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By | July 20, 2022


[RD Note: I posted the audio of this interview, which Jimmy was nice enough to give me. This was a crazy interview that combined some wacky personal stories with analysis (some of it dark) of the current situation. As always, Jimmy and I enjoyed our conversation and I truly hope you do as well.]

Hi Everyone, 

I will be appearing live on Fade2Black with Jimmy Church for a show he’s titled “Disclosure 2.0.” He and I long passed the point in which we even pre-plan these things — we just jump right in and that’s fine with me. So you can listen tonight (7 p.m. Pacific, 10 p.m. Eastern) here. As always, I will come on after the first 30 minutes. 

I will try to get an audio copy of this program for members of this site after he and I are done. 


29 thoughts on “Richard on Fade2Black, July 20, 2022

  1. Lauren2844

    His show gets a monster boost everytime your on it, it’s no wonder he loves when your on! I know his 2nd job of being a marrying Elvis impersonator on the Vegas strip does well also.

  2. David LoVecchio

    I thoroughly enjoy seeing you and Jimmy interact. The beginning of this show, when you were busting each others’ chops, was gold.

    Now I have a couple questions related to the show:
    1. Do you believe that there is a secret space force along the lines of what Gary McKinnon reported seeing and along the lines of ARVs as reported by Mark McCandlish? If so how can you so strongly discount the possibility that the tic-tac is “one of ours”?

    2. Why do you view the fact that there was international coordination in response to a global pandemic as evidence of an emerging global fascist state as opposed to a logical response to something that was international in nature?

    3. Jethro Tull was in The Hobbit!? What role did he play?


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi David. 1. I DO think such a space force is quite possible but do not believe the Tic Tac was part of it. The Tic Tac first of all was in the water. Secondly, I cannot see any logic in having ultra advanced tech in a space force constantly (and this is a constant thing) harassing and investigating USN operations to the point where they trigger genuine concern, again and again. 2. I believe the coordination is indeed fascistic. One reason is that even in the beginning, many many people had strong disagreements with the lockdown policy that turned out to be truly ruinous to our economic future as well as our freedom. I suppose I would say that what happened was NOT a logical response. And if some believed it was at the time, that’s fair. But to assume that EVERY nation in the world would come to the same conclusion? Nah, I don’t buy it. 3. Yes, the great Jethro Tull wrote the original score to LOTR but then they gave it to Howard Shore — the bastard!!

  3. OgronWaitress

    In fairness, Richard, the contagion ripping thru our workforce without any break would have tanked the economy regardless. Basic services would have broken down including the emergency services. And many more died. As it was, Trumps’ response and that of the USA was unworthy of the World’s Leader. Lockdown tho hugely damaging was the lesser of the two evils. Do you think it would have played out differently and better without the lockdowns?
    I don’t feel uncomfortable about this approach being unanimous amongst the nations of the world. Against such threats there must be a common approach, backed up by science and open to free debate. Those against the lockdowns included many folks NOT on the breadline who nevertheless hated seeing their profits hit and put themselves above the needs of the collective. Whatever their purported credo, they’re plain selfish, I think.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Orgron … I never supported lockdowns after the first two weeks and have always seen them as wholly destructive with no redemptive (eg. safety) value. I consider the lockdowns essentially totalitarian and to be despised. And economically ruinous. AND coordinated worldwide. Sorry but this is something I don’t know how to rationalize away. I see the lockdown mentality as having been 100 percent fear-based at best, utterly nefarious and power-grabby at worst.

      1. OgronWaitress

        Thanks, Richard. Lockdowns were brutal for everyone, no question. And totalitarian. But was it different from fighting ANY war? In wartime the state takes over our daily lives in most respects, administers the news and passes new laws – all in order to (ostensibly) preserve the very nation. The economic and social effects of war are always brutal. But you have a lethal enemy to combat. And countries do recover. We are slowly recovering, but building back better? I doubt that.. .

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I hear you, but in my view regarding covid anyway, the “cure” was far worse than the disease. Aside from the fact that the disease is not natural but cooked up in someone’s laboratory. Which meant that we have not even been allowed to discuss the true origin and nature of this virus. Think about how crazy that is. That and so much more makes it easy for one to conclude that we’ve been had, and on many levels. By the way now I’ve been seeing from the excellent Doctor Been that — of course — prior infection provides FAR greater immunity to covid for far longer than any of the vaccines. Of course this was something something common sense always told us but now the numbers prove it. Why do governments to this day still deny the efficacy of prior infection?? The only reason I can think of is that they’re trying to force vaccines on everyone. The entire response to covid on every level in my view has been nothing short of despicable. I have avoided discussing this openly on this website and elsewhere because I know how incendiary the subject is for some people. It’s not that I have avoided it altogether but I have tried to tread carefully. But this has always been my opinion, And I don’t know if I could ever have it within me to forgive the the mendacious people who have pushed these policies upon us.

        2. elevator

          If you look at the numbers of covid deaths before locking down and after, it is clear that tens of thousands more would have died. Not acceptable especially if you’re one of them or someone you love is. It’s easy to condemn the measures taken in hindsight without offering an alternative to so many more deaths.

  4. Cat Gardner

    JC seemed pretty keen on *not* talking about the idea that Others are embedded in society and/or involved in the global changes going on. That was a strategically timed break followed by a couple deft redirects.

    He knows his audience, youtube censorship triggers, etc., so it’s understandable, but these are extremely interesting topics. I hope you’ll continue to discuss them.

  5. Scott Sicotte


    Thank you for your contributions to this fascinating subject of UFO and/or UAP field, your truly the gold standard in your approach to analysis and conclusion based on available information. I was pleasantly surprised at your comments regarding some in the community who constantly say that ALL types of extraterrestrial are friendly and or non-aggressive towards Humanity. In my humble opinion, that’s unlikely at best.

    My question is: how does this community become solidified or at least have a conversation with opposing view points, it seems fractured, information is getting extremely confusing.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Scott. Thanks for being part of this community yourself. To answer your question, all I can say is that it’s always been important for me, whenever expressing a disagreement within this field, not to get personal. I’ve sometimes stepped over the line regarding that rule, but usually keep to it pretty well. I have always felt that normal disagreements are inevitable and a good thing. It’s how we learn. But there is unfortunately a large number of toxic personalities and agendas that pop up in this field. I don’t know if there is a way to fix it other than one person at a time. As in ufology, so too with the rest of our society.


    Will the Webb machine be used to spoon-feed the E.T. concept to the masses in a safe way by finding them 40 light years away? E.T. isn’t scary 40 light years away. But about UFOs/UAP, we still know nothing.

  7. itsmeRitaC

    I needed to stop right in the middle of your joint smoking experience and i paused it because i was really enjoying that story! I have to see how it turns out so i am sure to get back to this one. I can’t believe you hadn’t done it in so long and then……………………….LOL, OMG.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Well, i wonder what happened to you? I have a feeling that what you smoked was laced with some other ingredients.

      I had a new insight about what is going on with this uap reset agenda. But i will wait because it just came to me today. 🙂 UAP means something else altogether in DOD talk. That is the tip of my new idea iceberg.

      Anyway, i just heard you tell J.C. that ET is very stealthy and doesn’t want us to be involved in their, i guess, business? I just wanted to say this…………If you knew what it is like here on earth and how fear based humans have been – would *you* want to make yourself known if you were very, very…………..different? I would not. 😉

      Thanks, rita


    RE: your syncope incident

    Blood sugar crash. You were already tired. When had you last eaten? The social lubricant involved is known to reduce blood sugar levels. This kind of syncope is not uncommon.

  9. Kelly Marsden

    Richard, great show with JC !!
    “ You nailed it “ 😎😎
    Be sure to watch the movie “ Don’t look up “
    You and Tracey will like it 😎

  10. Bjofod

    What can be better propaganda then to make everyone «believe» in green or grey aliens when infact are 100% human looking.

    Pentyrch «vodaphone» workers. 911 atlethic new yorker that in fact summed up the complete 911 report in a 1 min street interview with a reporter only hours after the towers fell. So many others. We dont see them, we look for greys.

  11. Andykub

    You chemistry with JC was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting!

    As to false flags, I watched UFO Witness and they referenced an email from Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta, showing part of it on screen where the name Carol Rosin was visible, but not much else. I remember seeing her say that when she worked with Werner von Braun, she told the story about him telling her that we will launch a false flag operation involving ETs. This was shortly before his death. Are you familiar with that story?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, Carol has discussed the Von Braun “ET false flag” scenario since at least the 2001 Disclosure Press Conference. I have no doubt that she more or less accurately repeated what an elderly von Braun told her. But I also think this story has been turned into something of a never-to-be-questioned mantra by some people. Von Braun WAS knowledgable about many things, including the ET presence, at least to some tangible extent. He clearly knew many things about the real structure of power in the US and beyond. So he was in a position to say things related to all this. BUT … when he told Carol about the various false flags of the future (including an ET one), did he do this because he was formally briefed? Or because he overheard some conversation about it? Or someone just talking shit in their spare time? Or was he simply giving her his own belief on how things would be likely to turn out? It’s been almost fifty years since Von Braun died. We are still waiting for the ET false flag. My question is: how many more years do we need to wait until we finally decide that von Braun’s prediction was a swing and a miss?

      1. Andykub

        When it comes to ETs, timelines can be undefined, like ETs telling the abducted that soon things will change. But I did ask this because I wanted to see if anyone else might have said something like that, or if he said anything like that to anyone else. Your answer confirms that was a one-off. Thank you.

        Btw, listen to a 70s band called Gentle Giant. They were a unique prog rock band that require an acquired taste, so play their music and Tracey will likely beg you to go back to playing Tull 😉

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Richard, i can’t be the only person who is into this topic for most of their lives who feels they are indeed watching what was said by Carol R. unfold. And, i consider the invasion of the body snatchers version of a threat narrative to be actually more of a threat than the independence day narrative.

        Also, nothing from the ‘official’ sources makes me think it isn’t a threat narrative in waiting. We know who was on the congressional committee. Homeland security, counter terrorism. I mean, i just don’t know how this can be seen as *not* being about threats.

        One woman’s opinion here anyway. 🙂

        I know, i have become like the town crier on this topic here. 😉

            1. itsmeRitaC

              I forgot to say one more thing around the middle of the J.C interview. And i do get a kick out of you and J.C. btw. It just works for some reason as being entertaining. Anyway,

              You asked, “why is it mostly in sedona and california”, about that new agey kind of reporting about ‘beings of light and less density’ who are here to upgrade our dna. I made that part up because it sort of all blends. 🙂 And.

              You said that it seems apparent that it may be an artifact of their psychological imbalances, and that isn’t a quote. And, i find it too airy fairy of course, as a general rule. However…………………………..I find that talk of ‘soul transfers into containers’, etc, to sound , well. I will say that they are, imo, two sides of that same psychological coin. At least.

              Sorry, i had better not keep coming back to this interview when i have breaks!!!!!!!! I know. 😉

  12. itsmeRitaC

    Hey Richard, i am just like commenting up a storm here. But i listen to like fifteen or twenty minutes and then need to do other things, miss what was being said and need to keep going back and i kind of never get that far in any kind of podcasts over half hour. 🙂 Anyway. I am responding to what i just heard now. Probably over halfway into it.

    When you say that ET group has infiltrated out society……….Honestly. I don’t find that troubling. I am being deeply sincere about this. The way things are going, have been going, for a long , long time………….Who am i to say that i own a planet? I know there are people here who have said that we do. I do not agree. I am not a believer in owning the water and mountains and oceans and minerals, etc, etc. And i do not think that our grain of sand human earth race owns the planet. Why do people here, some of them, believe we do?

    It could be that i, rita, wasn’t given the rule book. I feel that way often enough over my lifetime, so it is possible. So what part do i own? No one told me. Why wasn’t i given a parcel of land by whom? Who gives it to us humans then? Does the u.s. government give it out to people living here? And we lay claim, the gov’t that is, to mineral rights on other planets if i am not mistaken. And they put a flag on the …………………..Moon. We are so not ready for being off planet. Or on planet for that matter.

    Richard, a question about this page. I had hoped that when i joined that there would be discussion and engagement here. I was very surprised when i discovered that doesn’t happen. Is that not the intention here? I have been very perplexed by this since i have been here. Thanks.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rita, last question first. You mean engagement in the comments section? Because there’s the forum. I mean, I don’t know how to change things to make more people engage. It’s open to anyone who wants to chime in. Regarding the alien presence, I can take your point but I’m basically looking at how our society is turning itself into a digital dictatorship and wonder — do THEY have anything to do with this? Hell if I can prove such a thing. The answer is they might, or they might not. But they surely aren’t stopping it, and they seem to be doing huge numbers of abductions and generally flying around in total secrecy for many years. So … no, I don’t fully trust them. Not that I think humans are all that trustworthy either.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thanks Richard, for your reply. I hesitate to reply to your first response regarding discussion on the site.

        And. I do appreciate your response that we really don’t know and everything is conjecture. I would say that maybe what little ‘we’ know about the whole phenomenon is indeed like that Sufi parable about the blind men who were each attempting to identify the ‘elephant’.

  13. Joe Chovan

    Just wanted Richard to know my wife likes Jethro Tull– at least “Fat Man” and “Songs From the Wood.” I played them for her yesterday after listining to you and Jimmy Church discuss this and she said she could hear influences from the band Yes. After Songs From the Wood finished playing, our car radio channel next played “Roundabout” from Yes, so I think she’s right.
    She did say she envisioned Ian Anderson prancing through a forest in rennaissance faire minstrel style. Hobbit rock or not, it passed muster here.

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