might want to chew on This: When AARO, the new, 21st Century, post-AATIP, post-NDAA Public Candor Investigation of UFOs sells this “Conclusion” to the public, unchallenged, with a lot of mumbo-jumbo about “Sensor glitches” and “Observer error”, as far as the practice of Ufology is concerned – “The Jigs Up!”. It will *Kill & Extinguish* this field, which already struggles to gain traction among younger generations. That means No More Book Sales, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, DVDs, Memberships, Subscribers, etc. There are a couple dozen speakers at CITD, and a hundred more not presenting there (not to mention many Documentary Producers) who will be “SoL”, and effectively “Unemployed” if interest in Ufology collapses, in the wake of a Brand New, High Tech Government Conclusion that “We looked, and there was nothing to it, after all” – no matter how Bogus that conclusion is, In Fact. For professional Ufologists, its a “Make or Break”/”Do or Die” crisis moment; if all y’all don’t “Call Bullshit” on Fitzpatrick, publicly and together in unison, you might as well all just ‘pack it in’.

    I’ve written extensively on these pages about the need for a new, more vibrant, technical and aggressive, “Kick Down the Door” Ufology, that zeroes in on targeting *EXPOSURE* rather than pining for “DISCLOSURE”. I’ve outlined a dozen different methodologies by which to FORCE the public recognition of the ET👽UFO Presence, without government cooperation. But if NONE of our “Leadership” can even dip Kirkpatrick in shit for his *provably false*, Sanford-esque inconclusive denials, and do so Loudly & Publicly, then its fruitless to devise ironclad methods of ‘Outing’ the Alien Presence, since nobody will ever have the stones to pursue implementing them. It renders the whole field of endeavor useless and pointless. We’re just arguing about “How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin”, and will never have any more resolution to it than that. Phillip Klass “Curse” on Ufology is coming true for us all, in Real Time.

    The Earth-shattering Silence from Ufology, across the board, on this latest Deep State deception is the most Self-Defeating, Cowardly, Lily-Livered, Limp-Wristed, Chickenshit “reaction” to Mortal Danger since Marshal Petin welcomed the Wehrmacht through the Arch De Triomphe. Here we are, 22 years from the Disclosure Project Press Conference, 10 years from Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, and Five years from TTSA, and a Fresh, New Denial is all we’ve got to show for it? Why aren’t there Protests and Demonstrations around the country? Why aren’t we telling the muggles they’re just being ‘shined on’ by their government, laying out the proof – FROM YOUR OWN BOOKS, “Chapter & Verse”, that the Pentagon *most certainly* KNOWS OTHERWISE? Something isn’t adding up in this silent acquiescence. In normal times, we Flying Saucer Buffs can just “Preach to the Choir”, but *These Are Not Normal Times* – as you pointed out at the end (and as Dr. David Jacobs predicted, more than 25 years ago).

    The continued ET🛸UFO Coverup *itself* represents an Existential Threat to Humanity; and would, *Even IF* we had any evidence that the Aliens were “benevolent”, because it proves that our governments are uniformly wholly untrustworthy and fundamentally corrupt, at all levels, and have been since the Second World War. “This can’t be good” – for a bunch of reasons. Reserved, patient, deferential, respectful scholarly politeness has its place in the discussion, But This Moment Ain’t It.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi David. Uh… were we listening to the same show? Yes, I said Fitzpatrick was not being honest and said I did not know what data he actually had access to. And I am sure you MUST realize by now that Jimmy does NOT like doing anything relating to politics. Like I said on the show, “your show, your rules.” I made my points several times regardless. Oh, and I would say that was far from my best appearance on F2B but thanks anyway. 🙂

      1. PressToDigitate

        You had your moments to be sure; some worthy of Clip Extraction. My beef wasn’t with your relative politeness toward Kirkpatrick, so much as that of the entire field of Ufology, just sitting here, “taking it”, Yet Again, seemingly Without Objection, when we’ve all heard this before, the last half dozen times they’ve fobbed it off as “weather balloons”. From Ramey, to Sanford, to Condon, to Robertson, to the infamous “Case Closed” (about Crash-Test Dummies that weren’t in use until six years after Roswell), to the nine-page ODNI “Report”, WHEN will we ever get sick and tired of being LIED TO (enough to DO something about it)?

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I hear you. But look … I have had MANY opportunities to go to “war” with other ufologists. I nearly did once — maybe one day I will discuss it — but I was thankfully talked out of it. That was over a decade ago. It would have been a colossal waste of my time. Now fast forward to today. I agree that the situation in ufology is possibly even worse than it was a decade ago (not sure but maybe it is worse). If I start calling out other ufo or alternative researchers for laying down on this I seriously doubt it will help move things forward one bit. I guarantee you that all people will end up caring about is the personal drama and somehow they will find a way to forget the main issues. Maybe I am wrong but it’s what I think. I feel my best strategy is to be forthright, honest, to give good analyses at every opportunity and–yes–mention how ufology is dropping the ball. But please also keep in mind that I don’t run F2B. I am Jimmy’s guest and I can tell you that he runs his shows how he wants, not how I want. That said, I respect him and his decisions, so on his show I (try to) play by his rules.

      2. Christian Morales

        They can’t be honest. If Kirkpatrick was honest he’d get fired. People don’t understand the secrecy. Even if people are under oath they will lie to protect this secret. It’s a war between some very brave people like Mellon for example and the airforce and other gate keepers. The truth is people forget people have died for talking to much. There is a shadowy group of characters that have alien technology or are aliens themselves that are still out there threatening, silencing, and god knows what else. Not everyone is as Brave as Elizondo and Mellon. There will always be a coward. This is still happening. The men in suits are not a 50s and 60s phenomenon. Watch season 4 of skinwalker ranch with unmarked helicopters. If this is still the case then honestly idk how we can fight the secrecy. Think about it cases go cold when these shadowy characters show up. No one knows who they are. They probably don’t have social security numbers, they probably don’t go home to their wife and kids at the end of the day. They have the power to scare any government agency. Crash retrievals they are in charge when they show up in stories of AOFSI and no one knows who they are. Tic tac 2004 is another case. When the fuck are we going to talk about that? I think the airforce and others are terrified of this group. I think they are guilty of Havana syndrome and other mysterious deaths. So what do we do if this group that plays a big part of the cover up are people without social security numbers, people that don’t go home to the wife and kids. People that are in underground bases or ufos and have alien technology that can cloaks and they can dissapear? How do we fight against that anyone have any ideas?

      3. Christian Morales

        I gotta say Richard the funniest part of the episode was when Jimmy brought up the alien mothership paper. You knew it was BS, that there was no way that was possible, not with the real implications of this phenomenon. Still Jimmy made it sound sexy with the headline, but it was garbage! A joke! It was so bad ha I’m literally laughing out loud! I hope you did read it because it’s pretty funny man. On a serious note the part you were talking about cattle mutulations and how you knew someone that was scared out of their mind, and the fact that these people scared the FBI back in the 70s and it was a huge problem! The FBI got scared!! Also skinwalker ranch has a fatale mutulation coming up with black helicopters and I’ve seen some interviews and those guys look like they went through some shit man. It gives me that vibe. Dragon and Taylor are cool now and they are all like brothers now. Shared trauma creates brotherhood like soldiers in war. The most important part tho was the great change! This is it man, and it’s not looking good at all!

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thanks for the feedback on the “mothership” story. Yes, I was really surprised that Jimmy went there with it. I truly was thinking “what the hell man?” There was no way that could be what he was implying. Sigh. The man you are thinking about was Gabe Valdez, who was THE top law enforcement guy dealing with UFOs and cattle mutilations in New Mexico during the 70s and beyond. I met him in 2006, not long before he died, I believe. He knew this subject inside and out and was terrified of the people (and he did emphasize .. People) behind the mutes. He originally thought “aliens” but somehow changed his mind. He would not tell me what he knew or why he came to his new opinion. But he was very afraid of them. Personally, I do think that not all of the mutes can be explained as human activity. I do think some of it is beyond.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Hey, PTD, i just thought of you last week. I was thinking i haven’t seen you around these parts in recent times. 🙂

      There aren’t going to be protests about ufo disclosure around the country though. Who showed up for the hearing? Two senators. One is the chair. In some tiny room and no press seemed to be there really. I don’t even know anyone who knew it happened to be honest. Until i brought it up.

      If the public gave a darn, there would have been more members there to show their faces and there would have been some media to speak of.

      I haven’t heard the jimmy church interview yet with Richard. I plan to.

  2. William Mott

    You called this a while ago. The Govt/Pentagon will never admit to anything basically.. We shouldn’t of got our hopes up! No they aren’t using a false flag of an ET Invasion. JUST THE OPPOSITE..
    As far as Press To Digitate comments- Yes I am mad as HELL like him…But my anger is not at Richard Dolan. They don’t call you Richard Bleepin Dolan for nothing. You go off on rants all the time. You’re not a Spineless Jellyfish..lol. You have Balls of Steel..lol
    You are well respected in the UFO community and you do question everything..You can’t control other UFOLOGISTS..
    If you’re on someone else’s show you do need to show respect YES..
    It’s easy to criticize what you SHOULD DO when you’re behind a Fake Screen name. Lol
    This is REALITY you’re in Richard. You’re doing one helluva job.. Im.not an Elogant writer like others on here..Just a person with a Real name..

  3. Lauren2844

    Richard i was watching Ross Coulthart last week and he mentioned in his podcast that 6 separate whistle blower have briefed a number of Congress men and women plus Kirkpatrick that the U.S. have crashed OFF EARTH Craft and Alien bodies that are being studied. He mentioned Kirkpatrick was NOT under oath when he gave his pathetic presentation but knows for sure Kirkpatrick WAS BRIEFED. Richard you gotta get Coulthart on Richard Dolan members to interview him. Your Writer friend Bryce Zabel has a podcast with Coulthart so he definitely seems legit. Zabel a Model/Director/Producer/international man of Mystery… is a Hollywood Mastermind who could smell out a phony in a New York minute.
    Dolan interviews Coulthart = Magic ✨🪄

      1. Leo Ann

        It would certainly be very interesting as Ross has a great deal to bring to the table. For goodness sake though, from a geopolitical standpoint and this is just my view, I would try to avoid US foreign policy, Richard, as you might be a little disappointed in the direction the conversation will take…

  4. D.A.


    Jimmy got the meaning of hypothesis backwards. Hypotheses are driven by suppositions, and then proven and validated by data. With that said–and without reading the Loeb-Kirkpatrick paper/article myself–I assume (based on Jimmy’s assertion) that Kirkpatrick had at least concurred with, if not possibly help author, the alien probe hypothesis. If so, then Kirkpatrick needs to be very careful with what he puts out into the public domain; otherwise he will come off sounding like he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth–or in his case…his ass.

    As always, just my humble opinion.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I haven’t yet read it. God, so little time, so much to do! but I have a strong feeling Jimmy (along with many others) probably misread the real meaning of the paper. Just my hunch.

  5. Fox_Mulder

    Great appearance, Richard. I think Jimmy is close to seeing this whole gov’t charade for what it is, finally (I don’t know why it took so long!). He’s one of those eternally optimistic people which is admirable but can border on delusional after a certain point. But I think you’ll win him over eventually.

    And I know Jimmy doesn’t want to discuss politics because it’s polarizing but I don’t think you mentioned any partisan, left v right politics. He should allow more discussion on the nature of the machine in general which, as you’ve said, will do anything but be honest about the phenomenon.

    BTW – What did you think about James Fox’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast? He mentioned you by name in the context of the Wilson Davis notes. Not bad!

    All the best,

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I do love Jimmy but sometimes I wonder where his head is at. Usually he is very astute but you are right … an optimism that can border on delusion. I wonder if that is a difference in part between New York and Los Angeles. Since you mentioned it, I think I will discuss with him the need to open up the political analysis. you are right — I try very hard not to engage in partisanship. I always try to step back from that. We shall see. And yes I am happy for the shout out from James on Rogan. Good stuff!

  6. Craig Champion

    I agree with the Dolan perspective and analysis. Seriously – the DOD involved in discussing the ufo phenomenon? This is no better than the con-job that is the mainstream media. “Data-driven?” – what about the past 80 years worth??😆 In light of the frequency and quality of eyewitness accounts and even direct encounters that’ve occurred over the years, these hearings are a complete joke; basically a distraction from the actual reality, even turning geopolitical in suggesting it may be attributed to our “adversaries.” “Science” and data, as conducted in a manner (cherry-picked) that’s in accordance with a specific narrative is reduced to yet another system of belief. “Resolution,” indeed. Regarding these other AARO-associated groups of people, sounds more like kicking the can and passing the buck.

    Cattle mutilation awareness seems to have fallen by the wayside although I’m also guessing that these animal abductions continue. Gabe Valdez’ impression certainly stirs the imagination.😐

    Appreciate that you brought Jacob’s work back into light as well as keeping the flame of the big, overall picture in focus.

    Many thanks!

  7. Leo Ann

    Thanks for your efforts, Richard!

    Look, we all know this is the majority of the state dept and DoD adding bums on seats for their pivot towards a “justified” war in the Pacific. Highly depressing but a great add to the neocon narrative, as I can see it. Jack T was helped with his Discord drop, detailing the real state of the war in Ukraine. Thankfully, by a small cadre of sane people still left in the state department and Pentagon who realise this is not survival behaviour to move eastward, quite literally. AARO seems to me to be nothing more than another, well established organ in the security state. Yet again, history repeats itself. This hearing didn’t disappoint, it was everything I expected it to be. A rather sad affair.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, i am fifteen minutes into this discussion and i as always i just smile when you are on his show. I am getting a kick out of your demeanor. 🙂 I am also disturbed on many levels about what went on there regarding Russia/China fear mongering. But then, i have always believed that was underlying this whole new chapter. It is following along the way i generally expected and then some.

    And why would JC be surprised that Sen. Gillibrand didn’t ask Kirkpatrick about the paper he just wrote? That answers itself. Oh, i didn’t know his background was a lifer at DOD. LOL.
    Thanks! Rita

    Still listening and am a whole ten minutes further in. I need to go and do things and come back all the time. Anyway, i will never know why you don’t see TTSA , which was admittedly and still is, an entertainment consortium or whatever corporation they call it, as the beginning of all of this which has led us to april 19 in the long run. And it has involved the spooks as the ‘good guys’ now in ufo world. I say ‘mission accomplished’ for those guys.

    Btw, it is beyond tolerable when i see ‘Need to Know’ episodes posted and try to watch a few minutes and that is one example of many others. They still try to spin this stuff like something big is happening here with the committees, etc. And Ross Coulthart, the so called journalist (yes, i know he is big mainstream guy in Australia, etc), was just talking about how there needs to be non transparency which he understands, regarding the state. He was appalled by the leak that happened with the young man a couple of weeks ago for example.

    All of a sudden everyone is an insider but no sources. And he once again tells us that June 13 will be a big deal revelation coming from …………………………………………I am not even sure. I think it is the same committee but he never gives any specifics in his always wrong insider predictions.

    OK. Thanks again Richard. 🙂 Btw, the alien invasion can be on back burner, but i knew it would all be about DOD and geopolitics. If it ain’t China, then………………………….Back burner. Plus. “We can’t know for sure but it is an invasion of our air, earth, ocean, lake space.”

    Maybe we will declare war on the ‘unknown’ in general!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for the update on Ross Coulthart’s statement, in which you wrote: “He was appalled by the leak that happened with the young man a couple of weeks ago for example.” So, he was appalled by the 21-year-old young man who leaked those documents? Am I hearing you right? When I learned about that story, I have to say my heart broke for this young man. He’s younger than either of my kids. The national security apparatus is going to eat him as a snack. And if Ross (and Bryce) are defending the pernicious lies coming out of the Pentagon these days, well, all I can say is that I would be very sorry to hear that. I hope it’s not true.

  9. itsmeRitaC

    Uh oh. I have this on now in the background as i do my cleaning today. 🙂 I heard something and had to comment again. I can’t believe that JC has a problem with you saying that the FBI and DOD often lie to the public. And he says he doesn’t want this to get ‘political’………………………..I mean. You are there to discuss a senate committee hearing with a DOD guy where they fan the flames against Russia and China. How can it not get political? OMG!

    I am only half hour in but i am appreciating your take on things.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks Rita. I understand Jimmy’s position on this but … it DOES cramp my style, to put it mildly. Although, as I said on his show, “your show, your rules.” Even so, I have noticed certain topics becoming more difficult to broach.

  10. itsmeRitaC

    They are “hiding *behind* science”. Great line Richard! 🙂

    “Within the laws of physics”. Everything is obviously within the laws of physics which we humans know little about, imo. Great observation regarding what Kirkpatrick said about ufo reports.

    You know, i don’t know if anything is true that is said here. I don’t know about another group of retired whomever, etc. We don’t know if that group exists here. And 25 witnesses? How would i know that fact? And, what if he makes a point of only talking to lousy witnesses so that he can report the way he is reporting? I have no reason to believe any of it really.

    Oh, the cattle mutilation story. I predict that the ‘Chinese’ are coming for our cow tongues. 🙂 Soon to be the headline.

  11. D.A.

    Hi Richard,

    Just when you thought you got away without having to endure reading through another long-winded post by D.A., and then just like that, here I am again, with drum in one hand and soap box in the other. Anyhow, I haven’t finished watching the whole show yet, but so far so good–as usual. I just had to stop a moment to make a few comments–lucky you.

    You mentioned in this video that “the Pentagon, as a bureaucracy, cannot help, but lie at this point,” and “we don’t have an honest system.” In the purest sense, I do not disagree with that assessment at all, yet you defend the motivations of those who I affectionately refer to as the the AOA (i.e., Elizondo, Mellon, et al) as if those individuals were not at one point–and possibly still are in some capacity, even if only in spirit–very much a part of that very same dishonest system you vilify. I am not saying that the AOA are bad guys–in fact in some ways, and to some people, they might even be considered heroes for what they were able to achieve–which no one has ever been able to do before or since (which in itself should be considered a red flag of sorts)–but by defending their motives, you ostensibly take the position that they are, in fact good guys, who are completely on the up-and-up, and straight shooters, who have been unselfishly fighting the good fight on behalf of public disclosure; when in fact all circumstantial evidence tends to support the notion that the entire UAP narrative, which they have been at the center of, and had in large part orchestrated, was nothing more than a means to an end in what was clearly a covert effort to resurrect AAWSAP on the behalf of at least one faction within the Pentagon–again the very same bureaucratic entity that you said “cannot help but lie”, and which is now trying to systematically shut down the public UAP narrative, at least the ET aspect of it, using the very same mechanism (i.e., congressional UAP hearings) and officially sanctioned UFO organization (i.e., AARO) that the AOA, themselves, helped to create in the first place.

    Outside of a trivial interview or article here and there, where are the AOA saviors now? Why aren’t they engaged in a new MSM blitz as we speak–to publicaly rail against the findings of the UAP hearings, which are refuting, if not delegitimizing, their own carefully-crafted ET allusions about the UAP narrative? Why isn’t Christopher Mellon (or any of the other merry men of the AOA) sitting down with MSM types right now telling them what is really going on behind the scenes with regards to UAP events, like telling them about the 2020 UFO incident that he told James Fox about in which a Naval pilot took a smart phone video of a massive (football field size) black triangle that came out of the ocean and shot straight up into the sky past the pilot’s jet? Why aren’t they plastering that story, or any of the others they know (which clearly involve off-world technologies), all over TV and the internet in order to counter the claims of Kirkpatrick? On the contrary, they’re not engaging in the furtherance of UAP disclosure at all–at least not publicaly, or with anywhere near the same level of motivation and vigor (and likely incentive) they had displayed when they were actively promoting the UAP narrative five or six years ago–i.e., prior to the resurrection of AAWSAP…er, I mean, the creation of AARO. And if you don’t agree that AARO is the new AAWSAP, look no further than Kelleher’s and Knapp’s “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon”, and Section 1673 of the 2023 NDAA. Even Helen Keller could have connected these beach-ball sized dots. Of course the answer to the question as to why the AOA are no longer engaged in UAP disclosure is in plain sight for everyone to see. Just look at the date of the Navy incident involving the black triangle I mentioned above–it occurred after the AOA’s mission objective was essentially completed. More to the point; look at the last episode of the History Channel’s “Unidentified”, where the AOA openly celebrated the formation of the UAP task force and said “mission accomplished”. Little did we realize at the time what those words truly meant. After that, the show (a very popular one at that) simply disappeared, and the AOA completely dissolved their association with the TTSA. And yet nary a comment or peep from anyone about it. Just think about the platform these individuals had from which they could to tell their story, which we all know has a hell of a lot more chapters to it than what they had divulged in a handful of episodes, and yet they just let it go away just like that. As they said for the world to hear, but no one really listened to: “Mission Accomplished.”

    If their agenda had anything to do with UFO disclosure or government transparency, or even making a very good living and garnering celebrity status (like everyone else in the world who had been lucky enough to get a show on TV), don’t you think that they would have continued to grow the TTSA brand, and continue making more episodes of “Unidentified”? Forget the ridiculous narrative surrounding how DeLonge founded TTSA and recruited the AOA, or how TTSA’s metamaterial Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Army just evaporated. Is all of this just a coincidence? Moreover, if Mellon or any of his AOA cohorts are no longer in the service of the government in one capacity or another (as a contractor or perhaps something else), then they no longer have an active clearance or a need to know, which is required in order to be briefed in on any classified UAP events. I know you disagree with me on this, but it’s a stubborn fact nonetheless. So the million dollar question is: “how did Mellon get his information on the 2020 UAP incident, long after “retiring” from the government?” No one outside those having the appropriate clearance and a need to know should have had access to this kind of information unless they do have such clearance and a need to know, which means they are still in the service of the government in one capacity or another. There’s only one thing more stubborn than a fact, and that is a fact that doesn’t smell quite right.

    I believe you more or less stated somewhere in your talk with Jimmy something to the effect that it’s not the people in the government that are bad, but the government apparatus itself. I agree with that sentiment–at least in a relative context sort of way, but I just don’t see how you can deprecate the whole as vigorously as you do without even making an attempt to scrutinize the parts that make up that whole, at least to some small extent, simply because the individuals making up those parts have a face and a name, or have at some point perhaps even confided in you a little nugget of information here or there along the way that may not be widely known–not that I’m saying that’s the case;-)

    Ironically enough, and despite the AOA soap box that I drag into almost every comment I make on your website, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist in any sense of the word, and strongly disagree with most people who promulgate conspiracy theories; however, there is a fine line between conspiracy theory in the pejorative sense, and conspiracy theory in the evidential sense. You mentioned that people are promoting the ET invasion conspiracy narrative (as an outcrop of the UAP narrative that was promoted by Mellon, Elizondo, et al). I hope you are not throwing me in that same basket due to my skepticism of the AOA’s motives, because I have never promoted the alien invasion scenario…only that the AOA had used the prospect of UAP’s being a potential national security threat as justification to gin up public (and congressional) interest (and concern) in order to promote their agenda (i.e., the formation of AARO). No one can deny the fact that the AOA had used the potential security threat angle in their narrative if for no other reason than the fact that these craft have been, and still are, flying in places they shouldn’t be, and doing so at will, without our knowledge, and with utter impunity, which at a minimum presents a safety hazard to military and civil aviation–if not an outright impingement on our territorial sovereignty. I’m sure that you agree with that statement, which was articulated by Elizondo on numerous occasions. Again, where we clearly disagree–and you can correct me if I am wrong–is with respect to the AOA’s ultimate agenda, which you believe was purely altruistic, meaning that the security threat narrative they promoted was simply a necessary evil in order to promote government transparency and disclosure for the good of the people (despite the fact that they absolutely were–and at some level, possibly still are–part of that very same evil, secretive, bureaucracy you openly detest). Of course, it was that same security threat narrative that led some people (Greer?) to erroneously believe the AOA were trying to promote an alien invasion false flag, which you correctly dismissed–based primarily on the fact that others in the Pentagon were openly denying the AOA’s claims (despite the fact that the Pentagon had authenticated the three videos that the AOA had leaked, which is another red flag in and of itself). Conversely, I believe the national security narrative they promoted was simply an artifice, or a means to an end, in order to gin up enough congressional support to resurrect a defunct UFO program, which had the added benefit of partial disclosure and public destigmatizing of the UFO phenomenon (at least for the time being–until they can put that genie back in its bottle).

    My assertions about the AOA’s ulterior motives are based on the preponderance of circumstantial evidence surrounding: 1) the previous failed attempts by the DIA to keep AAWSAP going; 2) the unlikely creation of the TTSA and the sudden disbandment of TTSA by those within the AOA; 3) the leakage and subsequent declassification of classified Naval videos; 4) the destigmatization and subsequent re-branding of a 75-year old UFO/ET conspiracy narrative into a carefully controlled and legitimized 19-year old UAP security threat narrative; 5) the significant, albeit short-lived, MSM UAP publicity blitz by the AOA, which ultimately led to the official creation of AARO, and 6) the congressionally mandated AARO directive to not only investigate ongoing UAP events involving military incursions, but to investigate allegations of a UFO deep-state faction within the IC. Again, this isn’t speculation or theory on my part, but fact. And if AARO does find something with regards to secret reverse engineering programs, will that information be divulged to the public? Of course not. They’ll never hand that information over to the public. Hell, AARO doesn’t even want the public to believe that UAP incidents involve anything other than drones and balloons, never mind want us to know about the existence of a 75-year old cover up about a deep-state faction within the MIC that has off-world craft and possibly bodies in their possession. I think we can both agree on this, which begs the question: if AARO never had any intentions of disclosing what they might uncover to the public, then why have they been mandated to investigate it at all? What is their end game? At least AAWSAP hid behind the excuse that they wanted to know what these programs had in their possession for the sake of preventing a “duplication of effort” with respect to their own UFO investigations and research efforts involving advanced aerospace propulsion systems. What will AARO’s excuse be? Perhaps the motivation behind the directive is to merely reconcile some glaring, 75-year old, gaps in the DoD’s budget. Yeah, right. Or could it be a matter of one faction within the MIC, like the DIA–Wilson’s and Lacatski’s old stomping ground–wanting to be in on another MIC faction’s dirty little secret, and/or perhaps even wrestle some control (and power) over that secret away from the other faction? You know what I believe. What say you?

    As I mentioned in a previous comment to one of your other shows, in addition to investigating allegations into secret UFO reverse engineering programs within the MIC, the AARO was also congressionally mandated to create a mechanism to control UAP disclosure, NOT promote it. Of course, as we all know so well, as soon as the UAP task force (and subsequent AARO) were created, the disclosure spigot was shut off, and the new era of ET delegitimization began. And any further public UAP incident disclosures, which was originally required to get the UAP narrative going, devolved into nothing more than a numbers disclosure game where the house controls the odds. Please note that since the UAP task force and AARO was created, nothing but numbers and a few somewhat ambiguous, relatively anodyne, videos have been disclosed to the public (via Jeremy Corbell no less), which will no doubt be swamp-gassed by the AARO in future hearings. Remember, the “R” in AARO does not stand for investigate, uncover, or determine, but resolve–as in cleaning it up for public disclosure and making it go away. Wash, rinse, repeat. Next year, the annual UAP hearing (coverage of which even Google will have a hard time finding), will simply tell us that the number annual UAP events have increased by another hundred or so, and that the Mosul sphere was likely just an Iranian weather balloon–which, after all, is much easier to pull off than saying a football-field sized UAP, which emerged from the ocean and shot past a Navy pilot’s jet at an incredible rate of speed, was nothing more than an Amazon drone dropping off a package of fishing lures to Aquaman.

    “Houston, the genie has been put back in its bottle. Tell Virginia there is no Santa Clause. I repeat, there is no Santa Clause.”

    As always, just my humble opinion.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Okay, this was a LONG comment, and I doubt I can do justice to addressing all of your points. First, forgive me for asking but I have not been able to figure out what AOA stands for! So yes my face is red but please clarify that! 🙂

      My attitude about Elizondo, Mellon, Puthoff, and the rest is that, yes, I have considered them “good guys” in the sense that I have seen them as a faction within the Pentagon/National Security community. A loyal faction, but a faction nonetheless. One with their own allies and enemies. I never had the impression that they were genuine disclosure advocates. And in fact, one weakness of my position is that I have not been able confidently to figure out what I believe their true goal was. The originally stated business model for TTSA was absurd and could never work. So what was their game? I will say I recall a quiet conversation I had with Hal Puthoff years ago, before he was outed as a UFO believer, when he said to me — quite honestly I am sure — that he did believe the public ought to know more than it does, but that anyone with any knowledge on this had to be extremely careful. Which is what all of those guys believe. Elizondo, Mellon, Davis, all of them. They don’t seem to be willing to put their collective butts on the line for this. That may be a failure of nerve more than a deliberate plan to … what? To raise public awareness of UFOs and then hand the whole thing over to the Pentagon and allow them to bury it? Why raise the subject at all to begin with? That’s what I want to know. I admit that there are holes in this story and I don’t have all the answers. I understand your skepticism about them. But I do think factions have always existed and I have worked on the hypothesis that this is what they are. I am willing to consider your position on this and acknowledge you may be right. I just don’t know at this point. Thanks.

      1. D.A.


        The AOA is short for “Agents of AAWSAP”, who is essentially Elizondo and Mellon, but you can stick a couple others in there as well, even if only in the peripheral sense, like Semivan and maybe Herndon, as well as others who may still be part of, or has since left the MIC faction in which they were associated (likely somewhere within the DIA), and who are not named above. Others, who also had ties with AAWSAP, NIDS, and possibly even the original Advanced Theoretical Physics (ATP) working group, like Puthoff, Davis, Vallee, et al, may also be tangentially, if not directly, involved.

        Again, my “soft” criticism of the AOA, in particular their front men, Elizondo and Mellon, is not in what they did (which should be applauded by everyone, not just those in the ufology community), or why they did it (which I believe was to ultimately resurrect AAWSAP through the creation of AARO), but rather the fact that they haven’t been completely transparent about any of it, which brings into question their motivation, which ultimately leads to a false sense of animus on the part of some who they ultimately helped enlighten; thus, leading to the promulgation of crazy conspiracy theories that only muddy the murky water even more. And yes, you can even include my AOA theory in that basket of crazy conspiracy theories if you like, but even you have to admit that at least my theory is backed up by a lot of circumstantial evidence. A LOT of circumstantial evidence—enough to even convict someone of a crime in a court of law. Just show all the comments I have sent you on the matter to Sheehan, and see what he says. Hell, if you ever bump into Knapp, show him my comments as well, in particular those referring to the mandate to investigate alleged reverse engineering programs—after all, his book was the very first bread crumb I came across, which led me down the AOA path.

        The AOA’s apparent lack of transparency about their true motivations, which I honestly believe included public disclosure (albeit a limited one) as well as resurrecting AAWSAP, also brings into question their overall credibility—in particular, the credibility of Elizondo and Mellon, as demonstrated by the throng of detractors within the ufology community, who truly vilify them. Believe it or not, I’m not one of those detractors. Everyone has secrets. It doesn’t make them bad. I am sure that even you know some things, which have been told to you in confidence (maybe even by of one or more of those in the AOA) that you have not disclosed publicly—not even to us, your loyal flock of Dolan acolytes. Does that make you bad or dishonest? Hell, No. It just makes you loyal to a cause in which you believe you have good reason to be loyal to, just like the AOA are loyal to a cause in which they have a good reason to be loyal to, and why many of those we rightfully, or wrongfully, vilify in the Pentagon for lying, are just being loyal to a cause in which they believe they have a good reason to be loyal to, even if we don’t see it that way. After all, aren’t we all the heroes of our own story? You see, right or wrong and good or bad, are not absolute concepts, but are relative ones. Unfortunately, we humans tend to look at everything in the most rudimentary way—a binary way in which everything is conveniently packaged as this way or that way, left or right, up or down, democrat or republican, federalist or democratic republican, right or wrong; when in reality it’s nearly always something in between, the degree of which is purely subjective. The whole concept of right or wrong, like virtually every other binary concept, lies in the probability of truth relative to fact. Think of it as quantum thinking vs binary thinking, just like with computers.

        Anyhow, with that nonsense said, I am actually on the side of the AOA, and admire them for what they have accomplished, but what they did was clearly done with the blessing and support of, if not at the behest of, others who are behind the scenes, and who were, and likely still are, part of the MIC, which I believe pulled off Operation AOA for the ultimate purpose of resurrecting AAWSAP even if those within the AOA honestly believe they did what they did for the purpose of public disclosure—again we cannot look at this in a binary way. All the circumstantial evidence appears to support this assertion—in particular, the mandate for AARO to pick up where AAWSAP and VADM Wilson left off with respect to their investigations into the allegations about a deep-state UFO faction within the MIC, which is the likely scion of MJ-12 and Zodiac.

        The AOA’s agenda was never to “raise public awareness of UFOs and then hand the whole thing over to the Pentagon”, simply because they were always part of the “Pentagon”, just not the same part in which the reverse engineering programs resided. On the contrary, as the Wilson-Davis notes, AAWSAP—BAASS contract deliverables, and Section 1673 of the 2023 NDAA, clearly indicate, the organization backing the AOA were not only not part of the “deep-state” UFO cover up, but they were in fact at direct odds with it. I think we need to differentiate here between the “deep-state” UFO coverup faction which is in control of reverse engineering programs, and the “shallow-state” UFO coverup faction within the DIA/ODNI, which has been involved in ongoing investigations into military related UFO incidents. By the very nature of their positions within the Pentagon, Elizondo, Mellon, and others, had themselves been part of the UFO coverup the whole time—that is, right up until the time that Operation AOA went into affect. So I guess some could say they were both “bad” guys at one point, but then had a joint epiphany, and became “good” guys. By in large, the military UFO related incidents are still being covered up for the most part, just as they were before, albeit now under the aegis of AARO. Sure, once in a while they feed a scrap or two to us (now apparently through Jeremy Cornell), but only as a guise to continue the transparency charade.

        The AOA’s true agenda, whether it is rationalized as disclosure or not, was to raise public awareness for the purpose of resurrecting a defunct program that they believed was needed in order to get to the bottom of the alleged deep-state faction within another part of the “Pentagon”, which has all the ET toys (and bodies), and knows the real truth about UFOs. Those in the AOA, and in the MIC in which they are closely associated (let’s call them the “DIA backed MIC” for the lack of a better title), are as much in the dark about the deep-state UFO coverup as you, me, and VADM Wilson; and like you, me, and Wilson, they too want to get to the bottom of it, but they needed to resurrect AAWSAP in one capacity or another in order to do it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t resurrect it on their own—Harry Reid tried, but failed miserably. They needed help from someone, or something, on the outside, something with a lot of power and money, even more than what the deep-state faction has. So just like when VADM Wilson followed the money trail downstream in one direction to the gate keeper’s door, the DIA backed MIC followed the money trail in the opposite direction, upstream, directly towards the source of all funding, which is controlled by who? That’s right, Congress—the very same Congress that has no authority over SAPs, which let’s be honest, doesn’t sit well with them in the first place if for no other reason than it takes away their power and control. What Congress does have, however, is the power to not only codify and mandate, but to create and fund their own programs, which the deep-state faction has no control or power over. But to get congress on board, the AOA had to get their constituents on board as well, but to do that, they had to do it in way in which they could still control the narrative, which involved destigmatizing UFOs and the alien hypothesis (without actually saying aliens are involved), and then rebrand the whole thing into “unidentified aerial phenomena” without the attached decades-old conspiratorial baggage, stigma, and snickering, that came along with UFOs and the ET hypothesis. Of course, the AOA did not completely pull away from the ET hypothesis, but didn’t fully embrace or promote it either; rather they gave it a nod and wink, because that is what was needed in order to catch the public’s attention and interest without fully committing the government into acknowledging ET—at least not yet. Otherwise, if the UAP narrative was branded as just an adversary drone phenomenon, it would have been named ADP instead of UAP, and the whole thing would have went absolutely nowhere in congress. It’s a simple as that. So…if we wanted to look at it in a binary way, then yes, we could look at the AOA as good guys, knights in shining armor, who are absolutely on “our” side, and who we should be grateful to, but in reality, it’s much more complicated. Yes…they are on our side, but for what appears to be an entirely different reason.

        Like they always say, the enemy of our enemy is our friend. And in this case, the AOA’s enemy is our enemy, so they are our friends—at least for now, until such time that the war is over and an armistice is made. And even then, it wouldn’t matter if the AOA were still on “our” side or not, because by that time, they may very well be on the outside looking in just like us.

        I am a firm believer in causality. Nothing occurs in a vacuum without good reason…nothing, not even the AOA.

        Just my humble opinion.


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          D.A., I think this is a really excellent comment. You have expressed several thoughts that I have long had about the AOA (btw thanks for explaining the acronym!). Except that you explained it with more depth and subtlety than I had done, so thank you for that. I am clipping and keeping all of your thoughts on this for my own reference. If/When I write about this more seriously in the future, I intend to cite your thoughts and thank you.

  12. D.A.


    There is one more very important piece of circumstantial evidence supporting my AOA theory, which I forgot to mention in my previous comment, and that is the close relationship that the AOA members had with the DIA and the AAWSAP program–in particular, Elizondo, who despite working for the ODNI, had corroborated with the DIA on AAWSAP, which is documented.

    Another thing about Elizondo’s story that never quite sat right with me: the December, 2017, NY Times article stated that Elizondo, who retired in October of 2017, sent his resignation letter, which detailed his concern about the lack of interest in UFOs on the part of the Pentagon, directly to the then Secretary of Defence (SOD), James Mattis. I am quit familiar with the strictly managed protocols one must follow in the government, particularly in the Army, (or any other branch of the military), with regards to sending anything up the chain of command for review and/or concurrence. With that said, unless Elizondo worked directly underneath Mattis, or was at, or very near to, the very top of the ODNI organizational depth chart (i.e., a high-level adminstrator), which he wasn’t, then there is no way he sent a letter of resignation directly to the SOD, and there’s no way a letter whining about UFO’s was forwarded up the chain of command to the SOD. Sorry, it didn’t happen, not unless such a resignation letter was in fact part of something much bigger, like a plan, or secret program that the SOD was read in on, and had concurred with well ahead of time, which required Elizondo’s official resignation in order to execute.

    Eventually, I will bring you around to my way of thinking–even if just a little.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, I have to say I do find what you say here interesting. I don’t have an answer for it but I will note it and ask either Lue or perhaps Danny Sheehan — I will be seeing Danny next month. Thanks.

  13. D.A.

    Oh, yeah…one more thing. (I’m starting to feel like Lieutenant Colombo here)

    If I were a conspiracy theorist–which I am not–I might be inclined to believe that the U.S. government, in particular some faction within the IC, might have at least some sort of influence over certain aspects of MSM. And if I were a conspiracy theorist, I might even be so bold as to say that specific news outlets, such as the NY Times, may on occasion be manipulated, or at least influenced, to one degree or another by the government. These statements aren’t too far fetched, are they? Now, if those statements are in fact within the realm of possibility, would it not also be within reason to speculate that it was not by mere coincidence that Elizondo retired the same year that the TTSA was formed and the NY Times uncharacteristically published an article about UAPs and AAWSAP (which they confused with AATIP –perhaps on purpose)? It seems to me that 2017 was a banner year for coincidences, no? Moreover, where are all the NY Times follow-up articles on UAPs now that one faction of the government–which for the lack of a better name, I’ll call the DIA faction–got what they wanted…the resurrection of AAWSAP? Was the original NY Times article not wildly popular? Don’t wildly popular articles translate into increased readership and money? It seems to me if I were the editor of a major news outlet, and a couple of my reporters broke an unbelievable story that changed the landscape of ufology, and captured the collective imagination of the entire world, then I would want those reporters to follow up on that story, no? Or am I just being too naive in assuming that the NY Times are in business to make money?

    Again, the probability of a series of happenstances occuring as a result of mere coincidence is inversely proportional to the number of happenstances. Me thinks the sheer number of happenstances involving the AOA are too large to be considered mere coincidence…or ignored.

    As always, just my humble opinion.

    What say you?


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      As one conspiracy theorist to a self-professed non-conspiracy theorist, I would say you may be on to something. Look — it’s not conspiracy theory to review the history of something like Operation Mockingbird. That’s all well-established. So yes, the CIA and IC do manipulate our media, back then and today. The only quibble (problem?) I have with your formulation is this: why would the IC want to raise the UFO issue in the major media, UNLESS the cat was already coming out of the bag? Which, as far as I can see regarding activities of TTSA et.al., was happening. The Tic Tac event was coming out one way or another. As for AAWSAP/AATIP, it’s not clear to me that it would have gotten any sunlight if not for Elizondo joining TTSA, although I could be wrong and perhaps Mellon would have discussed it, although I doubt it. But the point remains … if TTSA was working directly for the National Security Deep State, WHY raise the issue at all? Things were just fine and dandy the way they were before.

      One response might be to say that they proactively decided to give the UFO coverup a facelift. Perhaps the old denials were becoming less and less believable. But in my memory of 2016 and 2017, I can honestly say that I was only seeing stagnation on the UFO front.

      1. D.A.

        The TTSA was nothing, and had nothing substantive on UFOs, until the AOA joined it in 2017. To the DIA/ODNI backed MIC, TTSA was nothing more than a convenient mechanism in which they could publicly launch Operation AOA, which they did with spectacular success. And as soon as their mission was accomplished, the AOA left TTSA.

        As I explained in my earlier comment, letting the disclosure cat out of the bag (and wrapping it up as a potential national security threat narrative) was a necessary evil in order to get Congress to do exactly what they wanted—to create a congressionally mandated replacement for AAWSAP, which couldn’t be undermined by anyone else in the MIC who was not in the same camp as the DIA/ODNI backed MIC, which is clearly what happened with regards to Reed’s and the DIA’s original efforts to keep AAWSAP going. The deep-state MIC simply had too much power within the Pentagon; therefore the DIA/ODNI had to take it above ground, and into the public spot light, which I assume some heavy batters within the Pentagon concurred with—most notably SOD Mattis. I believe this to be the case for no other reason than the fact Elizondo claimed to have sent him a letter of resignation complaining about the lack of interest in UFOs on the part of the Pentagon, which as I previously mentioned was unlikely unless the resignation letter involved something else—especially considering that Elizondo was in fact the head of a group in the Pentagon that WAS investigating UFO incidents involving the military. So, what part of the Pentagon wasn’t taking UFO’s seriously? It clearly wasn’t the part he worked for. Or maybe no one in the Pentagon was taking the existence of an alleged deep-state UFO faction seriously. Well, guess what, someone is taking it seriously now.

        I agree that soft disclosure was going to happen with or without the TTSA. The TTSA just made it that much easier and plausible, or palatable for public consumption, which is why the “high-level Pentagon official” entertained the likes of DeLonge in the first place, never mind back the idea of supporting the TTSA, and the UFO disclosure angle that DeLonge pitched to him, which was utterly ridiculous. And I believe that DeLonge did have such a meeting with someone high up in the Pentagon, which is the reason why the whole thing smells to high heaven.

        The fact that the Navy videos were ultimately leaked by Mellon, likely with Elizondo’s help, doesn’t really have anything to do with TTSA, per se. TTSA and the AOA are not mutually exclusive. The AOA and their DIA handlers simply used TTSA as a front, and an unwitting fence for them to conveniently launder their new UAP narrative. They couldn’t have just simply leaked the videos out into the public domain, and then expect them to gain the same traction as they did without some kind of angle. They needed the videos to be authenticated by the Pentagon (which can be considered a red flag in and of itself) and then actively promoted by credible individuals, who were legitimate Pentagon “insiders” with a supposed agenda that diverted attention way from the Pentagon (i.e., TTSA), otherwise nothing substantive would have come of the videos, and you would still be talking about them right now on one of your shows debating their authenticity with likes of Mick West.

        I’m not sure if this answered your question or not. I understand why you are skeptical of my assertions, because at first blush they do seem pretty far out there, but if you connect the dots, you see as I do—in that they keep leading to one place. Of course, I can be WAY off base, but you have to admit, it is plausible if based on circumstantial evidence alone. Anyway, it’s a hell of a lot more plausible than the alien invasion conspiracy theory, and even more plausible than all of these unlikely happenstances occurring by mere coincidence.

        Again, just my humble opinion.


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          This is a really interesting thesis. You’ve given me (and everyone here) lots to consider. Much appreciated. I am clipping all of your thoughts on this for my own reference.

          1. D.A.


            Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my comments, and thanks for the kind words, but I strongly doubt anyone else takes the time to read through all my long winded comments, especially considering they’re usually two or three shows behind. I think it’s just you and me talking here; though, I wouldn’t mind hearing what others had to say on the matter.

            Do any of your followers ever meet face to face at conventions or other UFO events? And if so, are there ever any events scheduled in the northeast U.S., like NYC, or better yet, AC?


            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              I am going to make another announcement here soon about Contact in the Desert, which is in Palm Springs CA, where Tracey and I both will be. I don’t have too much else planned this year until November for a thing in Las Vegas organized by Jimmy Church. I’ll keep you posted.

  14. D.A.

    One more point that I missed with regards to your last question: “…if TTSA were working for the National Security Deep State, why raise the issue at all”

    The answer to that lies in the fact that they were NOT working for the “deep-state” UFO coverup faction within the National Security State, but were being USED by another slightly less deep, or “shallow-state”, UFO coverup faction within the National Security State, in particular, within the DIA/ODNI. Clearly, the deep state faction does not reside within the DIA or ODNI, otherwise the DIA run AAWSAP, which Elizondo (ODNI) collaborated with, would not have been trying to investigate the deep state faction and its reverse engineering programs through BAASS, nor would they have tried to cover up their intention to investigate the deep state faction the way they did when they originally solicited bids for the AAWSAP contract—which, as I had mentioned to you last year, was let as a small business set aside in order to keep the large aerospace contractors from underbidding BAASS on (and subsequently winning) the AAWSAP contract, because—thanks to Wilson—the DIA knew full well that the deep-State faction’s reverse engineering programs were being run by who? Ding….ding….ding. That’s right a LARGE aerospace contractor, who, in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), are not eligible to bid on small business set asides. Moreover, the AAWSAP contract solicitation made no mention of such an investigation, yet out of no where BAASS submitted the reverse engineering program investigation as one of their primary contract deliverables in their AAWSAP proposal to the DIA. Again, coincidence? As I have said before, nothing happens in a vacuum for no reason. Nothing.

    First of all, the way BAASS won the AAWSAP contract tell’s me their was direct communication, or as some might say, collusion, between the DIA and BAASS well before the AAWSAP solicitation was released, which we knew anyway because of the DIA’s, in particular Lacatski’s, interest in NIDS work at Skinwalker Ranch, which was the basis for creating AAWSAP in the first place. In order for AAWSAP to piggy back off of NIDS’ work, they needed NIDS to be part of AAWSAP, so they needed Bigelow to win the contract before the solicitation was even written. So they put out the solicitation as a small business set aside to keep the large contractors out, and used specific language in the solicitation that they knew only BAASS could address—thus preventing other small business contractors from winning the contract. And though that might sound illegal, or at the minimum unethical, it is a necessary evil that is done all the time in order to get work done by a particular contractor, which more often than not is NOT done for any nefarious reasons, but in order to get a particular job done the right way by the right contractor. Remember the binary concepts of good or bad, and right or wrong, are relative. The FAR is a bureaucratic joke, and though it was written by bureaucrats to prevent corruption, all it really does is stymie progress through an inordinate amount of red tape, as well as the creation of road blocks that prevent organizations from using specific contractors to do specific jobs in which they are best suited. It had gotten so bad, that 25 to 30 years ago, or so, government agencies, who actually need to get work done, started working with the private sector to create contractor consortiums in order to circumvent the draconian FAR restrictions and requirements, but the FA bureaucrats got their claws into that contract mechanism as well. Of course, the large contractors are fully imbedded in (and in no small way control) the consortiums, so the DIA couldn’t go that route either, even if BAASS were part of a consortium. Anyhow, I digress.

    The TTSA is not, and never was, a covert government operation in and of itself. It truly was, and still is, a very real “entertainment” organization, which was created by DeLonge. It was, however, used by the AOA, and their DIA backers, as a mechanism to resurrect AAWSAP.

    All the pieces fit together way too seamlessly, and conveniently, for it to be mere coincidence. Of course, that’s just my humble opinion, so take it for what it’s worth.

    D. A.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      You wrote: “they were NOT working for the “deep-state” UFO coverup faction within the National Security State, but were being USED by another slightly less deep, or “shallow-state”, UFO coverup faction within the National Security State, in particular, within the DIA/ODNI.”

      And yes, I can see that. For sure.

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