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By | June 23, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I will be doing two interviews this evening, but only one is live while the other will be pre-recorded. The pre-recorded one will be with my friends at KGRA radio and will be a panel discussion on the UAP Task Force Report, due out very soon, possible tomorrow. When that is available I will surely link it to this site. 

My live appearance tonight will be with Jimmy Church for Fade2Black radio. I will go live with Jimmy at 10:30 EDT until whenever we are done. If you want to catch Jimmy’s first thirty minutes, you can get there at 10:00 EDT.

Today I have been working on a couple of presentations I am doing for Contact in the Desert, which I intend to share here with you — if not the exact form that I record it for them, then a different version that I will record for everyone here. That ought to be very soon. 

And yes, that task force report is going to be released soon. All the big hoopla, we shall see where it leads. 

Quick follow up re Rick Doty’s lecture notes that I posted. Two fairly senior people “in the field” who know Doty well expressed serious hesitation about embracing the claims he made in the lecture. They know him, they like him, but they are puzzled by his recent claims. One of these people believes Doty is participating with TTSA in a scare ’em up psyop, while the other absolutely disagrees with that. Both names are well known to folks in the field and at this website, but both spoke to me on condition of anonymity. 


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  1. Ron Holmes UK

    Welcome to “that moment” fellow Dolanites: “The deep breath before the plunge…”
    Fingers Crossed…
    BTW Richard, re “Third Phase of Moon.”
    This is hilarious, and smart Sir.
    Damn smart.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Regarding third phase of moon, honestly the fact is I never wanted to do it, I was cajoled and slightly pressured to do it against my better judgement. I was never happy about my involvement and last night decided to pull the plug. I’m out.

  2. Groto

    Hi Richard,

    First time poster, long time follower. I really appreciate all the great work you do. Do you know if you will be allowed to post the video interview of Richard Doty that you mentioned in the last Fireside chat? Very eager to see that! I will also check out tonight’s Fade 2 Black interview.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Welcome to our happy little family! Yes I will follow up on that request again. I would like to make it available two members of this site, clearly it has to be kept to a limited basis but it can be done. It’s been a busy week with a number of things so thank you for that reminder.

  3. PressToDigitate

    “Scare ’em up” with WHAT? “Ooooga-Boooga! It’s DARK Out There! — In SPACE! … We don’t know what Monsters are Hiding Under the Bed! WooooOOoooooo!….” Ffs… EIGHTY YEARS and nobody ever grabbed a flashlight and looked underneath? Not buying it… There is NO “Fear Narrative” coming out from the Deep State on UFOs – *EVEN THOUGH THERE SHOULD BE*. That can only be explained by ONE set of conditions: ‘They’ve Sold Out to the Invasive Species’. Correction: *They’ve Sold US Out to the Invasive Species*.

    “Placate. Pacify. Keep ’em In The Dark. Feed Them More Bullshit. BUY TIME…” That’s the Alien/Deep State Strategy. With the current level of control they have over the Mass Media, that might work. With the current level of control they have over Social Media, that will *probably* work. With the level of control they will have over both Mass & Social Media over the next few years, that will *almost certainly* work.

    IT WOULD BE IRRESPONSIBLE – In The Extreme – for Ufology to leave their New ‘Official Narrative’ – that ‘the ETUFO presence is just some harmless, ineffable “Mysterious Phenomena” that they have no explanation for’ unchallenged by the vast body of established facts and hard evidence (including their own documents and whistleblower testimonies) that we have at our disposal. Thousands of corroborated data points grace the pages of UFONSSv1 & 2, and “Above Top Secret”, and the “Disclosure Project Briefing” – all of which decisively – *irrefutably* – contradict this false New Official Narrative. Don’t like Bob Lazar, Dan Burrish, or Phil Schneider? No Problem! Toss Them Out; We’ve Got LOTS More! Cory Goode and Bill Tompkins are *not required* in proving that the UFOs (“UAP”) are Alien Spacecraft, flown by (or remotely operated by) real, physical, biological Extraterrestrials; or that they have been violently kidnapping and clinically raping hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans each year since 1955. That their hellspawn infest our corrupt, degenerate “Ruling Elites”, Intelligence Community, Deep State and the Techlords of the Deep State in Silicon Valley may remain ‘informed speculation’ [publicly] for now, but the ETUFO Crashes and Abductions are, demonstrably, *NOT* mere “speculation”.

    Allowing the Pentagon’s Crash Test Dummies to get away with burying 80 years of evidence down an Orwellian ‘Memory Hole’, in the hopes that an ignorant, apathetic public will “just forget about the Aliens for another ten years” is manifestly irresponsible. The TTSA Crew – Elizondo and Puthoff included – have had their shot. When, tomorrow, it has gotten us no closer to the Truth, *someone* from Ufology needs to explode on the scene with a rebuttal to that false New Narrative. There are more authoritative military “UAP” encounters in each of the four books cited above than will appear in the new ‘Report’; UAPTF recounting “yet another” few does not add to our understanding of the situation – At All. That was not the Mandate From Congress, signed into the Law Of The Land. It Compels *DISCLOSURE*. Our Constitution and Democracy are being Abrogated to Protect the Invasive Species.

    “Your Mission, Mr. Phelps…”

    1. Rosanne Losee

      Totally agree. There’s an opening. The truth must out. The human species is at risk and we have a right to know the truth.. all of it.

  4. itsmeRitaC

    I was going to tell you that i was reading the doty notes , you intrepid note taker, and when he got to the second incident i wasn’t buying it. I think it was a man being beaten up by a monster, and his wife drove off and left him there, which i found strange to be honest. And i skipped through what just seemed like a grade C movie plot and stopped reading. I had no reason to believe any of it. It sounded more like a botched crime event.

    And i didn’t get to read the third report, but got the idea it got even ‘sillier’, and that is my own perspective of course. But it is almost like a game with so many of these people, i feel, like ‘how far can i go and be believed’. That could be fulfilling for certain types of personalities. And they may believe they really aren’t harming anyone by telling stories. I agree he seems ‘sweet’ but i also wouldn’t guess he was a spook either. 🙂

  5. Rosanne Losee

    It’s sad and discouraging that so many in the UFO field can be controversial. This topic is of such vital importance, we should have sterling people with impeccable credentials commenting. But we will find out in due time, I’m sure. Let’s hope all that are contributing are contributing in good faith!

  6. J-Rod

    There’s something that doesn’t quite add up about Doty. He’s had a colourful past. In one interview with Greer he said he gave big media bags of cash to kill ufo stories….as one does. I don’t know the guy from a bar of soap but I trust my gut instinct; buyer beware. Stay away.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh yes. On a personal level he is very charming and easy to like. But, believe me, I still take the things he says with a grain of salt. The thing is, I’ve asked a number of people close to him, and it’s the same thing. They find him to be someone with great integrity, as a matter of fact. Believe it or not that seems to be universal among people who have worked with him. But are his stories true? Even his strongest personal supporters have said to me nothing is corroborated or proven. So we are left with sand slipping through our fingers.

  7. Yabbadabbado

    HI Richard, great convo with you and Jimmy. By the way, Jimmy did add in that word by Sam Harris, which he later said was a mistake when you brought it up. You’re the best, man!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yeah, I actually never saw any statement by Sam Harris about being approached by the NSA. Jimmy claimed it’s there, but I was never able to find it.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    Listening to some of the interview with JC here. Interesting conversation so far. Your Area 51 information about internationals was a new one for me. I no doubt haven’t been paying attention because it seems i would have remembered that one.

    Regarding the lack of outrage by the citizenry regarding ufo coverup…………You said you connected that to social media censorship, etc. But my own first thought was that the way this narrative is coming out, there is no reference to previous ufo history, so there is no coverup to discuss here as far as i can tell. The people who get the msm attention seem to mostly play by the rules that this began in 2004 and the navy is the speaker of truth. I would say the perception management is being handled very expertly. Also,

    Sorry as heck that these ‘heroes’, (my little cynical phrase), are so scared about losing their classified clearances. And they were so brave when they were ‘in country’ as well as places that are not protected under any global laws……………..But they are sooo scared of losing clearances. Hmmmmmmmm. 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Totally agree with you Rita that the narrative is being very well controlled and managed. The long history has been siphoned out. Whereas I can understand why some of the recent proponents have left it out, it’s mainly out of fear and an unwillingness to bite off too much in their opinion. Whether or not that’s the best strategy is another point altogether. But yes I agree with you.

  9. Harry Harris

    While listening to this podcast I am reminded at how many persons I know really give two cents about what may be in the upcoming UAP report. I believe the long years of dumbing down this subject and making it taboo has shown to have worked remarkably well. While there are some paying attention, it seems most just could care less about any revelations the report may have in its content. I hope I am wrong in this assessment but the feeling I am getting is definitely going in that direction. Maybe most already know that the phenomenon is real, in the back of their minds, but as long as it does not interfere with their daily lives they don’t see that it will change anything. It still will be very interesting to see the general publics response to whatever is in the report

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes this is a great point. It’s something I’ve thought about for many years now. In other words, full disclosure happen only when we’ve reached a level akin to Idiocracy? A completely dumbed down and controlled public? to some extent unfortunately that has happened. There do remain many intelligent folks out there who are engaged in this subject, but I can’t help but agree with you about your larger point.

    2. Rosanne Losee

      Absolutely yes, Harry. My own family, all very well educated, and very well read, do a ho hum about UFOs. My only companion is my oldest son, who has the same interest as I do, so we talk. Not my other kids or anyone else in the family! It is due to no one in real authority speaking out.

      I am NOT talking about UFO folks, like Rich or others. I am talking about government officials, Congressmen/women, and frankly, the US President. There is still a HooHa about the subject that has not yet been dispelled.

      The folks don’t see UFOs, so it is all a big and silly topic. Those that have or experienced, are too frightened to talk of them, except for a few .

      This is so utterly disgraceful all around. I will mention that I read all the major newspapers online. I have yet to see ONE article on the Wall Street Journal. Nothing. What does that mean? It means that they don’t think it is worthwhile to run. The stock market is vastly more important than these Alien Raj taking over the planet.

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